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NCISLA’s Shane Brennan trying to keep Densi’s workplace relationship real


Oh no! NCIS: Los Angeles guru, Shane Brennan, has been talking to TV Guide again, and you know what that means… In the past with his spoiler tidbits, the executive producer’s words were enough to send the Church of Densi worshippers streaming up to the pulpit in droves. In this week’s edition of the magazine, Mr. Brennan certainly left the congregation wondering what we can expect from the on again/off again duo as we venture into a new season next week. According to the show’s creator, the relationship is definitely not full speed ahead but it’s not on hold either. This could make for another frustrating season for those of us who want to see more of a work/life balance going on between Densi without the usual indecision and anguish that has defined their delicate relationship so far. Ok, I’ve heard it all before from every blog out there that has an opinion on the subject. Yes, these are two very broken people who need time to figure out their love story and… Yes, they need to take it slowly for it to last, and… Yes, it’s a way for the show runners to guarantee that we will come back for more every week. But as Densi tries to sort out their feelings for one another, can we just have a little more loving and less punching, more understanding and less fear?  Just a little? Do we really need Kensi taking out her frustrations in a fight scene with Deeks? Sounds like the same old, same old to me. You would think the couple has learned something from all the lessons that took place over the course of last year’s hardships? I guess we will find out.

Brennan says this is not a black and white workplace romance either which is true; but many times it doesn’t come across as being real either. Ups and downs are great, it makes their rapport worth watching but there’s got to be some smooth sailing at times too. We want to see a connection both mentally and physically between Deeks and Kensi which will allow us to get some further insight as to why these two need and want to be together. This is what captivates Densi fans and I guarantee you this is what will keep them coming back for many more seasons to come.

Some Densi fans may not like where I’m going next but I would rather see a much more stable relationship between Deeks and Kensi as they learn to figure out what to do with their new found love. They don’t have to live in constant angst and pain because a committed courtship doesn’t have to be all sunshine and gun power. The incredibly talented writers for this show can certainly come up with new and creative ways for these characters to explore their unique relationship and still make it interesting for all the fans to watch. Case in point… Brennan let slip in the article that Callen would be involved in a passionate relationship this year with a recurring character. Good for him! Sure, I realize these people don’t live everyday lives. They are in danger 24/7. It’s not easy to have spouses and children and the white picket fence, although Sam does it better than most. But in terms of Densi, I think it would be more interesting to see a committed couple trying to navigate their way through the dangers that their work presents them despite the fear of losing each other. A dedicated relationship adds an even deeper meaning to their partnership and it can certainly make a more rounded team in the long run. It’s time for them to extend their ‘warrior mentality’ in and out of the bedroom and move ahead, courageously letting the world know there is love story here for the ages. If Densi rolls strongly into the future, then so do I!

Join us this Wednesday, when Bridget (@BridgetonTV) will share with us her Densi wish list for Season 6. She has a few thoughts if her own on the subject which you can’t miss. Also, we finish up this week with the last two chapters and the epilogue for War Games, our FanFic Relay which was a real fan favorite this summer. Thanks for your kind comments. If we get enough prompts maybe we will do it again during next summer’s hiatus?  Let us know.

Only one more week left in the countdown to the beginning of a new season! I hope you are excited as we are!



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8 Comments on NCISLA’s Shane Brennan trying to keep Densi’s workplace relationship real

  1. Thank you! You have expressed my feelings about this so beautifully! Every point mentioned is valid. I especially hated seeing and then reading there is a fight sequence between Kensi and Deeks! WTH? Fighting the bad guys great; fighting even if its fake for an op is just wrong. Don’t even get me started on how Season 5 was handled although Brennan continues to pat himself on the back. Yes there were a few good episodes thanks to the guest characters but the end of the Season — are you kidding me? Hey Brennan you keep this up you will lose viewers; now there are many other options other than NCIS LA — hey man don’t screw it up. Cheers!


    • mountaingirl89 // September 22, 2014 at 1:18 AM // Reply

      I agree with this to an extent. They do need some nice sailing. BUT, Shane is trying to keep it real and in reality, there is no such thing as “smooth sailing”. And even though we might get punches, fights and such between them, we can see changes. Small changes. That is reality, nothing comes in a snap of the fingers. It takes work. You can’t expect Kensi to change overnight and be all lovey dovey with him. She has to learn and remember, like she did in The Frozen Lake episode. Maybe she is like my husband and forgets easily and has to be reminded of what Deeks likes and doesn’t like until it sticks.

      For me I see two broken people who are trying to fix themselves and each other while trying to figure out who they are to each other and on top of that trying to stay alive each episode………my husband and I don’t have that much stress and we have as many problems as they do, relationship wise (we’ve been married 5 years and I’m still learning things about him that I either love or make me tear my hair out). I commend Shane for sticking to it and showing that not all relationships are a Disney happily-ever-after (there’re are some relationship like that…… Or they try to make it look like that), but showing that those relationship can work with a little push, shove and a whole lot of patience.

      I say we wait until we see what the fight is actually about and decide wether it was good or bad. It could be a petty fight that makes everyone roll their eyes and become annoyed or it could be a fight that opens up the eyes of one or the other or both.


  2. Thanks for your comments. Mountaingirl you have a lot more patience that I do! I hope you are right. I don’t want Disney either….I just want real and this isn’t it.


  3. Diane, I agree with every word.
    Just few thing.

    Warning you about artistic reality, and standard audience reality.
    That’s almost always big difference.

    If artist say “trying to keep Densi’s workplace relationship real” that’s can be many things.
    But mostly, is stay on same position, or turn around in circle.
    How he can try keep it in real, when this thing get UNREAL long time ago?
    How he can create, or even keep some thing real, when it started from unreal position?

    What we see on screen is NOT reality, is pure, and calculating teasing!
    Want see some reality?
    Watch Castle.
    They tease each other for 4 (yes 4 ) years, and after that, they try get together.
    They still working on that, there is still some misunderstanding, mistakes….but they are officially together, and try solve their thing together.
    And is almost same situation, is in police work, so is not big difference from ncis.
    And fun in past 4 years in Castle was much better, even in dangerous situations.

    Because together is better, then alone.
    Yes, Kensi can’t change per night, Deeks as well.
    But together its not take long time, and together is for everyone much easier, than alone.
    Yes, they are broke, but together they can heal faster, with less pain, than alone.

    Ane we have now 4 full years of Densi.
    How long we have to wait, for real reality, not for idiotic “artistic reality”?
    Next 3,4,5,6…years?
    I think YES, this is plan for us.
    But he never say it publicly.

    For me is this situation f….g too much similar with Tiva.
    Same stupidity, same teasing, same unreal problems, same dancing in circle.
    And same stupid words from producer….we keep try…..
    For f….g YEARS!!!
    Yes Mr. Brennan, you keep try, hold us in tension, but we are educated from Tiva.
    So…now its doesn’t work, because same trick doesn’t work twice.

    But for me, I have easy solution.
    DVR and I will watch all episodes in next September.
    Why in next September?
    Because idiotic, and stupid cliffhanger….

    Instead ncis la, I will watch ncis nola, and The Blacklist.
    Between that, I will read stories from fanfiction, and post on fansites.
    Never ever some tv show, can blackmail me, or tease with me.
    Because it is just fiction.
    And in this case of fiction, with bad try, to play reality about relationship.
    Because some producer “think, how to try….”
    Well, think harder, mister.

    So, here is my 5 angry cents. 😉

    (sorry for bad english, is not my mother tongue, but I hope you understand, what I meant)


  4. Thanks Q. I really do understand your point on the difference between artistic and audience reality. This is a show that most of the time is based on some of the hard realities of the world that plagues humanity. But I don’t always want to see doom and gloom hang over Kensi and Deeks either. I want to see them happy and connected during the course of their relationship how ever long that may last. That would be satisfying to the viewers and Densi fans to see a real relationship that has it’s ups and downs and that tries it’s damnedest to try and make it work. Watching if it succeeds or not is what makes the story fun to watch.

    I love these characters which is why I care so much. Brennan has created a story and group of people that come into our lives every week and make us feel good for 60 minutes. That’s why we all love the show and I hope I don’t come across as being greedy. But I don’t think it hurts asking for more because even if we don’t get it, it’s still the best entertainment out there.


  5. I understand that it’s not very ‘real’ to suddenly have them become a lovey dovey kind of couple, but I don’t think that’s what the major part of Densi fans is expecting. For me, it’s the need to have some solid progress, indeed some more love and less punching.

    And honestly to me, what’s not real? That Deeks has the patience of a saint. He comes from a background of anger, violence, he needed to take matters in his own hands to escape and we accept that’s he just takes the hitting? And while it’s not in the same manner as his dad (and mom????) has done, but still he’s beng bullied, or dare I say abused? If you want to make it real? Have Deeks at least say something about it, or do something about it. I would have loved for Deeks to have avoided the punch when he told Kensi she was beautiful. I hate that it’s okay because it’s a woman beating a man (but this is a whole different topic).

    For me, in season six, I would just like to see some progression, some communcation between the two that actually involves some talking. I would like to see Kensi being more assertive on Deeks pulling back after Afghanistan and then the talk with Angelo. She’s a smart girl, she should be capable of putting two and two together, even when she’s a broken person because of what happened to her in the past.


  6. But that’s my point exactly! I think we are saying the same thing.


  7. I absolutely love this programme and am a huge Densi fan – I totally agree with your comments, we definitely need to see some progression and not too slow in their relationship, more talking and less metaphors and some happy times for them with no bumps in the road such as Talia and Angelo (Boo, hisss!!) I agree with the comment that real life has ups and downs for everybody BUT there has been just too many downs in season 5, I know that Daniela Ruahs pregnancy changed the way they wanted Season 5 to play out but ECO and Daniela Ruah have such amazing rapport together and as Deeks would say “the possibilities are endless” I believe that the writers are missing out on a fantastic opportunity if they do not progress this very long awaited relationship, there will be, I am sure a lot (including myself) of very disappointed viewers. Please, please, please Mr Brennan do not make the Tony and Ziva mistake, I watched NCIS avidly but became disillusioned with dancing around the evident attraction between them and I think that if anything the programme would be enriched by small snapshots into the Deeks and Kensi home and dating time, giving Callen and Sam multiple opportunities to wind Deeks up. Early morning for me on Tuesday cant wait to watch S6 Ep 1.


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