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Review: NCISLA “Internal Affairs” (S7E10)


Monday night’s NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Internal Affairs” was the most anticipated by Deeks fans in quite some time. For at least two seasons now, we’ve been hearing ever-changing teasers about Deeks getting into trouble and maybe leaving NCIS. Over time my expectations for this storyline had grown quite high. Along with those expectations were a number of worries. Would everything we would learn about Deeks’ backstory fit into established canon? Would Kensi, Sam, and the rest of the team back him up unconditionally? Did he do something illegal, and if so, would his actions be true to his character? To what extent did his dark side play into the events in question?

Chad Mazero, in his very first writing credit, partnered up with R. Scott Gemmill, writer of more NCIS:LA episodes than anyone else, to give us a story that largely exceeded my expectations. In fact, it was an episode that showed us more about the man Deeks is than maybe any episode since “Plan B.” Like “Plan B”, I’d call “Internal Affairs” an Essential Episode. We’ll talk more about why, but first, the plot.


But First, The Plot

And for a change, it’s actually a plot that we all care deeply about. We open with Deeks going through the booking process for his arrest for the murder of his ex-partner Detective Francis Boyle, and beginning his interrogation with IA Detective Whiting. He’s interrupted by Boyle’s previous partner, Detective Steadman, who angrily threatens Deeks before Lieutenant Bates intervenes. As the team starts digging into the past, they discover that Boyle and Steadman were super dirty. Boyle didn’t just beat up prostitutes for fun. He and Steadman stole guns, drugs and money from arrests. Deeks’ partnership with Boyle interrupted their activities. The team also discovers that ex-IA investigator Detective John Quinn (see “The Debt”) has just escaped from prison and may have been involved in their shady dealings; in fact, he might even have killed Boyle and made off with their ill-gotten gains. Oh, and did I mention that there’s an ex-prostitute turned nursery worker named Julie Sanders to whom Deeks’ alias has been sending money each month? That’s a lot of shadiness for one precinct!

In the end, Steadman shows up to threaten Monica Lee, disbarred attorney of arms dealers and probable associate of Quinn (see “The Debt”), but Deeks intervenes. He lures Steadman to the boatshed and cleverly escapes through the trap door with Monica. The team shows up and captures Steadman and all is well. On the other hand, Deeks heads back to Ops for a chat with Hetty, where we discover that- surprise!- Quinn never escaped prison: Hetty relocated him in order to bring the IA investigation to a head. And- surprise?- Deeks did in fact kill Boyle to protect prostitute Tiffany Williams, AKA Julie Sanders.


What if we don’t like what we find?

The episode was extremely well written and everyone was very much in character throughout. It was fantastic to see Kensi so unhesitating in her support for Deeks. Like him, she’s very loyal. You definitely want her on your side in a fight. Her fierceness drove her to unleash her frustrations on Hetty, which made me like her all the more, although her inability to control her desperation made me worry about whether she really should be working as Deeks’ partner in times of great stress (see “The Frozen Lake”). Leading up to this episode, we had seen her doubt Deeks just a bit. For example, in “Active Measures,” when Deeks introduces the story of Boyle, she questions him, saying, “If there’s something that I need to know, then you need to tell me.” Here, she never questions his innocence, moving full speed ahead to rescue him. Boy is Steadman lucky he didn’t end up with a bullet hole in the groin! If looks could kill, well, he wouldn’t have made it through the episode.

Sadly for me, Callen was also very much in character. He’s not slept well when the episode opens, not because he’s been up trying to help Deeks, but because he’s been fighting with Joelle. I didn’t think his priorities seemed quite right. And I also didn’t love that he questioned Hetty about what their investigation might find. On the other hand, that analytical nature is true to his character, even if it makes it hard for me to warm up to him. It also makes him good at his job. He was absolutely right to question what they might find. Sam also disappointed me a little. He backed Deeks up throughout the episode, but I would have liked to see a little more passion and concern rather than the continuing banter between him and Callen. These two just didn’t seem to be on the same page as Kensi when it came to their worry for Deeks’ immediate welfare. Their banter was the only off-note of the whole episode.

Hetty too was very much in character. I’m not sure whether to be angry at her continuing manipulation and obfuscation, or grateful to her for covering for Deeks. I have to say I definitely enjoyed seeing Kensi let her have it. That’s an outburst that was long overdue. “Machiavellian plan”? Kensi knows Hetty’s up to something but her mind would be blown if she knew what. I also loved the quiet scene between Hetty and Deeks that ended the episode. Hetty seems to be the one who knows Deeks the best, maybe even understands what drives him better than Kensi does. I think Kensi (like Sam) sees the world in black and white, while Hetty and Deeks (and Callen) see the world in shades of grey. Hetty can understand Deeks’ motivations and actions, up to and possibly including murder, probably far better than Kensi could. In the end here, I found myself happy with Hetty, for maybe the first time since Season 4’s “sunshine and gunpowder” note.


What happened to me- that is what drives me.

Speaking of Deeks’ motivations, we got an incredibly clear window into what led him to become a police officer. In a moving and intense scene with his mom, they discuss their shared past. I have always assumed that Deeks still carries a lot of guilt over shooting his father. But here when he tells her that neither of them are to blame, it sounds like he has forgiven himself. That makes me happy and hopeful for him.

And of course we already knew that his childhood experiences shaped him and drove him to do what he does, to protect people from experiencing what he and his mom did. It really is almost as simple as what he explained to Kensi back in Season 2’s “Overwatch”, that he became a cop because, “I wanted to protect people. You know? I wanted to do something that really made a difference in peoples’ lives.” But hearing him explain it in such a direct and honest way here just shows how pure-hearted that motivation is, and it makes him all the more lovable and admirable, because he’s followed through on his plans to do good. It also might explain why he was so reluctant to join NCIS when he told Hetty (in “Imposters”) that being a cop wasn’t what he did, it was who he was. For it was something that grew inside of him from when he was 11 years old, and he probably felt it was his destiny. It actually made me understand a little better why he still hasn’t made the change.

Deeks: The only person to blame for what happened to Dad… is Dad. And I can’t tell you how long it took me to realize that.

Roberta: I should have protected you.

Deeks: You did.

Roberta: No son should ever be forced to shoot his own father.


Deeks: What happened to me, that is what drives me. That is what makes me get up every single day and do what I do to make sure the bad guys don’t win… And if I have one regret it’s that I didn’t do it sooner, because after he was gone, this- you and me- that’s what makes me who I am.


You could have lost all of this.

We can take these motivations a step further, and see how they shaped Deeks’ behavior as a police officer. He’s always shown an inclination to look out for prostitutes, whose positions in society would make them easy prey for violent men and would likely trigger Deeks’ protective nature with reminders of his mom’s victimization. We see this in “War Cries” when he covers for a store clerk/prostitute (also written by Gemmill), and with Heidi the gym manager/ex-prostitute in “SEAL Hunter”, who reminds him that he gave her $50 during a drug bust rather than arresting her, and told her she was too good to be a sex worker. It’s totally in keeping with his character that he would have acted to protect Julie/Tiffany, even before she tells Sam and Callen how good Deeks was to all the working girls.

But exactly how far did he go? I’m not sure we really got the full story here. Julie claims that she left the hotel room before Boyle was killed. She may have been covering for Deeks, but is it possible that he killed Boyle afterwards, triggered by anger and driven to protect not just Tiffany, but all the girls Boyle was going to hurt in the future? I don’t want to see Deeks as guilty of cold-blooded murder, but I feel like the door to that was left open. His hesitation when he told Hetty why he killed Boyle introduced doubt in my mind, just as did his comments to Kensi in “Unspoken” about killing someone for the “right reasons.” Plus there’s the fact that he was ready to confess to a lesser charge- what was his strategy there? Or was it his guilty conscience talking?

I appreciate just how dark a Deeks Mazero and Gemmill gave us. Gemmill has a strong history of showing us Deeks’ darker side, with “Impact” and even “Deep Trouble Pt. 2” when Deeks uses physical pain to try to get a burned suspect to talk. And I think Eric Christian Olsen alluded to the ambiguous nature of the ending when, in an interview with E! News, he compared the story to a podcast called Serial about a suspect who may or may not have actually committed murder (Eric thinks he did). He also described the Deeks of this episode this way: “There’s obviously things that you share with the people that you love, and then there are things that are so dark and so deep that you can’t even share them with yourself. I think that’s what Deeks is dealing with right now.” If Deeks had intervened right as Boyle attempted to harm Tiffany, would he sound so ashamed of his actions? Would a cover-up of self-defense warrant so much sadness from him in that final scene?


Secrets are much easier to keep when you have no one to share them with.

Hetty’s final line seemed like one of her classic mysterious words of wisdom/confusion. I think I interpreted it as her advising Deeks to share his secret with Kensi, but I think the exact opposite could also be understood. At any rate, will Deeks share with Kensi? Time will tell. Like Kensi (in “The Grey Man”), I think Deeks only ever wants her to see the best part of him. Plus, he lied to her face about Boyle in “Active Measures,” so coming clean is bound to anger her. They’ve had so many issues with trust since they met. For me it’s been the defining theme of their relationship. Kensi displayed complete trust in Deeks this episode. Will Deeks trust Kensi to understand his actions? Or will he be too afraid that it will break the trust she has in him?

I think Deeks is frequently driven by the fear of losing the things he loves, as if it’s only a matter of time before his past catches up to him, like he’s living on borrowed time in his happiness with Kensi. ECO talked about this briefly on the S6 DVD commentary. I’m not sure I see Doubting Deeks telling Kensi, although in the long run keeping secrets is bound to come back to haunt him. If I were going to offer him advice, I’d quote his words from “Praesidum”: I always find that it helps me when I talk about things that are bothering me… Come on, partners don’t keep secrets… You just gotta let it out. You gotta make peace with it.

Whatever he decides, I’m happy with this reveal about his backstory. The episode was great to watch in part because I found myself wanting to believe in his innocence like Kensi, when all the while the little voice in the back of my head kept bringing up the previous hints about his possible guilt. ECO played it so well too, with Deeks seemingly resigned to his fate, and maybe not fighting quite hard enough to assert his innocence. I think this messy backstory fits with the man we know, particularly his dark side. And that darkness gives him a wonderful complexity that makes him so fun to talk about.


Memorable Moments

  • Eric Christian Olsen was fantastic throughout. He always nails Deeks’ use of humor to lighten tension or to hide his fear and vulnerability. But here he also got to have two beautifully honest conversations with the two maternal influences in his life. He played both scenes perfectly. Passionate and slightly exasperated with his mom, and relieved and exhausted and finally being at least partly honest during his talk with Hetty.
  • The episode was very nicely directed by Eric Pot. The opening scene was riveting, with a whirlwind of activity including Detective Steadman breaking into the interrogation and roughing up Deeks. The whole thing immediately placed Deeks as the underdog against both Internal Affairs and the dirty cop, and made me root for him (and worry about him) all the more.
  • I also liked the initial discussion with IA Detective Whiting where they sized one another up. She knew why Deeks hadn’t lawyered up, just as he knew what she was hoping to hear. It was well written and well acted by both of them. I could hear the “Touché” in Deeks’ head when she called him on having something to hide.
  • Mama Deeks has a first name! (Although I’m not sure why Kensi isn’t using it.) Roberta wasn’t exactly what I imagined. She struck me as a little daffy. Based on some comments ECO made a while ago, I expected her to be a bit stronger minded. But I liked how she used humor just as her son does. It was delightful to see exactly where that trait of his comes from. And I think her possible lack of strength was more in keeping with her character’s history. The fact that she seems to be the exact opposite of Kensi totally fits with my theories about why Deeks is so attracted to strong women.
  • On the other hand, did Roberta just happen to be stopping by his house when IA showed up, or is she living with him? I’m confused. Maybe she swings by to walk the mysterious, never-seen Monty? And I’m still waiting to hear all about how Deeks is so close to this woman who’s not his next of kin and seemingly never spent any holidays with him. At least we’ve gotten nothing that contradicts canon here, but it sure would be nice to fill in this mysterious hole in their backstory. In reading into Deeks’ comments to her, I am assuming that they led a better life once his father went away, and that she didn’t turn on him like I’ve read in many fan fics. That at least makes me happy for him.
  • I’m also curious about the whole timeline… When was Boyle killed? Before Deeks came to NCIS? Was Deeks’ stay at the motel for termite tenting the same as his Season 3 sleeping on the bullpen sofa in “Lone Wolf”? I’m thinking that they mentioned Tiffany was his informant seven years ago because that’s when Boyle was killed, which means it happened before he ever ran into NCIS. But Callen mentions their arrest of Quinn before he could get away with the stash as if it all happened around the same time. Also, how did Deeks seem to know Monica Lee so well? She apparently knew Boyle (she compared Steadman to him), but exactly how did she and Deeks cross paths? What a tangled web of corruption Deeks was in the middle of with these people!
  • Only Hetty could get sealed juvenile court documents when she was researching Deeks prior to offering him his liaison job. Impressive. But does having sealed documents imply that 11-year-old Deeks was arrested for shooting his dad?
  • I’m pretty sure Kensi called in her marker with Hetty during the “Blye, K” episodes, but it goes without saying that Hetty owes her big-time for her previous “Machiavellian master plan” in Afghanistan.
  • Wasn’t there a BTS shot of Granger and Kensi at prison (with men in orange jumpsuits)? Did we miss a scene? If it was cut in favor of more Deeks, I am super happy with that decision.
  • Deeks’ escape from jail (Running Deeks is very appealing) and his escape in the boatshed (I was worried about the dive into the water while handcuffed) were both very exciting (and again, really well directed). And how about Lieutenant Bates, protecting Deeks in the opening scene and then springing him towards the end? In fan fiction he’s often written as kind of a trouble-maker, a bit of a rascal, and here he definitely played that role. I liked him a lot.
  • I also liked that the story ran over multiple days. So often with this show, they cram the entire plot into about 10 hours of a single day, making things seem all the more unrealistic. Giving this story time to play out, even though it was still told in 42 minutes, didn’t detract from the suspense, it added to the believability (although of course, it’s NCIS:LA, so it’s never going to be mistaken for a documentary).
  • But is the story over? They have no hard evidence to convict Steadman or Quinn of Boyle’s murder. Might this not be the last we see from Detective Whiting? Or has Hetty done enough to frame Steadman so that Deeks never has to face the legal consequences of his actions?

Congratulations to Chad Mazero on his first writing credit, and to R. Scott Gemmill, for giving us an episode that so well tied up all the previously dropped hints, and gave us so much excitement and drama for the characters we love. Come back later this week for the post-jail return of Deeks’ Surf Log, plus Kensi’s Journal and the Edit of the Week. In the meantime, I can’t wait to hear what you all thought! Share your opinion in the Comments below.

Title: “Internal Affairs”
Writer: Chad Mazero and R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Eric Pot
Original Air Date: December 7, 2015

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62 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Internal Affairs” (S7E10)

  1. Thanks for your awesome review. This time I was really looking forward to it and you didn’t disappoint.

    What a memorable episode! I realized by the end I had been holding my breath almost all the time. This hadn’t happened for a very long time. I mean, there have been interesting plots, nice scenes and dialogues, fangirling times, but the intensity of most of yesterday night’s moments is comparable only to some unforgettable episodes like “Spoils of war”.
    I knew it could turn out to be either an enormous letdown or a stellar episode and in my opinion it was definitely the latter.

    As every time in my comments, I try to focus on what I consider the highlights of the episode:

    – The first that comes to my mind is how extraordinary both DR and ECO were at making the viewer feel their emotions as Kensi and Deeks. This is proof that when they are given solid scripts and the possibility to be in more than two scenes per episode at the most, they can be capable of awesome performances. Congratulations to both of them!

    – Even if the episode revolved around Deeks, Kensi was my favorite this time. I don’t remember an episode in which I liked her as much as I did yesterday night. I liked everything about her, her anger, her frustration, her interactions with Hetty, Deeks and his mum, her will to defend her love, her life, her man. She was outstanding. I don’t want to sound repetitive, but I’m so glad this year Kensi has been given important moments so far and has been written quite consistently and well (except for the enigmatic relationship with Talia-bleed her out versus Talia-best friend).

    – Did we ask for Dark Deeks? Here it comes.
    I felt the authors maybe went a little too far with this situation, making him guilty (as far as we have been told).
    It is curious how everybody in the team has been accused of murder and cleared over a span of an hour but Deeks! It seems like the writers like to play with us and our reactions. But at the same time, even if I admit I didn’t expect Deeks to really have killed Boyle, this was a smart move from the authors. Now they still have something looming on the horizon for Deeks whenever they feel like messing with him or Densi.
    This is probably what disturbed me most (but also masochistically liked) in the episode: the idea that this might not be over (it won’t definitely be, I think) and the uncertainty of how they might decide to make it unfold and affect Deeks’s life and relationship with Kensi and the rest of the team.

    – Mama Deeks’s moments are all gems. Her dialogue with Deeks in jail was heartbreaking (Deeks was going to cry himself) and her interactions with Kensi were pure gold, with the final hug which was my favorite. This time, having Deeks busy with other matters, Roberta Deeks was the character in charge of “using comedy to diffuse tension” and I think she did a great job! Kensi’s face when Deeks’s mum said “Cross your heart and hope to Blye” was priceless! The same face she uses for Deeks when she can’t believe what he has just said (too many moments come to my mind to mention them).

    – Densi hug at the end and the way Kensi put everything she could inside it. It was so beautiful to see them finally together again after Kensi had fought for him all the episode like a lioness. I’m so happy the authors didn’t make her question his innocence for a moment. Now it’s only up to Deeks to decide if and when he wants to open up to her.

    Thanks again for your review and sorry for the long comment.


  2. I have more to say and will most likely come back once I’ve processed the episode more fully. The thing I can’t get out of my head is this: is the $400/mo that Deeks is sending Tiffany for child support? Please let it be Deeks being a good guy by helping a troubled teenaged girl and not because he got involved with her due to the darkness he was in. Or if there is a kid, let it be his partner’s kid, not actually his.

    Just my nagging thought…..


    • I wondered why Deeks is sending her money regularly, too?! I can only think it’s because she has a child from her encounter with Boyle. I don’t think it is because Deeks is the father if she did have a child. One of the best take-aways from this episode is Deeks strong strength of character, his inability to stand by and allow anyone to hurt someone, his strong sense of right and wrong and most of all, his committment to never lying to Kensi. When Steadman threatened to hurt Monica, Deeks did everyting in his power and coming up with the awesome idea of going to the boathouse to protect her. I can see him killing Boyle to save Tiffany and future girls too.

      And hearing Tiffany say that Deeks was not like the rest and was good to the girls…I believe she lied about not being there when Boyle was killed to protect Deeks.


  3. Incredibly detailed review and right on in everything you wrote. I will admit to being surprised at the end and thought that was one of the most impressive scenes of the entire series. Both actors’ timing was so perfect and so sensitive and the dialogue spoken so quietly that it was shocking when Hetty uttered that question. She had always known he had killed Boyle and he knew she did and I suspect that Callen was questioning Hetty more than he was Deeks in that early scene. He knows her well, so knew she would find out everything about Deeks before bringing him onto the team. Not sure he trusts her as much as he used to.

    I also agree that Kensi was growing more strident throughout the episode, blindly believing his innocence and you could see her fear for him. She definitely is “all in”. But I remember Deeks was no different in the “Blye, K” episodes, discounting the fact that she had kept many secrets from him for a very long time. They are not that different…I just hope all those secrets don’t overwhelm them. I don’t think it’s over either, but I’ve been wrong before.

    This is definitely an essential episode and one I need to watch again and probably comment on again. So many revelations and so many remaining questions. I’m afraid I still want more about his relationship with his mom. He was actually going to text her instead of go see her. So…lots of questions remain.

    Great review Karen of a great episode.


  4. Great review, Karen! I don’t think you missed a single point. I have to agree that the whole time sequence was a bit confusing but there were so many special moment and gems in this episode that it definately has become an instant Essential episode!

    I also agree with Lindy that the final scene with Deeks and Hetty was magnificent and might actually become my all time favorite scene of the series. Both actors were at the top of their game and it’s the type of scene that I’ve longed to see for a long time. So well written and acted, I couldn’t be more proud by the efforts of all the cast and crew. Great stuff here!


  5. I am in Australia so I watched the episode online (as no new episodes here yet). Eric Christian Olsen was brilliant as always. He should be given more Deeks focused episodes. I was annoyed with Callen (and Sam) as they didn’t seem too concerned about Deeks but Callen knew Hetty wasn’t telling him everything. I think there is more to the story. I cant see Deeks killing someone in cold blood. It was great how Kensi didn’t hesitate to help her man and believed in him. (I was annoyed that they cut to a scene with Callen & Sam when Densi were reunited). I would like to see more of Deeks mother, Roberta and why she seems not to have been in his life the past few years (that we know of). I do however think this story is not over. I would like Deeks to tell Kensi everything but I feel the writers are holding on to this for a future episode. I think Kensi would stand by him if he told her but she may feel betrayed if she found out by another means. To break up them again after we waited six years to bring them together finally would be heartbreaking. He really loves her as she definitely showed him in the episode. Hetty definitely knows the whole story and she still stands by him and hired him to work at NCIS so she wouldn’t hire someone who was a murderer. Anyway, a wonderful episode on our favourite gorgeous Detective. (I still want him to become an NCIS Agent) I would have preferred the final scene be with Deeks & Kensi and or his mother.


    • I agree with all the things that annoyed you, Donna Marie…they annoyed me too, even though I loved the episode. Actually I agreed with everything you wrote. I believe the shooting was justifiable homicide. He was protecting a young woman who protected him in return when questioned by Calllen and Sam. He is not a murderer, but I think there will be repercussions coming.


  6. Wonderful review!


  7. Awesome review of an awesome episode! I was so looking forward to your review, Karen! Love all the details! And the comments by everyone covers every thing I want to say.

    At the risk of repeating, I was impressed with ECO and DR’s portrayal of Deeks and Kensi. Wow, way to get me on the edge of my seat. I loved the jail scene where Kensi was so focused on getting Deeks out of there that his one-liners did not make her skip a beat….and Deeks….wow, when he kept wise-cracking to the IA, I had the niggling fear that Deeks did kill his ex-partner… but it had to be in self defense or protecting someone. I too, fear that that Deeks is not totally in the clear but Hetty’s handi-work with Quinn and Steadman may be enough. It looks like Steadman just wanted to tie up loose ends attempting to kill Monica Lee and Deeks now that we know the loot will be found in his garage.

    I thought Neric showed the appropriate level of concern for Deeks and the revelations they uncovered made me doubly nervous just from watching their reaction. I too, wanted Sam and Callen to be more concerned that they appeared. But then again, they know that Deeks will be sprung and cleared..after all that’s what Hetty ordered, so…

    I absolutely loved the ending scene with Deeks and Hetty….the quiet tone of that scene was phenomenal. And the exchange…clearly Deeks now know that Hetty will fight for him as she has with the other members of the team. Best scene of the episode.

    And of course the Densi reunion makes my list of favorite Densi scenes. Off to re-watch on DVR.


  8. It really was a great episode. Kensi showed how much she loved Deeks, which makes zero sense with how Deeks and Kensi were portrayed in Defectors, the episode that was supposed to air after this. The scene where she refused to listen to Deeks and ran away when he said it may not end well, made tears comes to my eyes.

    And Hetty, what to make of her. She saved Deeks, but what game is she playing? Sometimes I think she could possibly be the mole, playing both sides for some reason. Sam, Callen, and now Kensi have now called her out on her actions. Wonder if Deeks ever will?

    Side note: I don’t think Tiffany has a kid with Deeks because that would mean he was having sex with a 17 year old prostitute.


    • You mean the long goodbye, the one with Talia? Anyway I agree with you on how well Kensi expressed her love, devotion, & loyalty to Deeks.


    • The episode I mentioned above was not Defectors. I guess I disliked that Kalstein episode so much I forgot the actual title.


  9. ufff, uff, uff…those are my sentiments now. I was waiting with such anticipation for this episode, that I watched it literately at the edge of my seat and at the edge of my nerves. I am still baffled how I care so much for the fictional character.

    I really didn’t see it coming, him to be an actual killer. Even when he started to negotiate with IA detective (Ellen I think) I thought he was covering somebody. Of course he is not cold blooded murder, of course he would do something like that only in case some other innocent life has been jeopardized, but I feel somehow inexplicably sad that he covered it up and has not talked to Kensi about that. Now I think that it may be even too late for that. But you are right Donna Marie, it is not the end yet and I only hope that it is also not begin of the end.

    Episode was one of the best of the whole serial, with ECO presenting Deeks as cocky, sarcastic, smart, worried, strong, brave, sad, competent and beautiful… We saw Deeks as the lawyer, detective, son, boyfriend, partner and that is really rare treat. I mean, everything about him was just right (his hair especially).

    The scene with his mother was the best for me, as we were finally allowed to see that he was brought up by his mother, their connection, why has he devoted his life not allowing bad guys to win, protecting the weaker, and that he does not blame himself (anymore) for shooting his father. Seeing how his mother was proud of him, made me proud too. Greatly acted by the both.

    I also think, that conversation showed why he hasn’t put his mother as his next of kin. Namely, it is clear now that he always tries to protect her and does not want her to see him shot, bruised and battered, or in any kind of trouble that could worry her. Especially, after we could see how she reacted when she touched his face and was worried about his skin getting dry and telling him he needed moisturizer. That was kinda surreal to me. Amidst the whole situation, she worried about the condition of his skin.

    I guess I was so keen to put some of my thoughts in the words that I omit to thank Karen for the excellent review of this definitely essential episode.


  10. I have been looking forward to this all day. You so did not disappoint and neither did the episode. There was so much great stuff and am glad they did not spoil it by releasing too much. I need to go back and watch it again before commenting in depth. One question, does the whole team know about Deeks shooting his dad? I can’t remember if it was revealed.

    I wanted to comment about Deeks’ mom. At first I was concerned that she was scattered brained talking at the jail. Then I thought about abused women that I have met. She continues to have guilt about what she did. It is likely she ended up losing income. Speculation on my part that she worked as a prostitute. They likey were in worse poverty following the shooting. Deeks would have been in juvie until decision about charges, likely CPS involved. When women divorce or leave domestic violence situations end up with less income or move into poverty. I get the feeling there us more to their story. If he worked as an exotic dancer he came into with lots of “working” people women and men. Thanks again for everyone comments.


  11. Trytofind me // December 9, 2015 at 4:18 AM // Reply

    I have a couple of theories on the killing.
    – Deeks had to take out a dirty cop as his Max Gentry or another identity, accidently killing rather than wounding him. Deeks shot him to injure not kill and someone was supposed to be watching the meeting and delayed medical treatment allowing death.
    – Deeks shot him to protect someone, no one else present.
    – Other people were there, Deeks was a willing participant to protect someone and a code of silence has been taken on the incident. No discussion ever.
    – Others were there, Deeks drugged before passing out fires blanks at Boyle and someone else follows up with a silencer actually killing Boyle at the same time, room tidied up and Deeks is told later he killed Boyle.
    Regardless as to the how the death happened I think that Deeks would feel guilt anyway, he seems to be a bit “pure of heart” and his reason for being a cop is part of his being.


  12. Thank you for the review karen.

    It was really a nice episode with some twists.
    Callen was suspicious that Hetty might hold back the truth, well, he was right. I still don’t know why Hetty wanted Deeks to be a part of the team well knowing that he is a murderer.

    Deeks during the investigation was too cocky for my liking but the talks with Kensi and his mother were okay. Kensi was great in this episode, her desperation was heartbreaking. And I loved Bates. What a great and honest man. We doubted him but man he had the guts to get Deeks out.

    Karen you are mad at Callen and Sam because they still banter during this tough case for Deeks? I just want to remind you that Kensi and Deeks ask the Thapa for couple advices while Sam was shot and fighting for his live. I guess the writers don’t have these feelings as we have it.

    I totally agree with you about Kensi and Hetty in this episode, though I don’t like Hetty always keeping the agents in the dark. She should trust them more. And yes, Kensi and Sam black and white, well said!

    In the preview I questioned why they brought mother Deeks up and I got I nice reply from Gayle.
    “You learn a lot about people based on their parents, friends, etc.”
    What we learned from his mother is that she was weak (not able to protect herself and her son from Brandel) and so is her son IMO. He use torture in S5 to get answers, he killed some cop NOT in self-defense though here might have been another way to made Boyle pay for what he did and some other scenes during S6. But these facts we have known already. So I still don’t see why they brought mother Deeks up to this show and her scene in the house while the police was searching for evidence was overdone. Her son is a police det. So she should have known what it means when the police holds the warrant straight at your face. I hope we are done with Roberta.

    I don’t like the darker Deeks, not only because of his acting but we also have one dark character in the show, do we need another one? No. But I am happy that this was only a short interlude since we know already that we will get the funny and annoying Deeks back.


  13. Great review for a great episode! I have enjoyed all the comments and how the writers left just enough room for varying interpretations.. on good episodes they have us well hooked.

    Eric didn’t say Deeks was paying Tiffany; he said one of Deeks’ aliases was (Monte Richards) whom we have never heard of – we only know about Max and early on a “Tim”. It sounds to me like a confidential informant is being paid $400 a month using the Richards alias to funnel the money. She’s sure not going to make enough money at a nursery to pay the bills… and Deeks has been known to give street girls one time helping hands (“Seal Hunter”).

    I could never believe that Deeks killed Boyle in cold blood (i.e., murdered him). I can see Boyle aiming a gun at Tiffany, Deeks interfering, and the gun goes off in a struggle. Deeks cleans up the scene to remove any fingerprints and protects Tiffany. After two complaints against Boyle by Deeks, Deeks could never convince the police or a jury that he didn’t kill Boyle over a hooker. He had to clean the scene and lie.

    Hetty’s role in this was puzzling, as was Granger’s. Obviously, they both knew about the incident, which explains their “We have to protect him” in an earlier episode. Given their history with black operations, it might be that they were involved in the killing or the coverup somehow.

    We’re getting little drips and drabbles about the mom/son relationship, but not enough to satisfy our curiosity. Maybe eventually… their conversation in the holding area was poignant and well acted. Bravo to the writer!

    How does Deeks tell Kensi? His statement in the car that he doesn’t know what the IA investigation was about was, IMO, honest. He thought the case had been closed and could not have known that Steadman was after him 5-6 years later. We don’t have complete timeline; we know Deeks has been an NCIS liaison for 5.5 years, that he was undercover with LAPD for several years before coming to OSP, and that he was a beat cop before making detective. He probably thought it was one of the undercover operations as Max Gentry which had reared it ugly head. Also, IMO Kensi has at least a sneaking hunch that there may be something from his comment about covering up a killing to protect her. IMO Deeks and Kensi will have a serious, vertical, conversation about this case. Kensi will be hurt, but will understand why he couldn’t tell her (note: if they were married, she would have spousal immunity)

    I loved the Machiavellian line and the “I’m pissed” line. Did that imply that Kensi thought Hetty had finagled the whole thing, like she did in “The Debt” and “Frozen Lake”? The only specific IOU came in “The Debt”, but Hetty’s actions re Afghanistan definitely gives Kensi reason to call her out. Did Callen’s comments to Hetty imply that he also thought Hetty was involved and wanted to know if she really wanted them to dig?

    Fantastic episode and lots of loose ends for the writers to tug later, if they wish! Now on to Christmas Fluff!!!


  14. After reading all of the comments here and on other blogs, I began to wonder why we are all agonizing over the killing of one dirty cop who was about to shoot a teenage prostitute. None of us want Deeks to be a killer, justified or not or for the “greater good” as Hetty likes to put it, but think of how many people the team has killed on this show. Callen went on a rampage in Romania, telling the team to “kill them all” and that was after Hetty shot someone just to get to the leader of the family out to get Callen. Every week bodies pile up and granted they are all “bad guys”, but so was Boyle. He beat up prostitutes for fun, and probably helped Steadman get rid of his female partner. We want to think of Deeks as one of the good guys, which he most certainly is, but on this show, killing people is actually par for the course. We have no idea what Hetty and Granger have done in their pasts, but it certainly would be darker than what we’ve seen on this show. They knew exactly what kind of man they were getting when they hired Deeks, and Callen knew she would know everything about him, which is why he questioned whether she wanted the truth to come out. Truth might not take sides, but Hetty made it clear she did and she wanted Callen to do the same.


    • I think what’s more disturbing is that he’s lying to Kensi and he’s lying so easily that we may be led to wonder how many more things he’s been lying about and still is. If Kensi has always been considered the “cold” and “detached” one, who for example left her man alone the night Thapa was killed, I am starting to have some doubts now if the less committed has always been him. At least not committed enough to have the guts to tell Kensi the truth.


      • I do find it disturbing that he’s lying to Kensi, but I don’t think he’s lying so easily as you put it. He was asking himself “How can I not tell Kensi about this” so he clearly wants to tell her but is fearful of the repercussions on their relationship. Deeks is damaged, no doubt about that, but he is clear about his intentions to protect people and that is a good thing. I think in the end what makes him such a likable character is that he does the right thing, no matter how hard or how much it costs him.


        • I said “easily” meaning that since the IA investigation started, if he really did what he’s been accused of, he should have known what they might be going to discover about Boyle’s death. That was the right time to tell Kensi and share this hurtful event of his past. He chose to go on lying, instead, even when she directly told him “If there’s something that I need to know, then you need to tell me”.


          • Ah, yes! I agree. I think this was what ECO was referring to in those interviews he did. Deeks is lying to everyone, and especially himself. Scared of what he became and what it will do to their relationship? It’s almost like he wanted to tell her the whole truth but he couldn’t so he gave her the version of the story while in the car waiting for Kirkin (I’m not sure what episode that was), but stopped short of telling her everything.

            Do you think Hetty knew about this from the very beginning? If yes, she hired him anyway?

            I both “love and hate” the intrigue surrounding this latest development on our favorite detective. I’m holding out hope that he isn’t a murderer (although he was going to cop to it, more or less) and there’s something more to all of this. That’s the story of Deek, M perhaps? I hope Scott Gemmill writes it.


          • I think he was trying to tell Kensi when she came to the jail to visit him because he knew he had to confess to avoid being transferred to county . I think she left abruptly because she did not want to hear the truth, I think she figured it out. When she went back to Hetty, she did not say, you need to prove Deeks innocent , she said, you need to get him out. I see Densi as a love story between two people who are not good at communicating with words but communicate through action and support. I was pleased Kensi fully supported Deeks as he has supported her. Both characters have a lot of baggage, Kensi lived on the streets as a teenager, Deeks has a past, they are working through these obstacles together as they surface and hopefully making their relationship stronger. Sometimes it is easier to talk when a crisis is over and you have had time to process what happened.


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // December 9, 2015 at 11:16 AM // Reply

      I thought the same thing Lindy – since when does anyone on their team agonize over a dead villain? Hetty has commented about her “graveyard” in the past and they shoot people every week. It felt a bit stretched that this would continue to hang over him and have serious consequences – especially since no one liked/missed the guy, but I overlooked that given the high quality of the episode overall.

      sassyzazzi – I think you offer a plausible theory and the one I find the most satisfying. There is a lot that has always been unsaid between them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t know there is more to each of their stories. I loved the episode right up until Hetty’s final line and that felt like a foreshadowing that they’re going to use this secret to blow Densi up. Hetty and I have a tenuous relationship, at best, so I was not happy with that. However, using your theory, he may simply have been asking himself if this is something he needs to voice to her or if it can be one of those many things that are still unsaid.

      I’m just not fond of the “he’s lying to her and himself theory” because I think we are always in a place of being/becoming – still somewhat of who we once were, but changing as the circumstances of life and our responses to them shape us into a different version of ourselves. I don’t think it’s black/white that he was bad and now is good and hiding from that and lying about it. I think they both realize they had dark pasts and in order to move on you have to just leave some of that stuff in the past where it belongs, while recognizing that it does form part of who you are and could potentially come back to haunt you.

      This was evident in an awesome story on 60 Minutes this week about someone who was a KGB spy to the US during the cold war, who eventually stayed in the US because of the new family he formed. The FBI eventually found him but didn’t arrest him because he was living a normal, productive life with no security threat. He golfs with the FBI agent who outed him and they are friends. Not all stories are as dramatic, but I do believe human character is more often nuanced than clear cut black/white/good/bad. I choose to believe this is also true of both Deeks and Kensi and that their shared experience of this complexity will be simultaneously a strength and source of bumps in the road.


      • UPDATE…Brenda…not Karen…I truly enjoyed reading your comment. It was one of the most well thought out and well written I have ever read. It’s why I love this site. it gives us a forum where we can share our thoughts and beliefs and in the process discover insights from others we hadn’t even thought of. Thanks so much.


    • Totally agree with you Lindy. I don’t like Deeks being called a murderer because he is not. There is definitely more to the story. I am wondering if Hetty knew about this from the beginning? If so, she knows the whole story and still hired him. They have all done things to protect people they care about. (Sam wouldn’t hesitate to take someone down if they were threating his family and Callen has gone off the rails more than once). If there is problems with this down the road I really feel that Deeks & Kensi will get through it because when it come down to it, they really do love each other and I think that is what came through in the episode. One a side note, it is a credit to Eric & Daniela that we have come to care about these characters so much).


  15. I think if Deeks confessed anything to Kensi he would be putting her in a very bad situation. As long as she didn’t know anything she wasn’t in danger in being a party to this after the fact. So the right thing to do was say nothing to her. And as far as confessing to Kensi… confess to what? There are so many things that we see them do, he could be confessing to a lot of things that he wasn’t even charged for.

    I remember the episode where Hetty offered Deeks a NCIS job and he started to confess to something he had done to her Segway! Deeks (like most of us) has a lot of things he could confess to so why would he tell her until he knew what he was being charged for. He was surprised the cops were searching his home, what were they looking for? Did they think he had the bad cops stash!

    I think he loves Kensi so the question is … Is telling her the right thing to do? I think as fast as she left that jail she already knows. Deeks could have only killed Boyles because someone else was in danger. So is what he did so much different than what he did when he was 11 years old? Or is the only difference he didn’t tell anyone?


  16. Speaking of foreshadowing….perhaps next week’s episode entitled Cancel Christmas could refer to Deeks telling Kensi or Kensi finding out and confronting him about his secret and the heartache and hurt that results from it? Bah humbug, right? I know the preview and description sounds fluffy, but….. Didn’t Shane Brennan say that Deeks’ IA investigation will be over. Did he just mean for now or over for good. At the time I took it as over for good and he’ll become an agent.


  17. Thanks for the review! I’ve enjoyed all of the great comments, they have changed my view of the episode. I’ll have to watch it again. I think I was a little too critical in my thinking on the first time through.

    There is a question I have that I haven’t noticed anyone else asking – Kensi kept calling Roberta Mrs. Deeks, implying she had remarried. Did Deeks have a stepfather who adopted him? Or was that just a slip-up in dialogue no one caught?


    • OhBuddy66 that’s exactly my question (I also had to watch it a second time, I also was a bit critical the first go round). Not only did Kensi keep calling her Mrs. Deeks; I just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t calling her Roberta; they seem to know each other; that sounded off to me; off putting maybe not sure on my part.
      Great job as always with the review; love all the comments; its a fun site to come share with others’ thoughts on this show; particularly one exceptional actor ECO; which IMO they should utilize a bit more. Man he is one great actor; I do like COD and LL very much also; actually its just an exceptional cast for which I wish the writers and producers would step it up a bit and do them all justice — just my opinion.
      Again, thank you, wikiDeeks ROCKS!!!!!


  18. Great review! But I am not convinced Deeks actually killed Boyle. I think he is protecting someone, probably the young girl. He obviously feels responsible for her to send her money every month for so long. He told Kensi that Tiffany didn’t kill anyone and I don’t think he lied to her. Maybe she was set up for the murder and he didn’t think she would be cleared. I think it would be in character for Deeks to take the fall rather than throw her under the bus. I also think he doesn’t know for sure who did kill Boyle. The reason I think there’s more to the story is because it doesn’t make any sense for him to hide the facts if he killed Boyle to protect himself or Tiffany, especially since it was well known that Boyle was dirty and violent. As has been said, who cares if a dirty cop is killed. He probably thought it was over after sending Tiffany away and didn’t care who really did it. When he found out about the IA investigation, he knew it had to be about Boyle’s murder because it was the only questionable thing he had done. So, after sharing this fairy tale, I will admit I am probably way off base. But I like my story line better than the alternative 🙂 (Notice I completely omitted any reference to why Hetty thinks he is guilty because I have no idea and it doesn’t fit my theory!) Both ECO and DR were amazing in this episode!

    One thing I don’t understand, though, is why there is the opinion that there is a ‘dark Deeks’. Yes, he has done some things that were cruel to get results. But in my opinion, no more so than anyone else. For example, Hetty shot Mattias in the leg just out of spite (The Third Choir). As for sharing secrets, Kensi refused to talk about her time on the streets and things she may have done because it is obviously not something she is proud of. I think everyone has a dark side. I don’t think Deeks is any different, but no more so than the others.

    Again, just my opinion…. 🙂


  19. Hi karen, Thanks for the great review! hi all wikideeks people,This Is the first time I leave a comment on wikideeks,
    I really appreciate this site and the work you all make for us deeks and kensi fan.
    I’ve enjoyed all of the previous comments and you have raised my moral after watching the episode.
    I Think the episode was very good, the actors were amazing and we had great dialogues and sweet scenes.
    I didn’t like Sam and Callen behavior, they seem don’t care so much about deeks.. And the end.. I can’t believe he is a murderer.
    I want to think that he has no choice and he want save the young girl. But this make me really sad. And the secret he keep from kensi, that scared me. I understand that it’s hard to share this thing, and I agree with what a lot of you said before, that all of them have a very dark side, but I’m scared that this may lead to a break up, when she will find out she could lose the trust in him and this would be the end of densi. What do you think about? And I’m the only one disapponted that they don’t find the right way to make deeks an NCIS agent?
    Again thanks for the review Karen and for your job on wikideeks 🙂


    • Vale, I think you are right that Deeks felt he had no choice. He is not the type of person who would stand there and let someone kill a teenage girl right in front of him. I think he had to have been there when that was about to happen. Unless I’m not remembering correctly, when Callen and Sam were interviewing Tiffany, she said that after he beat her he called his partner, which was Deeks. He was there and as arrogant as Boyle was, I think he would have no problem killing that girl in front of his young partner. Deeks couldn’t let that happen. He didn’t want to go to prison for what he’d done so he covered it up and Tiffany covered for him with Callen and Sam. He is after all, a survivor.

      Hope you will comment on this site again. Glad you joined in.


  20. first of all, AMAZING episode, and amazing review! thank you so much!

    a few things:
    1. Initially i watched this biting my nails, then i re-watched it, still biting my nails but definitely much more capable of appreciating the episode in its entirety. At first I was pissed at Sam and Callen bickering about Joelle and looking intimidating when Deeks was just arrested for murder, but I came around because in the end that’s how all these characters deal with everything, and that is a huge portion of the show.

    2. On the topic of Deeks’ next of kin, I agree with Maria, his whole life has been about protecting/managing his mother apparently, and she would be a basket case if she were to get a phone call that he was shot.

    3. Now most important…. I didn’t realize it the first time I watched, but after seeing all the gifs on Tumblr, (and one drabble by hermionesmydawg) a lightbulb clicked.
    Kensi 100% knows!
    When he told her “trust me, she didn’t murder anyone” her face fell and the whole visit changed dynamics. she realized just then that while he never said “trust me, i didn’t murder anyone,” he didn’t leave a doubt about Tiffany’s innocence, the person whom he originally put the murder on when he opened up to her about his past with Boyle. He basically had a neon sign saying It was me! and in the next minute he was talking about confessing and she stormed out of there because she didn’t want to face that reality. It was so overwhelming for her and she was basically refusing to accept what he just made so obvious to her and she ran to scream at Hetty. (Most amazing thing to ever happen on this show by the way). Her saying “we know Deeks isn’t guilty” is her avoiding the truth, and daring anyone to contradict her. The whole “Get Deeks out now. I don’t care how you do it” was her reaching her boiling point and admitting nothing matters except getting him out.
    when she was sent home and looked at the computer, I think that’s when it truly hit her and she accepted that it was the truth: That while he never told her the whole truth in that car ride, he wasn’t denying killing Boyle to her now. And just as she was about to break down, mama Deeks comes in and asks her to promise not to let him down, she accepts that she isn’t going to, even if he did kill Boyle. and THAT is my theory!


    • Brenda (@bpnp) // December 9, 2015 at 9:09 PM // Reply

      I love your perspective denship!!! I’m going to rewatch tomorrow with this in mind. But I think you provided a wonderful extension to previously expressed views on the “knowing but not saying” part of their relationship. So much of what has happened with Densi in the past has been in facial expressions and body language (think restaurant scene at the end of “Recovery”) that this makes perfect sense to me. I was wondering what Kensi was so frustrated about with the computer but I think you’re explanation makes a lot of sense!


    • Hello everyone. Wow, what a great outpouring of opinions. I thoroughly enjoyed everyones’ opinions. And then I reached this last post. Denship, this is exactly what I concluded after re-watching the episode. I originally thought Kensi was so focused on getting Deeks out of there but I agree..from the dialogue, Kensi knew Deeks did it and she didn’t want to hear about any type of confession. Her rant at Hetty was awesome.. loved the passion and desperation in her voice. And even the calling in of her “marker” when she darn well knows she already did in the “Blye,K” episode.

      Keep up the comments, everyone! Love wikiDeeks😄


    • I really hope the view of you densiship is correct, and watching the episode seams like that! But Who knows what the writers have in mind. I vote for your theory 😃


  21. Loved the episode and your review – I wanted to say that while I loved the “big” scenes so well done, it is the little things these guys do (ECO, DR) that SO sell their characters. I think doing a big scene with lots of dialog and interaction with other actors would be . . . I don’t want to say easy . . . but the little things like, for example, his exasperation with the guy jamming him into the chair the first time in interrogation, his shaking his head when Ellen leaves the room and then when he’s escaping and that cop car lights and siren come on – he flinches and reaches up to hide his face – just such totally in character reactions. I think it is those little things that ECO Always does (and DR more and more I think) that for me just totally immerse you in these fictional people they are creating.

    I don’t know that I’m going to worry about the “rest of the story” because the writers always have their own agenda and speculation is sometimes extremely difficult as they go somewhere you’ve never considered. Better to just wait – can’t say I won’t hope they don’t mess with Densi, though!


  22. Wow! Thanks everyone for all the kind words and absolutely fantastic insights. I’ve had so much fun reading them over the past two days- keep ‘em coming! And welcome to the new commenters! I was in such a rush to get the review finished quickly that I didn’t have time to really absorb the episode completely on first viewing. Now that I’ve had a chance to rewatch, I wanted to come back and share a few things. I find this episode incredibly sad (I liked Maria’s description of an “inexplicable sadness”). I think there are two reasons for my feelings. One is that Deeks seemed so sad, so defeated, in that amazing final scene. My heart sort of breaks for him there. I just want him to be happy!

    But I think my sadness is also because of the reasons for Deeks’ emotions. I don’t want to believe he did anything beyond cover up a shooting that occurred in the act of defending himself or Tiffany. But the guilt and shame I am reading in that scene, coupled with a few other things like ECO’s comments, just have me worried that it wasn’t so clear cut. I’m not saying he spent weeks planning how to get away with murder, but I am saying that maybe he went to confront Boyle and his emotions got the better of him, or any of a dozen other similar scenarios played out.

    But these emotions that Deeks is experiencing? They’re why he’s the best character on the show. Yes, they’re all capable of bad things, they all have dark sides, and they certainly have all killed people. Look at Kensi ready to execute her father’s killer in “Blye, K.” But Deeks is the only one who ever shows regret, whose conscience is put on such clear view for us to see. I think he’s especially aware because he knows exactly where his dark side comes from, and he’s fought against it his whole life. The showrunners rarely show the toll the job takes on these people (maybe Hetty in “Sans Voir Part 2” talking about all the bodies she’s responsible for?). Deeks has always been the most human, the most fallible, the most vulnerable, of them all. And that’s why he’s also the most endearing, the most interesting, and the most lovable.

    I do have to add that in a shocking turn of events, I was actually OK with not knowing for sure what happened to Boyle. I think that’s the first secret the showrunners have kept from us that I’ve ever been OK with. On the other hand, did anyone else see the mention of flashbacks in the spoilers leading up to this episode? I was avoiding all social media, but right before I stopped, I saw a brief mention. I just googled it, and for what it’s worth, here’s the link: The quote is, “The upcoming episode 9 of NCIS LA revolving around Deeks’ arrest and his involvement of his partner’s death while his team gathers evidences to prove his innocence. The episode will include flashbacks from Deeks past. Pamela Reed will appear as guest star playing the role of Deeks’ mother and will be seen with Kensi Blye (Daniela Ruah) in a visit to the prison. Viewers should anticipate Deeks’ confession to Kensi.”

    Did anyone see mention of this anywhere credible? If so, do we think the flashback was to the murder or his childhood? (And might it end up on the DVD? And is that good or bad?) And what the what with “Deeks’ confession to Kensi”???


    • Yes Karen I saw that article too.. I believe that Kensi knows. Maybe Deeks told Kensi off screen and we didn’t see it and they left it out to keep us guessing. I still believe there is more to the story and will never believe that Deeks killed someone without self defense. Kensi was ready to shoot Steadman to avenge what he did to Deeks. Deeks has always had a protective side when it comes to women because of what he went through with his father. Deeks is a compassionate man and he would never hurt anyone intentionally. I think to me, what came through the episode is how much Deeks and Kensi love each other.


    • Yes, Karen I did see this article and was waiting for flashback scenes. I am wondering if Deeks did tell Kensi and they decided to take the scene out to leave us guessing. I still believe Kensi figured it out and I also believe there is more to the story. Deeks would never kill anyone in cold blood. It had to be self defense or he is protecting Tiffiany or someone else. I think for me what came through in the show was how much Deeks and Kensi love each other. That was the underlining factor in the episode to me.


    • Just found this on another site that I thought I would share with everyone. It is a quote from Eric Christian Olsen regarding Deeks telling the truth to Kensi. Teases Olsen: “There’s a twist that we didn’t see coming as actors, and I don’t think the audience will see coming either, that makes that scene so poignant.” So he obviously tells her. Defintely more to the story after all!!


  23. Beautiful insight into all that makes us care so deeply about Deeks. My heart broke for him in that final scene, because Hetty’s final line brought us full circle back to Deeks first line in the scene…”you could have lost all of this”. Now he has to decide…tell Kensi and possibly lose her, or keep his secret by distancing himself from her, and in doing so lose her anyway. Keeping his secret will continue to take its toll, and I wonder if the truth will win out over his need to have her in his life.


  24. I still haven’t watched again, but reading these most recent comments have solidified my change of heart about the episode.

    I seriously don’t have a problem with Deeks having shot Boyle. We know Deeks is his own worst critic – and he is afraid to turn out like his father. Boyle pushed him to the breaking point and he reacted. We’ve seen the rage he is capable of (the confrontation with Scarli in Human Traffic). Maybe Boyle was his first kill as a police officer? That in itself is something we would expect a person to struggle with (Nell, anyone?), and maybe his internal struggle is that he has spent all these years questioning whether he could have handled it differently. That is where all the guilt comes from, not that he wasn’t justified in taking Boyle down. Deeks didn’t murder Boyle. He killed him defending a young girl, if we’re to believe the information we’ve been given.

    It just dawned on me while I was writing this – let’s look at Gibbs. On NCIS, part of his backstory was that he tracked down the man responsible for the death of his wife and daughter and shot him. THAT was murder. Gibbs played judge, jury, and executioner. Everyone he knows that eventually figured it out has covered for him.

    I think Deeks will be just fine. Again, I think he’s his own worst enemy. Once he accepts what happened and that his team thinks nothing less of him for it, he’ll move on just like he has from shooting his father. And I agree with denship’s comment above; Kensi knows. That conversation she and Deeks had while he was in his cell was the closest to a confession we’ll see. She knows, and yet she still stood by her man.


    • Have followed all of these on both sites – and made a few comments. I also have no problem with Deeks having killed Boyle to protect Tiffany; the point about it perhaps being his first killing was right on point. As I try to remember all the episodes, all the killings were in self-defense during a raid or an arrest EXCEPT Kensi’s role as a sniper has had her killing deliberately from hiding (“Empty Quiver” for instance). From what I have read, snipers who can do that are rare. The point is that she knows that she can kill and has killed without remorse. I believe she knew/knows Deeks has a flash point and killed Boyle and her issue is what it becoming public and dredged out of his subconscious will do to him and to their relationship. She isn’t worried about his lying, because he she has lied to him and the team and he honestly didn’t remember until that discussion about his first partner triggered the memories. They all lie for a living, and they all do things society in general does not accept. That is how they have been painted for the past 6 years – there is a reason why OSP is black budget just like CIA and parts of the other law enforcement and military agencies.

      If he tells her, the discussion of did he/didn’t he would be short as would why. The discussion would be one of how his reaction to the memory affects them. If she can help him accept, patch over the memories of Martin Brandel, and move on they will be fine until the next crisis.

      Unless I am very wrong (not unheard of) the next episode has nothing to do with this. The preview shows that Christmas is cancelled due to their taking out a spy ring, nothing related to IA (Brennan says that is done). Once again, I’m not watching the sneak peeks -I’ve found it is more fun when I don’t know.

      One last: re Joelle. I got a kick out of Sam playing Devil’s Advocate with Callen on Joelle… Looks like Callen and Joelle had their fight, Callen does not want to duck and run on her… he likes her, a lot. She is so sweet I’m not sure she is for Callen, but I do like the character…


  25. In the episode only after Kensi told Deeks that they found Tiffany, did he start to act like he would have to confess to something. So was he confessing because he murdered Boyles or because he was still protecting the young hooker?

    Hetty asked him at the end of the episode …why he killed Boyles… and after hesitating he answered… Was his answer because he did it or again was he still protecting the young girl? I think we think Hetty knows everything but she wasn’t there how would she really know what he did… maybe she only knows what she might have done (and Granger too).

    This girl was only 17 years old (Deeks was 11 years old when he shot his dad) is it too hard to believe he could relate to this girl who was being beat and used.

    Boyles was shot by his own gun which is possible but seems odd that Deeks wouldn’t have used his own gun. And if he shot him why wouldn’t he report it. Boyles was a bad cop who according to Deeks in episode 7×01 did drugs and beat prostitutes… So does Deeks seem like the kind of man who would cover for his on actions (actions he is sure to not be charged for) or does Deeks seem like the type of man who would be willing to protect and continue to help this young girl.

    When Sam confronted Tiffany at the garden center… what did she do… she ran… why would you run if you had nothing to hide? Well I guess anything is possible but she never brought Deeks name up until asked about him and she had nothing but good things to say even suggesting that Quinn may have killed Boyles. Because how could she… she only weighs 100 pounds… well he was shot not beat to death. So he could have easily beat her called his partner (the other bad cop) and while waiting got sloppy leaving his gun in her reach.

    In Unspoken 7×06 Deeks tells Kensi he could protect her if she murdered someone for the right reasons. (Tiffany killing a man who just beat her and might kill her because he thinks she is involved with the missing stash)

    And I keep thinking about the mugshot of Deeks with the tag…” Nothing more dangerous than an desperate, innocent man”

    So when Hetty assume he did it, he was referring to not wanting to keep the cover up a secret from Kensi (which if found out about would most likely cost him his job at LAPD) after all Deeks is good at under cover work how was Hetty to know he was just playing the part she thought she was seeing.

    Ms Deeks did good.


  26. Hey nice people out there!

    I know I’m late to the game but it’s never too late to express one’s relief and joy at realising there are people out there who appreciate the same things as you do and who think (almost) alike!II was a bit scared too as to what this ep might hold for us Deeks fans but…


    It is officially one of my faves and apparently we’re all on the same page here and it just goes to show what an amazing episode this was and,,..what NCIS LA can do when they focus more on Deeks and/or Kensi!!

    I have to say-as already stated somewhere above-that (of course) Deeks was as lovable as ever(yep,even in jail)-but I have to say I loved loved loved Kensi. There was no doubt,not for one second, that this young lady is crazy in love with this guy. Her snapping at Hetty was simply priceless. As was the hug towards the finale. Her “Deeks!” and the run and the hug itself were what I was secretly hoping for and they were what I got. Huge thanks to the wonderful writers for that .

    I have to say I’m with Karen as far as the Hetty line in the end is concerned (seems I’m with Karen as far as everything is concerned!) and I was a bit surprised to find it was peceived totally differently…

    Anyway, Kensi and Deeks and Densi and a bit of depth do all the work for me. Plus an engaging storyline.

    Again,thank you for this site and the chance to analyze Deeks and to share our comments,our views,our frustrations and our love here. It’s really,much appreciated.


  27. Hi All! I agree with almost everything said above, but I had one more episode moment that I loved.

    It was when Granger called Kensi down to the armory and Callen/Sam tried to follow. Granger’s terse reply that they should have cared a long time ago was awesome! Way to put them in their place! At this point Deeks had been in jail overnight and neither of them seemed worried. If either of them were arrested, they would have expected the rest of the team to have been on the case immediately.


  28. evelynmarie2014 // December 10, 2015 at 4:32 PM // Reply

    I loved this episode. I have nothing to add to the comments,Ithink it has already been well said.You people give a lot of food for thought.I can’t wait for the season 7 DVD,as I’m thinking this has got to be the Eric/Dani commentary episode.


  29. evelynmarie2014 // December 10, 2015 at 5:18 PM // Reply

    I just thought of something that hasn’t been mentioned yet. Bates, I think he knows the whole story of what happened and that is why he stopped the interrogation before Deeks confessed to anything.


  30. Thanks for the additional, and thought-provoking comments. Chris, I’m glad you’re with me! And evelynmarie2014 you are so right, this MUST be the DVD commentary episode- let’s start the petition now! I just wanted to share a thought I had on my drive home this evening about a comment someone made (I can’t find it now) referring to Deeks’ words to Kensi in “Blye, K. Pt. 2” that “We don’t just smoke whoever stands in our way, that’s the difference between us and them”, and to Eva in “Sacrifice” that “If the line blurs between us and them then what we do stops making sense”. The commenter mentioned them as a reason why Deeks couldn’t have murdered Boyle. But it hit me that it could be the exact opposite. Maybe he was speaking from experience, trying to keep those two women from making the same mistake he did. It certainly would put a completely different spin on those two scenes. And it makes me picture Deeks killing Boyle in a similar moment of anger. Maybe the actual shooting happened after a struggle, when Deeks got Boyle’s weapon, and instead of calling for back-up, he pulled the trigger, sort of like the end of “Human Sacrifice” (in fact, it would put a whole other spin on that scene too). Wow, that got dark real fast- sorry people! It’s fun to theorize, isn’t it?

    Also, on an unrelated note, if you haven’t seen the latest spoilers this evening about what we might see in an upcoming episode, check this out:


    • I liked the interview you linked, especially because we get to know that this revelation about Deeks’s past will have some closure and will not be left unacknowledged forever between Deeks and Kensi.

      These are ECO’s words which I particularly agreed with:
      “Obviously he killed a police officer, but then he hid it from her. And he had many opportunities to tell her along the way. She gave him the opportunity to do it and he couldn’t do it.”
      This is what has bothered me ever since we viewers knew about it in the episode.

      I don’t deny that this other sentence, instead, has scared me a lot:
      “There’s a twist that we didn’t see coming as actors, and I don’t think the audience will see coming either, that makes that scene so poignant.”
      Could this surprising twist (unexpected even for the actors) be that the authors will force Deeks and Kensi to split up? Maybe temporarily?
      At present I can’t see any other “twist”, either a Densi separation (my heart would break!) or Kensi having found out about Boyle on her own and standing by Deeks all the same (which I would totally love).


  31. Karen, thanks again for your review and additional thoughts you shared with us. I watched the episode several times again (like I am some kind of masochist) and read all fantastic comments and opinions and managed to recover from the shock caused by Deeks’ “confession” of the murder. I was sure that story would be as we saw many times before at NCIS or other serials – main (or one of main characters) has been accused of a murder and team or character him/herself is proving his/her innocence. So I expected it to be the same with Deeks and I do not think that those expectations were unrealistic and/or inappropriate knowing Deeks. But no, story with Deeks must be different, he did actually kill the ex partner and we were all left breathless by this new revelation.
    I needed some time to calm down, read all your posts and start think rationally and try to take into consideration all that we know about him: we know that he still has issues with his self esteem, that he devoted his life to help to others, that he is still terrified that he could become like his father one day and that all of the above said is his daily struggle. I always felt that Kensi is the first girl he truly loves and that he had to cope with those unfamiliar emotions too, but Kensi does make him stronger and better person.
    So knowing all this I am 100% sure that he killed Boyle in order to save Tiffany’ s life (as he said) and I am convinced that the murder was not premeditated and that he would go to the great extent to avoid just murdering somebody and that each and every judge or jury will find him not guilty. What actually saddened me was that he covered it up and that he hasn’t told it to Kensi when she was looking for any clues about the investigation in order to help him (although the latter is clear to me).
    Now the question is why did he chose not to call the police and explain the whole situation. Was he that young and inexperienced and afraid that IA would turn the blind eye again on Boyle’s previous actions and do not trust to Deeks’ version (that I presume is the true)?
    Deeks’ words to both Kensi in “Blye, K” and Eva in “Sacrifice” were maybe originated from his mistake(s), but (at least) Eva had her gun on that CIA agent when the guy hasn’t posed any threat to her or anybody else in that moment. And I think that made all the difference.
    There are indeed many shades of grey of Marty Deeks and regardless how dark they are, seems that I love them all. Indeed great character with all his perfections and flaws.
    I can go on and on but I already started to fight for the proper words in English to express everything that is on my mind right now so I will stop and try to continue to live my (real) life….


  32. hermionesmydawg // December 11, 2015 at 8:14 PM // Reply

    I’ve done nothing but rant and analyze this on my tumblr this past week, so I’ll spare you guys from repeating anything that has already been said here. Just wanted to say great review, especially after only one watch. Everytime I watch a scene in this episode, I catch something new. I’m still pretty disturbed by this episode, but trying to recover from it. We all see things differently, and this show desperately needed a storyline that would invoke these kinds of emotions in its viewers.

    The whole Kensi/Sam as black and white and Deeks/Hetty/Callen (and evenGranger) as gray is perfect and what makes the dynamic between the partners so special.


  33. Ju5t Becau5e // December 14, 2015 at 6:41 PM // Reply

    What Karen said. Because WOW! You really nailed this review!


  34. My thoughts on Deeks killing Boyle…I think he saw Boyle beating on Tiffany and it brought back memories of his Dad beating on his mom. He knew that if someone didn’t do something, Boyle would just keep hurting her and whatever other prostitutes, just like his Dad kept hitting his mom. Despite what they did for a living, that didn’t mean they deserved to be beaten and taken advantage of. So he took action and shot boyle to save Tiffany, like he shot his dad to save his mom. Just my thoughts though. I’m not sure we will ever know what really happened. Loved the scenes with his mom, especially the one between the two of them at the jail. Also, I’m confused on whether she’s just visiting him or if she lives with him and why did it take so long to bring her in to the picture. She’s never been mentioned before and the writers have always made it seem like she wasn’t really a part of his life. She wasn’t his next of kin, nor was he spending holidays or birthdays with her previously. Great episode though. I’ve really loved learning about Deeks.


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