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Review: NCISLA “Old Tricks” (S8E16)

The mole hunt may be over, but the team is still feeling the fall-out in “Old Tricks,” written by Andrew Bartels and directed by Terence Nightingall. The episode combined a lighter than normal case of the week with quite a few nice moments for the team, not to mention a bittersweet sendoff for Miguel Ferrer.

Grifters and Scurriers

Let’s start with the good news. Finally, Kensi is back in the field! She needed to threaten Nate to get there, but she was more than ready. What were we to make of her joke that Nate was the mole? Was it a gesture to all the fans who speculated for so long? Or am I reading too much into it? I had to laugh when Nate told her that after all the mole craziness, no one on the team should be ready to go back to work. Nate, it’s a little too late to be looking at this show’s non-stop action and carnage in a rational, realistic way! Of course they’re all “permanently scarred and a danger to society,” as Kensi summed up. But hey, at least they can joke about it.

How great was it to see Kensi back in the bullpen with her team? Finally things are back to normal. Too bad Deeks didn’t get to be there to enjoy the moment- I can just picture the happy look he’d have had on his face. It would have been nice to see a little something more between Deeks and Kensi before they arrived at the retirement home, but I can live with Deeks’ “And she doesn’t miss a beat”, which captured a little of the good vibes they both must have been enjoying.

Kensi couldn’t have asked for an easier first case back, where the biggest challenge was chasing down a “slow walker.” Definitely not too stressful! How fun were Martin Mull and Debra Jo Rupp? The poker scene was delightful, as were their conversations in the boatshed. Eddie sizing Deeks up immediately (“You talk too much”), Ginger showing their mark a good time “if you know what I mean,” the two educating Deeks and Kensi on the Dark Web. It all made me laugh. For a moment when they started quoting 60 Minutes and then bickering, it absolutely felt like they were channeling my parents. Too bad the duos had to “part ways” at the end. It would be great to see them come back. Maybe the foursome could start their own sitcom? You know Eric Christian Olsen would have a field day doing comedy with those two. They are the kind of talented guest actors we want to see.

Eddie: So, Beach Boy, you folding or what?.. You’ve got guts, kid. Maybe another time.
Deeks: I did not see that coming and I really, I really needed that money ‘cause my uncle, well he’s got the scurvy…Oh, what is this? Cards inside your napkin. I mean, that’s a pretty great grift, but the key to this whole thing gentlemen is right there, because while Eddie was cheating, Ginger here was distracting you.
Ginger: Did it even work on you a little, Handsome?
Deeks: I mean, you are a stone cold fox, but I got a ladybird.

As Eddie and Ginger left the boatshed discussing the need for the men’s room, Kensi and Deeks turned to look at one another. I couldn’t help but think that maybe they saw a little of themselves in Eddie and Ginger. Perhaps it felt like a glimpse of what their relationship will be like in another 25 or 30 years?

In Other Developments

The episode felt a bit disjointed to me, with lots of seemingly unrelated things happening. We had the case of the week with its veteran victims, Nate popping up to meet with half the team, Sam off with yet another partner swap, Callen and his family, and Granger’s fate. Aside from Sam’s partner, none of it fit with the case, but taken individually, each element worked.

The many small moments with the tough old veterans were enjoyable, such as when they blew up Louis Miller’s oxygen tank, when Deeks gave Captain Westbrook Hetty’s secret password, or when the vets on the bus took out the bad guy and exchanged salutes with Sam. Sam’s Secret Service partner may have been on the serious side (not what you’d want if you’re trying to balance out his personality), but at least Marsha Thomason did a good job in the role (unlike certain other guest actress law enforcement officers I could name).

We had two different revelations from Eric and Nell. One was that Nell and Nate used to date. At least, I think that’s news? I only remember that Nell knew Nate before she came to work at OSP, but I didn’t think they had ever told us more? The other was that Eric’s been seeing Nate for therapy. And apparently so has Nell. For all we know, Deeks is still seeing him too. Wouldn’t it be funny if everyone on the team was secretly talking to him? (It sure would place him perfectly to be the mole!) But seriously, I very much appreciated the Neric scene where we got a glimpse of the toll their job takes. We learned that despite his in-the-field bravado, Eric is actually having some trouble dealing with it all, including the drone strike he ordered to save the team in Syria. Could all his over-the-top macho craziness be overcompensation for his fear and dread? OK, that’s probably giving the writers too much credit, but I sure would like field agent Eric’s behavior to make more sense.

And then there’s Callen and his family. Garrison sure is hard to warm up to. It was easy to feel sympathy for Callen throughout, trying to keep his dad from doing anything too terrible while also trying his best to form some sort of relationship with the guy. It was great that he decided (with some helpful advice from Hetty) to move forward with getting to know his half-sister and nephew. It bodes so well for his future and I was happy for him. The kind of character growth we saw here with Callen, as well as the vulnerability shown by Eric and Nell, are exactly what I need in this show; without these kinds of more substantial emotional moments, the formulaic case of the week structure would quickly become boring.

Adieu Assistant Director

I had mixed feelings about the send-off for Miguel Ferrer’s Owen Granger. I kind of wanted him to actually die so that the team could grieve just as all these actors are doing in real life. On the other hand, it was incredibly moving to think of Granger setting off to make peace with his daughter. She was a guest actor I had always hoped to see more of (and still do); the “Granger, O.” episode in which she appeared is my favorite Granger episode. He showed so much vulnerability and yearning for what might have been in that episode and his performance really touched me. We might not get to see their reunion, but we can imagine it and be happy for the fictional character, even as we mourn the loss of the great actor who played him.

Memorable Moments

  • Did Callen seriously need to drive the ambulance like he was in a demolition derby while his partner was trying to prepare an injection?
  • Hetty’s telling Callen that having her job back was “a small victory at great cost” didn’t seem nearly sincere enough. I really don’t think she will ever pay for her mistakes and just don’t have the energy for another rant (which I’m sure you’re all happy to hear!).
  • Loved Kensi’s “Nice work sweetheart” to Deeks in the midst of their little undercover operation. That she followed it up with a typical Deeks reply of “Awesome” to Nell just showed how close she and Deeks are.
  • It did look a little like Deeks could brush up on his Sayoc stick fighting skills when he took on Eddie and his cane.
  • Can you really blow up an oxygen tank by shooting it? I seem to recall a Mythbusters that proved that wrong, although I might be confusing it with a car’s gas tank.
  • Also not sure about that military back-up Hetty called in. They sure got there fast!
  • Was this filmed the week Eric Christian Olsen took his Hawaiian vacation? It felt like we got less Deeks than usual.

Come back later this week for the Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. And you all will be spared from my ramblings for the next couple of weeks as my fellow wikiDeeks contributors Brenda and Randy will take on the review duties for the next couple episodes. Here’s hoping they’ll have lots of exciting developments to discuss!

In the meantime, what did you think of “Old Tricks”? Were you dismayed by the lack of Densi? Did you enjoy the guest actors? Exactly how many team members do you think are seeing Nate?

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80 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Old Tricks” (S8E16)

  1. I think the episode had its charm and some scenes worked rather well, even if I got the feeling, like you Karen, that once again the authors wanted to cram too much into just one episode. In my opinion there was a lot of material for more plots and subplots that resulted a little underutilized or disjointed at the end.
    This season, more than once and more than ever before, I have had the sensation that the episodes have often been the result of a series of scenes just pulled and stuck together more than real sequences of moments transitioning one after the other smoothly and fitting perfectly with the rest. And now there isn’t anymore the excuse of having to use pre-filmed scenes like when they had to cover DR’s pregnancy.

    This is what I especially liked:

    – Coming from a rollecoaster ride of emotions of the three episodes before, with the mole hunt and shocking revelations and so much blood, this episode offered some lighthearted moments and humor (I adored Eddie and Ginger and their bickering and saw a lot of future Densi in them!)

    – Kensi back in the field with Deeks, where she belongs, officially, at long last!

    – Nell and Eric’s conversation about the tough and painful year they all have had and the fact that sometimes it’s okay to ask for help: I am not a big fan of Neric, have never been, but I’m glad they had that moment together and I think their dialog was well penned and completely in character. The only thing is I’m a bit, just a bit, “envious” they were chosen by the writers to get this gift… I don’t know how much I would have liked in one of the episodes after Kensi’s recovery or when she was still struggling to recover fully, to hear similar words in a heart-to-heart conversation between her and Deeks after all they have been through. Can we still hope to get something similar before the end of the season? Is it too much? Are the writers still able to write good Densi dialogs?

    – How the showrunners decided to write Granger off. I think it was a touching tribute to Miguel and the character he played on the show. No need for real goodbyes, no death in the field nor in a hospital bed, just vanishing almost in the same mysterious way he had appeared out of nowhere five years before after bringing so much to the other characters as a group and individually. And in Granger’s goodbye message (perfectly read by Linda), Hetty’s final sad smile together with “Knockin’ on Heaven’s doors” beautiful words, I saw a very emotional and moving way to close the circle and to honor Miguel as a man and an actor and Granger as a unforgettable addition to the team.


  2. Thank you for the great review Karen. It was great to see Kensi and Deeks back in the field together and Debra and Martin were hilarious, I needed those funny moments after all the mole drama. I loved that Neric scene and it might be one of my favorite Neric scenes of all time and I wish there had been something similar between Kensi and Deeks (not exactly like that Neric scene, but something a little bit like that, a serious talk about what they have gone through).

    The tribute to Miguel was very touching especially that part where Hetty is reading the letter (voiceover) and there is a pause and then we see Hetty (Hetty herself, no voiceover) finishing the letter by saying “be safe, OG”. I sometimes criticize writers and producers, but Granger’s exit was very well done, I loved that they treated both the character and actor with such a respect, both Miguel and his character deserved it.

    Hetty calling Joelle b***h was way too much for me (and very hypocriticaI of Hetty, but I don’t have energy for longer rant about Hetty either ). I wish we had more answers to those mole related questions that still remain unanswered, Did Whiting survive? Did they get the guys that stabbed Granger? and other questions we have talked about previously and I wish we had seen more Chegwidden, now him appearing in Payback seemed a bit too random.

    I agree what Karen and Cladani wrote about disjointed episodes and I wish that tptb would pay more attention to it now that there is no excuses like Cladani mentioned.


  3. It wasn’t a fave of mine. I wouldn’t watch it again. I thought Marti Mull and Debra Jo Rupp would have been funnier and Granger’s ending more emotional. RIP Miguel.


    • Diane,
      your comment says it all…
      a dedicated fan on website like this…
      16 episodes into the season…Kensi returns and is finally in the field with Deeks…
      an undercover opp to boot.

      …and you couldn’t care less if you ever see it again,,,

      what the hell does that say about the shows current path…not much but disappointment.

      I feel like we are on this wonderful voyage with all these great things available.
      pick a great ship…
      …since it is Kensi’s favorite movie…let’s call it the Titanic.
      All the possibilities in the world and some idiot keeps steering us towards icebergs because he just wont listen…
      I firmly do not agree with the current plan what ever it is…
      And man do I hope there is actually a plan…
      Because after this disjointed collection of random mess we got I am not really sure…

      yes Scott G. inherited a mess, no doubt about it…
      but 16 episodes in…dude, ya gotta own it.
      no blaming anyone else…this is his cluster F%$@.


  4. ECO was off most of the week this episode was shot.


  5. Karen and Anne,
    I read that you’re skipping the rant this week…don’t have the energy…
    Don’t worry…I got your back…
    Looks like the ranting duties fall to me this week folks…
    So, here we go…

    Oh boy.
    I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that the episode in which Kensi finally returned to the field and went under cover with Deeks would have left me so unsatisfied and disappointed…
    Yet, sadly, that’s exactly what it did…and then some.
    First, Dani only missed 8 episodes, she was back for the entire filming of 8-11, yet this was 8-16 and we still can’t seem to buy a Densi scene of any length or depth.
    We got about 60 seconds last week and not hardly squat this week.

    Deeks- And she doesn’t miss a beat
    Kensi- Next part’s up to you
    Kensi- Nice work sweetheart.

    That and a disappointed look from Kensi was the extent of their interaction.
    Yep, that’s it…
    Can someone please explain how after 16 weeks of waiting that somehow that was an acceptable amount of conversation…..I’m waiting….
    Nate gets the conversation, some of which would have been nice to see Deeks and Kensi talk about.
    Then, Kensi after being returned to duty, gets to get congratulated by everyone except Deeks…no welcome back partner, no hug, no caring affectionate look between them…
    Pure crap.
    Then they try to do some damage control on Hetty’s battered image.
    Really….Kensi says thank you to Hetty…really. Bitc*&^%. I guess I am not over it.
    Now it gets set up to be Deeks problem to get over instead of both he and Kensi being upset with Hetty….again…disappointed.

    Instead of the disgusted look on Kensi’s face toward Deeks, I would have liked to see something like a “hey partner, you need some help”, “want me to taze him for you..”
    “All that stick grappling you did with Sam is really paying off”
    Something humorous, instead of looking like she was embarrassed to know him. It was disappointing. I mean, after all, he was trying to avoid using force to subdue him, as he was not a real threat.
    He could have thrown him to the ground and put him in an arm bar to look tough, but that is not him. He did the right thing and got a look of…whatever it was…from hid girlfriend.
    Sure as hell not support, that’s for sure.

    Some more puzzling issues. Dani was gone for months…so why not dive into some of the other team members’ issues when she was gone anyway.
    Why focus on Callen and his dad now, when they had 8 episodes to do so without taking time from Kensi? …no sense at all…unless they were obsessed with Anna and wasted too much time there.
    I like Marsha Thomason and think she is a good actress…but again, why now.
    This stuff could easily have been used to fill the time when Dani was not available…not after her return…piss poor planning, really.
    Both of these plot lines were good, but the timing was awful, they certainly could have been earlier in the season.
    To sum up Ed’s obsessive frustration…
    About 30 seconds, half of which was the stupid dream sequence.
    Kensi give more affectionate hugs to Eric, Nell and even Sam that what Deeks gets. Nell supports Kensi with her rehab
    Eric and Nell get a nice bonding moment.

    Anna and Callen get a more passionate moment than we ever get from Densi.
    Eric has the conversation with Nell about the trees in the park…would have been nice to see it happen with Kensi instead.
    The amount of talking Anna got to do actually made my ears bleed from the screeching noise she makes…
    Not one single second of Kensi and Deeks in the same scene. Pure crap, and one of the worst episodes that we have had in a long time.

    Hot water-
    Now we get Callen practicing shooting with Kensi….still no Deeks helping or being a part of the rehab or support.
    1:10 or so of the team in Opps with Kensi…goody, goody. Deeks and Kensi in the same room, be still my heart.
    No actual words directed to each other, just the whole team, but better than nothing.
    Yep, that’s it…no words between them, really?

    Under Siege-
    Kensi actually gets to talk about the case…to Callen, not Deeks …for 30 seconds.
    Callen with the “That’s my girl” comment to Nell, (poached from Deeks)
    And, yes…I am still pissed off about it. It is a Densi thing…find your own material.
    We actually get the world’s best sneaky pass of an earwig between Kensi and Deeks and 50 seconds of conversation with them in the same room, mostly to whiting, but still. It was at least something.
    The kiss was a Densi highpoint of the recent shows actually.

    Kensi talks about having someone who makes you feel like a disability doesn’t matter….to Sullivan, not Deeks….wow, a little sad.
    Joelle the spy….what a cop out…sucks.
    We get Hetty alternating between being brilliantly observant and obliviously clueless in regard to spies…really, it is getting old. Just pick one, quit flip flopping just to make it fit the plot you crammed together.
    After everything that has happened, Hetty gets the dumbest guard on the planet to protect Granger…just wow.
    Hetty gives Joelle a speech about lying to people you care about…that one is so rich I almost gagged.

    40 seconds of Deeks rescuing Kensi. Very nice, glad he got to be the one to do it.
    Glad he just shot him instead of debating with him, wished Kensi would have kicked his dead body in the groin just for the principle of it.
    23 seconds of Deeks carrying Kensi out of the house. Cute, it was nice to see her letting Deeks do so.
    Would have liked to see a follow-up at their house or something.

    Old Tricks-

    Already covered it, but
    3 lines and less than 30 seconds of interaction
    Deeks isn’t there to welcome Kensi back to work…another missed milestone….B.S.

    Then we finally get the long-anticipated discussion about how this job affects them, what things in the past still haunt them, a discussion of therapy and a look of understanding and bonding. An unspoken promise to support each other…
    Oh wait!!! that was Eric and Nell not Kensi and Deeks…WTF…
    Somebody call the police, I feel ripped off!!!.
    Cladani , used the word envious….I will just say pissed.
    What a load of crap.
    This is what we have gotten AFTER Dani returned from maternity leave…is that the best they can do…
    A rather generously estimated 4 minutes of airtime with Kensi and Deeks in the same room or even communicating…yep 4 FREAKIN MINUTES IN 6 EPISODES. What the hell is going on.
    So, this is what we get and I am supposed to clap my hands, cheer and say great job guys…not even close.
    I understand that I am just one fan…but the distance by which they missed the mark for me is astounding.

    I am bitterly disappointed and now we will get more Anna,
    After all the positives we had in season 7, I was expecting lots of good things from this season…especially after Dani returned
    Instead it something you step in at the dog park…
    …sorry puppies, don’t take it personally. It’s not your fault.

    Sorry folks for the rant, now that it is out of my system, I promise to play nice again.
    Happy Happy Ed


    • Thank you for having my back, I am trying to save some energy because there might be a lot to rant about in next episode, especially when a certain character appears 🙂

      Seriously though, Thank you for your comments, I love reading them. You express what I wish I could express in a much better and more funny way.


      • always,
        your welcome.
        I am already dreading that certain character’s return…
        I am hopeful for some big Densi moment to offset the eye watering, nausea inducing prostate exams that are the Bar Paly scenes…just awful…

        …too harsh…too graphic…just right?
        here I go again.


    • Funny enough cause IMO the first couple of episodes were also packed with too many personal issues (all about Kensi and Deeks, Deeks and Kenis and Densi and no one else) that there was not time for a real case and no other character focus this season why it is similar to to S5 which was a disappointment. So in my opinion there were more than enough Densi (unfortunately not enough Deeks character developement due to the romance developement which is boring to no end).
      You see, same show different opinions


      • Beth,
        I acknowledge our differences, but at the same time, I think by reading your posts, that you would not be happy with the direction things are going either.
        Correct me if I am wrong, but I assume that Getting Callen a full time girlfriend with Anna, having Callen spend lots of time with his sister and nephew talking about family and hugging a lot instead of on a case somewhere, having Nell and Eric start a romantic relationship….
        Are all decisions that you would disagree with and a direction you don’t want the show to go either.

        maybe I misunderstand.
        …am I wrong?


  6. This season started out top notch, then……. I am getting a “I’m bored vibe” from many of the actors or maybe that’s me projecting. I also think the show got a little cocky with the increased ratings, which I think were mostly due to the day and time change (after football).


    • I think the fans waited patiently with anticipation through the Kensi recovery arc, just like they did for Afghanistan.
      then, they got the pull back in the relationship just like they did the first time.
      we are 6 episode after Kensi gets out of the hospital and still no payoff.
      the fans that aren’t bored are either disappointed or pissed off and feel like they got played again. Then the mole arc was way over hyped and a real let down.because it was misrepresented so badly.
      everybody but casting sees Bar is awful but we are stuck with it…
      i mean really, they brought in a guest actor that causes people to fast forward through the scenes…wow, what a horrible plan.
      it is hard for the fans and even the actors to care when the people making the decisions don’t seem to…
      they either don’t care or are very misguided…either way, somebody needs to slap them out of it before it is too late.


    • does anyone know where the actors are in their contracts?
      who, if any of them are signed for next year?
      I am assuming the show gets renewed, which I believe it will.

      f I am being suspicious, I might wonder if they are testing out other romantic couples like Calen/Anna and Eric/Nell because there is the possibility there might not be a Densi next season…
      …there…I said it…
      I am terrified, but what is going on just doesn’t make any sense otherwise.

      Ed the conspiracy nut…


      • I heard that everyone signed last year because it was the end of their seven years contract!!! Everyone but Eric who became a regular in season 2 so he has to sign yet!!! Like you, I am terrified… I sure hope not they built other romantic relationship to replace the Densi one!!! Not sure to be there next year if ECO decides to leave the ship!!! I’m a little worried about all his absences… He will be off an entire week this month too…
        I love the show, and I know everything is not about Deeks and Kensi… But their are the most beautiful, the funniest ones, the better ones… 😉 I like Callen and Sam too, when they are together in the field… But I’m sick about Callen backstory… I know the show was about him initially but please… We don’t ask much… Just some scene between our favorite characters… They deserve more time screen, don’t they? And a better writing, right?
        Again thanks Ed… you express my thoughts perfectly, like if you were in my mind… It’s impressive!!!


        • Thanks,
          Okay, great,
          Didn’t Renee’ start in season 2 as well. And wasn’t she originally only a recurring character to start with?
          How long did they renew for? Just a year? 3,5,another 7?


  7. Worth repeating: ECO had an entire week off during the filming of this ep. He was in Hawaii. We’re lucky we got much of him at all


    • interesting,
      I heard a rumor that with this fancy modern technology it is actually possible to pre-shoot scenes for an actor that might not always be available…
      Let’s ask Dani if she has heard about it…

      sorry , that was rude, I apologize.
      but is just seems like a cop out.


      • I guess what I should have said is that it would have not taken much.
        dive Kensi and Deeks a scene at home. the stage for their house is built, no special effects, no extras or other cast members needed, no fancy wardrobe or makeup.
        just the 2 of them, Dani and Eric, sitting at the kitchen table or on their couch having a talk about their relationship, their, jobs, their future,their fears,…just freakin’ something.
        one 2 minute scene without interruptions or Eric calling on the stupid phone.
        …are they allowed to talk about important things anymore?…
        or is that reserved for Callen and Anna or even Eric and Nell.

        still really irritated obviously.
        it wouldn’t have taken much effort to pull it off…
        if anyone cared.


  8. evelynmarie2014 // March 7, 2017 at 9:57 PM // Reply

    I love Ed!


  9. all,
    I apologize if I have offended anyone.
    especially you Kim, I am just frustrated and venting.
    I realize it may have come off overly aggressive rather than just sarcastic.
    if so, i’m sorry.

    I obviously need a Beta to go over my comments before I post..
    didn’t someone promise to play nice?…was that me?…
    guess I got some work to do.


  10. Sounds like you are having a bad day, Ed. And I’m sorry you and some others feel so angry with the way the show is going. I know it’s hard not to tie ourselves in knots when we don’t get to see what we want, but I don’t think you’re being quite fair to Gemmill and the writers and the actors. I don’t think ECO knows how to mail in a performance, or Dani either. ECO is off a couple of weeks during the regular shooting schedule because he and Dani shot a lot of their early season scenes during the summer.

    I thought this was a sweet episode. A breather of sorts. And as much as I would like to have seen a least one passionate scene between Densi, I didn’t miss it here. What I focused on in this episode was the ending. Saying goodbye to Granger in the way they did, was so sensitive and positive, allowing us to believe he beat the odds and is out there somewhere being a grumpy old hard ass.

    Sometimes I feel we complain too much and it saddens me. This show is my safe harbor. A place where I can escape from the realities facing our country. So I can’t complain or rant about it right now, because this show never fails to lighten my mood and for that I am grateful.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You are right Lindy… I feel like I complain a lot lately… This show is my safe harbor too… I look forward to watch it each week… I don’t criticize the writing (even if I did earlier… I didn’t express my opinion perfectly, I’m French and I put a lot of effort to write correctly, sometimes alongside my true feelings!!!) but sometimes, I found Kensi and Deeks under-employed… Maybe because I love them and their banter and I want to see them all the time (this is the main complain I have about this season: the lack of scenes between those two characters… Mostly since Dani came back from her maternity leave) But this is not their show… I know!!! Except that, I think the writing is great… mostly. Everything cannot be perfect all the time… And it’s okay because we can love the other episodes even more 😉
      Except that… I wanted to thank all you for this amazing website… It’s really a pleasure to come here every weeks!!!
      PS: I didn’t realize that ECO began the show two weeks earlier because of Dani’s pregnancy!!! I knew that but I don’t know… It was just out of my head lol!!! I feel relieved… I’m glad he can take this weeks off even if it mean we would have less Deeks in episode 22.
      Now I have to watch this episode… Yes I know… I didn’t have the time earlier… But tonight is the night!!!


    • I do apologize if I have offended Lindy and other readers when I have been critical, this season this site has been kind of my safe harbour for being able to get NCIS LA related things off my chest and share thoughts. (I love all different comments and views we have here).
      I do love this show and this show has been my safe harbour too and I wish I could be as positive about this season as Lindy and maybe I will be when we reach the season finale .
      I don’t know how to express this better in english but my biggest “problem” hasn’t been not getting what I want, I can deal with that, but kind of how it is done. ( I wish I could express my thoughts better in english, now that sounds so incoherent and badly written).


      • I want you and everyone to know that I was not offended by anyone’s opinions. This is a safe place to rant and express whatever feelings you have. It’s why this site is here for every fan of the show. I just feel the world in general is wrapped in negativity and anger and that is very depressing to me. I have no problem with any fan’s take on the season, but for me I’m just happy I have this show to help me escape. If I offended anyone by my comments, I apologize.


        • This is why I love this site. Everyone is considerate of others’ feelings. There are apologies when folks feel they may have offended others and everyone is gracious with acceptance.

          I ❤️wikideeks!


          • except for me…
            this apology-fest….that Is probably my fault by the way, is making me want to braid my neighbor’s hair or something…and he is a 300 pound lumberjack… kidding, Kidding.
            it is OK to disagree as long as we are civil, that’s what a safe place is all about.
            I like to stimulate conversation…and it would actually be boring if wa all agreed on everything
            thank you,


            • Ed’s would like to apologize and include an apology for causing all the apologies.
              …I think…I’m confused…


  11. now that I am not hyper-ventilating, I will try to make some sense of my thoughts or at least clarify somewhat…
    thanks for letting me vent.


    • One point of clarity.
      In spite of how I communicate it, I am not angry at all and I love the show, I truly do.
      What i feel is frustration and disappointment.
      it is like having a child that has loads of ability but wont apply themselves in school or do their homework completely. You are not angry with them, and you still love them completely.
      You are just disappointed because you know what they are capable of, and it is so much more than what they are doing. You want them to make the effort to do better because you want the best for them. Right…

      I feel that this show, these writers, with all the great actors and tools they have to work with…
      they can do better…I know it.
      Shouldn’t we expect more?, Not settle for less.
      We are here because we care.
      We write because we care.
      We complain because we care.
      We offer suggestions because we care.
      If we didn’t care, we wouldn’t be here.


      • I think the same. I am here because I care. I write and comment because this show has always given me more than other similar ones. I hope it won’t lose its magic and appeal.
        For me it would be a great loss because this fictitious world most of the times has made me happy.


      • Yup what he said. I used to get angry, I think back to how po’d I was with Drive and 3 Whatevers. I’m not angry now because I am just kinda used to being disappointed with the show.


  12. First off…
    it needs to be recognized and celebrated….

    Once again, in a landslide vote, Ed is winning the thumbs down contest this week.
    You guys are getting whupped….it’s not even close.
    It is almost like you aren’t even trying…
    Just sayin’


  13. a tender and heartfelt response…

    I thought I always try to promote discussion
    I expect people to disagree with me at time…it is ok for you to be wrong…really.
    However, sometimes it is nice to know why and actually talk about it.

    I was confused so I pulled a definition…

    noun: discussion
    1. the action or process of talking about something, typically in order to reach a decision or to exchange ideas.

    I guess that the dictionary needs to add…”.or hit the thumbs down button repeatedly…” to express displeasure with no explanation…
    Just my thoughts…but then again, apparently I am wrong…


  14. Thanks Lindy for your concern about Ed’s bad day. it happens.

    First, I would like to thank my partner in crime Diane for baiting me with the whole “they look bored thing”…thus leading to my scolding…
    Completely kidding by the way,
    Nobody is responsible for what I post but me…and that is frequently questionable at best, right?
    Let me start off by saying that I do not mean to imply that ECO mailed in a performance. Or Dani.
    That being said, doing a good job of your job and being thrilled with it and enthusiastically going the extra mile are 2 completely different things.

    So, let me address the enthusiasm.
    I think it is affecting the actors as well as the fandom.
    There are some fantastic fanfiction writers out there…some reading this…thank you.
    There is absolutely nothing lacking in the quality, it is simply fantastic.
    But, the sheer quantity has dropped off substantially.
    People lose interest and move on to other things, or they just read and don’t bother to write anymore.
    Is it too far-fetched to think that the actors might be suffering the blues as well not loving it quite as much as they used to?
    They are only human.

    Dani and ECO used to be much more prolific on social media involving the show.
    From the constant squishes, to the jumps for joy, to the challenges…I just don’t really see quite as much of it as I used to. It is still there, but toned down some.
    In fact, the last time Dani got Eric’s phone, he deleted most of what she posted, which I thought was rather sad.
    That never would have happened last year. Something is changing.
    They both have 2 kids now and are likely sleep deprived, so maybe that is most of it, let’s hope.
    They seem to do much more of the whole avoiding each other thing lately.
    Sometimes things come up where one plans to leave the show and those left behind are frustrated because it will impact ratings and they feel sold out.
    Not that that is even close to what is happening, just a statement I probably shouldn’t have made…

    As far as the whole being bored thing.
    Who wants to hang around doing nothing or watching others work? Don’t you want to be involved?
    Reduced airtime means more standing around.
    When an actor gets reduced airtime, it affects their ego. Yes, we all have one, right,
    Fewer scenes, fewer lines…they notice,
    Their publicist notices,
    Their agent notices.
    …and they care, who wouldn’t.
    So, they have invested 8 years of their lives to this show…and they get to see their time cut to make room for Bar Paly to get more scenes swapping spit with Callen and butchering her scenes.
    …wouldn’t you think to yourself…really, they cut my scene for THAT….WTF. that’s what they think the fans want to see???
    It makes you think.

    That is why I am not much of a fan of big parts or heavy airtime for recurring guest actors.
    If someone is gone, I would rather see the time focused on a more in-depth story involving the remaining team.
    With such a big cast, it is hard to get them all the time they deserve anyway, why not utilize the reduced headcount to leverage that.
    Dani missed 8 episodes basically, then upon return, we have Nate and Anna eating up airtime instead of balancing things out.
    You are kidding yourself if you don’t think the actors aren’t aware of it or how much time they spend on screen.

    When the assistant director was added it consumed airtime. I loved Granger, so please no hate mail…
    Hetty’s time increased as she had an additional person to interact with.
    Deeks just replaced Dom, so that’s an easy swap.
    Nell showed up as well and fell into the rotation.
    When Nell entered OPPs, Her and Eric took over a big part of the dialogue there.
    Remember, Kensi and Dom used to do some of that as well.
    It used to be more of a team thing.
    Now the team is there, but is a little more passive with less lines.
    Nell and Eric do their thing, Callen and Sam as the leads do the most of the talking , lay out the opp, and give the orders.
    Kensi and Deeks may get one line each…
    Sam and Callen lead most of the Opps,
    Sam and Callen get most of the car chases, big fist fights and explosions
    Eric and Nell get all the tech stuff
    Densi gets the bulk of the romance and drama stuff.
    Then along comes Anna,
    Then we get Nell and Eric in the field eating up that time.
    Then we get Nell and Eric with the dramatic scenes as well…
    If someone was the slightest bit insecure or suspicious… it would make them wonder, wouldn’t it?
    Facetime matters, publicity and visibility matters.
    That’s why they are all over facebook, Instagram and twitter…
    That’s why Bar Paly and Kurt Yager encourage, solicit and even nearly beg for reposts, likes and retweets.
    People look at this stuff.

    Actors want to feel valued, kept busy, be involved…not pushed to the background or at least the side.
    Instead, they get to watch others get their time, lines, jokes, nicknames…
    Does anyone else think that they care about these things.
    Anyone that takes pride in their work wants to contribute and feel needed, right?
    Im done. My fingers hurt.


    • I’m the partner in crime who just says a few lazy sentences and then Ed writes the In-depth commentary. Thanks Ed, truly.


    • I disagree on your comments about them avoiding each other. Last week they both attended a National Holocaust museum event together. Sarah & Eric’s mom were there too. They spent the holidays together. They were very enthusiastic about the recovery storyline back at Comic Con. They are family, so sorry but this comment is inappropriate.


      • poorly phrased on my part.
        Cladani said it far better below.
        Comicon was nice, yes, but keep in mind they hadnt seen the scrips for the season yet either, and that was some time ago.
        plus, what else would you say when the show was going to keep you involved while you were on leave, instead of having you disappear for a while, right.
        Involving work or the show, recently,they seemed to stop commenting or replying to each others posts, there seems to be less clowning around, they seem to talk about working with everybody else but each other. they don’t seem to promote Densi or each other.
        I am sure they are just tired and spend a lot of time with each other anyway.
        I know I am reading too much into it.
        Again, I don’t see that over the top excitement over the last couple of months that we used to.
        I am speaking about the work related stuff only,


  15. The sports analogy…
    It is not that they don’t care. I know they really do.
    A backup quarterback or a reserve soccer player cares.
    They care about the team, they care about their job, they work hard, they do their best, they give 100% and support everyone else…
    But you might be fooling yourself if you don’t think for one minute that their job satisfaction and enthusiasm level would improve with increased playing time.
    It is human nature.

    Actors feel the same way.
    Nobody likes having their time cut, period.



  16. Why I am a little bothered.
    I liken it to having a neighbor that has a nice car and won’t wash it, change the oil , or do any maintenance on it. It is not that they don’t like the car, they just don’t go the extra mile or look ahead.
    When it wears out or breaks down, they will just get another one…
    I do not want the show to break down. I do not want another one…I want the owners to take fantastic care of this one and insure it is in tip top shape….
    I want them to do all the little extra things to Keep it going for a long time
    Don’t take it for granted.


  17. The Anna chronicles…
    About who to blame,

    Susan Bluestein and Jason Kennedy run the casting agency used by NCIS LA and are still listed as the casting directors.
    They are still employed by Paramount, so they are obviously providing exactly what they are being asked for.
    Somebody asked for something like Anna, she made it through the casting call, and then she did a read and somehow, unbelievably, got through that.
    Nobody asked for a 300# bald guy, right. They got what they asked for and bought off on it.
    Scott G has the final say, so ultimately it falls on him.

    If I am missing something, please let me know who else is actually responsible for having Anna return over and over again, to my endless chagrin…



    • How I can show appreciation for effort, recognize greatness …and yet still be critical?

      Smart people make mistakes, brilliant minds make mistakes, leaders with vision make mistakes, good companies make mistakes.
      Ford designed a very good car, they decided to call it the Probe, they marketed it to women. Focus groups told them that women did not like the name, as it seemed to “Phallic” and it would embarrass them to drive it.
      Ford refused to change the name, they continued to try and attract female buyers, the care never met sales goals.
      American Motors produced the Pacer, quite possibly the ugliest care ever designed.
      Ford thought it was a good idea to produce pastel pink Pintos and attempt to sell them.
      Chevy sold the Nova in Mexico and South America and wouldn’t change the name. It did sell, but what did they lose in sales?

      The point is, these decisions were being made by very successful men with engineering and business degrees working for some of the best companies around.
      Yet they made errors in judgment.
      All I am trying to say is that I think that the leadership on the show made a mistake with Anna, they have to know it by now, and yet they refuse to fix it…


  18. Did anyone else notice we have an episode coming up called the Golden Days.

    It is a tossup as to whether it is about stolen gold…which they have already done…
    Or about Deeks telling Kensi that he wants to spend his golden years with her….which is the one I choose to believe….
    It is Ep 8-22
    a good line for a proposal, don’t you think…

    Hopeful Ed


  19. you know…
    the more I think about it…the more that I am sure that none of this is my fault.
    I would like to confirm that blame lies with Karen and Anne for leaving me to carry the entire ranting load alone this week.
    Then that sneaky sneaky Diane for tricking me into her trap.

    I have been set up, I say…I am an innocent man…
    And the sun was in my eyes and the dog ate my homework…

    Thanks for putting up with me,


  20. Is it just some of us complaining that we are not seeing what we want…
    Or, does the ratings trend from ep 8-10 on say that we aren’t the only ones not thrilled with the current course and want something more.
    I think lots of people expected to see some Densi progress after Kensi got out of the hospital.

    18/49 total
    demo viewers
    11/13/2016 08-08 1.65 12.113
    11/20/2016 08-09 1.47 10.427
    11/27/2016 08-10 1.51 11.389
    12/18/2016 08-11 1.40 10.373
    01/08/2017 08-12 1.32 10.406
    01/15/2017 08-13 1.03 8.586
    01/29/2017 08-14 1.36 11.289
    02/19/2017 08-15 1.06 8.606
    03/05/2017 08-16 1.30 9.459

    season ave 1.40 10.436

    the thing to notice it that there is a down hill trend once Kensi started pushing away and that every episode since and including Christmas has been below the season averages at least for the demo #s

    Isn’t the idea behind problem solving and good management to identify a trend or an issue and address it before it becomes a real problem.
    to me, I look at this and ask questions.

    how did we get here,
    what changed to cause the shift.
    what was working that we are not doing now
    what are we doing now that we weren’t before
    how do we stop it immediately.
    how do we course correct and return to where we were before.
    how do we continue to improve.
    how do we keep this from happening again.
    how can we identify problems like this earlier and be more pro active.

    yes, awards season is having an impact, but that isn’t all of it.

    something to think about.


    • Wow you are a busy writer on the comments.
      But don’t you think the producers do all they can to do a good job? All shows (NCIS and NCIS NO…) have lower ratings this year and there a so many aspects that causes this that nobody can figure out all of them and fix them all. If it would be so easy all shows woud have the highest ratings ever. But this show has so many different fans and just because here are the Deeks fans doesn’t mean all viewers love him (actually some comments on are the opposite of it). So I believe that the producers do know better than we what to do because this is what they do for living. We don’t work in this business so it seems strange to me to give advices they don’t need since we are not the pros.
      Regarding your comments on the screen time above. Do you think that the actors are all day on set? When shooting a Deeks/Kensi scene the others are not on set. I don’t know for sure but that is my guess. Why should they? So they don’t sit around and they are not disappointed and not bored. But if they would disagree with the writing or the direction where the show goes they could leave the cast and find something better for them. But I don’t think the actors would do that because they love their job, the show and the team. Or do you have any proof of what you mentioned aboved? I mean you are stating these this as if these are facts.
      Maybe I didn’t get you right. If so, forget what I wrote please.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Of course they want to do a good job, but people make mistakes.
        And just because they are in charge, doesn’t make them infallible.
        Mistakes are made all the time and the idea is to correct them before it not possible to do so or you can’t manage/ contain the result of the error.

        Do car companies want to produce cars that so few people want that they need to discount them with thousands of dollars in rebates, sometimes 10s of thousands just to get them off the lot. No
        Did BP want to spill millions of barrels of oil into the ocean, no
        Did the captain of the Exxon Valdez want to run into a reef. No.

        Did Takata want to build faulty airbags, no.
        Did California want to ruin their salmon population. no

        Companies fail
        Small businesses fail
        Companies spill oil
        Things that seemed like good ideas don’t work out.
        Cranes collapse
        Trucks overturn
        Pilots crash
        Captains wreck ships
        Race car drivers wreck
        Trains run off the tracks

        The vast majority of these things are a direct result of human error, or at least contributed to by a miscalculation, a poor assumption, a group think mentality, or a lack of planning.

        Do you think that any of these people wanted this to happen.
        Hell no.
        They work hard, try their best, want to succeed, and care.
        They just made a mistake.
        We are all human and we all make them.
        The showruners usually do a very good job, but it unrealistic to think they aren’t capable of mistakes.
        For me personally, I feel they made a mistake, Anna was a mistake, Anna is still a mistake.
        I think they had a vision, an idea…and I for one do not think it worked out well.
        I would just like it corrected before it has a major impact on the show.

        Look back for a second.
        Some very smart people at CBS moved the show to Monday night up against a popular and Established Castle.
        How did that work out…
        Ratings dropped,
        Production costs were cut to stay afloat and filming was reduced to 7 days instead of 8
        You do realize we get a lot more CGI special effects and explosions than we used to, right.
        People on the show used to make comments about how they always did things for real. Unfortunately, that is expensive and takes time in the field on shooting days. So as a result, they move to CGI and insert things post production. Sometimes it is more noticeable than others.
        I seem to recall that you like all the big action stuff. Profitability drives the amount of time and money the show can spend on that stuff…
        So, instead of real car crashes and real explosions, you get some kid behind a computer screen slapping that all in post production. Oh, and more inside scenes, they require less setup time, fewer permits, no traffic control. It is a whole lot cheaper.

        Ratings dropped noticeably.
        Castle was canceled and it didn’t make a big difference, ratings were down
        The show was cut to 22 episodes from 24.
        Cancellation talk was in the air.
        The show was moved again

        So, if you think that people that care can’t make mistakes…well, I am not sure I agree.

        We saw a good revival with the ratings this season, but some of the things the fans were promised have yet to surface and there is thought that it might get strung out.
        I feel they got off to a good start, pulled out ahead…and took their foot off the gas and starter cruising, taking it for granted.

        The show, my favorite show, was pulled out of the fire, and for that I am grateful.
        But now I feel they are still standing there, just tossing it from hand to hand while still holding it over the fire…tempting fate as it were.

        I for one, would like to figure out what drove the resurgence, and what is causing the decline.

        What caused the increase?
        Are Sundays that great?
        Is 8 that much better than 10
        Is 60 minutes the greatest lead in ever.
        If so, what is with the dropoff.
        Did fans tune in to see Kensi get hurt?
        Were fans excited because of all the promotion about a Densi proposal?
        Interesting to talk about
        Awards shows have messed things up, very true. But, when fans need to wait 3 weeks and talk about things, it is always better to leave them excited and producing positive buzz rather than frustrated and complaining ( yes, like me).
        The timing matters at times, and the gaps fell at poor times sometimes…
        Yep, I did that…

        In order for a company to know if the public likes their product, they need feedback. Feedback comes in many forms.
        I am providing my feedback in a form that is available to me.

        You can look at the ratings. But that is not the entire story.
        Not all fans are the same.
        Watching it live once then deleting it and moving on is a fan…
        So is interacting on social media, buying their branded products, going to public appearances.
        Spending money on their fan visits and so on, spending time and money to go to comicon…those are fans too.

        The fans here are a little more invested than just setting their DVR correctly and hitting the button.

        I do truly hope their voices are heard.


        • Ed you said “I do truly hope their voices are heard.”.
          Well I don’t think the approx 20 voices here in this comment section will be heard by anyone. I don’t even think that anyone of the reponsible and important cast /crew will read through all of these comments. At least I hope they don’t because IMO some of them are more than rude.
          But maybe you are right. I just don’t know. Also I don’t think that these 20 fans here could change anything. Sorry but IMO this is just a wishfull thinking.


          • you may be right,
            but it doesn’t hurt to try
            good companies care what people think about their product.
            otherwise millions wouldn’t be spent on focus groups, studies, poles, town hall meetings, feedback links on websites, surveys ect.

            it is hard to find a company that does not care what the customer want or thinks about their product, because most go out of business.


      • Beth,
        I don’t think I ever said that all the actors just stand there clapping and eating pastries.

        By standing around, that can mean many things. if you are part of something, don’t you want to feel valued and needed.

        lets look at this another way.
        if you are out on vacation or hurt for a month, when you come back to your job there is a temp there.
        OK fine.
        so the boss says, the temp is doing a great job, so we are going to keep them around.
        doing what? you say.
        we will just give them some of you work.
        great…but I can do my job.
        dont worry about it , it will be fine, she does great work.
        okay, what do you want me to do with my extra time, I could do all my work before, so now I will have some extra time available….what do I do with the rest of the day?.
        …just go home, we don’t need you here all the time.
        am I getting fired?
        am I getting a pay cut?
        so, you are still going to pay me, then pay me to go home, and then pay someone else to do part of my work?
        yep, that’s the plan.

        so, are you someone that thinks…great, free time, I get paid for doing nothing…

        or are you someone that feels unappreciated, undervalued, left out, not involved, disappointed?
        …there is that word again.

        even some of those that would enjoy the extra time off would start to wonder after a while.

        where would we fit in if this happened to us?



        • Ed
          still you haven’t said how you know that any of the cast member feels like that?
          How do you know that? Did you read it somewhere? Or did you see it somewhere? Please tell us where so we can check it and know you are right.
          I don’t think that any of the cast member feel unappreciated or undervalued. Why should they? Please tell us how you know that.
          Or are these no facts but just thoughts? That would make a BIG difference.
          Thank you


          • Although I certainly was the most vocal in my comments, I don’t think I was alone in feeling this way.

            First, no I did not drive down to Paramount and walk up to DR and ECO and ask them personally.

            It is hard to prove a negative, addition by subtraction, that whole thing.
            It is not what you see, it is what you don’t, then you have to make a correlation.
            For example…can you see it is dark…no, because you can’t see it,
            What you do see is a lack of light, and make the assumption that it is dark…

            Can I prove that they are less excited, no. I can’t see unexcited.
            But you can notice a lack of the things that they used to do when they were excited.
            There is a big reduction in social interactions. It is about 1/3 of what it was this period last year.
            There is proof of that, just go look. That being said, I only checked Instagram, not Twitt-book. So, it could be a fluke.
            Then again, maybe their phones broke and they couldn’t post.

            It has been my experience, that driven, highly motivated people need to be involved. This type of work is similar to sports, where you are paid for what you do personally and not everyone gets paid the same or valued as such., not what the company does as a whole.
            It is not a situation where it is an office or assembly line factory, where somebody doing part of your job may be a relief.
            Many people go to work for a paycheck. Often it is just a job. Often, people change jobs or careers for convenience or money.

            Some people love what they do, there is a passion for it.
            I have beat sports to death, so let’s try something else.
            Look into the amount of time, effort and commitment it takes to be a pilot.
            It is not just about the money. Regardless if they are being paid or not, no airline pilot or military aviator wants someone flying while they are sitting on the ground.
            They take pride in their work, have dedicated their life to it, and sitting on the sidelines is frustrating.
            It can’t be looked at as just a job, it is a calling. To be right there looking at your life’s dream and having less participation in it than you did is usually disappointing.
            Then again, I did not get a chance to ask Dani about it when we were at craft services for lunch.
            Most people don’t go through life agreeing with every decision their boss makes… is it unreasonable to think that they MIGHT not be in love with the current story line.
            I have said before that my posts are my observations and thoughts, and they are mine alone. You have your own.
            I do not live in LA or hang out at Paramount.
            Take it or leave it.
            I feel that you are driving this past a heathy discussion, and if it is I that have personally offended you, that was not my intent.
            I have often said that I like to stimulate discussion and make people think.
            I expect people to disagree with me and welcome a good discussion.
            If we all agree, things would be boring.

            The great thing about this site is there is so much to choose from.
            It is like an all you can eat buffet.
            That being said, no one forces you to take seconds of every single thing on the counter.
            Same goes for here.
            Don’t see something you like…just move on down the line.

            Don’t like what someone wrote…just keep on scrolling along.
            It is the little down arrow on the lower right side of the keyboard.
            Push hard…good by…
            See how easy that was….still here…okay then.

            Life is too short for me to invest time in things that I don’t like or make me happy.
            I love this site and will stay.
            But, since this conversation is deteriorating, I am pushing the eject button on this thread.
            See ya on the flip side.
            I’m out.


  21. man oh man did the formatting mess that up…


  22. I am really glad that Kensi is back in the field with Deeks. It is really nice to see, they are so good together.
    It was nice to see Kensi call Deeks sweetheart while on comms.
    those are the little things that show the connection and a strong relationship.
    I hope to see lots more of that going forward.
    the little moments like that don’t take any extra time , but they mean a lot to us deprived fans.
    more please..


  23. While I am grumbling…
    How about we actually get Kensi and Deeks on the cover of the season 8 DVD box.
    It is about time isn’t it.
    Every year it is the same..8 main characters…and yet we always only get the same 2.
    I wont call it a slap in the face…but it just aint cool…
    …please fix this.


  24. Lately I haven’t got the good old playful vibes I used to get from DR and ECO. They have seemed less interested in making the fans be invested in their characters, starting from their respective Instagram in which the other barely appears. I don’t mean real life pictures, we have no right to interfere in their private life, I mean show related photos together. Just an example: if you scroll DR’s page down, over the past three/four months she has posted far more pictures with Kurt Yaeger/Sullivan/Ferris than with her co-worker/regular field partner/onscreen boyfriend.
    Do the actors know more than us about their characters’ destiny and step by step want to shift our attention somewhere else? Or are they just as puzzled and surprised as we are that some guest actors regularly get more screen time than them?


    • I was very surprised over the selfi incident
      in the past there would have been comments and sarcasm from Eric.
      Dant got his phone and took 3 selfies and posted them
      They all were cute and funny.
      he deleted 2 of them and never even commented.
      from the outside,the actions seemed he appeared irritated.
      no joking around.
      it just struck me as odd, and yes, I actually felt some disappointment over something so minor.


    • I have noticed less enthusiasm from ECO about the show, but I wondered if it was just due to fatigue (he does have a new baby and a 4 year old at home – that will tire anyone out). Or maybe it’s me, projecting my waning interest in the show on the actor. Still, twice we’ve been promised a big Deeks storyline, and twice it’s been pushed off or cancelled. Maybe ECO is just as disappointed and frustrated as I am. I don’t understand why they can’t go ahead with Deeks’ story just because DR is on maternity leave. I’m mostly interested in Deeks’ story, whether Kensi is around or not.


  25. I agree with everyone’s comments here regarding recurring actors getting more airtime, it is horrible and the decline in ratings in my opinion is because the quality of the episodes have also declined. I’m a huge fan, look forward to watching every week, and count down the days till a new episode…. but I have felt so let down since Dani’s return, I was just expecting so much more. Especially since the season started out great, but now it is slowly deteriorating and leaving densi fans (a huge portion of the viewers) so frustrated each week! I think it is completely unfair what they are doing to us fans and to Daniela and Eric as well.

    Having said that, I knew ECO was off for filming this Ep. so I didn’t have high expectations of Densi scenes (probably also because recently we haven’t had more than one an episode, if any). SO… going in with my lowered expectations about Densi, but high expectations about humor I really enjoyed this episode! I thought everyone was funny, even Garrison!
    I loved Densi sitting opposite Ginger and Eddie, it was like BAM! this is exactly how they’re going to banter and appear to others in 40 years. i just wish we saw more of it now.
    The wondertwins have always been kind of boring to me and this season it annoyed me they took over so much of Densi’s aspects, but their scenes this week made me tear up and it was great. The tribute to Miguel Ferrer had me bawling, and smiling at the respect they showed Granger simultaneously.

    This site is such an amazing place for all the fans who care, and I love reading everyone’s comments. Sometimes i need others to commiserate with when I feel let down, and other times i try not to let the negative comments affect my view of the show. I just love that you all apologized for any negative comments people may have been offended by, we’re a great fandom.
    now let’s make a petition to ensure Bar Paly doesn’t become a regular


  26. I was surprised at HOW many comments there were in this episode! Was I a bit un-satiated? Yes. Too many subplots but that rest squarely with the writers which sadly have been not performing as well the last several years.
    Did anyone comment, however, about how Nate stumbled over himself when Kensi asked him if he was CIA as well? I don’t think this is finished. I don’t trust Nate.
    Could he be the final piece of the mole puzzle?


    • yep,
      I noticed it too.
      He did stumble over the answer.
      I thought the timing of Nate’s return was suspicious
      I do not feel the mole issue is completely over…
      …so, yes, Nate could be a part of it, and I would not be surprised if he was.


  27. Ed’s obsession run amuck…
    yes, I have a problem.

    You know,
    Earlier I mentioned the possibility of a waning excitement in not just the fans but some of those involved in the show. Some good counterpoints were brought up so I started to think…( this can’t be good , right.)

    I firmly believe that nothing good can come from a sentence that starts with “ you know, I was thinking…” it is usually downhill from there.
    Anyway, back to the point…
    I had a feeling about what I called a lack of enthusiasm, others used words like waning interest, appears frustrated, lack of old playful vibes, and so on.
    So, the problem is, how do you quantify a feeling you have.
    How do you judge emotions…hard, right?
    So, I remembered that I was moaning about a lack of posts and interaction.
    Others echoed the sentiments, so off I had the basics.
    I guessed that with no other valid parameters to judge, that Instagram posts would be as good of a barometer of enthusiasm and interaction with the fans as anything else I could come up with on the spur of the moment.
    So my hair-brained idea was to count posts.
    I gave the new kids and the holidays some consideration, as well as Dani’s return to work adjustment.
    Dani returned right when they started filming Tidings on 11/1
    If we throw away the first 9 weeks back and start on the new year, everyone is back in the swing after the holidays and such.
    So, I took the first 10 weeks of 2017 1-1 until now, and started counting.
    Granted, I used my phone and there is no doubt the count is not perfect. But for these purposes, it should yield a trend of sorts.
    I started with Dani. I counted her post that were NCIS LA related, then the ones that were behind the scenes, poses with fans, squishes, jumps for joy,…that sort of thing.
    You know, stuff other than reposting stock photos, sneak peeks and promo stuff.
    Then I counted the number of these that included Eric in them.
    So here is what I came up with…
    Dani’s posts.
    In the first 10 weeks of 2017
    Total work posts 11
    Involving ECO 1
    Behind the scenes 5
    BTS with Eric 0

    The same time frame In 2016
    Total work posts 31
    Involving ECO 13
    Behind the scenes 15
    BTS with Eric 5

    Even with my wobbly math skills…
    She is posting about the show around 1/3 as much as she was last year.
    The interaction with Eric is even a bigger drop-off.
    I know there are other factors at play and it is not a direct correlation…
    but this starts 4 months after sierra was born and 2 months after Dani returned to work, so it is not horribly unfair either.

    NOTE, no real facts were harmed in the production of this video…

    Will somebody take a look at ECO and see if the results are similar.
    …my eyes hurt.

    boy, do I need help.


    • actually I already found an error, in 2016 the BTS with Eric was actually 10, not 5…as opposed to nada in 2017….even a bigger difference.
      I cant read my own notes.

      my boss would be so disappointed…
      He has no idea how much he paid me to do this on my phone at work…


  28. I do suggest you take a look back, it was enlightening.
    the clowning around, the silly faces, the jumps for joy, together and with the guest actors, the squishes, the Densi photo op with the guest actors…
    even with all my complaining, I had no idea what I was missing until I went back a year or so.
    It is worth a look…
    I wont call it the good ol days,… but then again…
    something has changed.


  29. A look at where we are, where we were and where we are going.

    What has happened
    Kensi recovered
    The mole hunt is over
    Sullivan died
    Granger got hurt
    Joelle- Bad- boo
    Deeks had a good conversation with Hetty

    Where we are.
    Kensi is back and appears to be partners in all things, yesyesyes
    Hetty is still here, meh
    The mole thing still feels unfinished, hmmm
    We still have Anna, boo
    The mole hunt ending was unsatisfying, yuck
    No more Sullivan, yay
    Granger is gone, sad, very sad

    Coming up
    Will we get another proposal?
    Will we get something more from the Mole issue. I feel so.
    We will miss Granger
    Will A.J. become a regular
    Will Hetty and Deeks have to work things out.
    What happened with Whiting.

    I think AJ will become a regular next year.
    I feel that with the improved ratings, that the show runners will pump the brakes. Dragging their feet and delaying a Densi wedding. Maybe even not next year.
    Hopefully we will still get a proposal, there is a lot of things to explore with the duo as a couple. No reason to delay that also.
    Then again, Deeks did actually did propose…if the writers are going to count that and string the Densi fans…well, I will not be thrilled with the idea.
    I feel at some point the IA investigation will resurface, Whiting will live…
    I feel there is more to the mole story.
    We have not seen the last of Sabatino.
    We need a discussion between Kensi and Deeks about their pasts before a wedding, so they go into this with truly no more secrets.
    I want to hear about her time as homeless, Deeks shooting his dad, and so on.
    I want it to be between them and not the whole team.
    Where is our Deeks, M episode…



  30. Trying to be helpful…
    I found some other job opportunities for Bar Paly so she won’t be stuck on our show…
    Just trying to help out.

    good jobs are hard to find…and I am quite the problem solver…

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    Monday – Saturday: 9:30am to 5:30pm – 459-1451

    Come in:
    ​​2408 Davis Road, Fairbanks 99701



  31. Karen, Thank you for your excellent review. For my part, the show
    and WikiDeeks are also safe harbours. But when necessary, I will
    not hesitate to offer criticism.
    What touched me the most about “Old Tricks” was the deeply moving
    and very sensitive tribute to Miguel Ferrer. This brought tears to my
    eyes. And I think it was more Linda than Hetty in those last scenes
    as she struggled greatly with her grief and sadness. My heart went
    out to her.
    Sadly and regrettably we will never know how the friendship between
    Granger and Jennifer would have developed or if they found Jennifer’s
    mother. Neither how he would have been developed as a father figure
    for Deeks nor how his relationship with Kensi would developed (because
    I think Granger had a soft spot for Kensi, her father was his old team
    mate and friend) or with Nell, Callen, Sam and Eric. Also I think there
    was the potential of a friendship between Granger and Julia.
    But we will never know or see it.

    Adieu Miguel, rest in peace.
    Adieu Granger.
    The season started so terrific. And the tough journey of Kensi’s recovery
    was at first portrayed in a very moving, realistic, deeply heartfelt and honest
    way. With superb performances by Daniela and Eric. But then the Sullivan
    arc became much too overwhelming as well as that Kensi’s recovery was
    sped up. I still think that there should have been an episode between
    “Parallel Resistors” and “Glasnost” to show when Kensi started to walk
    again and when she came home. Then there would not have been
    such a huge break in the portrayal of her recovery.
    The season became mired in several episodes of frustrating writing with
    only tiny tidbits of Kensi and Deeks thrown in, Anna pushed down our
    throats, all the hype and very high expectations about the mole(s)
    storyarc. Not to speak of how they butchered Joelle’s character and
    storyarc with Callen in “Payback” and then Hetty’s rotten comment in
    “Old Tricks” delivered the killing blow to Joelle.

    My wishlist would include:

    A long scene (and many more scenes) between Kensi and Deeks at home
    (and this scene would also include Monty) in which they talk about her grave
    injuries and recovery, being captured by Ferris/Sullivan and all their fears,
    hopes, dreams and lives with each other. Lindy’s and Divergent’s (last) fanfictions
    are beautiful examples of how it could be done. And then one more proposal and
    Deeks’s ring on Kensi’s finger. And I, too still want a “Deeks, M.” episode.

    Properly address on the show the aftermath of the mole(s) storyarc
    (and I belong to those who still do not trust Nate) and if Ellen Whiting
    has survived and with her how about Deeks’s Internal Affairs case.

    Hetty out and bring on Admiral Chegwidden.

    The awful Anna out (let her turn out to be an imposter and not Arkady’s daughter
    at all). Bring on Angie, Sasha and Stana.



    • very well said raven,
      And as happens quit a lot, we have a lot of the same feelings.
      our wish lists line up pretty well once again.

      I think the conversation with Eddie and Ginger made the couple realize that the teasing and banter can last a lifetime with the right person, they got a glimpse into their future…and they seemed comfortable with it, very nice indeed.

      I would have liked to see Granger connect with his daughter…more so than Callen and his family, actually.

      I agree that Granger could be someone Deeks could have talked with about life choices. I will miss that. With Thapa gone, Deeks could have used that.

      On a deeper note, I had a vision of Granger walking Kensi down the isle at the wedding.
      Standing in for her father to give her away to Deeks…Beautiful. .trying not to tear up….

      With Granger still around Hetty would have been able to be sacrificed in the mole hunt and paid for her actions. I am sad that it wont happen.

      I think we will see more of AJ

      and I am 100% behind any way to get rid of Anna

      And the rest of your list is perfect…then again, most of it matches mine…so, there is that…

      I want to see the ring on Kensi,
      the mole hunt might not be fully over, and I am not totally convinced that Nate is not a part of it



  32. I am one of the people that watched the original JAG for it’s entire run and loved it.
    Admiral Chegwidden was a solid part of the show and I feel that the character as well as the actor would both be a great fit for this show.
    I thought so when I saw his name on the press release, and seeing his scenes in the show only strengthened my opinion. Keep him around.
    I think he will show up for season 9 and stick around.
    hope so…



  33. I was thinking…yep here we go again, right?

    I was trying to reflect on just where my perspective comes from and why I expect so much more from the show at times and become critical of some of the decisions.

    So, the backstory.
    I am s huge fan of this show all the way back to its origins. The reality that was created years ago,. I like the genre, but this particular family of shows hooked me with the characters that I became invested in.
    I fell in love with the original Jag, loved Harm and Mac.
    I followed to the original NCIS.
    Thought Gibbs was cool , but fell in love with Tony and Ziva, although I missed Kate.
    If I am being honest, I lost some interest in NCIS the last couple of years since Cote left the show.
    Now I am hooked on this one.
    I have seen every single episode if all of these shows many times, with very few exceptions.
    I own the DVDs for all 10 seasons of Jag, all of LA, and the first 11 seasons of NCIS ( I did stop once Ziva was gone, sorry)

    Now, on to R Scott
    He spent several years with Jag as a producer. One of my favorite shows ever.
    He consulted on The Unit”, Another show I liked and thought was very well done.
    He spent 5 years on ER…one of the best shows in its genre ever.
    Now he is part of NCIS LA for 8 years.
    I have watched his shows and been a fan of his work for the last 20 years, starting with him coming to JAG in 1997.

    He is a brilliant man that creates a fantastic fiction world full of all these wonderful characters that we fall in love with, or at least get invested in…

    So, I know what he can do and I love it. And, I think he made a couple of minor mistakes recently.
    Anna was cast poorly, Densi has Been underutilized at times, They are trying to crerate too many romantic pairings. The mole arc was overhyped and misrepresented somewhat, we have had some episodes that have been disjointed and convoluted, not really flowing well.
    They have tried to cram too much into some recent episodes jumping around and not covering some points in the detail needed. Cannon has been changed, characters are acting out of character, and so on.
    Yes, working around Dani and Miguel unfortunately led to the need to change things up, I get that.
    One of his biggest strengths is the creation of these deep characters.
    That requires long arcs, consistent character behavior, a flow to the character development, attention to cannon so we can watch these characters grow.
    Watching a rerun, you can often tell when a seen was filmed by the way the character acts.
    Usually you see the progression in the Densi relationship for example ( although there have been some issues with certain episodes…moving on…). Everything flows and transforms as time goes on. The whole thing matures.
    The recent flipflopping, OOC behaviors, lack of consistency with cannon, and cluttered disjointed episodes is not his style. Never has been in the 20 years I have immersed myself in the worlds he has created. His attention to detail is usually wonderful.

    I am a huge fan, he usually does a great job and I know what he is capable of.
    I feel they missed the mark a little and that he can and will do better.
    Me expecting more from him is not a put down…quite the opposite, he is doing ok, but I expect greatness because he is capable of it.
    I have faith in him and just want him to step up and get back on track.

    He is Peyton Manning on a 4-interception day.
    Just snap out of it, we are with you, come on let’s get back in this thing. We need you.

    if you want to call it tough love , then go ahead.

    Right or wrong, I hope that explains where my thoughts come from,


    • I didn’t come to the show a couple of years ago thinking…hey great another buddy cop show with car chases and big explosions…lets see if its any good.
      that’s not me.
      I wont leave because some other show has more car wrecks or bigger explosions.
      that’s not me
      I have been here from the beginning, day one and before, because of the characters.
      …and I do love the action…


  34. In case I owe someone an explanation for why I feel the way I do…
    Believe it or not…
    People don’t always say how the actually feel. That’s why surveys that are anonymous usually yield dramatically different results than others.
    In public, people will tow the party line and make sure they don’t burn any bridges. Having been involved with many of these over the years, from customer satisfaction assumptions, employee engagement, work/life balance, employee satisfaction, results evaluations, corrective action lists, and mgmt. training…
    The results themselves and the recommendations for improvement are enlightening.
    People are motivated by many different things. Some personality traits tend to yield similar results. It is my experience, that once people achieve a level of comfort with their income things change.
    They might tell you it is all about the money, but the results say differently.
    Finding the things that make an employee feel valued, appreciated, respected and part of the team is a huge challenge, because they can be so different.
    It is very seldom money, and often not what you would expect. Once they get to that point, the money will be there, they want something else.
    They get lots of things from their career.
    A sense of belonging
    It is usually about being valued, and the pay is only a small part of the company showing how much they value the employee.
    There is a reason the consulting companies specializing in these things exist.
    The companies own leadership and supervisors are almost always too close and to personally involved to be objective. Then they usually try to throw money at the problem and hope it goes away. It is easy, quick, and you don’t need to get all touchy feely with the team…Everybody gets a raise…problem solved.
    Almost always wrong…the money is nice, but it won’t fix the problem…
    The employee will seldom come out and say what is bothering them, and their feelings may not be obvious. Occasionally it is a finite action, something that stands out glaringly obvious that there is an issue. Far more often, it is not a direct action, but a behavior. Usually nothing wrong, just different. A shift in behavior patterns is usually the first sign that something is changing. Understanding someone’s value system is about impossible. It is not what is true, it is what they believe to be true, their beliefs affect their behavior, which drives their actions.
    By the time you get way down to the very obvious actions or outright admissions of discontent…there has been a problem for a while.

    So yes,
    When people say things like “they don’t post on each-others accounts any more” or they cut way back on the behind the scenes posts and only throw up the promo stuff, or what happened to all the squishes and jumps for joy, or there seems to be less joking and kidding around…it is worth looking at. Just because it is hard to put your finger on it, doesn’t mean that something is not there.

    Yes, if they are not happy they can leave…
    They do have contracts to honor, but that could be worked out I suppose.
    But, there is a lot invested in this thing, wouldn’t you rather figure it out if there is an issue instead of just saying “I’m the boss, if you don’t like it get out.?”
    I am in no way trying to say I think this thing is ready to implode. It just does not seem quite as warm and fuzzy as it was last year. That’s all.

    Yes, I notice a difference in behavior and I wonder why.
    I look at what has changed and wonder if they are linked

    I still have no direct interaction between myself and the cast, crew, and mgmt. of the show.
    Just a guy making a guess.


  35. As always, great discussion everyone! Thanks for sharing all your thoughts.


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