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Winnipeg: Drabble 1/12/23

“I’m sorry I wasn’t with you today,” Kensi apologized, cradling her head on Deeks’ chest. After the last couple of crazy days, they’d had a nice quiet, relaxing dinner with Rosa before heading to bed.

“You mean when Lindsey got blown to pieces?” Deeks asked.

“Since when do you call your truck ‘Lindsey’?” Kensi squinted her visible eye at him.

“I figured it’s a perfect way to recognize all her years of loyalty. Do you have a different suggestion?”

“You are ridiculous, babe.”

“Hey, if Sam can have Charlene, why can’t I have Lindsey? Maybe I should go with something like Penelope. Either way, I’ll certainly miss her.”

“Well, I’m glad it was just the truck,” Kensi declared, returning to the original topic. “It can be replaced, you can’t.” She thumbed his bottom lip, eyes tightening with a hint of worry.

“What, were you concerned about Torres watching my back?”

“No.” Signing deeply, she wrapped her arms more firmly around his back. She spoke the next words into his chest. “You know if someone is targeting us, I want to be by your side.”

“And I’m really glad you weren’t,” he said.

“Baby, you can’t protect me from everything,” she said. At another time in their relationship, Kensi would have taken offense to his protectiveness. Now, she lifted her head, understanding in her eyes. “It’s kind of part of my job description.”

“Oh, I’m fully aware.” He kissed her softly, adding, “But you can’t fault me for being glad you weren’t in danger.”

Resting her forehead against his chest briefly, Kensi sighed deeply again. “No.” She kissed his sternum, patting the spot before she shifted in his arms. “No, I can’t.”

“So you really want to go to Winnipeg?” she asked a few minutes later.

“Eh, I’m not committed to it,” he said with a shrug. “How do you feel about Ottawa or Montreal?”

“Those are in Canada too. And the very opposite of warm.”

“Yeah, and how often do you hear about bad things happening there? The people are friendly, they have poutine, and we can brush up on our French.”

“Ah, yes, and experience the below freezing weather,” Kensi added dryly.

“Which is the perfect excuse for snuggling,” he lowered his voice suggestively, throwing in a wink, and an exaggerated wiggle of his hips. Kensi snorted, settling her hands on either bicep.

“I suppose Rosa might like skiing or snowboarding.”

“And while she’s doing that, we can cuddle by the fire.”

“You’re devious, Mr. Deeks,” Kensi said, though she didn’t sound like she minded at all. “Ok, I’ll start packing our parkas, you figure out transportation.”

“Deal.” Deeks tucked his arms around Kensi as they settled in for the night, happy to be safe and warm.

A/N: Yes, I know this is unbearably fluffy. I hope you enjoyed it, nonetheless.

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