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Sweet Dreams: An NCISLA Post-Ep FanFic (S6S3)

NCISLA - Deeks - Praesidium


So how did Deeks wind up sleeping on Kensi’s couch in the opening scene of “Praesidium”?  Perhaps it happen like this…..

“Look at this place, it’s a hoarder’s paradise!  Hoarder’s ‘R Us can open up 10 stores with what you have in this living room!”  Deeks shook his head as he gently closed the front door to Kensi’s home.

“Deeks, it’s late and I’m tired….and I’m worried about Hetty,” Kensi turned her back on her partner.  “Can we just leave your insults about my cluttered home for another day?”  Kensi pleaded and threw her keys down on the kitchen table while pulling off her jacket in one continuous motion.

“So you admit to being a hoarder!  That’s the first step to recovery!” Deeks rubbed his hands together in delight.

“I didn’t say that!  Look Deeks, either go home or crash on my sofa.  Either way I’m going to bed,” Kensi stifled a huge yawn with her hand and shuffled down the hall.  All she wanted right now was the quiet solitude of her crowded little bedroom.  Kensi was too tired to even remove her clothes as she collapsed hard on the bed.  Slowly her eyes began to close…

“Kens?” Deeks yelled out in a whiney voice.  “Can I have the left over Chinese in the fridge? Pleeeease.”

Kensi groaned out loud and sat back up on the bed.  “I swear, he’s going to drive me crazy,” Kensi complained to herself but couldn’t help but smile.  Rolling her eyes, she frowned again and held her stomach.  “Great!  Now I’m hungry too!”

Kensi found Deeks rummaging through her kitchen drawers looking for utensils with his right hand as he balanced the carton of Chinese food and a beer with his left.

“You going to eat all that or are you going to share?” Kensi demanded putting both hands on her waist.

“Thought you were tired?” Deeks raised an eyebrow with an amused look on his face.

“How can I sleep with you screaming like a banshee?” Kensi grabbed the carton from Deeks’ hand and reached inside the refrigerator for another beer.  Deeks followed her as she plopped down on the sofa and stabbed vehemently at the food inside the box.  He studied her for a moment as he watched her binge on the three day old chicken lo main. He cautiously sat down next to her on the sofa and waited his turn.

“You know, your table etiquette leaves a lot to be desired. You would never get an invitation to Downton Abbey,” Deeks quipped.

“Do I look like a Downton Abbey kind of girl to you?”  Kensi smirked and handed the cardboard carton over to Deeks as she chased the noodles down with a mouthful of Corona.

“Point taken,” Deeks nodded as an awkward silence hung in the space between them.  Kensi put down her beer and sighed.  She was worried about Hetty and the future of her team.  Sleep was probably impossible now, she thought.

“What do you think is going to happen to Hetty, Deeks?  I know this sounds crazy but I feel like I’m to blame.  If I hadn’t gotten captured she….”

“Don’t even go there, Kensi. Hetty knew the risks,” he continued.  “She wagered and lost and now they are going to try and hold her accountable for her actions.   I know we want to trust her but we don’t even know why she really sent you over there in the first place.”  Deeks looked down and nervously began peeling the paper label off his beer bottle.  He wasn’t happy that a bunch of suits were using Hetty as a scape goat but she had gotten herself out of a lot worse predicaments before and he was sure she would prevail again.  Besides he wasn’t ready to go back to the LAPD if the LA office was closed down by the DoJ.  This was his home now and these people were his family.

“I know she has her ways, but we just have to believe she had a good reason for what happen in Afghanistan,” Kensi insisted as she leaned her head back on the sofa and closed her eyes.

Deeks placed the food and drink on the table next to him and slowly slouched down next to Kensi.  He felt her relax into the cushion and then he slowly took the beer bottle from her hand.

“Why don’t you get some sleep?” he encouraged her.

“Can’t sleep,” she mumbled as her head slid over to rest on the arm of the couch.

“Ah, huh,” he smiled indulgently as Kensi’s hair covered part of her face.  Deeks leaned over and whispered into her ear. “I’m going to go home.”

“No…don’t.” Kensi reached out for Deeks hand. “You can have the couch, I’ll go back to my….”  Kensi’s voice faded away. Deeks continued to monitor her breathing for a few more seconds as it became softer and almost inaudible.

He turned out the light and grabbed a pillow off the floor. He tucked it securely behind his head and made himself comfortable.  Deeks eyes followed a stream of moon light as it floated down through the sky light above.

“Good night little house, and good night little mouse. Good night moon and the red balloon.” Deeks recited from memory lines from one of his favorite books as a child.  He glanced over at Kensi again.

“Good night, darling,” Deeks smiled contentedly and drifted off to sleep.


(Thanks to Margaret Wise Brown for the above lines from Goodnight Moon.)



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9 Comments on Sweet Dreams: An NCISLA Post-Ep FanFic (S6S3)

  1. Sweeet! Totally in sync and fits as a deleted scene. Love the recitation of “good night, moon”. Great job! 😊


  2. I agree so sweet and so in tune with them. Loved the good night, moon. Perfect ending. Thank you.


  3. Thanks guys! Glad you enjoyed it!


  4. wonderful loved the little moon reference


  5. Oh my God, this is beautiful and sweet !!! Thanks for this, is so beautiful relationship these two and you make it even more and more beautiful, Congratulations!


  6. It was so much fun to write….glad you like it Liz and Kriss!


  7. Lovely story, especially the part where he offers to leave, but she pleads for him to stay. It reminded me of the end of Impact when he was finally able to sleep because she was there. Now, she needs him to do the same and it hints at the scene later in the episode when she is emotional after being questioned about Afghanistan. They need each other and rely on each other and this story dovetails so nicely with the end of Impact.


  8. Thanks Sweet Lu. It’s a love story.


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