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Kensi’s Journal – 10/08/14

October 8, 2014

I’m really worried about Nell. She did what she had to do and she pretends to be tough but I know how it feels when you do everything right but it still feels wrong. I just hope she can accept it and move on. It’s easier said than done sometimes.

Hetty seems to be in big trouble. First we were told she collapsed and was taken to the hospital. Then they told us she had disappeared, and later we got word that she was fine. At the end of our investigation, what we found was Mattias. It looks like her old nemesis is back and when we track him down this time; we won’t let him off so easy.

After dodging the DOJ most of the day, they finally caught us at the boatshed. Callen managed to escape which meant it was my turn. I want to forget about what happened in Afghanistan but her interrogation brought back every single memory I’ve tried so hard to forget. I tried to push them back into the place where I keep them locked up but it didn’t work. I’m really thankful for my partner. He’s there when I need him and I seem to need him more and more lately. I know he’s right about letting it out but it is so hard to talk about.

‘Partners’ may be the term we use all the time but we both know there is so much more to our relationship than just that. He took me completely off guard today when he started talking about getting a place together. I was sure he was joking so of course I had to make a joke too. He was joking right?


5 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 10/08/14

  1. Awesome! ” He was joking, right?” Heheh.. a step in the right direction😊


    • Ha! I thought the exact same thing!


    • One of the things that stood out to me about the shipmates scene was how Kensi didn’t really shut down the idea of them living together. She may have joked about living with Monty over him but it’s easy to see thru that. And the “he was joking, right?” statement is exactly the undertone I got from her reaction to his little tangent.

      And I really liked how Kensi needed Deeks in the boat shed and how he didn’t really have to push much. I think it shows growth for Kensi and for their relationship.


  2. Nicely done. I agree with Kara about Kensi’s growth, and about the shipmate scene. Deeks’ line of jokes struck me as a little odd given that he no doubt hopes someday to actually live with Kensi, so I could definitely see her wondering what he was getting at there.


  3. Thanks so much! I’m hoping he was just testing the waters and planting that idea in her mind. I’m sure he will bring it up again at some point!


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