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Praesidium: ECO & R. Scott Gemmill Break Down the Densi Scene

densi praesidium collage

Monday’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, “Praesidium”, certainly gave the Densi ‘shippers a taste of what they’ve been craving – a touching scene between two people who have become more than just partners. And, more than friends. Series star, Eric Christian Olsen (Marty Deeks), and writer R. Scott Gemmill provided additional insight into the emotions conveyed through both words and actions and the evolution of the scene from script to screen. Check out their notes on the script pages below [click to enlarge]…

What did you think of this scene? What “moments” do you hope to see in future episodes? Share your thoughts!

Source for script pages:

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3 Comments on Praesidium: ECO & R. Scott Gemmill Break Down the Densi Scene

  1. Hands down, this is the best scene to date. Funny how one taste of what can be is making me look forward to more scenes like this.

    I read these script notes when ECO posted on Instagram and it was such a treat to see the thought process and how the rehearsal notes translated on screen.

    My favorite snippet of the boathouse scene was the moment when…Kensi turns, Deeks sees the tears in her eyes, the stricken look on her face and then Deeks instinctively goes protective and pulls her into his embrace…that moment of comfort, phenomenal. The acting by Daniela and ECO was amazing. The actual scene surpassed the intent on the script notes. For a brief moment Kensi dropped her bad-ass Blye persona and allowed Deeks in. And I especially loved how Deeks knew that Kensi would consider this a momentary weakness and with humor he allows Kensi to regain her composure. ‘And wow, just like that the moments gone”. I still say that a soft kiss on the top of her head after he advised her to let it go would have made the scene beyond perfect.

    Again Memorable scene. Thanks for posting this on WikiDeeks.😊




  3. What a treat to get this glimpse into the process of making this wonderful scene. ECO’s line about the person who helps rebuild the foundation is a beautiful sentiment and it captures what we’re seeing between these two characters really well.

    And Colleen, the artwork is great!


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