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Mr. & Mrs. Stressed Out: Kensi’s Journal: 3/3/19


Well today was different.  Deeks and Mama B had to be at the bar for a major inspection so I spent the day in the field with Nicole Dechamps.   We worked well together and she even shared some of what she’s been going through having to testify about her last Secret Service assignment.  I hope I was able to help her out a little, but ultimately she’s going to have to forgive herself; lord knows I’ve had some experience with that.

I did miss Deeks’ humor and our bantering; the day just isn’t as much fun without him by my side.  On the other hand, I’m sure he would have seen the similarities between today’s case and my father’s murder and would have provided any support I needed.  But it was a good distraction to offer some of that support to Nicole instead.

For a man as steady and unflappable as my partner is when we’re under fire (literally and figuratively) at work, it was surprising to see how stressed out Deeks was about the wedding this morning.  Although given Roberta’s dramatic entrance just a few seconds later, maybe it shouldn’t be.  I guess in some ways Deeks’ apple doesn’t fall far from his Mama’s tree.

I do feel guilty that my sweetheart is stressing over the wedding when so much of it (ok, basically all of it) is what I wanted.  We’d probably already be married if we’d gone with Deeks’ idea of a small beach wedding.  And we certainly wouldn’t be getting hitched while Mercury is in retrograde if the venue I loved had any other dates that weren’t too far out (“That’s why these dates are available,” Deeks insisted during that particular debate).  But I’m so excited to finally have the wedding of my dreams with the man of my fantasies!  At least Deeks is getting one thing he wants out of the day—me! 😉 And I plan to make it all worth his while on our wedding night (and for the rest of our lives).

It’s also kind of adorable that Deeks is the nervous one only a couple of weeks away from saying our I Do’s, especially since I was the one who was obsessing about everything being “perfect” and he was constantly assuring me that the details didn’t matter as long as the end result is that we’re married.  These last few things will get done, and even if they don’t, what’s the worst that will happen? In less than two weeks Deeks and I will be Mr. and Mrs. and that’s what’s important.  Nothing, not even an unfinished to-do list or a too-short mother-of-the-groom dress, can ruin our day at this point.  

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

7 Comments on Mr. & Mrs. Stressed Out: Kensi’s Journal: 3/3/19

  1. amusement345 // March 10, 2019 at 9:19 AM // Reply

    Great set of observations by Kensi, Psyched, and I’m in his corner about the likely consequences of trying to make the wedding too perfect. Great throwback with the ‘mercury in retrograde’ idea, too! I’m definitely looking forward to it, but I’m also kind of surprised by the route they’ve decided to take. Maybe because I have trouble seeing Kensi as one of the ‘Cupcake Girls’, I also have trouble seeing her wanting all of the traditional hoopla. I would have loved to see them on the beach, with or without family and friends, for something simple, beautiful and altogether ‘them’. But I think the die was cast a couple of seasons ago, when wedding planning became the subject of so much of their on-screen banter. It would have been difficult to back down from that now.

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    • Thanks, amusement! I agree, a simple wedding on the beach would have been “them” as well, but then I doubt we would have gotten a whole episode out of it. I actually can see Kensi as a Cupcake Girl; I think that’s the “girlie” and non-federal-agent side of her she doesn’t let show very often, so this type of wedding works for me too, because I do believe she’s fantasized about it for a long time. That said, I definitely won’t miss all the wedding planning talking/arguing/bantering.


  2. Well done, you wrote both Kensi and Deeks true to their characters. Very enjoyable.

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  3. This page is great just from the title! Luckily all the Densi wedding planning is going to be over in a few days. It was becoming a little boring and sometimes out of character for Deeks and Kensi (“We’d probably already be married if we’d gone with Deeks’ idea of a small beach wedding”, I couldn’t agree more).
    What I am glad is that the writers seem to have listened to our “prayers” and have dedicated a whole episode to the wedding. I am only hoping there won’t be too much gunpowder just for one day and Deeks and Kensi will have some sweet and romantic moments to remember (but only having a look at Kensi’s ripped wedding dress gave me the shivers…!).


  4. Cladani, thanks for your comments. You can probably thank Diane for the title, though. 🙂 I’m with you about all the wedding planning talk; I’m looking forward to our favorite couple bantering about anything but that topic from now on. I’m also looking forward to getting an entire episode focused on the wedding and am trying to keep my expectations realistic (until I’m squealing like a schoolgirl at 10 pm on Sunday night, of course :-D).


  5. The end result Is the important thing.


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