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NCISLA Preview: “Expiration Date” (S6E16)


“Expiration Date”

Airing: February 23rd

Filming: January 16th to January 27th

What CBS is telling us: When Callen and Sam are tasked with apprehending a spy contracted by the CIA, Sam is shot and the team enlists the help of Thapa, the elite Nepali soldier from their past, to help to find the shooter. Also, Kensi and Deeks have their first official argument, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, Feb. 23 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Ernie Reyes, Jr. returns as Thapa and Parminder Nagra guest stars as the spy.


What we think is happening: We’re finally getting a heavy Deeks and Kensi episode. LL Cool J was off for a number of the days they were filming shooting his Spike TV show. Not overly concerned with the “first official argument” between Kensi and Deeks – didn’t figure they’d be one of those couples telling their grandchildren they’ve been married fifty years and never had a fight.


Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST

Parminder Nagra as Ella Desai
Was Agent Malik on The Blacklist (only interesting non-Red character), Rachel on Psych, Dr. Lucy Banerjee on Alcatraz, Dr. Neela Rasgotra on ER and was Jess in “Bend Like Beckham” (a film I enjoyed very much).

Ernie Reyes Jr. as Jemadar Thapa
Our Gurkha friend looks like he made a full recovery and according to his tweet, Ernie Reyes Jr. is happy to be back:

Michael Gaston as CIA Agent Doug Emmerich
Gaston is one of the best “that guy” actors around – as in “I know that guy” or “That guy seems familiar” or “That guy is in everything!”. He is Dean in The Leftovers, Gale Bertram on The Mentalist, Burt Peterson on Mad Men, Barton Sinclair on The Last Resort, Roger Kastle on Damages, Mike Costello on Unforgettable, Ben Zeitlin on Terriers, General Brucker on 24, Sanford Harris on Fringe, Mayor Anderson on Jericho, Quinn on Prison Break and Lt. Fisk on Blind Justice.

He appeared in the “One Shot, One Kill” season one episode of the mothership (he was the officer in charge of the Marine recruiting office) and was in two different episodes as two different characters in seasons four (“Shakedown”) and ten (“This Just In From Baghdad”) of the mothership’s mothership, JAG.

This is a fabulous character actor and once again a Dave Kalstein episode has a superior cast of guest stars.

Barry Livingston as Chief Surgeon Dr. John Bates
He darn well better be the Lieutenant’s brother with that last name.

As I am elderly, I remember Barry Livingston as the youngest son Ernie in the later years of My Three Sons (Ernie was adopted after oldest son Mike moved away). He’s worked regularly as a guest star in popular series. He appeared on the mothership as Bartholomew Lemming in “South by Southwest” (Tony on a horse).

Jennifer Del Rosario as Nurse Marian Ramos
Guest starring roles in a number of procedurals, dramas and comedies.

Paul Yen as Gurkha 4
Gurkhas 1-3 need better agents if 4 got a credit. Has a handful of credits, including a December episode of Marry Me.



WRITTEN BY: Dave Kalstein
Wrote “Predator”, “Past Lives”, “Bank Job”, “Burned”, “Black Widow”, “Bounty”, “Disorder”, “Empty Quiver”, “Plan B”, “Backstopped”, “The Debt”, “Partners” and “Blye, K” part two, “The Fifth Man”, “Kill House”, “Resurrection”, “Frozen Lake”, “Tuhon”, “Three Hearts” and “Spiral”.

DIRECTED BY: Terence Nightingall
Nightingall has been a behind the scenes guy – a camera operator – since season five. He directed two episodes of ER several years ago.

Insider Intel: The NCIS: Los Angeles Insider blog is back with an entry about “Expiration Date”
Photographic evidence below along with a mention of “sterilizing” the Gurkha’s knives makes this action scene a hospital scene.


Official Photographic Evidence:
(photos from NCISLA Source)

Unofficial Surveillance:

Dave Kalstein shows off the finished product:’s Liz Raftery was visiting the set during this episode. This looks like it has to do with the Insider Blog post above.

Rick Tunell took this rehearsal photo:

Dave Kalstein took this photo around the same time:

Eric Christian Olsen, Daniela Ruah and Ernie Reyes Jr. all have major hops.

The highlight of this Eric Christian Olsen photo is the “dead” guy in the background.

Dave Kalstein shows off his quality guest stars:

@jacqniv, the Twitter account of the program’s staff photographer, usually has some exciting behind the scenes photos posted the day of the episode (especially if there are explosions).


Video Surveillance:


Axe!Deeks is a resourceful use of the weapons around you. Based on the promo, however, I don’t think Deeks is comforting the sniper victim Sam. Sam is in a dark storage room/warehouse with Callen while Deeks looks to be in a hospital.

I will need a full explanation of that bed tank top. It does confirm my belief that the long-sleeve grey and blue striped shirt in season three (which was mercifully ruined in the “San Voir” explosion) was actually the top half of a pajama set.

Thapa joins the Chief Investigator Ava Wallace and her team of congressional investigators, Matthias, Ambassador Nancy Kelly, FBI Agent Brad Reese and his 3-D evidence team as people sauntering around the SUPER SECRET UNDERCOVER OFFICES. You know, the place where Callen and Hunter exchanged angry words about “outsiders” like the FBI and Deeks being in the building and where it was a big deal that Danny and Chin from Hawaii Five-0 were allowed on site. In season six, the Office of Special Projects has more visitors than the Disneyland it seems.

Sneak Peek #1:

Sneak Peek #1 should be #2 since it happens after #2 but with Sam getting shot, I’m sure there was some confusion. Good scene between Hetty and Granger with a nice Michelle mention.

Sneak Peek #2:

Sneak Peek #2 is the reason we had Sneak Peek #1. Looks like the team and Thapa are on opposing sides. How did he earn that invite to the OSP offices?


You can read more by Tess DiCorsi HERE.

11 Comments on NCISLA Preview: “Expiration Date” (S6E16)

  1. Oh man. I think Thapa is going to die. The tense in Ernie’s tweet makes the chance of the Ghurka’s death very high. 😦


    • I hope not. One problem this program has is the lack of recurring characters. “NCIS” has Fornell, Dorneget, Tony’s dad, Ellie’s husband, Breena, while they were alive Ducky’s mom, Gibbs’s dad and Vance’s wife. Currently, OSP has Nate drop in from time to time, Arkaday provide some info and the one time return of Talia. Michelle’s holiday return wasn’t work related. It would be nice to have not only Thapa but Bates or someone else from the past to pop up from time to time (I’m rooting for the return of Matt Bernhart myself).


  2. Great preview lots of hints and pictures. I can’t wait to see what happens. I hope your wrong about Thapa, it didn’t cross my mind until I read the comment.


    • Thank you! Everyone had their cameras out for this episode so it was easy to find online photos. And I hope I’m wrong about Thapa too (won’t be the first time I’m totally wrong about the program).


  3. TV Guide added a scene with the first “fight”:

    Not much of a fight.


  4. Natalie Ryan // February 22, 2015 at 2:45 PM // Reply

    I can’t wait till the episode airs tomorrow and I hope that Thapa stays alive and he doesn’t die.
    The first reaction when I saw Deeks’ face I thought he was referring to Sam, but then I closely observed the background and it wasn’t the same. So either Thapa gets shot or injured in some way and dies, or someone else is hurt (highly unlikely since they shot Sam), so it leaves us Thapa. I’d love to see Thapa in future episodes, though so I hope they won’t kill this character off. And I want Lt. Bates back, since he was a interesting character to explore. I saw him on Criminal Minds back in the day when he guest starred in an episode playing a town Sheriff (clearly he is driven by this law enforcement roles) and since then I saw him in few episodes almost in every TV show I watch.
    Great review and I hope you (and me) are wrong about Thapa and that he’ll be one of the characters we’ll see in future.


  5. Very interesting preview.
    I am excited about this episode tonight and can’t wait to see it! I do hope Thapa won’t die so that he may become a recurrent character since he’s already been in two episodes. I liked his character the first time even if his “taking things slowly” advice had repurcussions on Densi (although Kensi being sent to Afghanistan was not Thapa’s fault, obviously!). Let’s hope this time he gives them some useful advice while remaining alive and without making Densi have second thoughts. It would be too frustrating.


    • I’m not putting much weight to the “fight” since the clip shows a disagreement more than a fight. I am wondering if a bad outcome for Thapa turns into a life lesson for Kensi and Deeks – you have go get everything you can out of the relationship because you don’t know when outside forces could change your plans. “Enjoy every sandwich” as Warren Zevon advised.


  6. Is Sam really going to die? LL Cool J’s recent tweets are leading me to think that he’s leaving the show…..I hope not!


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