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Review: NCISLA “Expiration Date” (S6E16)

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There has been a lot of buzz on the social media circuit surrounding this episode.  Not only do we get to see the return of the fabulous Ernie Reyes, Jr. but we have another Dave Kalstein script that features the first real spat between our lovebirds, Kensi and Deeks. A Densi bedroom scene in the previews helped to send the fan frenzy off the Richter scale as well. No metaphors needed here! For all their fans, the Densi subplot had the propensity to overshadow any real storyline going on particularly with Sam being shot and critically injured by a renegade spy. Do we care? Not really, because there was never any real doubt that Sam wouldn’t pull through in the end. Let’s admit it, the previous Sam/Callen-centric episodes have been just ok. But Kalstein’s gift to Densi fans was allowing us to concentrate on Densi this time around. Grateful for any morsel the writers will send our way, this look behind the scenes was certainly revealing.

Sure, we have seen little nods to the love story here and there but we haven’t witnessed any character development since their ‘thing’ became official. After all these years of waiting for something to happen we have had to fill in the blanks ourselves for the most part. But to actually see the relationship in full bloom was worth the wait… even if it did end with their first tiff. Negative Nelly is at it again and Kensi takes Deeks’ jokes about her friends out of context. Deeks is obviously having fun at her expense but then all of a sudden, according to Kensi, the relationship is moving too fast. Being in love is still a scary thing for Kensi and she still hasn’t figured out yet what is normal in this new love affair she shares with Deeks. We finally get to see how their relationship works outside of the Mission and despite some bumps in the road it’s a Densi shipper’s dream!

Can I also add what a joy it was to see our favorite guest star, Ernie Reyes, Jr. return to reprise his role and get to kick ass on set? His fight scenes are always exciting to watch and the homecoming added a lot more action and fun to this episode. It was also wonderful to see Ernie’s character at the heart of this story while allowing him to display more of his acting chops. His easy going relationship with Deeks quickly took up where it left off in “The Frozen Lake” and I enjoyed their banter and private conversations more than ever. Deeks still trusts his Gurkha buddy and their short-lived reunion warmed my heart.  (Deeks: How’s that blade of yours? Thapa: Sharp. How’s your partner? Deeks: Sharper.) Thapa is still giving Deeks love advice but this time he actually sides with Kensi on this argument.  (Thapa:  It feels real before it becomes real.)  Deeks has to think his advice over a bit but before the mission is over, he will understand.

One of the best scenes of the episode had Kensi seeking out Thapa’s advice on love. This is Kalstein weaving his Densi magic and making me smile. When he is at the top of his game, nobody writes Densi better. Kensi has her light bulb moment agreeing that men just need to listen to women (thank you!) and Deeks unfortunately suffers at the hands of Thapa’s turncoat tactics. Deeks just can’t get a break, but it was a brilliant moment on screen. (Deeks: To be continued, your holiness…)

Deeks gets a chance to continue that conversation in the firing range with Thapa. It’s these moments of reflection that allow our wistful Detective to learn what’s really going on in his heart and in his head. Thapa succeeds in getting Deeks to realize what’s important in his world. In another sweet KungFu/Grasshopper moment, Thapa explains that home is the heart, which Deeks always knew deep down inside. He will need that memory to evoke the wise words of Thapa as he steps slowly into his future with Kensi. As the episode fades to black, I am reminded at this point there is no one in the world who can play Deeks better than the incomparable Eric Christian Olsen. He goes from glib one liners to an emotional declaration of love so effortlessly. He can turn a scene around on a dime. The emotion that emanates from Olsen in the final moments of the show was so memorable and heart breaking that it left me stunned and teary eyed. One of the best ECO scenes ever. I hated to see Thapa killed off at the end but to get these kind of sweet emotions from both Kensi and Deeks… it was worth it.

This is Terrence Nightingale’s first time in the director’s chair for NCIS:LA but he already has numerous credits to his name as a cameraman on the show and his work here was commendable. There is no doubt he understands the heart of this procedural and can convey what’s on the written page. Since I have officially declared this my favorite episode of the season, I’m more than satisfied with Nighingale’s first time efforts. This might also be my favorite Kalstein script after “The Frozen Lake” as well. Only Dave can make me laugh and cry and stop my heart from beating all in one hour. He has restored my faith and proved my constant assertion that when you concentrate on these characters and not the storyline then you have one hell of a show!  Thanks Dave.

Memorable Moments

    • One of the more exciting openings! The Gurkha returns! Sam is down!
    • A mother’s work is never done. Is that Granger worrying over Hetty? Will wonders never cease?
    • Callen’s concern over his partner was intense during the interrogation of the spy but when it comes to the safety of his partner, we expect no less. Let’s hope we never see Sam Hanna dead; I don’t think the man could handle it.
    • Wow! Kensi is amazing with that knife! Another terrific scene with the new three musketeers in the warehouse. Thapa is the target and his last message to the ex-Gurhka was moving.
    • It’s still early but that’s my pick for understatement of the year. I think that was my first laugh out loud Granger line! Still makes me giggle.
    • The spy game has more in common with selling used cars than any of us would like to admit. I missed the long conversations Callen used to have with Hetty. It was nice to witness this think-tank session between the two again. More please!
    • Sam may be down but the banter between him and Callen continues. That’s when you know everything is going to be alright! (Being shot is very bad, your cooking is very bad, Granger after two drinks is very bad. I need you to be more specific G.)

Deeks Moments

Kensi: You don’t even remember their names…..

Deeks: Kat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany and Tiffany. How can you forget such a pantheon of crazy girl names?


Deeks: As much as I would love to wrap up today with two Gurhkas singing “Give Peace a Chance” over a pitcher of beer, Brother…. I don’t think that’s going to happen.

Densi Moments

  • “Good Morning, Detective Deeks.” How many of you wish you could say those words in bed first thing in the morning?
  • Yes, you make me happy, but it’s a different kind of happy.” Isn’t Deeks’ love the best kind of happy, Kensi? Ouch, indeed!


Kensi: What did he just call me?

Deeks: I don’t know… I didn’t hear it… because there was so much traffic…

Kensi: There was no traffic….

Deeks: …and a truck came by and honked his…

Kensi: Do you think this is funny?

Deeks: He thinks it’s funny, but he’s from Nepal, he’s got Nepalese humor… it’s very distinct.

Kensi: Yeah, See I’m laughing… but I’m not finding this funny!


Deeks: Your smile is so perfect… and there it is.

Kensi: You should go home.

Deeks: I’m already there.


We have to wait another two weeks but the show returns with a new an episode entitled “Savoir Faire“.  Join me then for our review and don’t forget to stop by for Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal later this week. Ernie Reyes, Jr. will also join us again for an exclusive follow-up interview to discuss his return to NCIS:LA. We look forward talking to Ernie and sharing it with all his fans out there in the near future.


Title: “Expiration Date”
Writer: Dave Kalstein
Director: Terrence Nightingale
Original Air Date: February 23, 2015


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32 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Expiration Date” (S6E16)

  1. I basically have nothing but praise for this ep so my comments really will be short this week. The “Good Morning, Detective Deeks” may be my new favorite Kensi line ever. I was very happy with the way their “fight” played out. It was realistic and they handled it with real words and like adults.

    I loved that Thapa started calling Kensi, KayKay. Poor Deeks!
    Granger’s line about Callen’s “I didn’t make the best first impression” being the understatement of the century was amazing.
    Kensi chucking her knife in the warehouse to kill the Gurkha was so badass. I also really liked the way the knife fight in the hospital was executed.

    The low point was obviously the “expiration” of Thapa. Deeks was so heartbroken and I felt so terribly for him.

    I was conflicted about Densi parting ways at the end of the day. I love that Deeks came to respect Kensi’s need for a little space and was the one to suggest their night off. However, I found it a tad odd that after the day they had that either of them would actually want to be alone or that Kensi, who was so relieved at the suggestion, wouldn’t have insisted that their night off could wait. I feel like in reality, they would have wanted to lean on each other after almost losing Sam and Thapa’s death.

    One of my top three eps this season (up there with Humbug and Praesidium)


    • Or understatement of the year. Whichever it was.


    • I totally agreed with you on the ending scene. Kensi reaction to Deeks suggestion of taking a night off was a bit disappointed for me. Yes, she wants to spend time apart but definitely not that night knowing how brokenhearted Deeks is. I guess he seems to be the one in the relationship to push a bit more when he know she’s comfort. Maybe a hug and a kiss on the cheek would make it a bit more heartwarming.

      My view on Kensi in this relationship starting to take turn for the bad ( or disappointment).


      • Enjoyed reading your review Diane! It was definitely one of the best shows of this season..

        Like a lot of fans.. I was also disappointed that Thapa died. His friendship & interactions with Deeks….were fun to watch…so it’s sad that Deeks won’t have his buddy Thapa around anymore …to give him more sage wisdom & advice about women and on how to deal with Kensi.

        I really liked the episode.The only two things that rang false to me…was the fact that Sam & G…didnt bother putting on their bullet proof vests before going into that warehouse..

        My guess why they didn’t…is maybe because Sam & G have been reading our comments …about how they seem almost bullet proof..and the poor guys…. actually believed it to be true!!

        The other moment that felt.. wrong and didn’t ring true and left me feeling …….was the ending.with Kensi & Deeks.

        I understand..Deeks wanting to give Kensi her space…especially after their bedroom discussion.
        But he Kensi plenty of verbal clues..he was open to the idea of being with her…but…Kensi declines his offer.

        The fact that Kensi decides to leave Deeks alone..while knowing how much the passing of Thapa hurt Deeks.,…almost made Kensi looked uncaring and selfish……..and not exactly…..GF of the week material.

        Worse I think…was how she walked out..without so much as a hug ..a kiss on the cheek…a hand on the shoulder and maybe a few whispered words of love & support for Deeks.
        Kensi just walked away from her boyfriend…and acted like.they were still just buddies & partners…not lovers…who are in a romantic & committed relationship.

        As Kara pointed out.. …it was odd & unrealistic…. how Kensi chose to walk away from Deeks…after what happened to Sam & Thapa…..even after Deeks hinted loudly…that he wanted and maybe…needed to spend time with her that night..
        It seems in his effort to make Kensi happy…Deeks told her he was ok…and thats why he didn’t bother to try harder to change Kensi’s mind.,

        .I think like Lamoure wrote….a hug and a kiss on the cheek would have made that last Densi moment…feel more heartwarming.

        The absence of so much as even a quick peck on Deeks cheek from Kensi….was a reminder to me….on how the writers & powers that be on the show….have trouble or are uneasy……showing these small type of human PDA moments…that can help to make the characters feel more real & human;.

        Then again…maybe I’m the one who has it all wrong….and Kensi walking away…and Deeks being ok with it…was the lesson and moral of the story.

        Kensi’s smile…was a reminder to Deeks,.,,of what Thapa said to him…about how your home…is not an actual physical home…but feelings we have for our loved ones……and home… not a actual place,.,,put is your heart

        Deeks seeing Kensi’s smile & knowing her feelings of love for him and his for Kensi..was all Deeks needed.. .to make it through the night.


      • Couldn’t agree more with Lamoure! I also didn’t like her relief when Deeks suggested the night off. And the final scene shows Deeks saying he’s “already there” (home) but his expression was a bit serious, a bit sad, a bit lonely. I felt really disappointed with Kensi. Everything is always about her – she needs him to be patient and he is; she needs space and he gives. And she seems astonishingly relieved and not caring at all about his feelings at that particular moment. I think Deeks deserve much better than this.


  2. Lots of good stuff in this episode. The opening scene dovetails quite nicely with the deleted scene from last season that has gone viral ( . A lot of questions were answered, and Densi fans everywhere should be pleased and ready for more. A kiss and an “I love you” exchange wouldn’t have been out-of-place at all after the “perfect smile” comment. But we can play the “coulda, woulda, shoulda” game all day.

    I was quite saddened that they killed off Thapa, especially since we found out in this episode that he leaves behind a wife and two children. I was looking forward to him becoming a recurring character on the show, something like Tobias Fornell is on NCIS and NCIS-NO. Hmmm…I wonder why Tobias hasn’t made an appearance on NCIS-LA? Or, why Nate Getz hasn’t made an appearance on NCIS and NCIS-NO? But I digress.

    This episode is indeed a favorite one, which will give us some needed information for the episodes to come. A very heart-warming episode for sure. And the first fight…it was almost adorable!


    • And why is Granger never called to NCIS when Leon Vance is out of commission? He’s the Assistant Director yet Gibbs always fills in? Perhaps Hetty won’t let him leave LA!!


  3. Nice review, Di. It’s one of my favorites, too. I wasn’t aware the director had been a cameraman, but as I watched it a second time I could see his eye at work. When Sam and Callen enter that warehouse, they are silhouetted against that shaft of light across the brick wall and it was beautiful. He used the lights on their weapons to highlight that whole scene, heightening the tension. It was terrific.

    Dave Kalstein was at the top of his game on this one, giving us that long awaited opening scene with Deeks and Kensi…my only complaint was Deeks’ shirt….sorry, but that is one ugly tank top. I would have preferred no shirt, but if they were afraid to give us a half naked Deeks, then I would have liked a solid colored one. It was distracting. What I did like was how contented Deeks looked waking up to Kensi. It was so sweet and he looked so happy. The argument wasn’t much, but totally believable and one easily overcome.

    I was very sad that Thapa died. His unexpected connection with Deeks was so wonderful to watch and I was hoping for more. Their conversations about relationships were special, and the kind of thing I can’t picture him having with either Callen or Sam, let alone Eric or Granger. Seeing how emotional Deeks became at Thapa’s death got me through that scene. He teared up for all of us.

    Of course the final scene between Kensi and Deeks was the best. It was straight forward, crisp and so very touching. Great lines written for them to speak, especially the one about her smile being perfect. I immediately flashed back to the end of Descent when he told her he got through the torture thinking of her…her smile…her laugh…and it worked the same magic here, only now they know where they stand…he only has to see her smile and he’s home.


    • Lindy I couldn’t agree more about that shirt- what the heck was that thing? But luckily, his arms were amazing enough to distract me from his wardrobe.


  4. Great episode. ECO was great. I felt, however, that the “fight” was forced and not believable to me. It seemed out of character for Kensi to be into fantasy engagements since she’s usually portrayed as closed off, a loner, and so much more serious than how her “best friends were being portrayed.” I just think that scene could have been better. I wish I could explain myself better. The end scene was great, though. ECO is so good at those delicate, vulnerable scenes.

    Part of me wishes that Kensi would have appreciated his gesture of taking the night off, but insisted that she stay with him to help him deal with Thapa’s death. Didn’t seem to ring true to me that she would leave him alone. Again….just me.

    I’m so glad I found this site.


  5. Brenda (@bpnp) // February 24, 2015 at 5:16 PM // Reply

    I loved this episode! It was all the things that hard core fans want and expect and satisfying for Densi-shippers too!
    I actually appreciated the tank tops in the bedroom scene instead of naked Densi. I’m happy they are together, but as I’ve said previously, don’t need it to turn explicit. That’s what Lindy’s fan fic is for!
    I was perplexed by Kensi’s sudden friend group – I thought her and Hetty previously spoke of how hard it is to have friends in their line of work – the ep where Kensi was pretending to be a curator of an art museum. I know… plot vehicle.

    I will put my complaint in the middle so I can finish on a high note. I was so bothered by Thapa’s death. People do not die on the floor of a hospital without someone trying to do something. They just don’t – and every layperson knows that. (Or if they do, there are hordes of lawyers swarming around!!!) I get they wanted the dramatic final scene but that could have just as easily been accomplished by the team yelling for medical attention and Thapa being wheeled off into surgery, never to return, while uttering those same words. I don’t understand the commitment to getting the Sayoc moves right, which few would know if they were off, and then rendering this otherwise beautiful scene utterly implausible. Sorry Karen, no deep breathing could get me through that one. I will however offer a standing invitation to the writers to be their medical consultant! 🙂

    What I liked the best about this ep (and there was so much to like!) was Thapa’s handling of Densi. I also wish that he had lived. He would have been such a great recurring character – like Fornell! What I saw in the talks he had with Deeks and Kensi was first convincing Deeks of his immense wisdom about women and relationships, and then in his “turning on” Deeks, he demonstrated to Deeks exactly how to handle a woman like Kensi. It was lesson and demonstration. Great teacher! And the annoyance factor will make the lesson stick.

    Further, when he speaks of what/where home is, he really gets at the heart of these characters’ issues: their childhood home/family of origin issues. They didn’t come from stable homes and often children from such traumatic backgrounds struggle to find stability and feel safe as adults. Thapa told them so eloquently that home is not a place they need to search for, home is in the smile of a loved one, present or remembered. It is a perfect way for them to remember him, as well as a release from the need to search or fix the broken home of the past. Home is here, now. And that’s why – though I was initially a bit puzzled – I decided the end was perfect. Because he also let them know that their love is real and strong enough that they don’t need to desperately cling to each other every moment, but that they can take their time, let it grow, and remember their spiritual connection and home with one another even when apart.

    The final scene evoked both the talk they had when Deeks said he remembered Kensi’s smile while he was tortured, as well as his comment to her “There she is” when she returned after her torture. It really was perfectly woven together. Lastly, although I am so sad that Thapa will not return, I wonder if the implicit message in him leaving them behind is that they really are strong enough now to grow their relationship on their own. The lake is crossed, the home is found, and they are all in.

    (Sorry this is so long. Haven’t been commenting for a while – it was pent up)


    • Brenda, I love your interpretation of the Thapa/Densi scenes and even Thapa’s lasting effects on the Densi-end scene. I totally agree with you. He was such a fantastic character for them and their relationship and I’m sad that he can never come back.

      And YES about Kensi’s friends. She really has these *five* “best” friends whom we’ve never even heard about before? And after all the talk about not getting to have real friendships outside their jobs? And I also felt like it was implied that they were a shallow bunch and while I wouldn’t blink an eye at Kensi’s friends being more girly than she comes off at work, I have a hard time believing she’s go for the shallow types (I realize I’m grossly stereotyping based on Deeks’ mocking of them and their names, but that’s all we were given and I feel like that’s what they wanted us to think about them).


    • Brenda that’s some wonderful analysis. I totally agree about the meaning of home for these two damaged people who didn’t have a “normal” home life growing up. If only they’d take you up on your offer for medical advice! My take was that the bad Ghurkas had chained off the area, plus the medical staff was staying away until the coast was declared clear of knife-wielding bad guys. Still, it was one quiet hospital wing with two other patients and two (dead) clinical staff.


    • Brenda your comments and observations were so beautifully expressed, and added depth to my appreciation of this episode. We don’t agree on the stripy shirt, but that’s okay…but really, they let us see Granger without a shirt, which was disturbing. So, I’m wondering why no shirtless Deeks here? That is my only small complaint. Everything else I allow for creative expression.


    • Brenda – just maybe giving your hospital a break – after all the floor people all seemed to be dead and all the doors but one were chained shut? The team was barricaded in the room with Callen still at the door with a gun. Just saying LOL!


      • Brenda (@bpnp) // February 25, 2015 at 10:17 AM // Reply

        I know… except where I work, every single person coming in has to get by four security guards in bullet proof vests before they ever say hello to me. So… they would have seen those dudes coming into the facility and had police SWAT there before doors could have been chained. When patients raise their voice at me I’ve got big burly security guards wandering over to check that I’m safe. I’ve also got a panic button under my desk. Violence in hospitals in North America is real and rising so most places have policies and practices to protect staff, otherwise they are being sued for failing to provide a safe work environment. I know… over-thinking. lol Just SOOOOO unrealistic.


  6. Fantastic review Di. I really liked your use of “wistful” to describe Deeks. It’s perfect. This episode was easily my favorite of the season so far. It did a lot of things right, things that we’ve all been clamoring for. And I also found it fascinating just in the context of all of Dave Kalstein’s work to date.

    First, the good stuff that we’ve all been wanting to see included the personal focus of the story (plural- Sam gets shot and the Ghurka returns to counsel Densi), non-bulletproof characters (plural), interesting bad guys (plural), people communicating nearly metaphor-free (plural), and exciting action scenes (again, plural). For me this Kalstein episode had all the excitement of “Kill House” but with the emotion of, well, not quite “The Debt,” but certainly “Disorder.”

    Of course Sam didn’t die, but to open the show with him coughing up blood at least helped us to see the seriousness of his injury, and to have a feel for what Callen was going through. The second shoot-out in the warehouse was exciting because Deeks, Kensi and Thapa were outnumbered, which did make me worry about them. It was also interesting because they screwed up by not waiting for back-up, and allowed themselves to be cornered- in other words, imperfect decisions from imperfect characters. (On the other hand, that knife-throwing from Kensi was, as Kara said, so badass. Maybe one of the baddest, right up there with that S2 episode where she leaped up onto the top of a van to take out a shooter while he was reloading his weapon. I only wish we could have seen that other badass female agent, Michelle, in this episode. Wouldn’t it have been awesome to see her defending Sam in the battle at the end?) The knife-wielding masked bad guys weren’t exactly what we’ve had in mind when calling for more distinct bad guys like Sidorov, but the fact that they came in such great numbers, in such a relentless manner, with those distinctive knives, definitely made them scary and um, stylish?

    So sad that Thapa died. One or more of you (is it Tess?) has been making the great comment that the show needs more recurring characters, people we recognize and like, but who are expendable. Like Thapa. Sadly you could see how valuable such characters are because we actually do care when they die.

    I loved how well Deeks and Kensi communicated, even when they were fighting. In the opening scene, she was even about to explain why his comments upset her before their phones went off. That seems like good progress. (And yay- confirmation that they were spending every night together, just as I had imagined. But random question- what were those other things on the nightstand behind his guns and badge?)

    That ending scene was beautifully done, and Deeks had me all teary. Like Lindy mentioned, it was such a throwback to “Ascension”, in a wonderful way, since we can see how far they’ve come since that night. I do totally agree that Kensi should have rainchecked the night off. She seemed to go out of her way to push him away, first by expressing enthusiasm at the night off idea, and then brushing off his suggestion that the night ended at midnight. I think it’s part of an unfortunate pattern with her which also goes back to “Ascension”, and pre-“Impact” as well when she let him keep her at arm’s length all too easily. She’s quick to give him a public reassuring shoulder squeeze, or try to reassure him like she did in “Black Wind” when the kid was going to get sent back to Mexico. But is she frightened at the possibility that things could get more intense and emotional? I don’t think she’s comfortable with that idea, and isn’t sure how she would deal with a distraught Deeks. Maybe our Kensi experts can tell us more.

    Then there’s the meta aspect of looking at Dave Kalstein’s other work, as well as some of his public comments. Previously in “Spiral” Deeks joked about Kensi’s metaphors, which seemed to be Kalstein talking to those fans who had criticized his metaphor usage in the past. But what he was trying to say was unclear. Was it that he understood their criticism or was he just teasing them? This episode, on the other hand, felt more like he had heard some criticisms and really made an effort to get back to his previously winning ways. (And his latest tweet acknowledging the nickname that some have given him seems to be another indication that he at least reads social media posts.)

    In this episode, Deeks and Thapa had a great talk in the gun range. They discussed what was in a warrior’s heart, and how home was the heart itself, but unlike in “Three Hearts,” it felt more honest and dare I say, “heartfelt”. It felt like Kalstein was putting a new, or at least better, spin on something that had received criticism in the past. I’d also like to imagine that the quote “And there it is” from the ending was a deliberate callback to the “And there she is” from “Windfall.” Since Kalstein didn’t write Windfall, I don’t know how much thought he put into repeating Deeks’ line. But I really want to believe that he did it on purpose, and wanted to show how Kensi had moved from punching Deeks as her defining trait, to smiling at him instead. How awesome would that be?

    Sorry for the lengthy ramblings! But isn’t it fun to have a really good episode to discuss? I was beginning to lose hope that it would happen!


  7. I actually didn’t view Kensi leaving at night as such a negative thing. I mean, I do think it was odd and would have been more realistic if she’d insisted they do their night off another night. But I didn’t get the impression that she was quick to leave despite knowing Deeks was probably struggling or that she was running away from handling a distressed Deeks or anything.

    I think a big part of it was him being the one to suggest it. I felt like maybe she assumed a bit that he needed or wanted some space after everything. He was a lot closer to Thapa than she or anyone else was. Two things gave me that feeling – her being the one to first ask whose place they were going to. I think that was part, “this is just what we do” and part “I think we need each other tonight”. Yes she was relieved that he brought up the night off but I didn’t take her relief to be specific to that night but just that he was bringing it up at all. I also interpreted her comment that he call her if he needed to talk to mean that she knew he might need her and was just reminding him that she was just a phone call away.

    I felt like Deeks’ comment about the night ending at midnight was nothing more than him being cheeky and hinting not that he needed her that night specifically but just that he still thought it was totally and completely awesome to spend every night together.


  8. We really loved this episode (and by we I mean my whole family), it was awesome we laughed a lot, I was great to see an episode not all about callen and sam. My wife and I talk a lot about cross overs, and think it would be cool if kensi and deeks had to go on assignment to say oh I don’t know say new Orleans, they would just click with them wouldn’t they?. To answer the question that was asked about what were the other things on the night stand by their badges, one was a cars alternator. sorry I was rambling
    just wanted to say love the site, love the episode
    the writers should really think about a cross over I know they did one with Hawaii 5-0 and the banter with deeks was cool but they should think about a cross over with nci:no


  9. As usual, I loved reading your review, Di! Great points and comments from everyone.

    I loved this episode except for the fact that Thapa died. I’m a fan of Kalstein’s work and have enjoyed all the metaphors in the past episodes (I know I’m in the minority). I am soooo sad that Thapa died yet I see the end purpose. I loved that Deek’s picked up where he left off with Thapa. The unwavering trust and friendship was wonderful to watch throughout. The connection felt so real and honest. I was hoping that Thapa would be around in future episodes to show us what friendship and mutual respect would be. I enjoyed the juxtaposition between the (seemingly shallow) friends that Deeks teased Kensi about in the opening scene against the very solid friendship that Deeks had with Thapa. When the team felt mistrust at seeing Thapa inside the Mission, Deeks’s greeting made me feel that I could trust Thapa and I was in for the ride.

    The entire episode was wonderful to watch. Callen’s emotions and actions was intense and awesome. Granger’s comment to Hetty about a Mother’s worry made me like him more. The scene where Hetty brought in the best surgeon possible to save Sam made me think of Fanfic stories (I fic stems from the all connected powerful onscreen Hetty) and it was great to see that Hetty always makes sure her team has the best.

    The ending made perfect sense. I loved that Deeks recognized and gravitated towards Thapa’s wisdom beginning in “frozen lake” when the Densi relationship was still fragile and that this storyline carried on throughout this episode amidst the case of the week and the threat of Sam losing his life. Thapa’s comment that “it feels real before it becomes real” and the entire dialogue about heart and home was brilliant. Deeks lost a friend and mentor in the ways of the heart and he needed time alone to absorb the loss. That Kensi understood was beautiful. The end scene was perfectly written and well played.

    Great comments everyone!


    • Reader, I agree with you on the end scene. You just put it into words better than I could! I didn’t at all see it that Kensi was leaving Deeks in his time of need or anything like that. He was honoring Thapa, in a way, by heeding his advice to take their time. Deeks knows that if he really needs her, she’ll be there. I think if he REALLY didn’t want to be alone, he would have said so.

      I imagine it’s probably difficult for both Deeks and Kensi to balance being in an intimate relationship with the fact that they’ve been partners and best friends for years now. It may *seem* like they’re not going too fast, but it’s still a whole new level that they need to respect and it only makes sense that they still need to pace themselves.


  10. Thanks for a terrific review, as the episode was.

    I think in life it’s never easy being with someone else, let alone when two people have very complicated lives and jobs as Kensi and Deeks, but the adult and mature thing is that they are trying to find a new balance together.
    This doesn’t and can’t imply that they are not who they were before starting being together, they still are who they were, with their personalities and feelings and backgrounds. This is probably what makes them more realistic even if we are talking about two fictitional characters.

    In this episode they seemed to have been portrayed realistically and this is probably what I liked the most. They wake up in the same bed (cuddly Kensi is now my favourite Kensi!), they admit spending all of their time together and this is a bit worrying at least for Kensi (is it too much, where lies the right boundary between normal and abnormal?), they quarrel, as routinely, daily, millions of couples do (too pessimistic maybe 😉 ), they have a very tough day and at the end they go home separately.
    Nothing seemed out of character to me. More out of character would have been a sudden and unrealistic romance two hearts and one soul.
    They are proving to each other that they are the most important person in the world to the other (soulmate?) and they are proving they are both in a committed relationship. This time they could actually communicate, which is a huge step forward for both of them.

    And Kensi’s progression is outstanding: her romantic side wakes Deeks up with kisses, she never responds with violence, punches or whatever even if I think she’s still struggling with letting out too much of herself. She was severely wounded once and probably is still scared by feeling so deep feelings for a man, but when at the beginning of the episode she said “You make me happy” I think I was going to melt and although there were more memorable lines this time, the fact that she admitted so openly that he makes her happy made alone the episode worth-watching!


  11. Thanks for all the great comments everyone! Great to read!


  12. Natalie Ryan // February 26, 2015 at 3:02 PM // Reply

    This is a great review of Moday’s episode and I think that this is one of my fav episodes so far.
    You captured the important moments of the episode. My favorite moment was the scene with the wake up (all the kisses and Cat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany and Tiffany thing). And I cried when Thapa died. They shouldn’t have killed him off, but still it was an outstanding episode. Thanks to Dave Kalstein that wrote another great episode. I never doubted that.


  13. Your reviews of THE ep,guy, are all so good…
    It’s actually my first time commenting here because as much as I love this show and the writers for making me just a tad happier,they can make me so mad at times…-and Mr.Kalstein did both with his ep!
    Of course it was one of the best-we finally got to actually witness some of the love (so masterfully disguised for sooooo long-and shirt or not Mr. Olsen is just…well,just…) between our beloved Kensi and Deeks and Thapa was adorable (I mean the whole Dr. Love thing was really hilarious)…Not convinced with the whole Sam incident of course (OK the guy had to prepare for the Grammys or sth we get it!) OR the whole “Kensi’s crazy girlfriends”,I mean come on!- the fight thing was still adorable though…
    BUT- the last scene was so wonderful and so frustrating all at the same time. I still can’t get over the “perfect smile” and “already home” lines and Deeks’ eyes/expression (how can ayone really??)-he was saying so much more just by looking deep into her eyes…I’m actually pretty sure I “heard” an “I love you so” there at one point(!) and I have to be grateful to D.Kalstein for the much-awaited words but
    1.I just do NOT get why they have to be so rare (and no- I don’t buy the whole action-centered series)
    2.I couldn’t agree more with the above comments on how unbelievable Kensi’s reaction was with the whole night off thing- I mean I was pretty looking forward to them taking it all back-at least for THAT particular night-when Deeks suggested a celebration…Instead,it was as if Thapa hadn’t died,Deeks wasn’t hurt,Kensi didn’t feel his pain.From extraordinary feels to disappointment really.

    Anyway,I just hope they give us so much more on Densi coz it’s obviously what fans really look forward to and I think it’s really a talent to integrate some truthful emotions to such a show (which they have done at times-or moments for that matter). It’d be just great to use plots as a means of revealing aspects of these amazing characters(and I mean all of them)on a regular basis.

    ps- the fact that Expiration Date caused so much discussion(positive for the most part of course) (even made ME comment) proves it was an episode to remember.I just hope we get more of those.Not that hard,is it??


  14. hermionesmydawg // February 26, 2015 at 8:32 PM // Reply

    Great review for a pleasantly surprising episode (for me).

    I feel like I want to share my mindset on the end scene, since it seems like some people didn’t like it. Kensi didn’t say she wanted a night off, Deeks did. Her relief was more because she realized that they were actually on the same page about not needing to spend every hour of every day together. She still managed to show support for him…”call me if you want to talk.”

    Think about Deeks when he is conflicted…after Ascension, he pushed everyone away and she had to force her way back into his life. Every time something happens that saddens him (think Black Wind), he becomes quiet and withdrawn. The way I see Deeks is as somebody who doesn’t like to show his weaknesses unless it’s necessary. Kensi has known him long enough to figure out these little details. So to me, I found their interaction to be very much in character and not at all surprising. As far as Kensi not kissing him goodbye? I’m assuming they were about to walk out together and would probably say their goodbyes when she drops him off at home since they probably drove to work together.

    This is just how I saw things. YMMV.


    • I’m with you H-dawg. I think we all need to cut Kensi some slack. You’re right about Deeks pulling away in times like these. Plus, I don’t think they have made the change in their relationship public, so kissing at work would not be something they would do. Too many eyes watching. They are feeling their way through all of this, so there will be ups and downs and adjustments along the way. We just need to enjoy the journey. I’m just happy we are on one with these two, cause more contented Deeks is just too adorable. Sans shirt of course.


  15. I think if she really did leave Deeks alone that night it is a real tell concerning her commitment to him. It hasn’t been that long ago that he had PTSD (and most likely to some degree still has it) so how could she just leave him alone. We always hear about how she puts up walls but I think really nobody puts up walls and hides their true self better than Deeks. We know a lot about her past from things she has shared, but very little about his except from what others have shared (or found out) about him.

    What do we really know about his mom, dad, relationships, being a lawyer, friends … We know about Ray and Kip because they were involved in cases, but really he hasn’t shared much. After what happened to Sam and Deeks he shutdown for a really long time. I think if she had said she would take him up on his offer but tomorrow not tonight that would show more that this “thing” isn’t so one sided.


  16. Watching some scenes of this episodes over and over again (guess which ones… 😉 ) two things have come to bother me a little, more as curiosities and doubts than real worries, though:

    1) The five Kensi’s friends came out of nowhere, literally. We didn’t expect Kensi to have so many female friends and so much “social” life. In “Seal hunter”, this season, so not many episodes back, this was the dialogue in OPS between Callen and Deeks when Sam was accused of murder:

    Callen: “You know all of Kensi’s friends?”
    Deeks; “Yeah, cause I’m the only one”
    To which Kensi had replied with something like “thanks for pointing that out”.
    So now I’m wondering: was Deeks really unaware of this part of Kensi’s life? had Kensi kept these friends secret even from Deeks?
    And more: we had always thought that Deeks and Kensi spent most of their free time together (before they were All in), so when did Kensi find the time to meet her friends too? When Deeks spent time with Kip, maybe? This opens the scenario that at that time they probably spent together less time than fanfiction writers thought!

    2) During Kensi’s and Deeks’ morning argument, when she blurts out “You make me happy but that’s a different kind of happy”.
    This statement to me seemed crystal clear, it’s obvious that friends and boyfriend give you two different kinds of happiness in life, so I’m wondering why Deeks looked so offended and why Kensi, understanding his reaction, felt the need to say “It came out wrong” and went back on the bed to kind of apologize. I don’t think that what she said was offensive so why did Deeks look so hurt and commented “Wow.. ouch…”?


    • Cladani, I have the exact same questions about those two scenarios. I was very confused about why Deeks was so hurt by her “different kind of happy” statement. The conclusion I came to was her tone? It did come out rather snippy and it fits with her “that came out wrong” semi-apology. But I was thinking that of course it’s a different kind of happy – and it should be!

      The friends thing still baffles me a little. Mostly because there are apparently five of them. If it had been two or even three, I wouldn’t be so confused. I’ve even made more sense of it in my head they seem to be overly girly and shallow though I initially wouldn’t have pegged Kensi for having friends like that. But five of them? Her “best” friends? Sort of like how they threw Kip at us, I think they needed something fairly minor to base their fight off of but I think they went a tad overboard with the details. It would have been just as believable if it had been just one or two best friends. Probably more believable actually. Or maybe if she hadn’t referred to them as best friends but just “friends”.


    • I think Deeks got upset because the way Kensi said about different types of happiness seemed that she could not have her “two hapinesses” together, at the same time.
      Yes, our friends and our love give us different happiness, but we always want our love meet our friends and vice versa. We always want our love to approve our friends and vice-versa. We always want them to get along so we can have them all together every now and then.
      And it seemed that Kensi ways saying it is impossible.
      It also seemed that she thought Deeks not “behave” well during the meeting with the five. And for all that we know about Deeks it is hard to imagine he was not polite, kind, caring and fun – not only for who he really is, but also because of his love for Kensi. I believe that’s why Deeks got upset.
      And about the five Kensi’s friends, it seemed the writers needed to create a reason for a fight between Deeks and Kensi and they messed up. I believe they have not convinced anyone. It does not seem real at all, for several reasons.
      The only previous mention I remember of a Kensi’s friend was when she was going to meet a childhood friend, who thought she worked in an art gallery. And returned from the meeting saying that everything had gone wrong.
      The times we know she went out with girls it was Nell and Rosie. And even about boys, she was always complaining she had never a second meeting.
      We also know that these friends doesn’t come for her childhood because she lived in the streets for a year or so and this makes us think she had no one close enough for her to turn to.
      In addition, we know that until recently she was totally focused in discovering what really happened to her father. Deeks really pointed out he is her only friend and she didn’t deny it. And all of a sudden she has five friends? Not just friends, but best friends?
      I didn’t buy it at all. Maybe if it was just one, two at the most. Even so, it would have been really odd. But five!…


  17. Perhaps we’ll know more about these friends as time goes on. They could have been a group from the past living out-of-town who made a trip together to LA to see Kensi. Since Kensi was a military child, she would have traveled all over the place with her family, and these could have been a group of other military children she had come to know.

    I think Kensi was very apprehensive having Deeks meet these girls, because it is another part of her life she is sharing with him. What kind of impression would they make on him? What kind of impression would Deeks make on these girls? From the way Deeks was talking, things probably went just fine. But Kensi was still nervous and on edge.

    I remember another one of Kensi’s friends being mentioned, probably a college friend. It was during the episode “Neighborhood Watch” (S3 Ep22) when Kensi and Deeks were leaving Brett and Paulina’s house after they were introduced to the sex dungeon in their basement. They had received a text message that they had “been made” by the Russian handler. Here is their dialogue:

    Deeks: Okay, we need to talk about that.

    Kensi: Ya think? Who has a sex dungeon in their house?

    Deeks: You’re thinking about the room; I’m not talking about that; I’m talking about the kiss.

    Kensi: The cover kiss?

    Deeks: That’s an interesting tactic for cover.

    Kensi: Worked, didn’t it?

    Deeks: Yeah; well….

    Kensi: (Jealous tone) Actually, what I want to know is how you were two seconds away from being Paulina’s whipping boy.

    Deeks: Well, I can think of a worse way to spend a Tuesday evening….What? Kensi’s…uh… private time needs a little spicing up, does it?

    Kensi: Hey, if you knew about Kensi private time, your head would explode.

    Deeks: Okay…

    Kensi: I can be sexy and wild.

    Deeks: Of course you can (sarcastically).

    Kensi: I can.

    Deeks: Okay….(looking skeptically)

    Kensi: You don’t believe me? All right, fine. I’m going to tell you a little story; BUT no judging!

    Deeks: No judging.

    Kensi: Okay (sigh). So, my friend Monica and I, we met this guy over spring break, and we both liked him; but we didn’t think it was fair to make him choose between us, so we….did you hear something?

    Deeks: No, I think you should keep going.

    Okay. Anyway, she was really, really pretty, and she had a body t….(interrupted by automatic weapon firing).

    (Later at headquarters)

    Deeks: So, you and Monica met a guy…

    Kensi: I do not want to talk about this now.

    Deeks: Maybe it would be cathartic.

    Kensi: Good night, Deeks.

    Deeks: No, come on…

    Kensi: ‘Night, hubby!

    Deeks: Wife-y! Light of my life! Sugar bear!


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