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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Under Siege” (S8E14)


Title:   “Under Siege”

Airing:  January 29th

Filming:  December 7th to December 16th – the final episode filmed before the holiday break.

What CBS is telling us:   Hetty goes rogue, leaving the NCIS team completely in the dark, and the mole kidnaps one of the agents, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening:  This weeks preview and an interview with Eric Christian Olsen spilled the beans on the kidnapping victim but the guest cast provides several surprises.

Be on the lookout

Erik Palladio as CIA Officer Vostanik Sabatino

Vostanik, you’re back!  Last seen hanging in the park with Granger in “Active Measures”, season seven’s opener.

Adam Bartley as Carl Brown

Carl survived to 2017, something that seemed unlikely the last time he was talking to Sam or to Nell.  Carl was last seen in “Sirens” watching Nell leave a place where he’ll be for decades (if he survives the episode).

Kurt Yaeger as Sullivan / CIA Officer Ferris 

Well, that second name is a bit of a surprise.  Sullivan now CIA Officer Ferris was last seen in “Sirens” driving off in his truck to be with his fellow Marines.  Maybe not.  Since the bad guys in all of this so far are CIA, and the preview has him doing some bad things, Sullivan the Marine may be OK but CIA Officer Ferris might be up to no good.  I wonder if Ferris’s first name is Sullivan.

Karina Logue as LAPD Detective Ellen Whiting
Corey Reynolds as ATF Agent Duke Morgan
Carlos Sanz as DEA Agent Mario Sanchez

Our three law enforcement officials are back from “Hot Water” on January 15th.

Salvator Xuereb as CIA Officer Randall Sharov

Curiouser and curiouser.  I expected someone from the Russian storyline in this mole episode but not Sharov – did not see this coming.  Based on the status of Sharov’s face, he probably didn’t see that coming either.  Xuereb was last seen leaving Russia with Callen, Sam, Arkady, Anna and the SEALs in “Matryoshka” Part 2.

Dale Pavinski as Vincent Garvey

Appeared in “Ghost Gun” earlier this season.  He was the prisoner who attacked Carl Brown.

Jeronimo Spinx as NCIS Agent Thompson
Tom Winter as NCIS Agent Nassir

Spinx and Winter reprise their roles as Agents Thompson and Nassir.  In his last episode, Spinx was the agent who found the money in “An Unlocked Mind” while the team was messing with AUSA Guevara.  Winter’s last appearance was in “Rude Awakenings” where he was “riverdancing” with Kensi, Deeks and Agent Thompson.

Jose Joey Abril as Amen 

Abril appeared in episodes of Chicago PD, Longmire, Extant (with the delightful character name of “Nose Ring #2”), Murder in the First, Major Crimes, Kingdom, Gang Related, Legit, Castle and Back in the Game.

Robert Mukes as Tiny 

Looking at photos of the actor, Tiny may be an ironic name.  He worked on several projects as Robert “Bonecrusher” Mukes which supports the idea that Tiny is not small man.  Mukes appeared in episodes of Westworld, Justified, The Mindy Project (another darling character name – “Big Meat”), Person of Interest, Criminal Minds, Weeds, Veronica Mars, CSI, Las Vegas, Fast Lane, Nikki, Dharma & Greg, The Brian Benben Show, The Parent’Hood and Men Behaving Badly.

Brian Turk as Guard 

Played Gabriel in HBO’s Carnivale.  Appeared in episodes of Animal Kingdom, The Exes, General Hospital, Two and a Half Men, Criminal Minds, The Tick, The Jamie Foxx Show, The Pretender, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, ER, Getting Personal, Damon, Nash Bridges, It’s Good to Be King, Cybill, Beverly Hills 90210, Weird Science, Wings and Step by Step.


Written by:  R. Scott Gemmill, who wrote the first three episodes of this season – putting the mole storyline in motion in season eight.  In the past, Gemmill wrote “The Only Easy Day”, “Brimstone”, “Breach”, “LD50”, “Found”, “Borderline”, “Absolution”, “Archangel”, “Tin Soldiers”, “Impostors”, “Cyberthreat”, “Honor”, “The Watchers” and both sides of the NCIS Los: Angeles/Hawaii Five-0 “Touch of Death” episodes, “Recruit”, “Free Ride”, “Wanted”, “Ravens and The Swans”, “Impact”, “War Cries”, both ends of the “Deep Trouble” season five finale/season six premiere, “Inelegant Heart”, “Praesidium”, “Traitor”, “Active Measures”, “Blame It On Rio”, “Internal Affairs”, “Matryoshka” part one,  “Talion”, “High Value Target”/”Belly of the Beast” and “Queens Gambit”.  There are a lot of mole storyline episodes in that list.

Gemmill was in the pre-holiday spirit:

Directed by:  Ruba Nadda

Nadda has written and directed a number of Canadian films.  She also directed episodes of the Canadian based series Killjoys and This Life.

Insider Intel:   EW has an article about the mole storyline with some photos.  Parade also has an interview with Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J about what’s coming up.

Official Photographic Evidence:  SpoilerTV has the promo photos this week.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Just before the holidays with lots of sweets for the cast (and that dreadful shirt from the last episode on Deeks):


Kurt Yaeger at the table read:


Jeronimo Spinx with some behind the scenes video:


Spinx with Linda Hunt:


Spinx with his fellow guest stars:


Adam Bartley at the table read:


Today in having your photo taken with Barrett Foa, Renee Felice Smith and Daniela Ruah:


Today in having your photo taken with LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell:


Jose Joey Abril offered several behind the scenes looks while working on the episode:


Actor Brandon Acuna isn’t in the guest cast but was working in the episode so he also provided behind the scenes video:


Actress Anzu Lawson is also not in the guest cast but was happy to be working with Miguel Ferrer:

After his death, Lawson posted this:

Chris O’Donnell watching and waiting:


Guest star Salvator Xuereb in what doesn’t look like a comfortable spot:


Video Surveillance:

Preview:  For some reason, CBS put up the 30-second promo on Tuesday and took it down a few hours later.  You can find it here at CBS’s NCIS: Los Angeles page.  Based on the preview, Kensi’s terrible season eight continues.

Sneak Peek:

Callen seems to be making friends with the ATF.

“Rambeale” works for me.

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has a golf tournament that should be long over before primetime starts.  On the very odd chance that there is a delay, I’ll put the start time in the comments Sunday.

Big sports delay next week – the program will air a rerun at 10PM ET (“Angels and Daemons” from last season) because of Super Bowl LI.  The following week, CBS has the Grammy Awards on Sunday so no classified preview until the episode airing on February 19, 2017.  That episode, by the way, will have a 9PM ET/PT 8PM CT/MT start time in the US as CBS previews a new series for their streaming service in NCIS: Los Angeles‘s normal time slot.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

36 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Under Siege” (S8E14)

  1. goodie goodie goodie….look at all the goodies…
    Oh Tess, you’ve done it again ( said in my best Mister Magoo voice)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love everything about this and I am excited for the upcoming episode.
    thank you so much Tess, outstanding job again.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anzu Lawson is listed in the credits for the next episode (Payback). I think her scenes with Miguel Ferrer had to be filmed early. It makes me sad to think about that.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I guess if I am going to nit pick at all, it would be about the content in the second sneak peek.
    Beale is not Deeks… While Deeks’ diffusing humor in stressful situations provides tension relief and is usually brief, well timed and subtle enough to not seem distracting, disrespectful, or inappropriate. the same cannot be said of Eric Beale. With Deeks, it sort of fits into the flow of the scene and you can tell he is actually focused and serious. With Beale, it is either the timing, the lines themselves, or in the delivery, whether it is directed that way or from the actor,…
    but it just seems so forced. it comes off as out of place and make me want to physically slap him out of it. quite often, If he was a co worker, he would be screamed at or disciplined for the way he acts when he is in a field or agent type of scene. Your teammates and friends could be dying and you are interrupting an action briefing/ game plan discussion to talk about your new nickname, Really….insert punch to the face here please….shut up and pay attention. idiot.
    Either focus or go home, we have work to do. Deeks’ humor and comments in tense scenes works, Eric’s doesn’t…please stop now. Can Eric be funny, absolutely, but not like this. it is just irritating. Again…please make it stop.

    this completes my no Eric in the field rant for the week….
    thank you for your attention.

    a huge upside to the resolution of the mole arc as well as the return of Kensi to the field, is that the Techs can now stay. in opps…fingers crossed

    Die, Anna, Die


  5. is it wrong for me to be a little disappointed that there is no Anna in this episode…Wait for it…
    thus eliminating the possibility of her being killed off in the mole purge.
    I know….me actually wanting Anna….weird , right?
    hey, if somebody has to go…she gets my vote.
    looks like I will have to wait a while longer…

    Die, Anna, Die


    • I want Anna too, LOL. Could they leave some guest cast as a surprise (not reveal them in press release) ? I am worried that after this mole hunt Anne will become a permanent member of the team.


  6. AnneS, Really…
    now you are talking about Anna as a permenant addition…
    First it was the whole ” Anna comforting Callen scenes” comments from you…then this?
    I am so disappointed in you. how dare you utter such filth on a family oriented website.
    go wash your mouth out with soap ( or maybe soak your fingers in vinegar ) and slowly step away from the keyboard…you are on a time out !
    I will try to salvage the rest of my weekend.
    Puppies…I need to watch a puppy video to stave off depression.

    Die, Anna, Die


    • I am sorry Ed. These “worst case scenarios” have filled my head during this break between episodes and spoilers and speculation have made it worse 🙂
      A bit more seriously though, do you think they could keep some guest stars as a secret or will they reveal them in a press release?


      • Possible Spoilers..

        You know, I ask that same thing a while ago about the press release for ep 8-15 and if the guest cast would provide too much info and spoil things.
        and if it is complete, and honest…it does provide some clarity, assuming there is not some carryover into ep 16.
        with Sabatino around, good or bad?
        Sullivan, no Anna, No Nate, but Joelle, it does rule out some interesting options, some of which I would have liked to see.
        in addition, there is no sign of Paul Angelo, Marcel Janvier or Matthias Draeger.
        I do find that somewhat disappointing.

        Die, Anna, Die


  7. With thousands of shootings in LA last year alone and about 300 fatalities, you would think the odds would be in our favor… That even if she was not the specific target…that Anna would get hit by a stray bullet or caught up in a drive by…
    we just need a little luck…that’s all

    Then there are stabbings, getting hit by a car, bus, train, garbage truck, a big guy on a bicycle or a runaway wheelbarrow. There are vehicle accidents ,plane crashes, floods, wind storms, shark attacks and falling into the lion cage at the zoo.
    there has to be a way to get rid of her…
    a little help here.

    Die, Anna, Die


  8. on another note…
    is anyone else getting tired of Kensi and Deeks constantly getting hurt or captured and in need of rescue of the Incredable Callen and Sam Duo…
    just sayin’
    After 7 or 8 years, maybe at some point, the inept and helpless underachievers of Kensi and Deeks might , one day, some how get called upon to rescue the elite A team Sam/Callen…
    Then, due to pure blind luck..(because we all know they are incompetent),.. they somehow manage to stumble their way through a rescue plan.
    maybe one day…
    Yes, this dripping with sarcasm, but I, in all honesty, am getting tired of it always being Densi getting in trouble.
    Wouldn’t it be nice to actually see them called upon to save the team and be allowed to do so by the writers?

    nope…doesn’t bother me a bit, as you can tell…

    Die, Anna, Die


    • here, maybe this will help..
      Note to writers.
      We held a vote and decided that Kensi has had a tough year and has already achieved her season quota of injuries.
      Leave Her The Hell Alone And Pick On Somebody Else For A While.

      there, I said it…

      Die, Anna, Die


    • Yes, this Kensi/Deeks hurt is getting very boring, even if it partly has been because of Daniela’s pregnancy. Especially Callen has been very “angst free” and if something has happened it is like in Spiral, couple minutes and everything is fine again. In Deep Trouble it was two episodes, but he wasn’t badly hurt physically and he once again saved the day with Sam.


  9. agreed,
    I think this is in part why I want this mole thing involve Michelle and or Joelle.
    I would love for this to have happened under their noses and be Sam and Callen who brought the mole into the group.
    I just feel that a little humility and humble pie would be a good thing for them.
    they are not perfect…but often act like it when lecturing the others.

    Die, Anna, Die


  10. I’m curious as to how Deeks convinced IA officer Whiting to not only let him go but accompany him out in the field. Does it mean Deeks is finally cleared by Internal Affairs?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I agree,
      Deeks getting Whiting into the field, and Kensi getting captured when she left opps with Nell and Eric in tow will both need some explaining.
      right up there with Hetty continuing to disappear on her own.
      she is supposed to be the leader of this circus…the crew looks to their captain when the ship is in trouble.
      her lack of leadership at times this season is troubling at best.
      the actress that plays Whiting does a good job with the character.
      We aren’t supposed to like Whiting…and Karina Logue can make us hate her without saying a single word. just her disgusted looks at Deeks makes me want to choke her out…
      and when she does speak, the words are dripping with venom and contempt.
      an outstanding job.
      I have actually printed out a picture of Whiting and thrown darts at it in the garage.

      Die, Anna, Die


      • I am thinking perhaps Whiting let him out to help, but insists on going along to make sure he does not get away. However, given that she is not in “Payback”, she must at some give up on the investigation.


        • makes sense,
          could Tiffany provide an alibi or clear things up?
          she may actually know the truth and be lying for Deeks because he saved her life.
          or maybe she did do it…nah…
          I have an odd feeling that she does know the truth and has a cover story to protect Deeks.

          Die, Anna, Die


        • Maybe Whiting gets killed in a shootout..or…friendly fire anyone…anyone?

          Die, Anna, Die


          • Maybe Whiting finds out the truth that Deeks did kill Boyle but in a shootout, Deeks saves her life. She sees that Deeks is really a good guy who saved her even if she could put him away. Maybe she feels like she owes Deeks and drops the investigation. Or maybe she dies anyway despite Deeks trying to save her and the investigation dies with her.


    • Without knowing anything about the specifics of Sunday’s episode, Whiting has to know what happened to Granger – it happened while he was in custody and that’s IA’s responsibility. Deeks was at the precinct to get info on Granger. Deeks has been calling this a set-up, as did Kensi when she talked to Whiting. Whiting has been burned once before on an investigation into Deeks – one that suddenly reopened just as one of Deeks’s coworkers was stabbed in LAPD custody. She may know a set-up when she sees one.


      • assuming whiting has been gifted with at least a small amount of common sense… she should be able to realize that this isn’t all a coincidence…
        if she can figure that 2 + 2 isn’t 147.376/ 184.32 … she should be able to smell a setup,. right?


  11. Thanks for this great preview. I had confused which behind the scenes goes with which episode of this arc so this really helps.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Thanks Tess for your great preview.
    I’m so looking forward to this episode and the next one too. I would like the mole arc to be a memorable storyline (as the Siderov one was) with breathtaking scenes and a plausible explanation that makes sense with other tidbits that have been left in some past episodes.
    I want to be surprised, shocked maybe, but also convinced that what we see now perfectly fits with the rest.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the nice words!

      I think season eight has gone really well – the mole storyline has been interesting and lurking even in episodes about other cases. I’m really interested in seeing how this all comes to a head.


  13. Thank you for the preview. It is a great way to get ready without too many spoilers. I want to shocked and surprised. I think watching them as a three episode marathon is a great idea. I am losing a bit of continuity. I, too, hope this hits close to home for Sam and Callen. It would help move their characters and show forward.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the kind words! I think the scheduling has been rough but CBS either has these big events (the AFC Championship Game, The Grammys) or is running against these big events (Super Bowl, Oscars).

      The good thing – come March, we are in for a nice run of new episodes.


  14. Some tweets for the show’s crew and cast:

    And a very nice tweet from Rick Tunell:


  15. A confirmation of tonight’s schedule from a CBS person:


  16. I can’t wait to see the conclusion to the whole mole storyline, it’s such a great show. But i definitely agree with all the Anna haters, i absolutely cannot stand the character, everything about her just doesn’t fit with the show, they should use the mole story to either kill her off, or expose her as the mole. No offence to the actress who plays her in any way.


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