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Why Kensi’s Re-Assignment is good for Densi

By Bridget Liszewski | January 3, 2014 | Feature |


Well it was inevitable. We all knew it was coming. Yet once it got here we didn’t feel any more prepared did we? It still stung and continues to hurt each week. Nothing will feel “right” until it’s over and we’re back to normal. Everyone where they should be and who they should be with. Of course I’m talking about Kensi’s new assignment and thus the temporary separation of Deeks and Kensi’s partnership. Ever since Daniela Ruah broke the news that she was expecting a baby mid-season we knew that this would have to play out on screen in some shape or form. I must say how thrilled I am that they decided to not have the pregnancy be an on-screen story line for Kensi and instead developed this special ops mission for Kensi. I know Ruah’s put in a lot of extra work in order to film these scenes and not have Kensi missing from any of the episodes. That’s something I think is safe to say all fans greatly appreciate. So while it may not be a lot, at least we will have some Kensi and therefore some Densi in all episodes during this “break”. Now despite all those positives it would still be very easy for Densi fans to feel as though we’ve been cheated. I mean we finally get what we’ve been waiting seasons for: movement in the personal relationship between Deeks and Kensi! Then, just like that, it’s taken away from us. They are ripped apart just as things are looking promising for our favorite couple and miles and miles and no communication are put in between them.

But no, I won’t do it! I won’t go negative. I’m choosing to look on the bright side and see how this separation really could, in the end, turn into a good thing for Deeks and Kensi. I mean, exhibit number one, isn’t the old saying true? Absence really does make the heart grow fonder right? Breaking Densi apart just when they really and truly were ready to give their “thing” a go can’t do anything but make them miss each other even more right? While they apart I think this time really will just make them both see how much they truly care for the other person.

I also think this will do nothing but re-affirm their partnership. They’ve always had a strong partnership and this will only make it stronger. They will get to “try on” new partners while they are apart. I think ultimately they will see how their partnership is the best one for each of them, both professionally speaking and personal of course. Plus if one of the side effects of this is seeing Deeks and Nell partner up, who am I to argue with that? Meanwhile, if Kensi is stuck working with Sabatino I think it’ll only reaffirm to her what a “special” bond she’s got with Deeks and nothing else (or anyone else) can compare to that.

We haven’t heard much about what Kensi’s mission is other than to hunt down the “White Ghost” and kill him. I don’t think the writers would be doing a multi-episode arc if the “White Ghost” wasn’t going to be big! There’s definitely a part of me that feels that there will be a personal connection between Kensi and this target. Is it possible that it’s Jack or related to him in some way? I think it could be good for Densi in that Kensi may be forced to deal with facts about her past relationships and deal with any left over issues that may still exist.

At least given Hetty’s Christmas surprise for Kensi, Densi will not be left waiting until the mission is over to communicate. It may not be much, but at least they should be able to communication via secure phone lines. Let’s face it, these two have never had the best communication skills and this separation may force them to improve their skills in this area. I mean Deeks is always joking around and “never says what he means” while we all know that while Kensi has a lot of skills, communicating is not one of them. Being apart may force them to find ways to communicate better and make these few and far between chances to talk really “pack a punch.” They won’t have many chances so when they do; they need to really convey a lot of feelings in those talks.

Last but not least, a final reason I believe this separation may be worth it in the end for Densi and their fans: the REUNION! We never got to see any of the physical side between Deeks and Kensi when they finally got together. However, when these two are finally reunited, they are bound to have some sort of physical “explosion”. Well we can only hope right? I think if we get to see even a small part of that reunion that Densi fans everywhere will be rejoicing.

So fear not Densi fans. Let’s choose to not dwell on the fact that our favorite couple has been separated just when things were finally going our way. No instead, let us focus on the positive.  So choose with me to believe that Deeks and Kensi will come out of the separation stronger and better than ever and truly ready to give their “thing” a go! All there’s left to do now is sit back and enjoy as it all plays out!

Bridget Liszewski is a staff writer for Show Ratings TV. You can check out her NCISLA reviews HERE.  Follow Bridget on Twitter: @CoffeeByCaskett

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

13 Comments on Why Kensi’s Re-Assignment is good for Densi

  1. Bridget, I love the way you think! Wonderful read! Thank you!


  2. I too, in the big picture long-run, agree this separation could serve both characters well. As I’ve said elsewhere, these two need to get their own heads on straight before jumping in too deep. While they can obviously help each other, they must first be clear with themselves.

    It should be appreciated how each is being forced to work with other partners. As you said, it will help them realize and be grateful for the partnership they already have, to recognize their own and the other’s strengths & weaknesses. Kensi will begrudgingly miss the joking to lighten the mood, while Deeks has no outlet for all that flirting! Most of all they both have to be missing the trust.

    While I too would love to briefly drown in a warm & fuzzy reunion, I can’t get the “big complication” of ep 18 out of my head. As always, I’m steeling myself against impending doom! I fear one is going to get blindsided by the other….


    • Yes, there are definitely recent tidbits that have come out that make me fear a lot for ep 18 but I’m choosing to focus on the positive while still being somewhat wary of that. Overall I’m just thrilled they dealt with Daniela’s maternity leave this way so that we’re not Kensi-less for eps at a time.


  3. I agree with your thoughts about learning how well they complement each other as professional partners. But as for communication skills, it seems to me that Deeks has taken a gigantic step forward in that area, whereas Kensi can only communicate through criticism and hostile outbursts. And although I realize that you used the phrase “pack a punch” with irony, it highlights why I have about given up on Kensi and am actively hoping for a serious new love interest for Deeks. He deserves it.


  4. Interesting article Bridget. You raise a good point about how working with others will only serve to help them appreciate what they have together. I’m afraid I’m with Gayle, though, and fear episode 18. I worry that something may drive them apart before we even get to the reunion. I’ll hope for the best, or at the very least, another kiss.


  5. Great article! And definitely the way I’d like to think about the separation. I can’t help but wonder what the later complexity this season might be, but the hope of a possible reunion and maybe scenes of Deeks and Kensi working together and being together are definitely keeping me going.


  6. Bridget ..nice job! I enjoyed reading your article. And as a Densi fan…I hope we get to see..the physical “explosion” & some “actiony” between Deeks and Kensi when they finally get back together.

    I have my doubts though….seeing at how little actual displays of physical contact …the writers & directors..have shown us happening between Deeks & Kensi.
    .Thats why I don’t have high hopes…things will improve all that much.
    My guess is…most of the romantic “explosions” between Kensi & Deeks..if & when that happens..will be off screen.

    The reason I say that…is because the directors & writers of the show..are really good. and all to happy …to show plenty of scenes of people being shot ..killed,,,.. tortured..getting their heads chopped off…blown up real good.. etc etc..

    But the times they have showed two people..being affectionate in a physical way…towards one another…have been very few & far between. And the same thing goes for Deeks & Kensi.

    Case in pont…during the dinner scene at the end of esp 9:5..when Deeks tells Kensi he wants to be with her at his place..we did not see any physical contact between them.

    The way they were looking at each other…spoke volumes..but….would it have killed the writers or show Deeks reaching across the table and holding Kensi’s hand or touching her arm …when he told Kensi that?

    When Kensi stood up to leave…I would have loved to see her..either grab Deeks hand…or put her hand on his shoulder..while she walked past him.
    Heck….the judges & I…..would have accepted… any type of PDA between them….no matter how small or brief…but alas…there was

    I’ve watched that scene often..and it was very well directed & acted…..but I just felt something …was missing.
    To me…it would have been an.even more powerful & romantic Densi moment …..if one of them..had actually touched the other person.

    Oh well.. on the PDA front…all is not lost…as we did get to see Deeks & Kensi house & wrestle while undercover …and there was the 2 times they were shown kissing.

    And let’s not forget… Kensi did punch Deeks pretty good……maybe Im way off base….and their’s hope for that “explosive” moment happening in front of Densi fans eager eyes…..after all!! 🙂





    • mountaingirl89 // March 21, 2014 at 1:41 AM // Reply

      good points, Owen. there is also the off show fact that Daniela is actually Eric’s brother’s fiancé and mother of his baby and that could hinder the whole Densi thing. Maybe Eric’s brother requested that nothing happen (at least on screen) between the characters and the directors and writers have taken it into consideration. I mean, I wouldn’t want my husband to kiss my sister….even though I know there is nothing there between them and they are not acting as themselves. I could see his brother do that since he has to be there as well since he is Eric’s stunt double……hmmm….maybe that wasn’t Eric who kissed Kensi, maybe it was his brother…..


      • Hi mountaingirl…and thanks for the kind comment about my post!
        I agree 100% with you..that the fact Daniela is married to Erics’s brother..and just had a baby with him….will most likely..have some type of hindering effect on the Densi thing!

        Im guessing…that fact…has had to cross the minds of the writers & directors on the regards to how far they can push things romatcally between the characters. Or…how much of the romance happens ..on screen.with them.

        I don’t see how it doesn’t cross everybody’s minds. who is working on the show..cus it sure crosses mine..whenever I see Kensi & Deeks in one of their romantic “thing” moments..

        My main reason for watching the because of the Densi moments.. But…..I gotta admit.. sometimes I can’t help but feel a tad “awkward”…seeing Eric flirting with Daniela…knowing thats her real life…brother in law..

        Like you..I sometimes think about Eric’s brother must feel..if he is on set …during the filming of those Densi moments.
        Or if he’s at home with Daniela..watching the show with her….while that Densi magic happens onscreen on his TV.
        Does he ever get… even a little bit jealous…or think to himself…”Watch where you put those hands little brother!”

        I loved that romantic Densi moment… at the end of episode 9:5..when they were at the resteraunt and Deeks said he wanted to be at his place.with Kensi.

        But a part of me….couldn’t help but wonder during an inimate scene like that…if Danelia…ever sees her husband…even ever so briefly…looking back at her…when she’s staring into Eric’s eyes.

        I know thier all pros..and this is TV & make believe…but…they are also all human too.
        We have seen how Daniela’s real life pregancy….effected the storylines of the show this season & brought a ong pause on Densi’s “thing”..

        Who knows..maybe her marriage to Eric’s brother…will force the rethink the direction they had originally planned for Deeks & Kensi & they will take the characters…in an entirely differant direction.

        Or…give them.. GASP & GRRRRRRRR…differant partners to work with more often on the show… avoid the whole..”Awkward” moment thing?

        I hope that doesn’t happen…but…only time will tell.

        “hmmm….maybe that wasn’t Eric who kissed Kensi, maybe it was his brother”

        Hmmmmmmm indeed!! Soon as I hit …POST COMMENT on this puppy..Im gonna re watch that kiss episode from season 4….in super SLOW motion..JUST to make was Eric kissing I mean..Deeks.kissing Kensi!! lol..


  7. mountaingirl89 // March 21, 2014 at 1:42 AM // Reply

    BTW, I am a huge Densi fan. It might not have sounded like it in that post, but I am. I was just pointing out a fact that could be true.


    • It’s cool mountaingirl..reading your reply to my post…I never got the impression.. that you weren’t..a true blue Densi fan!:)

      Far as I’m concerned..their the best & most fun part of the show to watch….so having Deeks & Kensi apart for so long this season…has been tough. for yours Densi truly!

      Hopefully…after the whole…” OMG Jack!!!!!.. Where have you been all these years. deadbeat of a fiance.. and what the BLEEP..are you doing here??” centric episodes end. We can have a few romantic and fun Densi tie us Densi fans over… during the summer hiatus!…


      • mountaingirl89 // March 22, 2014 at 2:42 PM // Reply

        yeah, I’m hoping for that too. I hope what I said in my first reply doesn’t hinder all the Densi stuff.

        “Who knows..maybe her marriage to Eric’s brother…will force the rethink the direction they had originally planned for Deeks & Kensi & they will take the characters…in an entirely differant direction.”

        Maybe they won’t do “steamy” scenes and just hint at a relationship? Or maybe they will do steamy scenes, but using other people instead of Eric and/or Daniela?

        I really hope that they don’t nix the relationship. I do watch the show for that (along with Nell/Eric and all the cool undercover stuff) and wouldn’t want to see it die.

        Thanks for replying, I wasn’t too sure how all that would come across (hence the second reply about being a Densi fan).


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