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5 Comments on Who is the White Ghost? Take Our Poll!

  1. I think the white ghost is going to be Jack, unfortunately.


  2. I think it’s Sabatino. Just don’t trust the guy… HE said he works alone. (Why?) HE “found” the last sniper’s body. (Who’s to say he didn’t kill him, too?) Since the term “White Ghost” is translated from the local language, what if the “ghost” part is the closest word they have for “spook,” a slang term used to refer to CIA agents? So, with that logic… CIA agent (Sabatino) = spook = ghost. My thoughts, anyway.


  3. It would be too obvious to be sabatino (I think anyways) xx I agree though I do think it might possibly be jack….


  4. i have the same thought like those two above- it’s jack !


  5. My first inclination was that it was Sabatino because I don’t like or trust him. Then, I thought, why make it such a big deal that the guy who plays Booker was signed to do the show–maybe he would be the “White Ghost.” I ended up voting for Sabatino, but I could totally see it being Jack, too. I do hope I’m right about Sabatino, but with my luck he’ll probably be the one to save Kensi and die doing it, making him a hero that we will all be grateful to forever. Bottom line: at this point, we are all strictly guessing who the traitor is, and that is the point of excellent storywriting.


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