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To Be Blessed: Deeks’ Surf Log 03/13/22

It was hard to get that smile off my face when I found out that the newborn baby was a girl. I would move heaven and hell to see that little one nestled in the arms of my wife. Can you imagine being the father of a baby girl!? I’m glad the Petty Officer decided to keep the child. I wonder if she realizes how blessed she is. Hopefully one of these days, Kensi and I will be equally blessed.

Even though this was a hard case to investigate, I’m glad we were able to follow it through to completion. When Kensi and I are running around with our brood of kids, I will remember this case with fondness. We may be still searching for a future, but I will always be grateful for the difference we made in the world as a team. Hopefully one day, this team will expand from two to three to four…. dare I say five?

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