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My Survivalist Ninja!: Deeks’ Surf Log 1/9/22

I swear Kensi is never going to go on another mission without me again! Never! I just can’t deal with it when I know she is in danger. But I held it together for the most part and made Sam proud. All I could think of in that helicopter was when he lost Michelle. I know he tried to be supportive, but he couldn’t promise me Kensi would be alright. I know that when we are together we can overcome any crisis. But I hate when I feel so helpless and can’t be there when she needs me. I was never so happy to see her bloodied face! When I threw her that gun, I knew all would be right.

I’m glad she fell asleep before she heard me say I was excited that she wasn’t dead. Yeah, I know it sounded funny or that I was joking but I wasn’t. I wanted to talk more about it because things have got to change if we are going to adopt a child. I’m always waiting for the worse to happen and I can’t do it anymore. It’s time for some serious talk with my bad ass ninja if she wants to become a bad ass mamma.

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2 Comments on My Survivalist Ninja!: Deeks’ Surf Log 1/9/22

  1. I love it, Send this idea to the writers! I would reeeeally love to see ECO and Daniela has that one out on screen!!


  2. This is great. They need to talk but I don’t think Kensi would listen. She doesn’t realise what she is putting Deeks through. It would be good to see this conversation on the show.


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