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The Top 3 Scenes that Sum Up Deeks

This just might be the most difficult Top 3 I’ve had to write. In fact, I’m not sure it’s even possible to come up with a set of three scenes that together can sum up all that Marty Deeks has to offer. Still, I gave it my best shot.

The Premise

There is no actual #1 scene in this Top 3. Instead, I wanted to package together three scenes that together demonstrate all the important qualities of our favorite character.

The Top 3

I started with a laundry list of important Marty Deeks adjectives that included brave, dark/haunted, funny, kind, loyal, sexy, skilled, smart and SoCal. I then set out to put together a list of scenes that covered them all. I think I fell a little short on the loyal and SoCal qualities but managed to cover the rest. My trio of scenes is…

#3. Joking about being pummeled by Viggo Mortensen in “Wanted

Written by R. Scott Gemmill, this scene has appeared in several other Top 3 discussions because it’s so funny. It’s on this list because it shows off Deeks’ trademark use of humor to defuse tension, a key character trait. In this scene, he’s hilarious as he nervously navigates a spa filled with naked Russian men. Oh, and speaking of naked, this scene’s towel-clad Deeks also takes care of the “sexy” category.

#2. Saving Kensi in “Personal

This memorable scene, written by Joseph C. Wilson, shows us how brave, tough and selfless Deeks is, climbing out of his hospital bed despite two bullet holes, tearing out his stitches, and fighting through it all to save Kensi. It’s Action Hero Deeks at his best. The scene also shows off Deeks’ technical abilities – that’s quite a shot he makes to take out the bad guy. And we see his smarts, since despite his traumatic day and the likely influence of painkillers, he’s the first on the team to figure out he had been used as bait to lure Kensi into a vulnerable position.

#1. Failing to torture the cleric in “Spoils of War

No list of scenes that sum up Deeks would be complete without somehow addressing his dark side. This scene, written by Frank Military, illustrates Deeks’ willingness to cross lines to protect his loved ones, as he waterboards an elderly blind cleric to try to find Kensi, who’s been abducted in Afghanistan. The scene doesn’t just show us that Deeks has a dark side, it heartbreakingly helps us understand how absolutely haunted by it he is. His reaction to his actions is compelling- Deeks is horrified that he’s gone so far, and as Eric Christian Olsen has discussed, in that moment he’s reeling from the influence of his hated father. In the end though, Deeks pulls back from torture and turns to kindness, another key personality trait. He feeds the old man and then uses his brains to figure out a way to find and rescue Kensi.

Also in the Running

Here are a few more of the many scenes I considered including:

  • Reassuring Kensi at the end of “Ascension” (Frank Military)
  • Emerging from the sea in “Skin Deep” (Gil Grant)
  • Running and cracking jokes In “Lange, H.” (Shane Brennan)
  • In the bar as Max Gentry in “Plan B” (Dave Kalstein, Joseph C. Wilson)
  • Proposing to comatose Kensi in “The Queen’s Gambit” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Withstanding torture to protect Michelle in “Descent”/”Ascension” (Frank Military)
  • Alone at the end of “The Frozen Lake” (Dave Kalstein)
  • Lying to Kensi about Boyle’s death in “Active Measures” (R. Scott Gemmill)
  • The jail scene with mom in “Internal Affairs” (Chad Mazero, R. Scott Gemmill)
  • Waiting for the other shoe to drop in “Where There’s Smoke…” (Andrew Bartels)
  • Taking on the whole team in the boatshed in “Hand-to-Hand” (Matt Pyken)
  • The garage scene in “Blye K Pt 2” (Dave Kalstein)

Next Week

Next week we’ll take on the same exercise for Densi. In the meantime, what three scene combination would you use to sum up all that is Marty Deeks? How many key personality traits can you cover?

Or, return to last week’s Top 3, the Top 3 NCISLA Seasons.

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15 Comments on The Top 3 Scenes that Sum Up Deeks

  1. Thank you for your great list, Karen.
    I love how Deeks interacts with children/teenagers so I really would like to add “Black Wind” , I love Deeks with Tomas (other scenes I love are in “Enemy within” with Allie and in “Bounty” with Brandon), but your list is so great so I can’t really remove anything from it either 🙂


    • Ooh, AnneS, that is such an important quality that I neglected to account for! Really, I’d add that he’s not just great with kids, but also with animals. That “Enemy Within” scene on the trampoline is one of my favorites. And I love him with that poodle in “Out of the Past” and of course with Monty even if we never see him again, LOL. This Top 3 really is impossible to accomplish!


      • Yes, I totally agree with you, Deeks with animals is amazing. Thank you so much for your nice comments. Everybody here has chosen great Deeks scenes/episodes.

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  2. Impact – the scene on the beach with Nate. Revealing for his PTSD from the abduction/torture and the feelings for for Kensi before their thing became a real thing. Serious Deeks.

    Raven & the Swans – Honeymoon suite scene. Banter and physical comedy. Humorous Deeks.

    Here’s an obscure one: Empty Quiver. Deeks captures the bad guys by himself after being held (briefly) at gunpoint by them. Competent Deeks


  3. Another toughie and another job well done. I’m going to defer from adding my own to this, because I just don’t have the mental capacity at the moment.


  4. I would add the pool dive to save Sam in Descent. Sam had just insulted him, questioned his character and competence, but Deeks puts all of that aside, and knowingly risks his own life and safety to save Sam. Possibly the most selfless and courageous act ever on this show.

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    • hoopsdiva I love your description of that “Descent” scene! It really is impressive, and one of the reasons that episode is one of my all-time favorites.


  5. That is a very interesting Top Three!
    I would choose:
    – a scene in which Deeks is protective and reassuring (one of my favorite Deeks’ “roles”): I think my favorite of this range is the “Partners don’t keep secrets” scene in the boatshed with Kensi (“Praesidium”, 6X03) in which he pulls her into his arms and she can finally cry and be comforted;
    – a scene in which he does what he does best, that is to defy authority keeping his cool and cracking jokes, and of such moments I would choose the interrogation scene with Detective Whiting in “Internal affairs” (7X10);
    – a scene in which he is extremely handsome, charming, flirtatious and – why not – sexy as hell: I would be tempted to choose a naked!Deeks scene, but no, my pick is “Crimeleon” (3X15) and Deeks’ “comms talk” to Kensi in which he quite presumptuously affirms that he would have been successfull in “picking her up”. I think the description of what would be going on between them at the moment is a little compendium of seductiveness (“We’d be in the car right now headin’ home, you’d be drunk sitting on my lap, telling me I’m gonna wake up with bite marks on my neck”).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh Cladani, that’s a great list! I think I neglected to include Cheeky Deeks, so thanks for taking that into account. He’s one of my favorite Deeks. And he definitely looks handsome in that vest in “Crimeleon”- great choice!


  6. I can’t argue with any of the scenes you chose, Karen…or anyone else’s picks to be honest. I am an unabashed Deeks fan and love every one of his scenes unless he’s being put down, then I get a little over protective. The scenes you chose are among my favorites.

    I would add the ending scene from “Human Traffic” where he explodes with anger at Scarli’s comment about Jesse. It was the first time we get to see that dark anger he keeps hidden most of the time. It was a reaction I wasn’t expecting and it was powerful.


    • Hey Lindy, that “Human Traffic” scene is a great one. It makes me appreciate Shane Brennan’s long-range plans to slowly develop this character by planting little seeds here and there, such as adding a reference to Deeks’ father shooting at him just two episodes later. Well done if slightly tortuous to us fans, having to wait so long to find out everything!


  7. sassyzazzi // May 1, 2017 at 4:11 PM // Reply

    Karen, I really like your list. I especially like that you started with the laundry list of adjectives that describe Marty Deeks. Although I cannot come up with one scene that exemplifies So Cal, I find that trait in Deeks captivating and pervasive. It really is the reason I started watching the show. It is not the reason I kept watching the show but it is his characteristic that drew me in.


    • sassyzazzi that’s really interesting that SoCal Deeks was a key quality that attracted you to his character. For me his SoCal-iest moment is emerging from the surf in “Skin Deep,” but then you all know of my great love for Surfer Deeks. But of course there’s more to the “SoCal” than just surfing. There’s that laid-back quality, which was so important to his getting along with and winning over a pretty uptight Kensi. See, this is why Deeks is so fun to talk about, because he has so many layers, and even the seemingly superficial ones have dimension!


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