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Get an Autographed Photo of Eric Christian Olsen & Ernie Reyes, Jr. & Support Pets of the Homeless

Expiration Date Autographed 2

We have been delighted by your continued support of Pets of the Homeless. Thanks to readers like you, we’ve raised $2,250 so far in honor of Eric Christian Olsen, Marty Deeks, and even Monty, Dakota, and other beloved pets. This money will provide emergency veterinary care to pets of homeless individuals who would otherwise not be helped. It will also spay and neuter pets owned by homeless individuals, keeping unwanted puppies and kittens out of animal shelters or worse, from being abandoned. We passed our initial goal of $1,500 and are currently working our way to a new goal of $3,000.

You can help us support Pets of the Homeless by participating in our ebay auction for an autographed photo of Eric Christian Olsen and Ernie Reyes, Jr. from the NCIS: Los Angeles episode “Expiration Date.” A huge thank you goes out to Ernie and Eric for supplying the autographs in support of our fundraising efforts. The auction starts this Friday, October 16th and will end Sunday, October 25th. Once it’s live, we’ll post the link here (and on twitter and Instagram). Remember, the holidays will be here soon, and with a starting price of $50, this would make a lovely gift for your favorite NCIS:LA fan (or for yourself!).

If the auction prices are too high for your budget, you can still participate in our charity efforts. Follow the instructions on our Pets of the Homeless page to donate. Even $5 helps. As part of the donation process, you can write a note to Eric that we’ll send him once we meet our fundraising goal, and we’ll use that note (it will be e-mailed to us) to enter you into a future drawing.

Thank you for helping us support this great charity, which helps the pets of homeless people all across the United States and Canada, making their world a little brighter by taking care of the furry friends who provide them with companionship and security. (Donations can be made from anywhere in the world.)


Thank You for All Your Help!


The Fine Print:

Marty Deeks and the other wonderful characters of NCIS:LA are the property of Shane Brennan and CBS.  Neither CBS, NCIS:LA, nor Eric Christian Olsen are involved in wikiDeeks’ Pets of the Homeless campaign.

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