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Review: NCISLA “Blame It On Rio” (S7E5)

A good time was had by all last night as the two clown princes of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles faced off in this week’s episode entitled “Blame it On Rio”. Michael Weatherly joined the cast of NCIS:LA and had a chance to work alongside Eric Christian Olsen as each brought to the show their own endearing comic style we have all come to know and love. We can only hope that the crossover will have enticed enough viewers of the mothership to come over and lend their collective support to the drooping ratings that NCIS:LA has experienced in the opening weeks of the new season. (Editor’s note: Hooray! Early ratings have the episode as #1 in the time slot!) With veteran showrunners Gemmill and Smith writing and directing this week’s episode, it definitely was a winning combination all the way around.

It’s time for fun in the gym as the opening scene finds Kensi waiting impatiently for her partner to join her for a workout. What would possess Deeks to put on that ugly workout suit just to prove his undying devotion to Bruce Lee? It only gives Kensi and Sam more fodder to make fun of Deeks’ combat skills. While Densi and Sam are verbally sparring in the gym, Granger is up in Ops with a more ominous task for Eric. The Internal Affairs investigation rears its ugly head as Granger asks Beale to find out specifics. This thing is happening, people! But first, welcome Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo to the secret lair of the west coast Avengers, AKA the Mission!

I loved watching the two shows collide as DiNozzo strolls into the Mission toting that big ol’ smile and classic good looks with him. As soon as he arrives, the wisecracks and hilarity immediately ensue. (DiNozzo: Nice to see you, Uma.) It’s a laugh a minute and a delight for long time NCIS/NCIS:LA fans everywhere. It seems DiNozzo has lost his prisoner, the resourceful Mr. Rio, somewhere between Singapore and LAX, and requests the NCIS:LA team for backup in tracking him down. Besides being wanted on money laundering charges, Rio has the kind of intel on criminal finances that the government can use to stop future terrorist funding. And with that background, the pursuit begins…

How can you not delight in watching the comedy team of DiNozzo and Deeks? It certainly sounds like a new nightclub act, doesn’t it? As soon as Deeks declares “Shotgun!” the male testosterone starts to fly and the game is afoot! DiNozzo tends to use sarcasm and movie references to get a smile (and some groans) from those around him, and Deeks likes to tease his victims with a whole lot of charm. Together it’s a magical recipe for hilarity. These two can’t help but try to one-up each other as they search for the missing crook. (Tony: Deeks, I only say this because I care… it’s dangerous for you to cook the meth in your trailer. Deeks: Do you know you can OD on teeth whiteners?) When D & D bond over their love of ‘The Hoff’ a new bromance begins. Move over Callen and Sam! (Callen: Do you ever get the feeling we’re working alone here? Sam: Every single day.)

DiNozzo was on a roll throughout the case and his typical one-liners never stopped coming:

How Hardy boys of you!
Do you guys have a treehouse?
He’s very method.
Well, Hung.
Can you imagine a whole decade without Palates, Prada and Botox?
Don’t get your wig in a mess.
I thought they were working for Pippin now?
Bam! Did I call that or what?
I’m not as fast as you think I am.

Although this was a filler episode filmed at the end of last year, it still addresses some recurring themes like Deeks’ IA investigation and Nell and Eric’s continued attempts at furthering their relationship. But mainly this was a feel good offering and it was great to see the cast enjoy themselves and have some fun while they were doing it. Mr. Weatherly, you are invited back anytime to the bat cave. It was a treat!

Memorable Moments
• Is it me or is the show always starting off with a ‘poor Eric’ segment? This guy just can’t get a break! Et tu Granger??
• Nell is definitely trying to ingratiate herself into Eric’s world of Renaissance festivals, going so far as to have Hetty help her with her costume. (Hetty: You will make a fetching wench!)
• DiNozzo and Hetty? You knew this face-off was bound to happen:
Callen: Whatever you do, don’t look her in the eye.
Sam: Let her smell your hand first.
Isn’t that the truth? This is Tony DiNozzo at his best as he tries to avoid eye contact with the formidable Ms. Lang and attempts to find a way out of the Mission in one piece before she attacks. Poor Tony. Jethro Gibbs has nothing on Hetty Lang! If you read the annotated scenes on, all I can say is Mr. Weatherly you were good, very, very good!
DiNozzo: What’s a bat cave without a tunnel? Tony, don’t you know our NCIS:LA agents are all super heroes?
• That’s all fur now. I enjoyed Neric’s strange talk about fur conventions even if I have no idea what they were talking about.
• The original bromance duo was at it again as Callen teases Sam about cross-dressers, a set of bizzare twins, and a bar full of midgets! (Sam: Deeks would love that story.)

Deeks’ Moments

Deeks: Well Kensalina, I’ll have you know that a lot like Batman, my unique combat skills come from a variety of fighting styles which is jeet kune do, aikido, taekwondo…
Sam: Curly, Larry, Moe…
Deeks: Oh, I see what’s happening here, you’re mocking me which is interesting, because when you mock me, you mock my brother Bruce Lee, which seeeeeems a little bit racist and I actually expect more coming from you.
Sam: Keep it up and you’re going to get a lot more from me.

• I got a kick out of Deeks rolling his eyes and twirling in his seat as Sam orders DiNozzo out of his chair.
• The biggest laugh of the night for me came from Rio when he shrieks that he is being attacked by a homeless man (Deeks)! If only he knew! Speaking of Rio (Bobby Lee), three cheers for one of the funniest criminals to ever grace the show!
• So glad DiNozzo called Deeks on the hair flip:

Tony: What is that thing you do?
Deeks: What?
Tony: With your hair. It’s like a nervous tick or something.
Deeks: What are you talking about? I can’t see. I got hair in my eyes.
Tony: Get a haircut!
Rio: He’s right. You should go to Super Cut, you need to get some layers.
Deeks & Tony: Shut up!

Densi Moments

Beale: Is there a problem?
Kensi: The problem is my partner takes longer than the average Kardashian to get ready.

• I enjoyed seeing Kensi flirt with Tony long enough to annoy Deeks. (Kensi: I do wish more men would dress like adults…)
• I just LOVED this interaction between Deeks and DiNozzo:
Tony: You and Blye.
Deeks: What? Our partnership?
Tony: The other ship.
Deeks: What other ship?
Tony: You know what ship.
Deeks: I don’t know what ship you’re talking about.
Tony: Relationship.
Deeks: Oh if you’re shipping us you need to stop right now before you embarrass yourself.

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Episode: “Blame it on Rio”
Writer:  R. Scott Gemmill
Director: Dennis Smith
Original Air Date: October 19, 2015


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27 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Blame It On Rio” (S7E5)

  1. Thanks for the wonderful review and for the opportunity to talk about the episodes. I have really appreciated the opportunities for discussion. I feel like I can give my honest opinion and not be criticized for it. This forum is very welcoming and respectful of differing opinions.

    After watching the episode last night, I found that I didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I live in the west coast, but followed along on twitter and was excited to watch the show, but only found it ok. The episode felt disjointed to me. Some of the scenes like Deeks wearing the big yellow onesie (that’s what it look like to me) and Nell/Hetty scene about the Ren Faire costume seemed out of place.

    I realize it was more of a lighthearted, filler episode, but it didn’t seem that funny to me. There was no chemistry between Kensi and DiNozzo. I didn’t buy that Kensi was crushing on him and so I didn’t understand why Deeks would be jealous. The jealousy is espeically out of place since we had that wonderful breakfast scene from Command and Control last week, but I realize that this episode was filmed way before that. DiNozzo was just annoying to me and the banter was a little forced. There were a few laugh out loud moments, but for an episode that was billed to be all that, it seemed flat to me. I found myself annoyed that Deeks was getting mocked, called homeless, etc. and I’m so over the Deeks bashing. He’s a damned good cop and it’s time everyone acknowledged it. They can banter, while giving him credit for his skills. After reading your review, I think I have to watch it again and perhaps keep an open mind and see the goodness you saw.

    I love ECO’s facial expressions that convey so much – like when DiNozzo said something about Deeks being at NCIS due to an IA investigation and when Sam ordered DiNozzo out of his chair. The look on ECO’s face was hilarious.

    Thanks for letting me vent and I’ll watch it again to find the nuggets of gold in the episode.


    • I couldn’t agree more with you. I bought in to all the hype and couldn’t wait for this epic episode to air. It was epic alright, and not in a good way. When it was over I just sat there staring at the screen, wondering what the hell just happened? So many wasted opportunities for Deeks and DiNozzo to actually bond over their similar backgrounds. They could have still bantered, but in a more unified way instead of bagging on each other. I did enjoy their Knight Rider exchange.

      Kensi seemed to have regressed to her season 3 or 4 self in the way she treated Deeks. She joined right in with the bashing. Again, this whole show would have been right at home a couple seasons ago. It had no place in the current one. The lack of respect for Deeks is getting old. It made for some good comedy in the earlier seasons, but just irritates me now.

      Rio was just plain annoying. I didn’t find him funny at all, although it may have been due to my already deflated enthusiasm at that point.

      My favorite part was the bantering between Sam and Callen. Callen picking on Sam about the story he thought Deeks would like was hilarious. That was the high point of the show for me.

      I’ll have to watch it again, too. Knowing now that it isn’t what I was expecting, maybe I’ll pick up on some of the better parts I may have missed due to my disappointment. I need to just accept it for what it was, a filler episode with a great special guest.


      • Yes, I agree that the writers missed a golden opportunity for Deeks and DiNozza to bond, team up “against” the others, instead of trying to one up each other. There could have been a more poignant scene about the two of them bonding over being cops, their feeling for their respective partners, etc. ECO and Weatherly could have shined in a more dramatic scene. They could do both comedy and drama well.

        The whole Knight Ridder exchange was funny and I wanted more of the two of them “annoying’ the other agents.


      • Yellowcallalilly // October 22, 2015 at 1:34 AM // Reply

        I totally agree with you. They missed a good opportunity to focus on the Marty/Tony duo comedy-interaction. And I too am really really tired of the old Deeks’ mocking, even by Kensi. I think it’s time to end it once and for all! Just my 2 cents


        • I’ve made myself watch it a second time. I appreciated the interactions between Deeks and DiNozzo a little more than the initial viewing. Still a wasted opportunity for so much more from these two, though, I thought.

          Rio was still just as annoying.

          And Jericho summed it up best in his earlier comment; Deeks’ reaction to Kensi’s interest in Tony did mirror that of when she forgot his birthday.

          I did get a kick out of Granger and a couple of his comments. I still think the show’s best scenes were those with Callen and Sam at the boatshed.

          Also, in Tony’s defense, I didn’t get Hetty’s disgusted attitude towards him. Just a very weird episode all around to me.


  2. To echo what the previous reviewer said, thanks for providing an open discussion forum where people can express differing opinions. I do agree with your review, I thought this was a wonderful episode , really fun. Although I am not a big DiNozzo fan , I thought Deeks and DiNozzo really worked , and I would love for him to come back and do another episode. I was happy to see the ratings increase and I hope TPTB read all your reviews and realize that when they bring on a character that people like, people watch as opposed to bringing back characters that are disliked .


  3. First off let me explain that I am fairly new to NCISLA. I became obsessed with the show and with Densi after accidentally watching Blye, K. parts 1 and 2. Subsequently I bought all seasons and am now caught up after just a few months.
    So watching this season is a new experience for me, I’m in real time now and have no clue what is going to happen between Kensi and Deeks and it’s extremely nerve wracking! Last week was amazing, the breakfast scene will forever hold a special place in my heart, and I love how throughout the season there are mini clips showcasing how truly “all in” they really are.

    This episode left me feeling really frustrated. I did not buy Kensi flirting with Dinozzo at all! Deeks and Dinozzo on the other hand… great bromance there. But what was she doing?! To me Kensi acts in two different ways: 1. the professional and closed off agent, which we generally see when she is introduced to new characters, and 2. the kensi she is with Deeks -however closed off she may be, her softer side shines through when she’s around him. The roles seemed to be reversed in this episode, she was so closed off and professional with Deeks and yet so flirty with Dinozzo.
    Her taunting of Deeks and then openly flirting with Dinozzo made me feel like I was back in season 2. It didn’t feel at all like the strong relationship we witnessed last week. With this whole IA investigation looming, there are so much more substantial and believable obstacles in their relationship than her flirting with someone who is portrayed as a better dressed version of Deeks.

    Additionally, I think that the show has tried to show us in the past that they are partners above all else, so why were they so eager to separate during this op? Kensi was visibly upset when Deeks went under cover with Talia instead of her, so maybe it was a juvenile way to get back at him by grabbing Agent Dinozzo for the hotel scene -thoughts?

    On a more positive note: Rio was hysterical, even more so than Dinozzo. He was the star of this episode, and the last few scenes made up for what I considered an extremely annoying beginning. (Amazing that Deeks was called out on the hair thing)


    • I think this episode would be better if it was just after “Citadel” concerning Densi. Kensi’s flirtation would be harmless jab, and then Deeks’ photos and comment in “Driving Miss Diaz” would be the same. (And Deeks dressed the suit wonderfully!)

      And I had a feeling that Kensi was getting back at Deeks a little bit for his absence at the morning workout. Deeks was supposed to work out with her but he made her wait so long because of that jumpsuit. (I figured “some kind of tard” was for his tardiness, but maybe I’m wrong, English is not my first language, so…)

      As for at the hotel, DiNozzo shouldn’t be left alone outside, (“I just got here. This is your town.”) so the choice is Kensi or Deeks. Why Kensi is the one going in? I don’t know, maybe she was just the type of person or trusted Deeks to watch the perimeter, or maybe writer just wanted the scene Kensi answering Gibbs’ phone call.


  4. I agree with both posters above. I was disappointed by it, but at the same time, wouldn’t mind if he came back, only if to help ratings. Plus, Deeks could have a friend that is similar to him.

    The actor that played Rio was hilarious.

    I HATED that Kensi called Eric a tard (“some kind of tard”). Not funny, just mean.


  5. I enjoyed the episode and all the bantering. I thought it was a little interesting that all the shows I watched that night were – strange. If you watch Scorpion before NCISLA they were wearing super hero costumes and doing everything at X’s 2 speed, then this LA episode with weird outfits and fast,fast,fast speech and action and then Castle (my cable company shows NCISLA at 9:00 so I get to watch Castle) had this very strange guest character and short, fast action. It was like all of them were on Energy Drinks and weirdness. It looks like none of those 3 have an episode next week, so these were supposed to be their “Halloween” episodes? All in all I thought it was great fun. I liked the comment on The TALK that the next spin off should be Deeks & DiNozzo!


  6. Many thanks for this review which focuses as always on the main aspects and memorable moments of the episode. This review is an “appointment” I can’t miss after every week’s episode! I also like, as others have said, that we here can express our opinion without ptoblems.

    The drawback of filming episodes in a season and airing them randomly in the following one is they hardly fit with the rest of the ongoing stories and their progression up until that moment.
    The writers would be wizards if they could exactly foresee the development of the characters five or six months’ from then, but it would be appreciated if they had a general idea or plan to stick to.
    The contrast between this episode’s a bit crabby and sour Densi and last week’s sweet “I don’t care where I have breakfast as long as you’re there” Densi is striking. Kensi flirting with Dinozzo and ignoring Deeks seemed out of place too.
    This is my only complaint.

    Probably we would have enjoyed the interactions between Deeks, Kensi and Dinozzo more if they had happened like a year ago, at the beginning of season 6, when we didn’t know for sure where Deeks and Kensi stood. Now we exactly know because we have been told very recently in “Command and Control”, so no risks of amnesia!

    Speaking of the rest, I enjoyed the episode and every moment of Dinozzo in LA. He was as I thought he would be: smart, fun and flirty.
    I was only scared by his ominous “It’s never going to work” remark which reminded me of almost the same words Kensi had told Deeks before the unforgettable frozen lake metaphor and just a few hours before being sent to the other side of the world.
    I’m afraid these are all hints to build Deeks and Kensi’s forced (and I hope momentary) separation during the IA investigation.


    • I’m a little surprised that it doesn’t seem like the writers have their stories planned out that far in advance. This episode was filmed in April and Season 7 started filming in July. I guess one writer doesn’t know that another writer was going to write the Command and Control breakfast scene so we get this episode plopped out of the blue after that big Densi moment.

      I really didn’t see any chemistry between Kensi and DiNozzo. I guess she was supposed to have a crush on him, but their exchanges were kinda stiff and flat. In Hand to Hand, you can tell from the beginning that Deeks and Kensi had chemistry. Not so much with Kensi and DiNozzo.


  7. Thanks for the review Di. I enjoyed the episode but I think partially because I managed my expectations. I expected humor and I laughed throughout. Eric Christian Olsen has chemistry with every single person he performs with, although I most enjoy him with Kensi (of course) and Sam (my new ship). Michael Weatherly seems like one of the few people I’ve seen whose mind works as fast as ECO’s, so it was no surprise to see their instant chemistry. A spin-off featuring this duo would be completely awesome. And ECO’s expressions were the high point for me- the twirl in the chair was spectacular, and the quick look of panic/despair at the IA mention was just brilliant.

    But I agree with the other commenters that the Densi was way off. You could tell that this was filmed out of sequence, but it didn’t even seem like Densi in S6. That’s where my managed expectations paid off, because I didn’t expect that their interactions would make total sense. I also agree with diane about the “tard” comment, and really didn’t understand how the marshal didn’t realize his prisoner looked completely and totally different when he landed, but rather than racism, I’m going to chalk it up to the after-effects of the drugs he was given.

    Oh- fun fact (well, for me anyway). The opening gym scene was the one I got to watch them film when I stopped by to get the Expiration Date photos signed. You can see the yellow jumpsuit peeking through his sweatshirt in the photo (

    I’m glad you all are finding the site to be welcoming! We’re always glad to have more people sharing their thoughts about the show. And a special welcome to denship, not just to the site but to the fandom!


  8. Clown Princes, indeed😄😄😄. I enjoyed your write-up, Di and totally agree with all the memorable moments. Deeks and Dinozzo together was hilarious. And I loved how Dinozzo reacted to the legend that is Hetty. Rio was a crack-up.
    I think sometimes the writers put our main characters in situations to get a certain result or to get a laugh and it seems out of character. I tend to overlook them and just enjoy the results. I found this episode funny, charming, and over, way too soon.


  9. As I posted on the other site, this one left me flat. I really expected Tony and Deeks to have a serious chat about the move from cop to agent… all we got was Tony the playboy warning Deeks ala Angelo…I don’t know if that was a hint for TLG or the runners didn’t know where where Densi would be now when they filmed the ep last season. That wasn’t the real Kensi of now, and Deeks of now wouldn’t make the “But does he know how to undress a woman” comment. I liked the Knight Rider exchange and Tony interrupting the Densi argument, really disliked the yellow jumpsuit and the “tard” lines, as well as making Eric look foolish in the gym. Kensi flirting with DiNozzo did not work in the now; would have perfectly in season 2 or 3. I could not believe Rio… that was supposed to be the genius who arranged for a double on an international flight and for quick plastic surgery?

    I’m very pleased that the numbers went back up this episode. I think they would be up there for all episodes if CBS pushed the show like they did this episode.
    I think Tony could fit in well on the cast as the “coat and tie” bookend to Deeks’ “laid back surfer”, should the opportunity arise. Just keep the Canon, please.


  10. Another wonderful review Di but I wouldn’t have expected anything less.

    I do want to echo some of the points brought up by some of the others, primarily the fiasco that I found with the DENSI department. After watching this episode, I kept asking myself “what if Deeks had flirted with Talia the way Kensi did with DiNozzo?”. We all know the answer to that.

    To me it felt like we were in a time warp back to season four or even three with the way she continually chose to team up with Tony over her partner/boyfriend and by time the credits were rolling, I was wondering what in the world had just happened. The episode may have been filmed out-of-sequence, but this is the story that we have been presented. I mean, just last week we had Deeks worried that Kensi would be swayed by someone with more money than he; this week we see her head spin over a guy in a suit that cost more than Deeks makes in a week. The looks on his face when Kensi kept leaving him behind to chum it up with the cool agent from DC was reminiscent of the look when she forgot his birthday. The final straw was the way she asked Tony if he’d ever considered moving to the west coast. Really Kens? It made her appear as if she was already scoping out Deeks’ replacement … either for her attention at work or in private. The hug that she gave Tony (a man she barely knows) when he was leaving was a slap to the face. By the end, I was livid with her.

    There is also the continual disparaging comments about some part of Deeks’ persona. Either it’s his hair (at least he HAS hair), his choice of clothing (Callen and Sam tend to go with the t-shirt look as well, but no one points that out), gets called ‘homeless’ … again, they regulate him to ‘outside’ duties that once again, put him outside the ‘click’ of the super cool federal agents. I imagine Deeks had a hard time fitting in while growing up and then he finds himself ostracized by the very people that call themselves his friends and teammates. Maybe it would be nice to finally see them treat him better than they treat someone they just met, especially Kensi.

    If this is all a set up for the heartbreaking separation for the IA storyline, they’ve done a pretty good job of giving Deeks plenty to think about. I say that because I’m wondering if the investigation has little to do with his actions at the LAPD but centers around how NCIS has intervened in police business. I wonder if there’s an ultimatum coming, forcing Deeks to choose which agency he is truly loyal … and maybe a lot for the man to consider. If his ‘friends’ and ‘lover’ treat him like they have, he might be swayed to make a really hard choice.

    I may be misreading the show but you gave an honest review and I know you expect honesty in return. I hated this episode and was truly disappointed in the way they presented DiNozzo, Deeks, and especially Kensi.

    Semper Fi



    • Thanks Di for this review, and thanks JS for your comments. I particularly agree with what you have to say about how Deeks gets singled out for disrespect and criticism for things that other members of the team get away with.

      I was utterly disgusted by Kensi’s behavior in this episode. I saw so many indignant comments in fandom after Citadel, complaining that Deeks didn’t stop Talia from flirting, but those same folks have been embarrassingly silent about Kensi openly and actively flirting with DiNozzo. Double standard, anyone? This was the kind of childish and mean-spirited behavior on Kensi’s part that makes me ambivalent (at best) about the character. I wish the writers could have left that version of Kensi back in season 3.

      One last comment: Both the gym scene and the “fur” conversation had me cringing in embarrassment for the actors. Just dreadful.


    • I’m not at all sure why they even did this episode; there was no tie to NCIS DC (I think we all know what Bellasario and Harmon think about the LA spinoff), so why Tony? Why is NCIS babysitting the guy when the U.S. Marshals have a great escort service as does the FBI. I didn’t see any link to NCIS.

      I also did not like the taunting of Deeks and Kensi’s flirting. Just totally at odds with last week’s episode. Overall, a bad taste.

      Like many, I am wondering about what Internal Affairs is investigating. I do expect a “make a choice” point in his dealing with the LAPD, but don’t see how NCIS interfering with LAPD could be more than a conflict of interest. The word that has been bandied about is “arrested”; that makes it a criminal case, not an administrative one. It could be that in working some case with NCIS he may have broken a state law. It also could be that LAPD has found out that Granger has run him on dodgy cases… (remember he helped Monica steal the diamonds in “Parley”). He also had a relationship with the corrupt IA Detective in “The Debt”. The NCIS LA team violates state and Federal statutes frequently and gets away with it due to the language in the Patriot Act – but Deeks does not have the Federal Agent cover… someone is out to get him, tries and probably almost succeeds but Kensi and Talia are the hero(ines) to the rescue. I think in the end Deeks will be forced to resign from LAPD. I also think that Hetty and Granger know what the charge is, they are involved somehow, and that is why they are trying to protect him. My prognostication percentage is not good, though.

      I’m hoping that “Rio” is just one of the filler episodes, it was filmed for ratings and nothing else, and after the one week to allow “Supergirl” to premiere we will be back to “now” and will pick up this season’s story line.


      • I also think that Granger has a pivotal role in the episode when Deeks is arrested from what I have read. I just hope that the whole team comes together to clear him because Deeks would certainly do that for them. But also Deeks’ Mum comes back when he is arrested and I am wondering if he is covering something up to help his mother because there is NO WAY that Deeks would do anything illegal. Talia also comes back during this time. As much as I love Deeks & Kensi together I feel sometimes he loves her more. At least we have Deeks front and centre in a storyline and am still praying that the writers don’t screw this up!


  11. IMO, I didn’t see Kensi crushing on Tony. She was being friendly, yes but I didn’t get the vibe Kensi was interested in Tony romantically/ sexually like Talia was with Deeks. Besides even Deeks seemed to like working with Tony when goodbyes were made.

    As for ragging on his style, he did look ridiculous in that yellow suit. And the looks he had throughout the show, I felt that was his ego and insecurities (ingrained since childhood) getting in the way.

    Now for the writers, I think they focused so much on Tony that the rest of the regular cast seemed OOC. I betting by seasons end this episode will have very little influence if at allon IA, Densi, team dynamics, Deeks’s career, etc. Just a random filler ep.

    This is all just my opinion, so no hard feelings for others. That’s what’s great about this site, we can all have different opinions and not worry about being attacked.


  12. I really liked Deeks and DiNozzo they were great with each other in this episode. They made a great team and were very funny on so many different levels. I think it would be great to have Deeks appear on NCIS that would be just great! Also I think another visit from DiNozzo would be great they worked well together. Very funny!

    But I didn’t like the way the other team members treated D and D, they were made to be the fools and that is really getting old. You would think after last episode when Kensi spent a week with some rich guy and Deeks expressed his need to have money to buy her things, that she wouldn’t be complaining about the way his clothes looked. He is under IA investigation is she trying to drive him crazy!
    It not like she dresses like you would expect!

    I found the way Sam acted around DiNozzo odd, unless he was looking after Deeks. I didn’t like the head slap at the end considering all the conversation about “the punch” I find it out of place even NCIS doesn’t do it anymore (or it is rare). Gibbs always says what a great agent DiNozzo is, did you get that from this episode?

    The “tard” comment was so inappropriate I cant believe the writers would let that go into the episode. I thought the “fur” conversation was boring and forced. Sometimes it seems like they have a hard time coming up with ways to show Nell and Eric have things to talk about.

    I think the main problem with the episode was expectations… mine were a mile high!

    I re-watched the episode and liked it more the second time around. Rio was very funny and would loved more with him and D, D, and K! I really like DiNozzo and Deeks as I have said and would love more. They have a lot of chemistry together and it felt like they like working together!


  13. I enjoyed this review and reading comments from others. I’m glad to know that I wasn’t alone in my feelings about the episode. I did laugh a lot and enjoy parts of it, but I think if I watch it a 2nd time, I might enjoy it more. I had the same, “What just happened feeling?!” Thinking about this being filmed out of sequence did help with the Kensi issues, but I still wasn’t pleased with her actions. Like someone else said, she wasn’t nearly as inappropriate as Talia, but she gave Tony a ton of attention and Deeks very little attention or consideration. I’ve said this already this season, but I’ve been kind of disappointed with Densi at the end of each episode except Command and Control. I realize they’re not all going to be sweet and funny and perfect, but just the general mood to me feels off. They’re not nearly as cute as they were before they were dating. (And I do want them to live happily ever after!)

    I’m thankful that it helped with ratings and am hopeful that things continue to go well. I do love the show!

    Do y’all think TPTB read these reviews and comments from dedicated fans???


    • I did watch it a second time with my wife… she thought it was funny in places, but she had heard me b@$%^ about it yesterday morning (she is not hesitant to disagree with me…. has worked for 45 years). It was a little more tolerable for me the second time, as a whole, because I knew what was coming in the episode. But not much. The Sam and Callen scene in the boat house was still the single best scene. Sounded like the “tard” comments weren’t the only PC violations in the episode. We both remember watching the CSI episode about the Furry Convention, and if you did you know what we remember… if not, don’t ask. Shudder.


      • Ju5t Becau5e // November 2, 2015 at 11:06 AM // Reply

        Saw that CSI… shuddering. May need therapy….

        Speaking of being PC, Sam disagreed with Callen’s midget description but also called them “little people” in his reply.


  14. I’ve re-watched and enjoyed this episode. I found this even more enjoyable placing it sequentially as an episode that belonged at the end of last season and putting aside all the Densi goodness of this season. The dialogue was quick-witted and hilarious. This episode still tickled my funny bone. Everyone has a different sensitivity threshold. This episode also had a few “cringe” moments but I chalk it up to real life where one utters something without thinking or use of our ‘filter”. The “tard” comment did come naturally when one is shocked at seeing Deeks in a leotard for the first time. We were all treated to the previews and sneaks showing Deeks in a ‘tard but Kensi didn’t have that. Again, I tend to overlook these cringe worthy moments and enjoy the flow of hilarity.

    I also want to add that I am so enjoying this week’s fan observations and gut reactions. Some of the prior weeks’ posts and passionate expressions of disagreement left me feeling unwilling to express any opinion other than gratitude. Call me a pollyanna… WikiDeeks is my ‘happy place” to visit. I love and appreciate all the efforts by this site’s amazing team of writers, artists, editors, and contributors. I wholeheartedly agree that we should all have the opportunity to express our honest opinion and open it for considerate thoughtful debate. I want to leave after my visit with a smile or a thought provoking viewpoint. Keep smiling😄


  15. Ju5t Becau5e // November 2, 2015 at 11:02 AM // Reply

    You had me at the “clown princes”, Diane. Thanks for your great review!
    It was good to know that this was shot out of sequence.
    Rio and DiNozzo were fun characters.


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