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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Warrior of Peace” (S9E16)

Title:   “Warrior of Peace”

Airing:  March 25th.
Filming:  January 3rd to January 11th.
What CBS is telling us:   Callen pursues every alternative when the Diplomatic Security Service apprehends his father, Nikita Aleksandr Reznikov (Daniel J. Travanti), as part of an exchange for two American photographers being held hostage in Iran, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.
What we think is happening:  Callen’s family is back and not in a good way.

Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Daniel J. Travanti as Nikita Aleksandr Reznikov
India De Beaufort as Alexandra Reynolds
Makai Dudeck as Jake

The Callen family players were all last seen having dinner in “Old Tricks” in season eight.

Ravil Isyanov as Anatoli Kirkin
Last seen having his “me-day” ruined and going on the run during season seven’s “Matryoshka” part one.

Drew Waters as Brian Bush
Played Craig Monroe in the series Inspector Mom and Wade Aikman in Friday Night Lights.  Was Spencer Hanlon in the second part of the “Crescent City” episodes of NCIS – the episode that introduced the New Orleans team.

Appeared in episodes of Surface, Wire in the Blood, Breaking Bad, Chase, On Our Soil, The Lying Game, Bones, Breakout Kings, Femme Fatales Major Crimes, Magic City and True Detective.

JB Blanc as Anzor Daudov
Blanc has hundreds of credits voicing characters in animated series and video games.  Guest roles include Dr. Vegas, Prison Break, The Unit, CSI: NY, Cold Case, Nikita, Breaking Bad, Burn Notice, Shameless, Masters of Sex, Better Call Saul and Wisdom of the Crowd.

Ryan Kelley as Jesse Smith
Kelley played Deputy Jordan Parrish in Teen Wolf.  Guest starred in episodes of Early Edition, Smallville, Boston Legal, Cold Case, Women’s Murder Club, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Ghost Whisperer and Law & Order: SVU.

Christian Gehring as Dan Hendrick
Appeared in episodes of Malice, DTLA, The Neighbors, 90210 (2013), Major Crimes, Mixology, Chasing Life, Bones, Kickin’ It, A to Z, Castle, Austin & Ally, The Brink, Aquarius and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.   Played Metro Police Officer Owen Tamblin in NCIS episode “Under the Radar” in season 11.


Written by:  Andrew Bartels wrote or co-wrote “Allegiance”, “Zero Days”, “The Grey Man”, “Humbug”, “Fighting Shadows”, “Driving Miss Diaz”, “Angels & Daemons”, “Where There’s Smoke…”, “Glasnost”, “Old Tricks” “Battle Scars” and “Fool Me Twice”.

Directed by:  Terence Nightingall who, like the Callen family, is back from “Old Tricks” as well as season six’s “Expiration Date”.

Insider Intel:  None for this week.

Official Photographic EvidencePhotos at Seat42F this week.

Unofficial Surveillance:

Back from a long hiatus:

Eric and Nell take the wheel:

India De Beaufort and director Terence Nightingall:

Makai Dudeck back on set:

Guest star Drew Waters tours the boat shed and behind the scenes:

Waters also drives onto the set (with a bit of a spoiler in his narration) and shows off the trailers:

Set locations from Terence Nightingall:

And from Rick Tunell:

Today in having your photo taken with LL Cool J:

Today in having your photo taken with Chris O’Donnell:

Behind the scenes recording:


Video Surveillance:


Sneak Peeks:

Possible Sports Related Delays:  CBS has the final Sunday games of the NCAA’s Men’s College Basketball Tournament.  There may be a delay. I will update the start time if there is a delay in the comments section Sunday night.  Other places to find the start time include the show’s official Twitter account (@NCISLA) and CBS’s official twitter account (@CBSTweet).



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8 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Warrior of Peace” (S9E16)

  1. Many thanks for your preview and photographs, this time I remembered most of them, but to see everything together is very helpful.

    And finally…. Monty!! I really can’t wait to see his scenes after such a long “hiatus”, I honestly had lost my hope we would see him again. The idea of seeing Monty this week is very thrilling, since Callen-centric episodes have never been my favorite ones. I have always liked Callen as a character, but I’m not very interested in his father, half-sister and nephew storyline. Let’s hope it will be a good episode anyway, if possible with some Densi too (sadly almost MIA this season).

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks you!

      I’m interested in the Callen family in the way that all of a sudden this “lone wolf” character has not only father but a young nephew in his life. I think this season has been an interesting switch for Callen and Sam – Callen has the opportunity for a richer, most positive family life while Sam lost his wife and his children are away at school.

      Always happy to see Monty – it has been a long, long time.


  2. sassyzazzi // March 24, 2018 at 9:54 AM // Reply

    Thanks for a great set of behind the scenes pictures. , I was trying to figure out when we would see the return of Monty, so thanks for keeping this straight. The sneak peeks look very exciting, looking forward to this episode for the excitement and the return of Monty!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you for the preview. I am looking forward to seeing Monty. I agree it is interesting to see Callen with a family. Good piint about the switch with Sam.

    Liked by 1 person

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