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Review: NCISLA “Smokescreen” (S10E14)

Hey everyone and welcome to the review for
“Smokescreen,” another great episode for this season that continues to impress me with some really great writing, directing, and acting. I had high expectations after the heartrending Better Angels, an episode full of emotional energy for Kensi and Deeks and solid action for the other team members as well, and I was not disappointed. Kudos to writer Andrew Bartels and director Dennis Smith!

Okay, let’s jump into this week’s show so I can give you my thoughts and reactions.

First off… WOW! What a way to open an episode. We had Deeks driving Sam’s car like a lunatic with Callen hood surfing trying to catch a horse trailer with a large IED that Sam is attempting to defuse while Kensi is doing what Kensi does. Usually when a crime/drama opens this way, after the opening credits, we get the “12 Hours Earlier” and some backward time jump… but not this time. What a pleasant surprise! What a way to shake up the standard show format!

With the bomb defused with one second on the clock (yeah guys, I think Sam is just trying to show off or amp up the rush) and the bad guys either dead or on the way to the emergency room, the exhausted team heads in to debrief and Director Ochoa gives them a much need day off. But just when you think the team is going to get a break, two FBI agents are killed and the only suspect still conscious escapes and soon the entire city is seemingly under siege.

Talk about excitement! After the heaviness of the last episode, this one kept me on the edge of my seat for entirely different reasons. The team has now come up against a well-financed and dangerous terrorist organization that is hell bent on causing as much pain as they possibly can. Soft targets are national security nightmares and this episode gives us just a glimpse of what havoc can be wreaked on a defenseless civilian population. This is one of the reasons I dislike large crowds in locations where egress is limited… just like the movie theater in tonight’s show.

Is it me, or is there some underlying discord between Eric and Nell? There appears to be a lack of communication going on with the meerkats at work… does this mean there is some discord in their relationship that we have not seen? I love the characters but I am still not a fan of the romance side of them and I wonder what would be the ramifications if they broke up. Would that compromise their efficiency up in Operations?

Oh, the Densi.

What a tender moment we got to see between these two! Kensi watching Deeks ‘sleep’ to mimicking the whistling sound he makes was simply adorable. Their continuing discussions about the job and how they cannot continue to do this forever seems to weigh heavily on Kensi, especially after her encounter with David in and his tragic death in “Better Angels.” Kensi would charge the gates of hell with a pellet gun and Deeks would be right there beside her, all the way.

I keep hearing rumors about a wedding episode, but just like everything else with this group, I will wait until I actually see it before I believe it will happen. I have faith that even when we get the nuptials, it will not be everything that we are expecting… I bet it will blow us away!

This episode gave us a lot of Kensi lost in thought: from watching Deeks sleep, the unconscious step closer to Deeks at the burned out SUV when finding out the young FBI agent had just become a father, to watching the homeless camp… she appears to have something on her mind. She was completely zoned out while staking out the homeless encampment and I bet she was remembering her time on the streets and the harsh reality this world can be sometimes. Her interaction with the woman “with the good name” was very well done and even though it was not long, it was a powerful reminder of all of those who live outside society’s norms and the struggles they face.

The past few cases have given her lots to think about and Sarraf’s revelation about “To Live, To Love, and To Be Loved” provided a chance for her to prioritize her life and this week’s offering should only reinforce that belief. I just wonder which path she will choose. Having only one second left on the clock will put things in perspective. I just wonder what her decision will eventually be; she’s had a lot reminding her that life is short and what we put off for tomorrow may never happen.

We jump from Densi to Sam finding Callen trying to find clues about Hetty’s location and fruitlessly searching for his father. To be honest, I have really missed Linda Hunt and her commanding presence on my favorite show. I guess they had to remind us that she has not been around for a good little while and I hope that Linda is mending from her auto accident last year. Waiting for her healthy return may be why they are holding off on the wedding. Get well, Linda… we miss you!

I am loving (most of) the new characters that have been introduced this season. From Arlo (although, after what Arlo pulled on Deeks last week, I was hoping that Kensi would have kicked him in the nom de plumes!) to DeChamps to the beautiful Fatima Namazi (played splendidly by Medalion Rahimi – what a cool name), who brought a wealth of information (and a solid left-hook) on this newest threat and a new dynamic into the Operations Center. She fit in seamlessly with the Wonder Twins, turning out to be a fangirl of Nell and I do hope we get to see more of her.

Speaking of Fatima (the name means captivating), I am glad to see that with a Muslim terrorist organization, we also have a Muslim agent working from the opposite side of the case as well. It must be shown that there are both good and bad on both sides instead of the one-dimensional view we are treated to so often in these scenarios. When we paint any group, belief, religion, party, country, etc. with a single broad brush, we do a disservice to not only the group, but ourselves as well.

Even though the terrorists were one step ahead this time around, it was refreshing to see an enemy that did not provide an easy punching bag for the team, with a simple solution and easy answers. When the bad guys are always a bunch of knuckleheads with two left feet and nothing but thumbs, it makes it look like the team has no challenge. This season has given us quite a few dangerous and intelligent groups for the team from OSP to take on and tonight’s new threat is as scary as they can be. Rigging the theater exits with explosives was just the beginning with the possibility of a mass shooting or even more explosives rigged throughout the city. On top of all that, they leave us with a three week hiatus until we get the second part.

Just a quick point; what was Jalal trying to say to Callen and Sam right before he blew up at the top of the stairs? “You have to… “ was all I could get off my recording on the DVR, but what did he mean? Was he trying to warn them? Was he truly a terrorist or simply a human bomb forced into the situation? I guess we have a few weeks to mull it over before we find out.

After the explosions, the male victim wandering out of the theater while in shock and missing an arm, and Deeks having to wrestle the desperate husband looking for his wife… well, that was tough to watch. As a first responder, I’ve seen these types of scenarios and yet this one affected me, even though I knew it was not real. The expressions on the team’s faces as the situation became more and more dire tore at me, knowing the hopelessness that was slowly beginning to surround them. The wounded on the inside could not be helped and those on the outside could only watch. For some reason, this episode has shown us the true result of terrorism, with victims that are simply people going about their lives and then then the horror strikes. Most of the time, the team saves the day at the last moment and even when there are victims, we (the viewers) see them from a distance… this time, they had faces and voices. This makes me dread the next installment even more.

This episode had everything that I love about this show: great character interactions, a tense case with a dangerous foe, actions and reactions that are logical, intensity that involved more people than just the team, and a cliff-hanger on top of the rest.

So, what were your thoughts on “Smokescreen”? How does this new threat stack up against foes that the team has faced in the past? Who is really calling the shots for the terrorist cell? I think Omar and his wife are more involved than we have been led to believe. And what’s going on with Kensi? Is she beginning to see things from Deeks’ perspective, and what changes could that bring to them and their future together?

There’s plenty to talk about, especially since we will not have the conclusion for a few weeks, so let us know how you feel about “Smokescreen.”

And as always, Semper Fidelis!

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I'm just me. I served proudly in the United States Marine Corps for four years after graduating from high school. For the past twenty-six years, I've been married to the most wonderful woman in the world. Our daughter is still at home but our son just moved to Russia to study at Moscow State University. We also live with four cats and one dog in south Georgia where I spend my time loving my family, writing stories, working, and shooting my bow.

22 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Smokescreen” (S10E14)

  1. Perfect review. You touched on every point perfectly. The Densi scenes were amazing and finally a little resolution on their argument prior to departing to Mexico. It was nice to see Deeks tell her they don’t have to make the decision right now, instead of pushing for a definite date to get out. Can’t wait to see the return of Linda Hunt, I’m thinking she’s going to pop up at the wedding. Thank you for your review. Spot on!

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  2. Catherine Betham // January 29, 2019 at 4:02 PM // Reply

    Well done by you. Agree with your points. Happy to see the show back to its glory. I am happy to see the Densi emotional arc continue so thoughfully it should make a nice lead up to wedding. Not since Sidorov have we had such a strong tension arc.

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  3. amusement345 // January 29, 2019 at 6:15 PM // Reply

    Thanks, JS, great review! I was interested to see what others thought of the episode, because I was so torn with my own reaction. My sense is that the entirety of it was made to serve as a set-up for the rest of the season (I hope).

    On the one hand, if ever someone decades hence wants to know what NCIS LA was about, all they have to do is watch the opening sequence, which was entirely emblematic of the show. It was exciting, and fun, and tense, and a total send-up at the same time.

    The rest generated mixed feelings. Maybe it’s just me, but the Densi bed scene felt off. I’m glad it exists, but it was long, and slowly paced, which made it stand out from the rest of the episode, and it felt to me like someone had realized there was an open question on the table that had to be addressed, so they addressed it, even if it wasn’t exactly the right time or place. I’m glad they did, but it didn’t feel organic, to me.

    Then we had reminders about Callen’s father, and Hetty (whom I greatly miss). And then Kensi’s connection to the homeless woman. It was all very appropriate for each character, yet it all felt heavy-handed, a little like filler material. To elaborate: a prior episode alluded to Kensi’s time on the streets in the context of them looking for someone posing as a homeless person. This episode, there was no real point to the homeless woman except to have Kensi react to her.

    On the upside, and there is mostly upside, I was drawn in by the terrorist attack, and the plight of our team, both inside and outside the blast area. Whether or not the injuries, or lack thereof , were realistic, the tension was real, and it set us up perfectly for the next episode., which I am anxiously awaiting, whenever it is scheduled to air. Which is when?

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  4. I really really enjoyed this episode! As you said, it was great to see a different type of launch into the story! And there were little things that showed loyal viewers that the situation the team was in was a big deal (i.e. Deeks driving Sam’s car, different partner combinations). The Densi scene gave us a wonderful adult conversation where they both communicated well and acknowledged that there are no easy answers for their ‘predicament’.
    It’s also great where they give us little call backs to other storylines (eg Callen trying to get info about his father &/or Hetty), and I especially liked the way the scene with Kensi and the homeless encampment was written. Given her history, those encounters should affect her, and as a viewer I appreciate when the writer’s acknowledge that, even when it’s subtle! In fact it’s better when it’s just a subtle nod!
    Those little things are what takes a show from a simple case of the week series of episodes to a proper overarching storyline!
    I also found the scene with the first responders extremely powerful. I like that the show didn’t play the two parter into a typical cliff hanger ending (eg the explosion with Sam & Callen then cut to black); but instead played out a scene that I think provides even more tension. It is unusual for us to truly worry about the fate of the main characters, but locking them in a situation like that gives a face to the civilians & gives more impact to the casualties I’m sure we’ll see in the continuation.
    Overall I thought it was a wonderful episode! Thanks for such a great review!!!

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  5. Thank you very much for great review Jericho. The same as you, I have also enjoyed this episode and the whole season seems to be better and better. I decided long ago that I would not pay attention and be unnecessary peaky to every detail in every episode being it connected with plot or story or acting. Mostly because NCIS:LA (of course it has its better or worse episodes) in average has smart, funny, action packed episodes and always best performed roles from the both regular cast and guests (except Bar Paly – I honestly do no have absolutely nothing against her, but she was so visibly lacking acting skills in comparison to anybody else on the screen).
    This episode is in the top 5 episodes ever for me. I love when the villains, as you said, are not stupid “punching bags” and without merit in regard to their agenda or accomplishments and cannot be easily overtaken and defeated. This time our team together with FBI and excellent fellow agent Fatima Namazi faced surprisingly worthy enemy with unexpected turns and twists.
    I like how we are getting pieces of Densi life outside of the work even more that we see them in the situations that are almost never showed to us. I loved to see Kensi thinking about the future and closing more and more to Deeks on their future. I also loved to see that Deeks came to terms about working with Kensi in the filed and to accept the life and future from the position of hope and not of fear that was the main cause for the garage argument. I love to see how Deeks speaks “Kensi” fluently, understanding her entirely without many words. That’s why the scene in the car while waiting for the homeless witness was precious to me and one of the best between them up to date.
    The pace of the episode was impeccable with its crescendo with two explosions and completely shocked witnesses and casualties of it. I was especially touched, shaken and unpleasantly reminded of the strong explosion I have survived after seeing the explosions on the screen, as I also witnessed people in complete stupor after it (I was not one of them at that moment but I it was clear to me that I was fighting some kind of PTSD several months later when I found myself starting shaking after the simple thunder).
    So when an episode wakes so many feelings in me, leaving me craving for more, as this one did, I call it excellent television.

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  6. Thank you for the review, good job!

    Andrew Bartels may be my new favorite NCISLA writer. A good mix of action, interaction, continuity, and suspense. Between him and Frank Military … they could handle the season going back and forth.

    First, my quibble: I agree with amusement345 that the homeless woman, while one could argue was a touch of “reality”, wasn’t really necessary. It felt shoehorned into the story. Overall, it seems like NCISLA is trying to force an “issue” into the episodes, example, the one about the wedding dress cause. There’s more examples but they’re not coming to mind right now. It’s their show, they will do what they want, but it’s happening TOO frequently to the point of virtue signalling and takes a viewer out of the story arc to say hey, look at this cause, write it down, aren’t they special for bringing focus to it, etc. This is a broadcast TV show for entertainment. Just IMHO, others are free to think what they like, this is just mine. But I’m all about the story and pacing. This took us out of it.

    Regarding the wedding: There is an upcoming episode, 18th in filming order, called Til Death Do Us Part. Hmmmm? Sounds promising. And instagrams floating around of eating wedding cake. It’s happening.

    The good: most of the episode really. The action opening was terrific. How did they get to that point where Sam and Kensi were in the trailer and Deeks driving Sam’s car? Doesn’t matter. Boom. And it’s nice to change up the formula every once in a while– end of a case (they think), pat on the back and much-earned down time… But not to be, cherie. There was another episode like that in an earlier season.

    The bedroom scene. Long overdue. I noticed Kensi is a wiggleworm in this. Again, I agree with amusement345, it may have felt “off” because while it was intimate per se in that they were naked (TV naked) and snuggling, it didn’t feel connected — something somehow WAS off. It felt like a “scene” to me that you play out with your acting partner. Was it the closed mouth smooches? Her wriggling so much? The almost too cutesy dialogue? (My husband also does the whistle/moan thing, I recognized it right away) I can’t quite put my finger on it. It was a gift to us Densi fans and I truly appreciate that but the acting was different than in previous seasons. I don’t really buy into the “in-law” thing being a thing because they have chemistry and are professionals but it was even MORE in earlier seasons. And I don’t want to get into the “maturing relationship” thing either. The chemistry was there — but it wasn’t at the same time.

    The bad guys felt more organic to the situation. It will be a long three weeks before we get Part II and we get another review which I love.

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  7. Thank you for your excellent review Jericho. The start of this episode was one of my favorites ever on NCIS LA, and this whole episode had a great mix of action, banter and romance, this kind of episodes are what made me become a fan of this show. Densi moments were great and I loved seeing those off- duty moments. The acting was great as usual and Fatima is a very interesting character.
    I am curious how the story continues, I hope the second part of this episode will be as good as this first part, these next couple weeks will feel so long.

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  8. Jericho, thank you for a great review of a great episode.I thought this episode was really outstanding, well scripted, with superb acting by the entire cast. You covered all the high points in your review.

    I thank TPTB for giving us a meaningful, touching Densi scene that us fans have been waiting for .I thought Deeks and Kensi were at their best in this episode ; every scene with them was well done and Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah once again demonstrated their on screen chemistry.

    This was such a great action packed team episode . I was watching a season 3 episode right before this came on , and it occurred to me that this season 10 episode was totally consistent with the characters and partnerships in season 3. It was the maturation of the characters, both individually and in their partnerships/relationships which allows for wonderful new interactions of all the characters . This was in such sharp contrast to season 9 which I thought was the worst season ever, where the characters and the partnerships seemed so out of character from early seasons. So kudos to the show runners for returning the show to the fans.

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  9. Thanks for such a comprehensive review, Mr. Steele. From the opening through to the end, this episode was a rollercoaster of emotion told at breakneck speed, except for the breath of sweetness between Kensi and Deeks. That scene was in such stark contrast to the opening, giving them, as well as us, time to take in just how close to death they had come. It was the calm before the storm.

    What was interesting about this new threat was that it was being carried out by a shadowy opponent with no visible bad guy…yet, anyway. That’s the way terrorism instills fear in our hearts. We have no idea who they are or where they will strike. That’s why the attack felt so real. The victims had no warning until their world exploded.

    The occasional recalls to the team’s past kept this episode grounded for me, adding to the realism. It highlighted that the events of a person’s past or daily concerns are pushed into the background when faced with an imminent threat. There is no time for reflection during a terrorist attack. Everything rushes to the present and to survival. I only wish this two-parter wasn’t broken by a three week hiatus. Hopefully they will re-run this first part before the second part airs.

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  10. Debra Gillespie // January 31, 2019 at 3:18 AM // Reply

    Excellent review, Jericho, and I agree with a lot of the other comments mentioned already. Just a few (idle) observations…..coincidentally before I watched this episode, I re-watched Impact from season 5, and I agree with Lindy D’s comment about recalling the team’s past, as I felt the background music that played in a portion of the Densi bedroom scene here was eerily similar to the music in the last Densi scene from Impact (“It’s a love story”). And hearing the “dying swan” comment about Deek’s snoring reminded me of Deek’s mentioning Kensi’s “snort-snore” from Neighborhood Watch.
    The opening action scene was the best one I’ve seen in a long time. I was getting cynical early in this season that we weren’t going to have hardly any discussion between Deeks and Kensi resolving the issues that came up in the garage incident in season 9, but slowly but surely they’re coming up and being discussed…for me a case of better late than never. The episode Better Angels has definitely been an epiphany for Kensi.
    The theater bombing was definitely intense…when I saw the scene with the man with the blown off hand, for a minute I thought this was actually another Frank Military episode. Kudos for Andrew Bartel for writing such a riveting scene.
    Really like Ochoa, I think when Hetty returns that they’ll work well together. Peakae mentioned about the wedding and the Instagram photos…for what it’s worth, I’ve seen the probable wedding episode being number 17, and seen enough spoiler photos/short wedding location videos on social media fan sites to indicate that they’ve done filming it. The date I’ve seen bandied around for the wedding episode is March 17th.

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  11. Thanks for your amazing review. I quite enjoyed this episode even if it made me nervous more than once and now I really can’t wait to see its conclusion (worst timing ever for a three-week hiatus!).
    The Densi scene was very sweet and romantic, but most of all I liked how they (especially Kensi) tried to address their past issues about when and how to leave NCIS (the elephant in the room). I think such conversation was long overdue after Deeks’ “One more mission and we’re out”, the Mexican almost-suicide mission and Deeks nearly dying.
    I agree that the bedroom scene seemed a bit off in this very fast-paced episode, but I’m grateful anyway for such a gift from the authors. I was starting to lose hope a similar moment would ever be shown. I appreciated how both Deeks and Kensi seemed natural and at ease with each other because lately we had seen them interact either in quite silly or unimportant scenes (such as the neverending wedding planning) or fighting or in very angsty scenes such as the season opener or the end of Better angels. I really missed a scene like this, but I thought it could belong only to a very well-written fanfiction in a very beautifully-described alternative universe!
    My favorite part was the end of the scene, also thanks to how well it was shot, its beautiful lighting and how gorgeous both the actors are: Deeks and Kensi close to each other seen in bed from above did seem just come out of a Renaissance painting.
    If you think these past couple of days I have been staring fixedly in amazement at a gif set of that part of the scene, you are right: I admit this is what I have been doing 🙂

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  12. I really enjoyed this one. It had a lot of action and yet had the presence of mind to slow things down for a moment so we could catch our breath with he delightful and needed Densi bedroom scene. I was glad to see the “what do we do from here” conversation brought up again. To me, I didn’t find the scene out of place or mashed into the episode at all, but that’s just me.

    I loved the scene with Kensi and the homeless woman, and the opening scene with Deeks driving the hellcat was awesome!

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  13. Brenda (@bpnp) // January 31, 2019 at 10:15 AM // Reply

    Thanks for a great review Jericho!!

    This makes the second episode in a row that I’m glad I didn’t have to review – although this time it was because I’m fairly certain that any review I could have come up with would just have been a series of emojis and GIFs because there are no words for how much I loved that episode!!

    That opening car chase has to be the best ever in the history of the show. Throughout the entire episode I was alternating between staring agape at the TV, screaming and gasping at the Densi scenes (then rewinding and watching again to make sure I didn’t imagine that) and actually being on the edge of my seat with the plot right from the opening shot. I was glad no one was home when I was watching as I’m certain I was as entertaining as the episode. Also confirmed why I love this show and I’m OK with having the occasional episode I absolutely despise, because 99% of it is just so good. I always LOVE Andrew Bartels’ and Dennis Smith’s work, so I was not at all surprised that they gave us this gem.

    I agree with you Jericho – the mass casualty scene affected me because it was so well done. I thought the traumatic limb amputation was disturbingly realistic as were the other injuries. I don’t have a role that puts me on scene but we do incoming mass casualty drills and the scene in the theater nudged that part of my brain to prep for triage. I also agree re: the Muslim agent providing balance and realism.

    No more words. Just love, love, love this ep!!!

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  14. Wonderful Review! You brought up so many of the things I thought while watching.

    With the opening of the show being the promo, I pretty much expected a 12 hours earlier time jump, but I also had it in the back of my mind that this show has closed a case once or twice before at the beginning of an episode just to have another one start. (7×04 is a less dramatic example of this).

    The bedroom scene was a great contrast to the beginning as well as the end of the episode. It was also sweet, funny, honest, and loving. I didn’t notice anything off except at one point I felt like they should be looking at each other, but that was when she was saying she loves her job and loves doing it with him; and maybe the fact that she still isn’t ready to leave is still too difficult and touchy a subject to look at each other while talking about; or maybe it had to do with camera blocking or something.

    I do believe that Kensi is coming to terms with the fact that sooner rather than later she will leave the job for their life together. I definitely think the homeless woman in this episode was put in to remind us of Kensi’s past, but also to present a possible avenue for her to help people in the future.

    Like you, I felt like this episode had everything we love about this show. There were funny lines like when the woman said Kensi and Deeks had funny names and then Kensi asked, “Well what’s your name?” It had the action and the tender moments too.

    I also like that the team was thrown by this one and, like you said, is a step behind. I have a feeling there is a lot more danger and terror to come. I know our team will pull through it together, but can’t wait to see how that happens.

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  15. JS. Great review! You listed every point that I thought about while I watched the episode. I also thought that the open was going to be “24hrs Earlier” but we got a “Raiders Of The Lost Ark” type open. This is the kind of episode that reminds me that this is still a great show with excitement abound.

    I kind of liked the one second left on the bomb because it gives one of the team members something to think about. Also showing that terrorists can pop up anywhere and the good guys must be ever vigilant. Although it just adds to the list of enemies who might crash the wedding, which R. Scott chop em up said will be like “Sunshine & Gunpowder” and then titled the episode “ To Death do Us Part”. Kind of heavy handed!

    It’s almost like someone for the show reads wikiDeeks cause it looks like all the comments from last year are being answered and then some. So far this year Densi has about the same time on screen as Sallen and that has never happened although should have. It’s like Kensi is getting her affairs in order to move on with Deeks and help other people without getting shot at, if they don’t kill her first. I know ECO has publicly said that he and Sarah are trying for kid number 3 which could mean Dani & Dave could be trying also. So I’m calling it now the last line in the last episode of the year would be Kensi saying “Deeks I’m pregnant”

    With only 8 episodes left I’m worried we haven’t seen Linda Hunt return to lead this team through some of these missions and hope she has recovered fully. I really like Ochoa and thought that he would have been a better choice than Mosley but I miss Linda’s leadership.

    So far this year the writers have been super and seem to one up each other to be the best. You just have to love all the new characters and how they have fit right in with the main cast. I look forward to the rest of the season and hope for an early renewal

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  16. Great review Jericho! I appreciated all your observations, especially as a first responder. Was wondering how realistic that whole scene felt to you. It was intense for me as a very definite non-first responder.

    I thought it was a great episode. The horror of the last scene really made me wonder if Frank Military is rubbing off on Andrew Bartels (which would be awesome). Maybe it was starting the episode off in my home of San Pedro on a street I drive twice a day (really, how did I not see them filming this?), or maybe it was the horror of the last scene, but something about this episode really affected me. It made me feel scared and vulnerable to the bad guys, which is unusual.

    I loved the intimate Densi scene. The pacing at the beginning reminded me of Command & Control in the way they finished their mission and headed home to enjoy some domestic peace. My favorite part was Deeks’ whispered “I love you” at the end of the conversation- sweet and sexy.

    I agree with everyone who enjoyed the callbacks to other ongoing and past stories. What I particularly liked was the subtle way things were referenced, like with Kensi and the homeless woman. A non-regular viewer could enjoy the scene as it stood, without having to hear anyone bring up Kensi’s time on the streets. But for us long-time viewers, we could read so much more into Kensi’s reactions and Deeks’ reactions to her. What a treat. This is how it should be done!

    By the way fun little trivia from the first scene. Right before Callen kicks the guy in the head, you can catch a glimpse of Astrid’s apartment from “The Fifth Man” on the hill behind him.

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  17. I enjoyed your review. I also enjoyed the exciting opening sequence. In fact, I pretty much enjoyed everything about this episode. I like how they paced the story with action, interaction, romance and suspense, before the horror of the bombing. I was happy that they gave us that lovely Densi scene at last, that most of us have been pining for. It was definitely a gift. I did not think it was too slow or out of place. Kensi’s soul searching was very understandable, and it totally makes sense that she may be interested in helping homeless people given her time living on the streets. I like that Deeks is not pushing her to make a hasty decision. I also loved his whispered I love you. Heart melt.

    Someone remarked above that there has been a change in the interaction between Kensi and Deeks this season, and I agree, but I can’t quite figure out why they are being written this way. They seem to be scowling (especially Deeks) a lot. While ECO&DR still have the most wonderful chemistry, they don’t flirt with each other, don’t tease each other, don’t even touch each other like they did in seasons past. I always loved how they looked at each other, it was like ‘eye sex.’ I hope that we get some romantic wedding scenes. Maybe Hetty will pop up and gift them with an idyllic honeymoon, instead of digging irrigation ditches in Peru. A girl can dream, can’t she?

    The horror of the theater bombing was shocking and made all the more frightening because we know that something like this really can happen at any time here in this country. We are living in very unsettling times these days. It makes us realize just how vulnerable we are. Well done Mr. Bartels. My only quibble is that not one person in the theater panicked and tried to get the hell out of there, either thru an exit or breaking out a window. I just don’t believe that they would just calmly stay there. Maybe that’s just me. Also, is anyone suspicious of Agent Fatima?

    Lastly, was anyone distracted by Deeks’ constant blinking in the bedroom scene? Did he need some Visine in those gorgeous, beautiful baby blues, lol? I enjoy Wikideeks, and love and appreciate reading everyone’s thoughts and opinions. Keep up the good work Wikideeks contributors.

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