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Thank You for Helping Us Raise $4230 for Pets of the Homeless!

We are so happy to announce the winners of our final drawing to support Pets of the Homeless, a great charity that provides food and emergency veterinary care, and helps spay and neuter pets owned by homeless individuals. You can learn more about them on our Pets of the Homeless page.

Congratulations and a huge thank you to wikiDeeks reader Nadine, who won a “Humbug” photo signed by Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah. Nadine replied to the news by saying, “Everybody has the right to be helped even when you go through difficult times. Giving to pets is obvious to me: they love us unconditionally and don’t judge us. Thank you to wikideeks, Pets of the Homeless and obviously Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen for this amazing contest and your involvement.”

Congratulations #2 and another huge thank you to wikiDeeks reader Tyler, who won a special image designed by two of our best fan artists, thewingsofnight and ecolookhere, also autographed by Daniela and Eric. Tyler reacted by saying, “I love this show especially Densi. I contributed because I thought it was a worthy charity. I sure never expected to win. Wow.”

A final congratulations and another huge thank you to wikiDeeks reader Mary Ann, who won a “Descent” photo signed by Daniela and Eric. Mary Ann said:

I am thrilled to win be one of the winners. Thank you!

But firstly, I want to thank Diane (@phillydi) and all the regular staff (contributors) to the wikiDeeks site. Your dedicated and professional work has kept Eric Christian Olsen’s and NCIS:LA fans informed and entertained by your creativity into all things Deeks! I did not have a chance to post to the site yet, but I wanted to say THANK YOU to you and all contributors for a wonderful, wild ride into our favorite show. Of course, it is a disappointment the site is shutting down but life happens and I, being in visual communication as well, recognize ALL the work you have put into this project over the past several years. It takes time to do what you have accomplished especially on a regular basis, taking its toll in so many ways. You do have the satisfaction that personally ECO and all the powers that be in the NCIS:LA world are very aware of your splendid and dedicated work. Kudos, bravo and thank you to all!

Secondly, I am so appreciative of winning the photo signed by ECO and Daniela. The most recent post by Karen P. summed it up well: “What enhanced that conflict, as well as every other interaction Deeks has ever had, is Eric Christian Olsen’s incredible chemistry with everyone. His ability to improvise and to react to his co-stars makes his scenes come to life in a way few actors achieve.” This rings true in every ECO interview I have ever seen. He is a deep thinker and very intelligent. He could not improvise the way he does without those qualities, utilizing observation and understanding to get it right. His advice for life in the “10,000 NOs” podcast from Matthew del Negro not only demonstrates his intelligence and dedication to hard work, but the major quality that can get you far – gratitude. He knows who he is but he also knows he does not know all – about life or himself. The sheer joy of learning and exploration is propelling him toward great success. But he is always aware of how much he has been given. That gratitude flows into a generous spirit and giving action. Daniela’s relationship with his brother is a case in point. (OK, so it wasn’t totally altruistic; he wanted his brother to be happy as well.) This deep love of humanity and life extends to all creation and his compassion for the homeless and their pets is just one demonstration of his kindness in action. It’s not just enough to feel; we need to do. And ECO does – along with his family, wife Sarah and sister-in-law Daniela Ruah, who also work on behalf of causes close to their hearts. They are winners in everyone’s hearts.

Best success to you and the wikiDeeks team.

Thanks Mary Ann! The drawing brought our (final?) fundraising total to $4,230! We’ll send the notes from everyone who gave to Eric when the show starts filming again this fall. Thanks Eric and Daniela, and everyone who’s given so much to support this great charity inspired by our favorite fictional character.

It may be too late to win, but it’s not too late to give to this great charity. Follow the instructions on our Pets of the Homeless page to donate. Every little bit helps.

Thank you for all your help!


The Fine Print:

Marty Deeks and the other wonderful characters of NCIS:LA are the property of Shane Brennan and CBS.  Neither CBS, NCIS:LA, Eric Christian Olsen, nor Daniela Ruah are involved in wikiDeeks’ Pets of the Homeless campaign.

Karen P.

Karen P. is a contributor at Follow her on Twitter: @anonklp

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wikiDeeks Writer & Assistant Editor. I never wrote for fun before... until my ECO-obsession. Now I love to analyze any and all aspects of the best character on television.

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