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NCISLA Case Briefing: “Granger, O.” (S7E22)

NCISLA Case Briefing: Granger, O. (S7E22)

“Granger, O” – As Granger escorts Jennifer Kim (Malese Jow) back to Los Angeles, he interrogates her regarding a North Korean spy and she admits to knowing he is her father, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, April 18 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT), on the CBS Television Network. Written by: Kyle Harimoto | Directed by: Dennis Smith

Yet another of the primary team members has received their own titled episode. (As a Deeks-centered fan site, we are attempting to withhold expression of the continuing oversight on this matter.) Moving on….

The show was clear in setting off our “Spidey senses” regarding Granger and the young woman somehow connected to North Korean spies. The mystery was in striving to determine the possible genuine nature of the situation versus what could be presumed as yet another common ploy to connect to a suspect in order to prompt some level of “confession”. Was Owen a man literally facing his past or just employing covert tactics to solve a case? This one did feel real. And it sounds like it was?

The press release states Ms. Kim’s admission to knowing Granger is her father. (Can anyone else hear Granger’s recognizable bass voice echoing that famous statement from Darth Vader?!) How? Did her mother tell her this? If her mother was a spy, were her words truth or yet another application of conspiratorial trade-craft?

If we accept all these clues as fact, might this prompt some type of potential awkward bonding with Callen? G found his father and Granger found his daughter?

Speaking of found, Beale just found “his game”? Based on the notable prior 3-on-3 effort, the Tech Operator was portrayed as an athletic novice. Now we’re to believe he may have more experience than the vast majority of his colleagues. Is anyone else confused?

Deeks’ Week: The dark reminiscing of lone missions from Nate’s antics last week, along with the sleep-eating-thievery issues, seems to be mere thoughts of the past. Instead, the always entertaining team effort around the hoop kicks things off in a far more jovial manner this week. My, how times have changed from Densi battling each other (on and off the court) to now teaming up against their senior colleagues.  

And now the relatively newly-minted couple are off to one of the Cupcake Girls nuptials? Proposal. Wedding. Marriage. Kids. The clues this show’s dropping about the presumed future of Densi resembles a domestic minefield! With that in mind, will Deeks feel like he’s in the middle of a warzone of giddy girls in dresses or comfortable with the thought of inserting himself and his princess into a similar situation?


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4 Comments on NCISLA Case Briefing: “Granger, O.” (S7E22)

  1. I did like the only sneak peek they released this week with Densi vs Sallen playing basketball in the gym. But more importantly, now I know that I would pay to see Deeks and Kensi at one of the Cupcake Girls’ wedding! They must be fabulous. Let’s hope we will get some evidence at least with a photograph in Kensi’s phone (I really don’t expect more of this “storyline” in this episode or the following).


  2. Okay; not to be overly picky or negative; however, since when can Eric play basketball? And then to state “3 years varsity bitches” what the hell; a few seasons back he couldn’t even catch the ball. Oiy this show is very frustrating sometimes with their lack of consistency; do they not watch their own show? Or, perhaps its just me; am I’m missing something?
    Either way; fun scene; love it when the teams are together. Awaiting a good episode. Weird that we get a Granger O episode prior to some other characters (cough Deeks) that have been on this program prior to his character joining the show.
    However; I do like Granger a lot; he adds much to this really good show, love Miguel Ferrer he plays Granger so well. Oh the voice :-).
    Looking forward to a good episode; I hope :-)!


  3. PS — Thank you again for a really good Case Briefing!


  4. The basketball scene looked fun! I have come to like Granger somewhat. I hope that we do eventually get the promised episode of Deeks M next Season. Has there been a Hanna S episode? Lots of tidbits as to where Densi are going this Season/ Hopefully we will get a good payoff before the end of the Season!


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