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We Are Better Than This! Kensi’s Journal 10/17/21


One of the things I love most about Deeks is his heart; his compassion for others is inspiring.  Which is one more reason why cases like this make me so angry.  An elderly JapaneseAmerican veteran was beaten nearly to death for no reason other than where his family is from, and underneath his own outrage, it hurt Deeks deep in his heart.  Because yes, we should be better than this.  

I know I joked last time about all the holidays we’d get to celebrate if Deeks and I adopted a bunch of kids from different cultures or races, but it’s so much more than that, isn’t it?  Obviously Deeks and I would make sure they (and we) know and honor their cultural and racial background, but is that sufficient? Hell, would it even be fair (to the child and/or to other potential adoptive parents) for us to adopt a child from a different race? What if it’s an older child who would otherwisebe in foster care with someone who is also not of the same background?  As important as love, kindness, support, security, and everything else we could provide are, would it be enough?  Deeks is right, we really do need to think more about this.

On the lighter side (because all these questions with no answers is too depressing of a note to end on tonight) how did my husband never tell me before today that he lived in a van and travelled the country?! All that complaining he did about the awesome RV we used while on over watch for Nell and Beale—it had to be twice as big as a van.  And when I suggested we sell the house and live in a van while we homeschool our kids—you’d think he could have said something then.  Okay, maybe he was a little distracted by the fact that he was trapped in a warehouse that was about to blow up, but still!  Now I don’t feel bad at all for cheating beating him up that hill.

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