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Roundtable Discussion: NCISLA End of Season 7 Review – Part One

wikiDeeks staff comes together to discuss Season 7



Diane:  Let’s start out talking about Season 7 and what were your thoughts and expectations, and did it fulfill what you had hoped for?

Tess: I really enjoyed Season 7. I think they did a really solid job of wrapping up three major storylines, multi-season storylines, with Callen’s father, with Sam and Khaled, and with Deeks and the Internal Affairs investigation. That’s a massive amount of story that was wrapped up and all three of those stories were wrapped up well – you didn’t walk away from that and go “Ugh” – in 24 episodes.

Lindy: I think it was great too. I think a lot of that happened because Shane Brennan was leaving. Especially dealing with Callen’s father, that’s something he always wanted to do and I think a lot of that might also have to do with the fact that they weren’t sure whether they were going to get another season.

Tess: If deadlines make for good stories, I’m all for deadlines.

Lindy: Yeah, me too… I thought the way Kensi and Deeks got together and slowly built throughout the season, I think that made for something very sweet that we haven’t really seen. There’d been so much tension between them. I thought that this year there was just that solid caring and loving, even though a lot of it was off-screen, which I always object to. I’d still like to see more passion, and some intimate things going on, but I thought it was sweet.

Karen P.: Yeah, I agree, and I thought it was nice that they continued to grow over the course of the season. I was cleaning out my DVR last night and I flipped through “Citadel,” where they open where Deeks makes some reference to proposing and he freaks out because he doesn’t want Kensi to think he’s actually about to do that, and then over the course of the season you see them getting closer until they do start talking about marriage. I feel like they’ve had a nice realistic arc and we’ve actually gotten to see not everything, but more than we got to see in Season 6, where I felt like once they were “all in,” we never really saw them as a couple for the rest of the season.

Diane: I know with Season 8, they keep talking about this calamity that’s going to befall Kensi, and they really in Season 7 kept away from any types of anxiety or stress. There might have been something about having kids and stuff, but they really tried to keep it more on a, as Lindy said, a sweet level, and to watch their relationship grow and thrive, I found it OK. I wish there was a little bit more tension between them, but it was OK at the end, knowing what’s going to probably happen next season.

Lindy: I think they were just setting us up. If they did know that there was going to be a Season 8, that’s the perfect set-up, you know? Everything’s peachy keen and then wham, they’re going to kill us with the opening few episodes, I think.

Diane: Anything in particular besides the relationship, any other things that you liked about Season 7? We did have Callen’s story come out. I will tell you, if we’re going to talk about some of the things we didn’t like, I didn’t like Arkady’s daughter. What was she called? I’ve totally blocked her out of my mind. [Laughter.]

Lindy: Anna.

Diane: Anna! There you go. Ugh.

Lindy: Anna Banana. Do you think they’re going to bring her back?

Gayle: I do think that they’re going to bring her back, and I am also on the anti-Anna train.

Tess: If I can get her in a two-for-one deal with Arkady, I’m fine. I like the actor who plays Arkady. Every time he comes on, whatever he’s doing is just a little bit better because he’s there. So if I’ve got to put up with her basically posing through her scenes, if I can get Arkady taking a gun out of the freezer, I’m good. [Laughter.]

Randy: I was waiting for him to move a body out of the way to get to the gun. Because when he opened the freezer I thought he would lift an arm and then he’d pull the gun out and put the arm back.

Diane: Well I’m OK if she’s connected with him but if she comes on as an agent and works with Callen, God no. I just don’t think I could stomach that.

Lindy: I’m more afraid she’s going to work with Deeks.

Tess: I wonder if she’s going to be in the rotation of assorted partners for the seven or eight episodes they’re going to need to fill in with people.

Karen: If she works with Callen that frees Deeks up to work with Sam, which would make me really happy because I love to see those two together.

Diane: That’s true.

Lindy: That would be interesting. What do you think are the chances they’ll bring Nate back as one of the people that works with Deeks?

Diane: I’d love to see that.

Tess: I have a feeling Nate’s going to be the mole. I’m following spoilers and everything, and I don’t know anything else, but they can’t just pick another random guy wearing a sweater and announcing that he’s the mole and has almost taken down NCIS and we’ve never seen him before. It has to be somebody– and I don’t think Nate is the intentional mole, I think somebody is using him or has gotten to him at some point, and has access to his things, so I have a feeling. Nate’s got his own show on Showtime now and I think this is going to be the end for Nate.

Lindy: I don’t agree with that at all. I think the fact that they don’t know who the mole is, why should we know who the mole is? I think it’s a plot device not to have somebody anybody knows. But I would be very pained if it was Nate, because I love Nate. He was goofy, and soft and sweet and funny, and that he could be involved in something like that even unsuspectingly involved, then I think that would be a disservice to his character throughout the series.

Karen: But maybe they were trying to set that up… I hadn’t thought of that before, Tess, but I like that theory. Maybe they were trying to set a little of that up with “Head of the Snake” – is that the one where Nate came back and he was playing the bad guy? I think that would be really interesting. I kind of agree with Tess, that I don’t want it to be just some random person we’ve never met before. I feel like that just lacks drama. It would so dramatic if it were Nate, or any of the main cast members, but I think Nate makes the most sense.

Lindy: Maybe it’s Nell.

Karen: She’s smart enough to do it.

Diane: So they’re talking a lot about this mole thing being a big part of Season 8. What else do we think is going to be happening besides the wedding proposal? Has anybody been hearing anything in social media? Tess, have you heard anything else on-line?

Tess: Yeah, there’s a lot of stuff on-line. There’s going to be about seven or eight episodes where Daniela Ruah’s not going to be in it at all, and she and Eric Christian Olsen went back to work early to shoot a bunch scenes, and these scenes [spoiler alert!] look like they’ve been shot in hospitals and things like that, so Kensi’s absence is going to be from an injury, and it sounds like it’s a catastrophic injury.

Lindy: I should be covering my ears! [Laughter.]

Tess: Sorry!

Lindy: I don’t want to know any of this! Let me know when you guys are done, and I’ll take my fingers out of my ears.

Tess: I’ll just wrap this up by saying, the whole thing is related to the mole, and they’re in Syria investigating somebody when Washington comes to the office and takes over in the mole hunt… I’m all spoilered up on this so… When you write the spoiler columns for the previews… I’ve got a file full of pictures, and we’re ready to go once the season starts.

Karen: One of my wishes for Season 8 is that we get more surprises that aren’t spoilered in advance. Things like the proposal in “The Seventh Child” was so much better because it was a surprise and we didn’t know that it was going to be there at the end. Compared to like, the end of the episode before “Internal Affairs,” where we knew he was going to get arrested at the end of the episode. For me, that takes a lot of the fun out of it. I’d much rather be surprised.

Lindy: Yeah, I don’t even like previews anymore. Or ads.

Diane: I guess they had that CBS event over the weekend where they announce all the shows, and LL Cool J has done this before, so I don’t know how much I believe him, but once again he’s talking about “Someone’s going to die!” Who do you think that could be? If there’s somebody that’s gonna be dying. I’m sure it’s not going to be anybody major but…

Tess: That goes with my thought that Nate is the mole. If Nate’s a dupe, and once he’s not useful, or he figures it out… I’m doing bad things to Nate every week! [Laughter.]

Lindy: What’s Nate ever done to you?

Tess: I like Nate. I think actually the show ruined Nate, by making him comic relief. He was so much better in the NCIS episode than he ever was, basically until “Head of the Snake.”

Diane: That’s true. I did like him in those episodes because he was really tough and then Hetty started berating him a lot, and he became a wimp.

Tess: Everybody did.

Diane: Yeah. He’s such a sweet, intelligent guy that I think he would have been so much better as someone trying to be important behind the scenes like he did in the initial episodes instead of being out in the field. I just don’t think he had the personality to go out there and be an agent.

Lindy: That’s the way I felt about Nell when they put her out in the field, that was dumb.

Karen: How’d you feel about Eric?

Lindy: That was fun. I love Eric, and he’s goofy and he’s fun and I think he took over for where Nate’s character left off. And now that they’re not making Deeks the butt of every single joke, I think Eric has taken over that spot of comic relief. Deeks is still funny, but not like they used to just pile on him.

Diane: I just think that all their strengths lie in different areas, and I guess they think it’s very exciting and very sexy to be able to go out there with a gun and shoot people, and that’s what the attraction is, but I just think that taking them away from what they do best is a mistake.

Randy: But what I wanted to see with Nate though, is since he’s a clinical psychologist – why? Why did he go into that field? Was it his choice, or did something happen to Nate in his upbringing or his youth or his early years or maybe in his college time that that’s where he ended up. Deeks has his dark past, you have Kensi with her dad, and you have all the little other things of Callen. What about Nate? Because in the first episode he was a little bit darker, he had a little bit darker character side to him. And his introspection, the insights, were awesome. And what formed him that way? Was there something in his past that made Nate that way? And if he is the mole, or he’s not the mole, they can always come back to see if that’s his driving force. If he never comes back, we’ll never know.

Lindy: My question about him being the mole, though, is if he’s out of the country a lot, how is he spying on everything that’s going on inside NCIS at all? How is he able to do that? I can’t quite make that leap for him being the mole.

Karen: All he has to do is hack into Hetty’s security cameras that she has in every single room, everywhere.

Lindy: I don’t know, I can’t buy that he’s the mole. But I’m usually wrong, so…

Tess: One thing I’d like to go back to is why Nate’s out, and why they’re sending Eric or Nell out, is I think sometimes the other actors, especially LL Cool J and Chris O’Donnell have other commitments that you have to shoot around. If you want to keep these folks on the show… LL Cool J is going to host the Grammy’s until he doesn’t want to host the Grammy’s anymore. That means he’s going to be missing for two weeks in February. He’s going to be hosting that show he’s got on Spike TV, so you need to have some other people ready to go in the field. And now with Daniela Ruah missing for two months, three months, that’s more.

Lindy: Now you’re really scaring me, I think Anna is going to come back! [Laughter.]

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11 Comments on Roundtable Discussion: NCISLA End of Season 7 Review – Part One

  1. Very good discussion among people who really like the show and the characters. I am somewhat ok with Anna but DO NOT want to ever see Talia ever again. I agree about Nate and how they changed him. They did the same with Eric. In S1 and S2 he was smart and edgy not so much now although he was a bit better in S7. I am not a Neric shipper. They feel more “Will and Grace” to me always have.
    As for Deeks and Kensi, it was refreshing to see them as a couple and the team acting like adults around them and with them.
    Good job by all.


  2. I have trouble with the Nate as the mole theory. He always seemed so dedicated to everyone – just can’t see him “doing them harm”. But – who else can it be? I never quite understood who his character was supposed to be. Why would a psychologist be on an undercover team like that? I could see him as the “office” profiler, working for everyone, just not as one of the agents themselves as he didn’t ever seem like the action agent to me. I kinda thought Deeks agreed to back off the snarky attitude when he committed to Taking Things More Seriously and he was true to his word. I am another Anti-Anna person. Do not like her at all. Personally, I’d be very disappointed in Callen if he “goes for her” – much preferred Joelle (whose name ECO and DR couldn’t even remember on the DVD commentary – that does not bode well for her). Looking forward to a proposal and how they handle “missing” Kensi. I did think that Dani said in an interview that she won’t be “missing” at all because of the pregnancy, that they will include her in all the episodes? Assuming injured, though. Loved your discussion!


  3. I don’t mind Anna’s character because it will (hopefully) mean more Arkady & Callen scenes but the “acting” of the actress who plays her is terrible. So not looking forward to episodes with her in them. I really hope she isn’t paired up with Deeks because ECO is such a great actor and her bad acting will REALLY stand out.


  4. Great roundtable discussion. You brought up an issue I never thought about which is Nate as the mole. I am not sure how I feel about that. I really like Nate and thought his character never got the respect he deserved. I would like to see him paired up with Deeks. One flaw the show has is few good supporting players who return which would make one of them being the mole work as well. I have wanted them to take the show a little deeper so I am okay with it if we see some of the emotional fallout. For some reason, I have an easier time thinking it is Nell though that might be a set up. Looking forward to the season to start. Thank you for all you do.


  5. Thanks for great comments. Glad you are enjoying discussion. Come back for part two!


  6. This roundtable was really interesting! Thanks everyone for their thoughts and opinions.

    In other comments I have already said that I did like most Season 7 episodes, characters’ development, interactions and arcs (especially IA’s investigation on Deeks and Callen finally finding out his name, while I expected a little more from Sam’s episodes).
    I loved how Deeks and Kensi’s relationship was dealt with and I was so thankful to the writers (well, most of them…) for allowing them to be what they really are: adults.
    An example of what I didn’t like is Talia and I hope the showrunners are not bringing her back: I am sorry for Mercedes, she is certainly a great actress, but the character they tailored for her didn’t do her justice. She was so over the top and obnoxious (especially in Citadel) that I can’t force myself to watch again the episodes where she’s in. And when they decided she could become Kensi’s friend, no, sorry, her character was already ruined forever.

    I have great expectations from Season 8. I am thrilled to see this great Kensi’s arc to hide Daniela’s pregnancy they have been hyping over the past weeks.
    What I do hope is that they won’t damage Kensi’s character too much. I understand she will likely be injured, I understand this will bring drama and some Densi heartbreaking scenes, but I expect the writers to know what they are doing and leave a “door” open for Kensi and her complete and plausible healing in future episodes. I don’t watch NCIS LA only for Densi romance and angst, I want them to be in the field together and continue being the kickass, strong and almost fearless partners I fell in love with long before I thought they could become life partners.


  7. I really liked this roundtable. I agree whith what you said about the storyline to hide Daniela’s pregnancy. With all the photos that the actors have been posting they will probably have an acident coming from or going to Syria. And I also heard sometinhg about a wheelchair on the set…
    About Anna, I also don’t like her but Daniela and Eric said during “Internal Affairs” commentary that she would be on some episodes this season.


  8. Great discussion everyone. I really love this site and the new look is fantastic. I enjoyed Season 7 as I have said before because we FINALLY got to see Deeks & Kensi together as a real couple. They had some wonderful scenes and some Densi focused episodes. Loved Internal Affairs, Citadel, The Seventh Child and Come Back. There were some dud episodes and a couple of episodes I did not watch. Not a fan of Callen and do not like Anna at all. I know there will be some drama coming up with Densi but I feel they will get through it because they are a strong couple and very much in love. I just want them engaged. I too would like to see more passionate scenes with Deeks & Kensi. If they write more episodes like the Seventh Child where the whole cast was involved with a strong storyline then it will be a great Season 8.


  9. Thanks for the review of season 7, I really enjoy hearing long time Deeks fans discuss the show. I thought season 7 was really great other than the two Kalstein episodes. I really like that ECO got to shine in episodes like Internal Affairs and the Seventh Child. I really enjoyed competent Detective Deeks .I also liked that they portrayed Densi as a mature adult couple, with a supportive competent Deeks and Kensi as a supportive girlfriend. I thought all of the characters experienced character development in season 7 and I liked that we had a lot of team episodes where the entire cast was featured.

    As for the mole, I am guessing it is Paul Anglo, known character, but not a character most people like. At the end of Command and Control, when Sallen wants to question him, Hetty says she will take care of it, so I am guessing that somehow this leads to her downfall; speculating is fun.

    As to what I did not like , I am with several others, I hope they never bring Talia back ever. I am with Cladani, I cannot bring myself to rewatch the episodes she is in and her character has just been ruined forever. Talia, is obnoxious, unprofessional, and a terrible role model for young girls. It struck me at the end of Citadel that if Deeks had sexually harassed a female agent by grabbing her face when she clearly did not want to be touched, kissing her later on and then blowing off and laughing at a human relations violation at the end , NCIS LA would probably have been taken off the air and ECO would have had a mailbox full of hate email and had to issue an apology . However, since it was a woman harassing a man and abusing his significant other somehow that was funny? entertaining? I honestly cannot understand how TPTB let that episode air and I truly do not understand fans who have glorified her unpleasant character.


  10. Adri Hoover // July 16, 2017 at 3:37 PM // Reply

    Desperately seeking S08 round table😉


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