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Nachos, Peer Pressure and Kiss Cams (A Valentine’s Day Story)

Densi Kiss Cam pic

“What is wrong with Griffin tonight?” Kensi asked in an irritated tone.

Deeks finished taking a swig of his beer then answered, “I don’t know. Maybe he’s distracted or something.”

“Distracted by what?” she asked.

A loud roar erupted from the crowd as Deeks’ buddy, Kip made a spectacular dunk. They both stood and added their voices and whistles to the din.  As the cheering subsided and they sat back down, Kensi asked again, “Distracted by what?”

He grabbed another nacho from their shared order and munched on it thoughtfully. “Maybe he’s trying to figure out what to get his girl for Valentine’s Day,” he said with a smirk.

She gave him an incredulous look and replied, “Really Deeks? You don’t think he can concentrate on his game because of something as trivial as that?”

“Trivial!” he said surprised. “There is absolutely nothing trivial about Valentine gifts. I’ve had friends whose relationships crashed and burned because they gave the wrong gift on this most important of American holidays.”

She snorted as she rolled her eyes. “Why do people make such a big deal out of it? It’s just another day.” She sipped her beer then continued her rant. “You know it was invented so the greeting card companies could make a killing.”

“Not just card companies,” he replied. “You have florists, chocolatiers, jewelers and my most favorite of all… lingerie designers.  I hear Victoria’s Secret has surpassed Whitman’s Candy Company in sales during February.”

She shook her head and just as she was about to comment, a time out was called and the ‘Met Life Valentine Kiss Cam’ appeared on the big screen above the court.

“And that,” she said as she pointed at the spectacle, “Is the worst of all.”

“What’s wrong with the infamous kiss cam?” he asked, surprised by her outburst.

“Because it’s fake!” she spouted. “It’s awkward and you’re forced to do it while everyone is watching. Classic peer pressure.  Not very romantic if you ask me.”

“Maybe they want everyone to watch. Maybe they’re exhibitionists and are happy to share.” He took another sip then turned to her with a curious look. “What’s this really about Kens?” he asked as he silently held out the large container of nachos for her.

She took one, careful not to get any jalapeños, watched a few more kissing couples then turned to him and asked, “What’s your worst Valentine’s Day memory?”

He forced a short laugh as his face clouded slightly. “Wow. There’s so many to choose from. How about I skip over the ones during my stellar childhood and start with college? Let’s see… there was the year I spent about three hundred bucks on flowers, candy and concert tickets only to find out that my date stood me up. Oh, and the year I took a girl to a fancy restaurant only to find out that she was more into our waitress than me. Shall I go on?”

Kensi watched Griffin miss another basket then grimaced and replied, “See, there’s just too much pressure. I don’t understand why one night of the year has to be so stressful.”

Deeks glanced back at the game then said, “Ok, now it’s your turn. Worst Valentine’s Day. Go.”

She sighed and replied dully, “The first one after Jack left. I had convinced myself that he was coming home that night to surprise me. Haven’t really participated in one since.”

He nodded in understanding then asked, “So, if I took you to a pro basketball game, bought you beer and nachos and skipped all of the stereotypical Valentine’s Day rituals, you’d be okay with it?”

“Absolutely! Flowers die, candy makes you have to double up on your workouts and I can’t wear jewelry very often because of the job so I think this is just about perfect.”

Another time out was called as he set the nachos down by his feet. He turned to her and said “That’s why I love… I love what we have together. Happy Valentine’s Day Kensi.” He cupped her face and kissed her gently, totally oblivious to the fact that they were now the starring couple on the dreaded ‘Kiss Cam.’

As they separated amid the whistles and cheers, still unaware of their brief celebrity status, she whispered in his ear, “However, I wouldn’t mind if you chose to do a little lingerie shopping also.”

He just grinned and winked as he replied, “Already done!”



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10 Comments on Nachos, Peer Pressure and Kiss Cams (A Valentine’s Day Story)

  1. So sweet! He really wanted to say, “I love you” didn’t he? 😉


  2. We will never ever see lingerie shopping, right? So let’s enjoy the idea at least here, in this very nice Valentine story where Deeks and Kensi act very naturally with each other and seem very comfortable doing normal things together, except for the kiss cam!


  3. Thanks for the valentine. I will just have to live vicariously today and enjoy their date. Do they have those on the show? Happy Valentines to everyone who makes this possible.


  4. This is a perfect Valentine’s Day for these two. I loved this!


  5. I love this! ❤️


  6. hermionesmydawg // February 14, 2015 at 7:43 PM // Reply

    Such a great idea for Valentine’s Day for them! I loved it.


  7. So sweet!


  8. Oh, and that artwork is awesome Colleen!


  9. Colleen, I love the Kiss Cam! It’s perfect!

    Thanks so much! The wonderful thing about fan fiction is that you get to portray the stuff they won’t let you see on the show.


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