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Kensi’s Journal – 02/09/15

February 9, 2015

What a day! Finding out Sam and Callen had been kidnapped was frightening. Those guys are constantly on alert and for someone to get the drop on them is absolutely unthinkable. They managed to escape and take out an ISIS cell which was a great ending for a day that started out so badly.

Well, I managed to let Deeks think he had wowed me with his fantastic cooking for almost a week. I had planned to let him keep his little secret but when I heard him complaining about the deceptive practices of his newest food truck phase I just couldn’t help myself. I’ll admit the dinner was awesome and it didn’t really matter that he didn’t actually cook it. All that mattered was that he wanted to impress me. While it may not have been a truly home cooked dinner, it was definitely a romantic one!

Now I’ve got to come up with something to do for him for Valentine’s Day and I don’t have a clue what that might be. Everything I can think of seems so lame. I thought about cooking dinner for him but who am I kidding? I’d be just as tempted to get takeout and pass it off as mine just as he did. Let’s face it, neither of us is much of a cook.

I googled ‘gifts for guys on Valentine’s Day’ and I guess I shouldn’t have been shocked at the suggestions but I truly was. There was even a book called “50 Shades of Bacon!” Thankfully I’ve got a few more days to think about it. Maybe I should get him to finally open the box!


6 Comments on Kensi’s Journal – 02/09/15

  1. aww Kensi, trying to plan a nice Valentine’s Day 🙂 I think opening the box is a great idea!


  2. LOL – 50 Shades of Bacon! That could be a “novel” novel about their ‘ship!


  3. You made my day. I’m actually laughing right now at 50 Shades of Bacon. Hillarious.
    I was just watching the offers for the Valentine’s Day from the current Oriflame catallogue, and I think that Kensi should buy him a perfume. It’s classy, but it’s a great gift. To remind Deeks of her every time he puts a little on him.
    Just sayin’


  4. Yes, Open the box! 😄


  5. I laughed so hard when I saw the ’50 Shades of Bacon’ book. It even has a tie on the front cover made out of bacon! I just has to include it in the journal!


  6. OMG it’s a real book??!! Im surprised Deeks didn’t write it! LOL!!!!


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