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NCISLA Preview: “Rage” (S6E20)

Rage 01 preview


Airing: April 13, 2015 (wow, time flies)

Filming: March 4th to 15th with Chris O’Donnell getting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (and a large part of the cast attending) on March 5th.

What CBS is telling us: Callen and Sam resume their undercover identities as a prisoner and guard to infiltrate a white supremacist group believed to be in possession of stolen nuclear material, while Kensi transforms herself into a tattooed biker to play the part of Callen’s girlfriend. Also, Callen’s first meeting with Hetty is revealed, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES, Monday, April 13 (9:59-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

What we think is happening: Well there is that fashion apocalypse that should be investigated but probably won’t. This case goes back to the case Callen and Sam were working in “Inelegant Heart” with the fluffy bathmat hair. Flashbacks, according to a John Peter Kouskis tweet, show a young Callen and the beginning of a significant relationship – speculating it is Hetty since that’s what TiVo told me.

By the way, this is episode 20 to air this season. Time really does fly.


Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST

Alicia Coppola as FBI Senior Special Agent Lisa Rand
Coppola appeared in “Little Angels” as the FBI Agent running the search for Amanda Rehme. She also appeared several times on the mothership as Lt. Commander Faith Coleman (a JAG Officer) and was Harm’s lawyer in the “Meltdown” JAG episode that introduced Gibbs’s NCIS team. Fun fact: Coppola is married to fellow actor Anthony Michael Jones who played dead military translator and bad dad Thomas Booth in “Bounty” in season two.

Patrick Kilpatrick as Dallas Alder
Kilpatrick has been in about every procedural imaginable in the last twenty years except NCIS. Appeared twice on JAG in two different roles (Kent and Capt. Lyle) in two different episodes (“Full Engagement” and “Surface Warfare”).

Rodney Eastman as Jimmie Ray Eason
Was Wendell Kaiser in the season 11 “Alibi” episode of NCIS and appeared in episodes of CSI, Bones, Rizzoli & Isles (as “Mo Monee” – quality guest character name), The Mentalist, Without A Trace, Criminal Minds, Crossing Jordan, Cold Case and a number of other network comedies and dramas.

Rebecca Field as Ginny
Sabine McNeil on Grey’s Anatomy, Lacey Jean on The Client List, Susan Winters on Hawthorne, Janet Meadows on October Road and appeared in a number of TV dramas including Monk, ER, Dollhouse, Lie to Me, Mentalist, Private Practice, CSI, Castle and Body of Proof.

Charles Halford as Decker
Was Chas Chandler on Constantine this season, Agent Shaw on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Reggie Ledoux on True Detective and had supporting roles in a number of feature films.

Sean Harmon as Charlie Connors
Sean Harmon has appeared several times on NCIS as the young (late teens, early twenties) Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Sean Harmon is the son of Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber. He is the grandson of the late Heisman Trophy winner and former KTLA sportscaster Tom Harmon and model/actress Elysee Knox. His cousins include actress Tracy Nelson and those two guys who use to sing as Nelson.

Linc Hand as LAPD Patrolman
Was Petty Officer Damien Hunter in last season’s “Rock and a Hard Place” NCIS episode. Played Kurt Renner on Revenge and appeared in a number of crime dramas including Justified, Castle and CSI.

Kevin Fry-Bowers as King
Was Dan Kubiak on Scandal, Neil on Sons of Anarchy and played three different roles in three different episodes of JAG: Corpsman in “Above & Beyond” (season three), Commander Morton in “Killer Instinct” (season six) and Lifeboat Petty Officer in season nine’s “Hail and Farewell” Part One.

Patti Tippo as Hostage #1
Appeared in supporting roles in a large number of television series (comedies and dramas) and in feature films.

Burt Grinstead as Michael
Played Lieutenant J.G. William Greco in NCIS‘s season 11’s “Alleged” episode and guest starred in series like The Mentalist and Criminal Minds.

David Goldman as David Goldman
According to David Goldman the actor’s IMDB page, David Goldman the character is a bank manager. Plays Principal Hunter on Fresh Off the Boat, Vice Principal Jenkins on Jane By Design and had guest roles in a number of dramas and comedies.

C.J. Valleroy as Callen at 15.
Played the young Louis Zamperini in “Unbroken”.

Kent Shocknek as Reporter
Former KCBS anchor who has played “news reporter” in “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Purity”, “Impact” and “Allegiance”.

Monti Sharp as Prison Guard
Won an Emmy as David Grant on The Guiding Light from 1992-1995 and appeared in As The World Turns and General Hospital. Was Handler in the season one “High Seas” episode of NCIS and appeared in episodes of 24, Close to Home, Six Feet Under, ER, Providence and NYPD Blue.

Michael Sun Lee as FBI Forensics Tech
Appeared as Lt. Kala on Hawaii Five-0 and guest starred in a number of dramas including The Fosters, Matador, Scorpion and Lie to Me.



Frank Military is a double threat – writer and director. He performed both duties in “Spoils of War” in season five. Besides “Spoils of War”, Military wrote/co-wrote “Little Angels” (the first episode with FBI Agent Rand), “Deliverance”, “Lockup”, “The Job”, “Greed”, “Betrayal”, “Crimeleon”, “Vengeance”, “Out of the Past” Part One, “Rude Awakenings” Part Two, “Descent”, “Ascension”, “Allegiance”, ”Spoils of War”, “Black Budget” and “SEAL Hunter”.

With the announcement of The X Files returning last month, Frank Military appeared as an actor, playing a vampire (John, the son) on the FOX series in 1994’s “3” episode.


Insider Intel: Nothing up this week so far.


Official Photographic Evidence:

The Callen and Kensi as a couple clothing is a fashion “don’t” (really more like an “oh dear, no!”). Please, let’s not revisit these outfits ever again.


Unofficial Surveillance:

JPK intros the episode:

And drops some knowledge:

Miguel Ferrer is happy to have Frank Military writing and directing the episode:

Alicia Coppola is happy to be back as FBI Agent Lisa Rand:

Eric Christian Olsen and Marty Deeks get things started on the first day of filming:

Chris O’Donnell and Daniela Ruah on the set (and in terrible clothes):

Chris O’Donnell and LL Cool J (orange really is the new black).

Guest Star Rodney Eastman hangs with LL Cool J and then shows his character’s tats:

Guest star Michael Sun Lee flashes his character’s unique fashion style (which is still better than the Callen jeans):

Film Crew LA shares some filming locations:

Writer Erin Broadhurst is excited about the episode:


Video Surveillance:


Looks like Callen is not having a good day and the team is working to save him.

Sneak Peek #1:

Sans the fluffy, angelic bathmat of longer hair, Callen is reprising his “Inelegant Heart” undercover assignment as prisoner Walinski. Walinski was also the name Callen used in driving school in season one’s “Full Throttle” – that Walinski is always in trouble with the law.

Sneak Peek #2:

So let’s get this straight – Chief Investigator Wallace and her DoD team, Mattias, the three FBI agents with their 3-D printers, Julie Chen, Thapa and Blaze all get to visit the super-secret NCIS OSP office but FBI Agent Rand – who was really helpful in “Little Angels” (USA was nice enough to rerun earlier this week) – she gets to sent to the boatshed. Sad state of affairs for a woman who helped reunite the Navy’s top cryptographer with his kidnapped teenage daughter.

Sneak Peek #3:

I’ve seen people wonder why this Callen/Kensi kiss was so much more than the first “all-in” Deeks/Kensi kiss. This kiss is selling undercover identities to a group of men who don’t seem to be the most likable sort. “All in” Deeks went ice skating with his friends/coworkers and wound up getting his hearts desire. There was a little more surprise in that ice rink kiss than this very planned, very public show of affection.

We’re back next week with a new episode (“Beacon”), followed by a rerun week and the final three episodes of season six. No kidding – time truly flies.


Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.

9 Comments on NCISLA Preview: “Rage” (S6E20)

  1. Thanks for great review!
    I think you are right about kisses. This one will be planned, like “it’s show time, look at us!”. Humbug kiss was maybe little bit awkward, but it was like first kisses are; it was shy, surprising, tentative and careful. The real one. Sweet, I think.


  2. Thanks for the preview. It is so refreshing to read a preview based on what IS rather than ones with imaginary what ifs!
    As to the kiss–I am not sure you are right but obviously we all need to see the whole episode to be able to asses or comment fairly on this (or any other thing).


  3. Thanks for this preview.
    I have positive expectations from this episode and I hope I won’t be disappointed.
    What I wouldn’t like is too much of a jelous Deeks… some can be fine, it’s an ingredient of love, but he is perfectly aware of their job and what they have to do to keep their cover so I think if he were portrayed as too jealous of Callen it would result as out of character.
    Moreover, this could work as a “test” to show the others that Deeks and Kensi can remain highly professional while working and be at the same time in a love relationship.
    Anyway, if this undercover kiss gives life to some Densi cuteness which we rarely see, it would be fine, otherwise I’d rather the kiss remained unacknowledged in the rest of the episode.

    In conclusion, this was my reaction when I first watched the clip:
    Densi true love kiss: awkward, embarrassed
    Callensi undercover kiss: natural, spontaneous, hot

    But I want to think, like Fin, that the Densi Humbug kiss was more shy and surprising than this which was planned and meant to be watched by others. I refuse to think that the actors’ chemistry is dropping.


    • I expect there to be some teasing/jokes about the kiss with Deeks possibly admitting he’ll never be thrilled seeing Kensi with another man just as he hopes Kensi won’t be happy to see him with another woman. Grown adults talking about their lives, their careers and their relationship.

      Also, Callen is in a serious relationship, something that is not getting nearly enough attention.


      • This season I honestly haven’t paid much attention to Callen being in a serious relationship because just from the very start the authors have teased about “a new love interest for Callen” later on in the season and Chris O’Donnell himself in a recent interview underlined it again. So, I thought, maybe Joelle is not important as we think she is for Callen or he will be forced to leave her for other unknown reasons.
        Anyway, when I saw Callen and Kensi kissing undercover in the third sneak peek, I admit not having thought about Joelle for a single instant while my concerns were all for Deeks 🙂


  4. Deeks caught Kensi off guard when he kissed her in “Humbug” so of course it was a bit awkward. Also, the kiss between Callen/Kensi was suppose to be between 2 people that have not seen each other in 6 months, so it’s planned to be passionate and hot. However, I still feel a bit uncomfortable watching it…may be I was jealous for Deeks.


  5. Thank you, once again, for a great preview!

    My kiss-related beef is that I want more Densi kissing and it annoys me a little (or a lot, depending on the day and my mood) that in 4 months we haven’t seen any (other than the morning shoulder kisses in Expiration Date) and now after all this time we’re getting a Callen/Kensi “kiss”. ::insert childish whiny moment:: it’s not fair! ::whiny moment over::

    Callen and Kensi are doing their jobs. I have zero concerns that either of them are harboring any feelings of desire to actually be kissing one another.

    As long as it is a catalyst for productive dialogue/development and not for making Deeks look like some raging jealous boyfriend (because that’s just not who he is at all), I’ll be a happy camper. Like Cladani said, if they aren’t going to use it appropriately, I’d rather see it be ignored than addressed at all.

    I’d love this to create some sweet Densi moment(s) – Frank Military has some history writing pretty good Densi stuff (he’s had some misses of course, but overall I usually like what we get from him).



    One last sneak peek, via LL Cool J’s Instagram Account. Sam is worried about Callen (again!).


  7. And one last photo, this time from Eric Christian Olsen’s Instagram account. Marty Deeks – saving the day (or at least some hostages! Could we get the man an LAPD vest?


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