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Review: NCISLA “The Noble Maidens” (S12E14)

This week’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, written by Chad Mazero and R. Scott Gemmill and directed by James Hanlon, brought an end to a multi-ep arc featuring Callen, his love triangle, and a whole lot of Russians. Or did it?

A boiling stew of Russian operatives

It appears that Anna is safely back in Callen’s life, thanks to the team rescuing her before Katya could have her shipped back to Russia. Mazero and Gemmill pointed out some interesting parallels between Anna’s upbringing and Callen’s. Of course, Hetty’s interventions weren’t nearly so structured to be considered a secret spy school, and were much more well-meaning, but it’s not hard to see how such unconventional childhoods might have produced the two flawed individuals we saw last night.

Hetty has certainly impacted many young lives, not always for the better (“Mother” provides maybe the best example). The assessment of the schoolgirls as either “invaluable operatives” or “ticking time bombs” could actually apply to both groups of young people. As we’ve seen in flashbacks in prior episodes, Hetty definitely influenced Callen at key times in his life. For example, this season we saw him with a chance to choose safety and the possibility of joining a happy, functional family, only to be drawn into Hetty’s world of spies and secrets in a quest for his own family. 

Other than the interesting backstory for both characters, the episode couldn’t help but feel a bit repetitive. First, it was the end of a long, multi-episode storyline and second, how many times have we seen some of these conversations, particularly around Callen’s decisions to go rogue and Sam’s frustration with said rogue-going? If I sensed genuine chemistry between Callen and Anna, I might have been more invested in saving her, but it seemed that even the showrunners aren’t so sure, giving us a puzzling ending where Callen tells Anna she can come home (I assumed to his apartment?) but where he ends up sleeping at Joelle’s hospital bedside.

The other repetitive portion of the story was Nell struggling with a job she doesn’t really want. This is another area I’d like to see resolved one way or the other. However, watching her straighten out Sam’s bad attitude (I think he just needed a good nap) was highly enjoyable: “Careful Sam. I haven’t slept in over 24 hours. Kilbride is breathing down my neck, I am knee deep in operatives. Anna is missing, Joelle has been dismembered. Callen is out there trying to go rogue and now you’re in here taking your anger over that out on me. So, what I need is for you to get on my team right now. What I need is for us to do this together.” This might be my favorite Nell scene ever.

And even if this particular arc is finished for a few episodes at least, there are so many dangling threads that it’s clear we’ll be revisiting it at some point in the future. The love triangle aspect will need to be addressed, as will the fact that Katya is still out there. In fact, they made no progress in capturing her, meaning the entire arc could be repeated again in the future. Or, perhaps Joelle and Callen will team up to go rogue together to put an end to Katya’s trouble-making? I wish any of these ideas excited me, but I’m afraid they don’t. I’d love to hear if you Callen fans out there are enjoying this story.

It shouldn’t end like this

Sadly, the episode brought an end to one of our favorite recurring guests, Ravil Isyanov’s Anatoli Kirkin. Isyanov’s portrayal had only become more fun over time, as his infatuation with – or dare I say love for – our favorite detective grew stronger. Unfortunately, Deeks will not have any more fashion shows in his future because Kirkin died saving his life.

Before we say adieu, let’s take a moment to celebrate the comedy gold that was the Kirkin-Deeks duo. I couldn’t make out his opening lines in the park but thought I heard a reference to “honey crisp locks,” and I laughed at his “Oh, Kensi, you’re here too” dismissal as all his attentions went to the object of his affection. We at wikiDeeks can’t blame him, and nodded as we laughed at his assessment of Deeks’ appearance: “This life has made you both so hard. And by the look of it, being an Investigator has done the same for your body, Martin.” Then Kirkin topped it off by enjoying the view as Deeks walked away. At the container yard, he seemed to sense Deeks’ presence by smell alone. The way his eyes lit up at the idea of Deeks handcuffing him was perfect, and generated the perfect reaction from Eric Christian Olsen’s Deeks. These two clearly had a connection, and it was great fun while it lasted.

Tragically, we will never get to enjoy their banter and chemistry again, for Kirkin took a bullet to save the man he loved. It’s unfortunate that the showrunners felt they had to make this decision and I wish it hadn’t come to this, but it’s a fitting – dare I say romantic – way for this character to end his NCIS:LA run. The event was completely shocking and I uttered a gasp and a loud “No!” when it happened. Then near episode’s end, we got this sad scene with Deeks and Kensi:

Kensi: You did all you could.
Deeks: He pushed me out of the way… Why would he, why would he do that?
Kensi: Same reason you would’ve, you care.
Deeks: What’s crazy is he was trying to put this life behind him. Shouldn’t end like this.
Kensi: No. It really shouldn’t.

My heart went out to Deeks. He’s had at least three key characters bleeding on the ground in front of him (including Thapa and Whiting), with two of them dying, and this had to be traumatic for him. We know how quick he is to blame himself for things that aren’t his fault, so Kirkin stepping in front of a bullet for him, his failure to protect him, is going to eat away at his conscience. (Can I get some post ep comfort fics please?)

As usual, ECO killed the scene. During all the small pauses in his lines, we could practically see Deeks’ mind trying to process what had happened. And he showed us Deeks’ despair in the way he wrapped his arms around the edges of his vest as if to give himself a hug. Thank goodness Kensi was there to offer love and support. With apologies to the Callen fans out there, this short scene carried more emotion than the Callanna reunion and the Joelle talk combined.

The dialog also hinted at Deeks’ past desire to put his dangerous life behind him before it could end in tragedy. While there’s certainly no reason to fear this is some sort of foreshadowing, I do wonder if Deeks’ mindset might return to his previous desire to find a safer life for himself and Kensi. The writers this season have done a clear 180-degree turn to Deeks being thankful to have his job, but with Kessler lurking out there, the stress must be weighing on him.

For now, let’s celebrate Anatoli Kirkin, who brought not just comedy, but moments of real joy to the show over the years. Ravil Isyanov, you’ll be missed.

Memorable moments

  • Was this the first time this season we had an episode without a single age joke?
  • I guess now that he’s a bazillionaire, Eric doesn’t need to worry about Hetty’s rules for food in Ops, or maybe Nell went ahead and changed them. Regardless, his Bay Cities sub made me so hungry. If you’re ever in Santa Monica, I couldn’t recommend the place highly enough.
  • It was actually great to see Beale and Nell in Ops working together. Like old times.
  • I also enjoyed hearing Deeks introduce himself as “Investigator Deeks” even though I will always be bitter about the whole FLETC storyline.
  • I always love seeing Deeks draw his gun, and here he deftly switched from one weapon to the other. Nicely done.
  • If the writers were on their game, Deeks would inherit some money from Kirkin to save the bar.

That’s all I have for this week. Be sure to return later this week for new editions of Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal.

In the meantime, what did you think of the Russian stew? Are you happy it’s over? Do you think it’s over? Will it ever be over? More importantly, what’s your all-time favorite Kirkin scene? Tell us all about it in the Comments.

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24 Comments on Review: NCISLA “The Noble Maidens” (S12E14)

  1. Catherine Betham // April 6, 2021 at 9:20 AM // Reply

    A thorough review as always. I was not a fan of Kirkin at first but he grew on me. I think it would be awesome if there was an inheritance of some sort. We’ll see.

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  2. Thanks Karen, parts of the episode I enjoyed, kensi and Deeks, love them together, Nell, doing the best she can and Eric, back to joining her in ops..sadly , I am not sure we will see hetty again , but hope if that’s true, they give her a great ending to why she is not coming back and not have her pass away..I will miss Kirkin a lot, loved watching the interaction between, Deeks, kensi and to watch..this probably the unpopular part, I think they have overdone the Callen going rogue part, between Sam and Callen, it’s getting old..I don’t think joelle or Anna right for Callen, I think he needs someone like Talia, that doesn’t have major baggage..the season because of pandemic went to quickly, can’t wait to see what cliffhanger will be..🤔

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    • Kylie McDonald // April 10, 2021 at 7:19 AM // Reply

      Great review, it’s like you’re in my head. I too was totally shocked and upset and crying over Kirkin’s death. I love every time he pops up in an episode. His banter with Deeks is truely priceless & funny &
      sweet. We need more of those lighthearted moments, not to kill them off.
      I also couldn’t care less about Anna & would’ve much rather she died than Kirkin. I like Callen of course, but just don’t care about he and Anna as a couple. That certainly was a twist to have G at Joelle’s bedside at the end. I don’t think we’ve found his match yet as both of them leave me cold. I really like Arkady much more than Anna.
      I’m over Nell’s whinging about not wanting the job, I hope it’s not right that Hetty will never be back. I hate Eric’s moustache! And for the love of everything, please don’t have Kensi get pregnant! Quickest way to ruin a relationship and show. (I’m looking at you Bones, who I only finished watching last year due to it going so boring & downhill at season 7/8 with Bones getting pregnant & having the baby)


  3. Where do I start? So saddened they killed off Kirkin, he was funny and entertaining. My favorite moment was him crying at the wedding. He appeared to cry more than anyone else. The Russia thing has to go, it keeps on going like the energizer bunny. I am a Callen fan as I have seen just about everything Chris O’Donnell has done. This relationship, if that’s what people call it is nothing like a real life relationship. Now we find out Anna was an FSB agent long enough to have a personal relationship with her partner and a Noble Maiden. Is anything about her real? Arkady must have some very high level connections to include the DOJ to change her past and her identity. Is Anna her real name? If the show just let’s this go too, they are not keeping up the tradition of keeping things as real to the agency as possible. Shoot, what Arkady and his daughter did is about as bad as it gets. A Russian spy working within the National security of the USA. Makes me wonder if Arkady paid to have her records expunged too. I love him, but he’s a crook and sadly a liar as is his daughter.
    The Densi moments were far better than anything with Callen and the fake. Especially when they were speaking about Kirkin. That’s a real relationship with the good and bad combined but they are truthful to each other and don’t lie to each other.
    I really hope for more team work and Densi moments. Maybe get Callen a real woman, not a fake, he deserves happiness not doom. What else does one call her as we don’t even know if her name is real. And maybe they can settle the russian thing behind the scenes with a hint here and there prosecuting Arkady and Anna, deport them even.
    Awaiting more from Densi, like finding out she is pregnant would be fantastic. Also awaiting more from the show that actually relates to the mission of NCIS and not all the personal stuff.
    Did anyone notice Nell was wearing the same dress the past few episodes. If she is going to be in charge they have to make her character more mature and dress like a supervisor. Nell is great but she has been portrayed as a not too mature 36 yr old but more like a 25 yr old.
    Please explain what’s the difference between a special agent and a criminal investigator if you are able. It doesn’t make sense. It’s the same school isn’t it?
    Sam needs a woman too he’s getting cranky.

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  4. Just glad this arc is over.
    I didn’t believe a single word that fool admiral said about Hetty. Anyone who REALLY knows her knows perfectly well that she never disappears for good. (also, there was a TV Guide article that says that the team may be banding together to find her before the Season ends.). (In fact, I’ve developed a theory that the mission is all just a setup by someone who wants her gone, and I think you can guess who Suspect Number 1 in this theory is, I’m always suspicious of anyone outside of the team who says nasty things about Hetty, especially when it’s frequent)

    It was nice to see Neric back together.

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  5. Martina Pruett // April 6, 2021 at 10:07 AM // Reply

    I am SO tired of this Callen/Russian storyline. I really hope it’s over (for this season, at least). Don’t get me wrong, this was a great episode, but let’s move on. I am sad to see Kirkuk die, but he went out the way he would wanted. Saving the man he (and all of us) loved.
    And I never thought about Kirkin’s will and him leaving Deeks some money. That would be really cool. Then Deeks wouldn’t have to talk about selling the bar. I love the bar. It’s a great afterwork hangout for the team.
    Now, I’m ready to get the Kessler story going. There’s not much time left in the season. Let’s go! 😊

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  6. I feel like I’m watching a merry-go-round…Anna and Arkady lie to Callen? Check. Callen goes rogue? Check. Hetty being up to her stuff? Check. Joelle wandering through yet again for no good reason? Check. Same horses passing by time and time again.

    I am very disappointed they killed off Kirkin, though. He was a great character, and his screen time with Deeks (“the furry one”) was priceless. We can only hope he leaves some sort of legacy to Deeks so he can save the bar. We need a character who’s connected to live beyond NCIS…someone who wants to provide a safe harbor for vets, maybe a soup kitchen or something on the holidays, and a place away from the team. I honestly don’t know that I want it to be a team hangout as much as I want it to be a place for Deeks to be Deeks. And maybe for Kensi to start learning there’s life beyond the mission.

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  7. I feel like I’m watching a merry-go-round…Anna and Arkady lie to Callen? Check. Callen goes rogue? Check. Hetty being up to her stuff? Check. Joelle wandering through yet again for no good reason? Check. Same horses passing by time and time again.

    I am very disappointed they killed off Kirkin, though. He was a great character, and his screen time with Deeks (“the furry one”) was priceless. We can only hope he leaves some sort of legacy to Deeks so he can save the bar. We need a character who’s connected to live beyond NCIS…someone who wants to provide a safe harbor for vets, maybe a soup kitchen or something on the holidays, and a place away from the team. I honestly don’t know that I want it to be a team hangout as much as I want it to be a place for Deeks to be Deeks. And maybe for Kensi to start learning there’s life beyond the mission.


  8. I agree with every thing being said. I man tired of the Russia story also. I love the Kirkin story line and hate to see him go .


  9. Haven’t watched this yet but devastated to hear Kirkin is dead ! Loved that funny little Russian, especially when he turned up at the wedding !


  10. Another great review, thank you Karen. I was sad and surprised to see Kirken killed. It was wonderful that he was one of the few people that liked Deeks, didn’t feel the need to make fun of him, yet made him feel so uncomfortable. I thought there was plenty of mileage left in their ‘relationship’. It would be great if there was a legacy from him that helps Deeks keep the bar. He worked so hard for it and it was more than just a business. Insert here what RobbieC said about the bar, I agree. Sadly I would expect to see the legacy in fanfiction not on the screen, but we can hope.

    I was glad to see Kensi put her arm round Deeks after Kirken was shot. He needed some of that in the earlier episodes. He did seem totally bewildered that anybody would sacrifice themselves to save him. I think we might not have heard the last of it, I hope not.


  11. Thanks for the great review, Karen. So glad Russia is behind us; for now. The Callen and Sam scenes felt a bit strained throughout the episode. Surmising the “going rogue” had something to do with that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the episode but there seemed to be a lot of repetition.

    I’m totally over the Callen and Anna couple thing. Not a fan of the Anna character and Callen deserves someone to complete him. I don’t feel like it’s her. And not Joelle either but that last scene with Callen “watching over” Joelle just showed Callen felt responsible for her injuries in my opinion. It’s like the show runners were borrowing from the Deeks playbook of always feeling everything is his fault.

    The Densi and Dirkin scenes were the best. Loved Kirkin in that fedora. He looked so gangsterish. I couldn’t believe the show would take him out as he provided so many great moments of laughter and joy with Deeks. I think one of my favorites would be his line “Oh Marty, you’re flirting with me … it’s too late. I’ve moved on.” And the wedding episode where he’s trying to “rescue” Deeks. So many funny scenes with this guy. He’ll be missed.

    Loved Nell’s interaction with Sam’s attitude. Great scene showing her strength and ability to do what’s required in Hetty’s absence.

    Overall, a good episode, in my opinion. Although I’d like further information on the “Investigator” title, why he didn’t make Special Agent and would love to see a “promotion” to Special Agent as we all know that Deeks deserves it.


  12. Thanks for the review. There were some interesting thoughts about Callen and Anna. As a Callen fan, I loved this episode!! I guess we all like different things, which is okay, but I’m more interested in the Callen-Anna storyline than I am in any other, so I’m sure glad the writers finally gave these two an emotional reunion scene. It’s about time. And Chris really knocked it out of the park in his scenes. He was phenomenal!! Bar has grown into the role of Anna over the years, and she and Chris have amazing chemistry. Nell stepped up in this episode, and I liked that–seemed like the Nell of old. The Densi scenes were good, and I was sad to see Kirkin die even if he’s not my favorite Russian. Don’t know why they keep Joelle hanging around and don’t care because I don’t see her and Callen ever getting back together. I’m sure Hetty will be back, but not so sure she’ll stay. Maybe she’ll become a “consultant.”


  13. It was a surprise to see Kirkin die. There might be a “ behind the scenes” reason for that to happen. Watching Callen embrace Anna when he found he was touching. It was the first time I had seen him express such deep emotion. He genuinely felt relieved knowing she was well and her embracing him was just as genuine.
    This is getting off the subject but I would do anything to see this series back on Tuesday nights after NCIS like it used to be. It now follows the equalizer and that puts it in the time slot of the old NCIS NO . When football season starts it becomes a time slot that ends up too late on a Sunday night to bother. Because this series is a “ continuing saga” it loses its followers by the late time and the fact that there have been so many preempting of other shows on Sunday evenings. NCIS and Grey’s Anatomy have not changed their time or day so the followers remain strong. CBC has played around with NCIS LA as an afterthought and to remember the storyline has become a challenge for the followers. Please just put it in a stronger time slot and leave it there and you will be surprised at the climb in ratings!


  14. Nutterbutter // April 9, 2021 at 2:43 PM // Reply

    Thanks for this website for the intelligent and respectful comments that show up here.
    I’ve watched several older episodes recently, and it really hit me how much I miss the opening bullpen scenes we used to get. I know I’m not alone in that.
    Frist off I WAS UPSET OVER Kirkin BEING KILLED. I LOVED HIS CHARACTER. AT LEAST HE SAVED DEEKS! But I hope He’s not really Dead .They will somehow keep it a secret until they need Deeks to seek him out again. But sometimes they just make it look that way so his enemies think he is dead I loved Deeks and Kirkin’s interplay. Deeks said “and he wanted out of that life” I’m hoping and praying that it was for show if not it’s sad and I got emotional but don’t tell anybody!!!! I hope he was wearing a vest. He was a great character.He was so fun! I don’t understand why the writers felt the need to kill him off and as you mentioned earlier Karen I got dejavu about Thapa . He was always a fun character, also got the same feeling that that maybe they foreshadowing or implying about quitting the dangerous job especially with Kessler lurking in the shadows ECO was incredible his emotional scenes have been incredible.

    I can’t say I’m sorry to see this arc with Katya wrap up.Not only has this storyline dragged on an episode too long, it’s been extremely frustrating to watch as it tears the team apart. The stress of a brick wall of leads, and endless secrets has everyone on edge. One of the most annoying recurring elements on NCIS: LA is Callen going rogue when things get too personal. Anytime a case involves his family, girlfriend or an ex, he shuts the team out and goes off on his own, which inevitably makes things worse When Sam confronts Callen about his behavior, he has the same tepid excuse as Anna, “he was trying to protect them.” We’re really getting tired of hearing that.That’s not how you create team unity.Instead of using the resources he had, Callen was recklessly trying to do everything himself.
    I was a bit confused when Callen was by Joelle and not by Anna’s like he told her by the ambulance , let’s be honest, Anna’s not a regular member of the team. She also hasn’t been the best girlfriend to Callen. This makes it difficult for us to invest in a story built around her And that was Joelle choice. She had a husband and son that she walked away from. The way things are for her now walking away was hardly worth it.. (at least my view) gotta hand it to Kensi and Deeks they’re realizing what they have to give up to keep doing the job


  15. I’m glad the Russian storyline is finally over, and I hope you are wrong that any of its dangling threads might be revisited in the future. I don’t care about Katya still being out there and wanting to kill (or whatever) Anna. Let’s also not forget, show, that Kessler is still out there and wants to kill and rape Kensi (in any order). And I guess I don’t care much about Callen’s love triangle either–I didn’t even realize something was off until I saw people posting questions on another site asking why he went to sit at a sleeping Joelle’s bedside after he had just rescued his “girlfriend.”

    Will the whole “Investigator Deeks” thing ever be explained? Why is he not a special agent like the rest of the team?

    I loved Nell taking Sam down a notch. She might not want the job, but she’s got a knack for it. I agree, it may have been my favorite Nell moment ever.

    I was so sad to see Kirkin die, but what a way to go for him–with Deeks as the last thing he sees! Karen, when Densi found him at the park, Kirkin’s comment was “The sweet ambrosial bouquet of those honey-crisped locks precedes you, my muse.” and if you look, he hadn’t been facing him then either, so this was actually the first instance of Kirkin “scenting” Deeks before seeing him in this ep. Maybe he should have gone into making perfume instead of fashion with a nose like that.

    As for Deeks, he’ll definitely take some of the blame for Kirkin’s death, whether it be that he wasn’t good/quick enough to save him, or that Kirkin shouldn’t have sacrificed himself for Deeks, especially when he was in the process of turning over a new leaf in his life. Also, damn those COVID restrictions…this would have been the perfect time for us to see a supportive, loving Densi hug like at the end of “Better Angels.” I totally think Kirkin would leave something behind for Deeks in his will as well. Tho because of his guilt maybe Deeks would just donate it to a charity (completely ignoring the other problematic aspects of a federal agent accepting something valuable from a criminal).

    Thanks, as always, for a wonderful review, Karen (and for once I had a similar “analysis” as you–it was definitely a repetitive episode)!


  16. I am on board with all of the above comments. One thing I think needs to be said is that these continuing episodes have to stop because the time slot of NCIS LA gets preempted for so many other programs and the “ continuing sagas” are lost on the general audience. The Russian plot line is a perfect example of “ dragging on “ the storylines. Let’s get back to the old premise of the team at the desks for a morning bantering and then on with the episode and finish the story within the given time. The characters can still have their own personal stories blended in as in the past but just don’t continue with these long dragging plots that are “ continued next week” when,in fact, next week might end up being 2 or more weeks out! I vote to change the time for NCIS LA and put it back where it was on Tuesdays following NCIS.


    • You are absolutely right. It is important to maintain continuity. A regular time on a regular night. I wait till the DVD comes out, so the ‘to be continued’ doesn’t bother me, I just watch the next episode. If I had paid good money to watch the current series, then had to wait weeks, not so good. The other issue is keeping the fanbase, not sure that’s the correct term. I’m involved with a sport that relies on people turning up to watch. Obviously Covid put the kybosh on that last year, but hopefully people will be back this year. The season opener is a big deal, but you have to make sure people keep coming back. If it’s not on regularly people lose interest and find other things to do/watch. I think it’s easier, in many ways, to get new people than it is to get back the fans you’ve lost. Surely it’s better not to lose any. Of course losing fans because they don’t like what they see, well that’s another issue.


      • Nutterbutter // April 15, 2021 at 4:12 PM // Reply

        I can see where you are coming from believer me I hated this arch so much especially it was all concentrated on Anna and Callen and his love triangle and for me, it took many episodes to cover this story, especially they put Anna on the spot (and she is not even a regular cast and I hope it will never happen) but I have another opinion on the part of continuity story line For me l love when they try to expand the story in two or three episodes it gives me more opportunity to relate to the story and the characters involved in the case but if it was related to the main characters not the secondary like Anna the one that I have no idea how she could still in the show for all time maybe I biased but I really hate when they give her so much screen time or establish her background story when we know a little about our main characters for example I love the Sidrove arch it was impressive, how they established the arch of Kinse’s background in season 3 and the Internal Affairs arch, also despite it left me with more questions than answers but I liked the spy arch in season 8 and in season 7 the reveal about Callen’s father was great. That’s why I like the continuity episodes maybe if they could use these episodes to handle the Kessler storyline or use’m to establish Deeks background (which IMO needs at least 3 or 4 episodes to cover the whole thing up after 12 seasons)or they could demonstrate the authority transition from Hettey to Nell and give us more about Eric’s background.
        Although it is just my opinion, I feel that they have done a rather poor job of handling the cast turnover on the show. Whatever they were trying to get out of the Anna, joelle, Fatima and Roundtree characters, they missed the mark. in an apparent effort to get us to bond with them, they have given them too much airtime and made them too much a focus of the show.
        everyone on the main cast gets their moment in the sun, but overall, the show works best when the main 4 field agents lead the way with all others providing much needed guidance and support. they all step into a lead role occasionally and that is to be expected


  17. I wish someone had enough clout to influence CBS to put this show on a different night and leave it there. The old Tuesday night slot after NCIS was great. Too many delays and pre emptings have put the show in danger of losing its followers. Please see if someone can make the right call on changing the day/ time so we can enjoy it as a really worthwhile series instead of having to use it as a “ fill in” which is what they are doing with it now and which was the kiss of death for NCIS NO.


  18. I think there are mixed issues here and I think I might have muddied the water. Most of us, I think, will agree we don’t want NCIS:LA to be cancelled. The more people that watch the show, the better the chance of being renewed. I believe the majority of viewers enjoy the show and take it at face value. If the show doesn’t air for a few weeks and they don’t get their fix, they lose interest and get hooked on something else. So I do totally agree with Jane. Christine wanting the show returned to Tuesdays makes sense to me.

    Then we have the hardcore fans, like most wikiDeeks commenters. We appreciate the show, and know what we want to see. I’ve no business commenting on Season 12 episodes because I haven’t seen them. Not that it’s stopped me but hey-ho. Most episodes seemed to be enjoyable, perhaps with the exception of the FLETC debacle. I gather most people became fed up with the ‘Russian’ storyline, mainly because it dragged on too long. People didn’t seem to be too interested in Anna or Joelle. Upset about Kirkin, yes. In previous seasons an arc has been spread over the season, with little tasters throughout the season in standalone episodes. The Kessler arc gave us a slice early on, then a crumb. Now we’re left hanging, and hungry.

    This season is shorter due to Covid, and certainly it made production more difficult. I guess I am grateful they manged to produce as much as they did. Still hoping for Season13 and Deeks M.


    • Nutterbutter // April 17, 2021 at 3:11 PM // Reply

      They would be mad if they don’t renew it as it’s the BEST show on TV, with the greatest cast and crew Why would they want to cancel it. I can agree that the writing has changed and doesn’t do justice to all the characters and Deeks’s lines are not as good as in previous seasons and the story lines are weak and the writing feels repetitive but that’s all due to COVID-19 restrictions but they’ve a great cast, stories, and the writers are awesome, Hope it is renewed. I love that show. Great dynamics between characters.And PLZ write more for ECO because he’s a great actor and he does so much with the material! It adds a different dimension to a show that could very easily become a basic procedural and nothing more


      • I couldn’t agree more. Who knows why TPTB do anything? I got myself into trouble many times with the phrase “there’s no reason for it, it’s just company policy”. Having said that, if people stop watching it will be cancelled. Going a month between episodes isn’t helpful, but I guess they’ve got their reasons. I do hope NCIS:LA runs for years to come, there’s so many areas still unexplored, Deeks backstory for a start.


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