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My Own Furry Mutt: Kensi’s Journal 4/17/22

Just when I think I’ve defended myself against every kind of makeshift weapon there could possibly be, some guy comes at me with a lit freaking blowtorch!  (In my head I say that with the same sense of surprise I still remember in Deeks’ voice when he was attacked with a machete in that kill house.)  To be honest, I think I was about to be on the losing end of that fight when Fatima and Devin thankfully cut off the acetylene.  Maybe I should play down that part when I tell Deeks about my day…

And I definitely won’t be telling him that I destroyed yet another vehicle.  You’d think it was his own truck the way he got so upset when I told him how I lit the hood of one on fire a couple of years ago.  I’d rather hear him complain about what a terrible driver he thinks I am.

However, I won’t spare a detail about Master Sergeant Boomer.  What a handsome, good boy he was!  I totally jumped at the chance to stay with him waiting for his person to pick him up.  Deeks will definitely be sad that he missed that.  And I’m bummed that he (and Mary Smith, though who could blame her without the context?) missed my very clever comment about marrying my furry mutt of a partner.  Deeks definitely would have appreciated my awesome humor!

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Turns out I've been writing fan fiction since before it was a "thing" on the internet (okay, even before there was an internet). I spent many a boring junior high history class coming up with more exciting stories for my favorite soap opera characters. I continue to enjoy the creative outlet it provides in my still-boring but now adult life.

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