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Roundtable Discussion – Part Two: NCISLA Mid Season 7 Review


It’s that time again….The wikiDeeks staff  is back with another roundtable discussion and a review of Season 7 so far. The team has a lot to say about this season but we all agree it’s been a banner Densi year so far and we’re looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year brings. Join the discussion in the comments section below and let us know your thoughts. Here’s what our contributors had to say…

Part Two

Diane: So do we want to talk specifically about “Internal Affairs” and the episodes leading up to it? Because I think this first half of the season has really been a Densifest so far, which has been very nice, but I don’t know what we’re going to get in the second half.  How about if we talk a little bit about how much you liked “Internal Affairs,” because I’m assuming everybody here did, and what they did right, and maybe some of the things that they could have been improved on.

Karen P.: I thought one of the things that they did really well was everything leading up to that episode, where they dropped all these little hints that now when I go back and rewatch these earlier episodes from this season, I see even more to those hints. Like in the season premiere when he’s telling Kensi for the first time about his ex-partner who was killed and he tells this lie to her about how he was killed, and then he looks up at her to basically see if she bought his lie, and it’s so interesting to look back on it now. They dropped hints like that throughout, leading up to it, that were just the right amount of vague but foreshadowing.

Diane: I just happened to watch it again last night, and going through it, it pretty much starts out with Callen’s attitude. What was the whole thing in the beginning where Callen and Sam come up to Granger and say “We need to know what’s going on,” and he says, “You should have known a whole lot sooner.” I’m not exactly sure what that meant. And then of course Callen takes it to Hetty because he’s pissed off because he’s not sure what game she’s playing. So what did you guys get from that?

Tess: I thought Granger figured they would have confronted Deeks at some point during the six months that this was going on to say, “Why are these people looking into you? What’s going on here? There’s got to be something going on. It’s not like you took doughnuts from the local coffee shop and didn’t pay for them. If they’re going through your garbage, what’s going on?” And did Sam and Callen even mention the Internal Affairs investigation once during the first half of the season?

Diane: I don’t think so.

Tess: It was always Kensi, Granger and Hetty.

Lindy: What I took from that was he didn’t think they were paying attention. It’s almost like they didn’t care. I remember that line when Callen confronts Hetty about “Do you really want us to look into this? You brought him here,” which I really instantly disliked. But she says, “Don’t you want to help Detective Deeks?” So it’s like they’re creating a little bit of tension here between those two characters, Callen and Deeks, and it’s like Granger’s kind of realized they didn’t really care that much. And that’s sad.

Gayle: I’ll add on to what Tess said. Building up toward this, they all knew this Internal Affairs investigation was hanging over his head, and they did keep getting these little hints about them being followed, and those kinds of things. The other thing that I took from that exact scene was the issue that it seemed like Granger and Nell and Eric had been working, and Kensi had been figuring out where Deeks was, that they were holding him, and the guys were sort of just taking a nap. And so obviously, that was the response that Granger should have had if that was the intent.

Karen S.: Honestly, the first part of that show made me really upset because Callen and Sam are doing their little banter back and forth and they don’t even mention Deeks, they don’t care that he’s in jail, they don’t care if anything’s going on, and it really kind of upset me that they weren’t concerned about figuring out a way to get him out.

Lindy: Agreed.

Randy: Agreed, yes.

Lindy: And why do we think that is? I thought that was very odd. Was it just a way to bring some banter in to lighten the atmosphere or is there more significance to that?

Randy: Yeah, I think there was something. I don’t know if it’s something the writers are planning to bring up later on in the season, but especially between Callen and Deeks, there always seems to be, even more so from when Sam was questioning Deeks’ character because of his dress and his haircut, Callen’s just doing more of that. I don’t know if it’s the lone wolf aspect of his character that keeps people at a distance. He and Joelle broke up over New Year’s. Sam’s probably Callen’s only friend that we’ve seen or even heard about, and I just wonder if Callen in his upbringing of foster homes has never been able to trust anyone. That there’s so few people that he really trusts, that with Deeks and then this IA popping up and hanging over them because it would impact NCIS as well… Maybe he is worried that things that Deeks has done in his past may come back to not only haunt him but haunt the rest of the team. But it did really kind of tick me off when he and Sam were just kind of carrying on like it was no big deal when one of their teammates was in jail.

Lindy: I was really kind of baffled by it to be honest. When Sam was in jail, everybody went bananas. And when you think about Callen’s background… I keep flashing back to Romania where he’s after the Comescu’s and he says, “Kill them all.” I mean, he’s not exactly perfect.

Diane: Yeah, he has been, throughout this whole season, dropping a lot of hints about his uneasiness with Deeks. In fact, this morning if you guys happened to be up at six o’clock this morning, there was a marathon going on, and the last show was “Omni.” And of course, the last scene is Callen saying, “I don’t want you here.” So, this has been going on for awhile. I think it had almost as much to do with Deeks being tortured as it was, he’s not sure why Hetty brought him here, he definitely still has no idea why he’s here. And I’m not sure if he still wants him here.

Lindy: I have a thought that’s going to take us into the end of the season. One of my thoughts has always been, maybe they’re setting this up for the ending. I know they’ve kind of talked about and hinted that Sam is going to have a decision to make at the end that’s the hardest one he’s ever had to make. And I’m wondering if they’re not going to pit Deeks and Callen, and he has to choose between those two. Callen’s his partner but Deeks saved his life and saved his wife’s life and was tortured because of it. So I was just wondering if this isn’t one of those little things where they drop hints forever and ever and ever and then bring it to fruition down at the end. Just a thought.

Karen P.: I love that idea and I really hope they do it. Or you should write it!

Lindy: I’m always wrong, you know that. I’m always wrong. [Laughter.]

Diane: Let’s talk a little bit about another side of the episode… We already knew that Kensi knew that Deeks killed Boyle. When did we know in “Internal Affairs” that she knew?

Lindy: I don’t think she ever did on that show.

Karen S.: When she was looking on the laptop, and she closed her eyes and closed the laptop, right before Deeks’ mom came over with the casserole, I kind of think she found something at that point that led her to believe that he was guilty.

Karen P.: I think maybe even when she visited him in jail, and as soon as he says that Tiffany didn’t kill anybody… well how would he know she didn’t kill anybody unless he was involved in the killing somehow? I feel like he gave himself away at that point. You see her face shift and then she runs away. So to me I think that maybe was the moment where she knew for sure.

Lindy: Yeah but after that is when she confronts Hetty and she tells her that she’s pissed and “We know he’s not guilty.”

Randy: She may have been saying he’s not guilty of murder. Killing someone in defense of yourself or defending someone else, that’s different than premeditation. That may have been her point… syntax, you know?

Tess: I agree that the scene where she’s closing the laptop is where she figured it out, but I also think that Deeks’ mother arriving at that point explained where he was coming from. Because when she walked in and she said, “I let a bad thing happen to him when he was a kid…” Deeks has been in the business of protecting females since he was eleven years old basically. And here was a seventeen year old girl that was getting knocked around by a cop who was getting sucked into this criminal transaction that was going on, and nothing good was going to happen to her and she was just going to be a dead seventeen year old prostitute on the street unless he confronted him. And we don’t know how that confrontation with Boyle went anyway. That could have been self defense as much as anything else.

Diane: I didn’t hear this one line the first time I watched the show, but when she goes into Kensi’s house, and she says, “Did you ever think of moving that trash can closer to this room?” I got hysterical, because I didn’t hear it the first time. That was a great line.

Tess: Pamela Reed was a brilliant choice to play his mother.

Diane: Oh yeah.

Lindy: One question I’ve got for everybody is… at the end where they’re asking everybody to go out for drinks and Deeks said he was in and Kensi questioned him about talking to his mother and he doesn’t seem that he wants to do that. Their relationship is interesting… I didn’t quite know how to take that. I don’t know if he doesn’t want to be around her that much, or what? It was confusing to me.

Tess: I think his mother is a long day. She’s a good woman, she is a nice person, but she is a long day. [Laughter.]

Karen S.: I think she’s one of those harpy kind of moms.

Tess: Not harpy, but she’s walking into Kensi’s apartment, she’s cleaning up and talking about them having children. You met the woman six weeks ago- no! Let’s just turn the volume down a little bit. I just think his mother likely is an exhausting presence from time to time and he had had a full day.

Gayle: Yes, I believe she would be a long day, first of all. I see it from the standpoint of when Mom does come into jail, and of course they get into all of his childhood, so that’s obviously not a topic that he’s readily wanted to revisit. And on this day of all days, when he’s been taken into custody and he’s trying to sort of keep this lie intact, and he’s got to get into this physical confrontation with this bad guy and escape… just let the guy go have a drink and go home!

Diane: What I don’t understand is where did this woman come from? How far away was she? It’s obvious that they had a good relationship and he became close to her after what happened with his father and everything, but why during “Personal” did he say when Kensi asked him “Who’s your next of kin?” and he said, “That’s a good question.” Why is she not in the picture at that point? Or are we having canon problems again? Is there a story behind all this?

Lindy: I don’t think he wants her involved in all that goes on around him being undercover because I think she would freak out if she knew the danger he was in all the time. I don’t think she could handle it and I think he knows that and I think he doesn’t want her anywhere close to all that stuff.

Tess: She was calling the dead-for-ten-years Johnnie Cochran to get him out of jail. I can only imagine what a delight she would have been at the hospital after he had been shot. She would have been calling C. Everett Koop or whoever the current Surgeon General is to fly in and take care of her son. I think she’s a great character and she seems like a lovely woman, but it looks like he has been managing her his entire life, and if he’s shot and getting better, he’d rather worry about that than his mother going down and inspecting the Jell-O making to make sure he’s getting proper food. [Laughter.]

Lindy: Yeah, she was really concerned about his complexion.

Tess: She was concerned about every… That whole scene in Kensi’s apartment is hilarious with moving the garbage pail and managing the lives of their future, and unborn, children. Let’s just not go there yet.

Karen P.: To me it’s so interesting, because it becomes so clear why he’s head over heels in love with somebody like Kensi who is so strong and tough and self-sufficient, and everything that his mother isn’t. And he doesn’t have to worry about Kensi the way he has to worry about his mom, and that’s got to just feel so freeing for him.

To Be Continued Tomorrow……

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18 Comments on Roundtable Discussion – Part Two: NCISLA Mid Season 7 Review

  1. Awesome discussion! I have my 2 cents but have to go to work. Love the comment about Deeks’s mom…”she’s a long day”. Yes, she’s a lovely, warm and clearly loes Deeks…but wow…she’s definitely high strung and a bit sideways. Remember the episode before she came into the picture and Deeks kept getting phone calls throughout the day? I agree that Deeks loves him Mom, he’s very close to her but sometimes he needs to not get smothered. Yes, No wonder Deeks is head over heels for Kensi. She’s strong, self sufficient, intelligent, beautiful, caring, loyal…the list of non-clingy, non helpless, independent adjectives can go on and on. Gotta go, but can’t wait to read eveveryone’s comments and finish my thoughts.
    Awesome topic and thoughts….another great start to the day.


  2. Good thoughts about a complex episode from all the panel. I saw a few different things:

    1. The banter was essentially about Callen’s breakup with Joelle and his inability to commit to anyone. This was strengthened later in the episode when Sam called him out as a “sullen loner”. We don’t know what Sam’s decision involves, but if Callen goes off the reservation again, as is hinted in the spoilers for next week’s episode, that would really torque teamwork Sam. and if Callen becomes involved with Anastasia – who by the way is the daughter of a charming Russian mobster – that would really raise hackles.

    2. The lack of expressed concern about Deeks seemed to be more a result of the Callen-Joelle dynamic, a lack of understanding of Hetty’s role, and a concern for what rocks they might overturn. Once Hetty gave Callen the green light, he charged ahead. I think Callen understood, but did not know, that Deeks may have been the killer. It was never clear that Callen did not want Deeks on the team; his comment that he did not want Deeks there was immediately modified to he didn’t want Deeks there if he was not in top form. I personally believe that part of the issue between Deeks and Callen is not trust, it’s jealousy. Deeks has successfully courted and won Kensi, and the team is not the same. There are now two sub-teams; work well together but not the same. Perhaps also a little bit of personal jealousy?

    3. I’ve been watching some of the season 6 and season 7 shows related to the IA again, and I can’t find Deeks actually lying about Boyle. I think he has done so many illegal acts undercover as Max, without a backup or real support from LAPD, that he does not know which is the subject of the IA. He did tell Kensi that Boyle was killed with his own gun while beating a young prostitute… truth, just not all of it. Kensi knows he could have done it, and probably would have done it, but does not have it confirmed until she hears Tiffany’s statement, where Tiffany says Boyle calls his partner… not Quinn, not Steadman, his partner – who is Deeks. Neither Callen nor Sam appear to have picked up on that point. I also note that later Deeks asks for forgiveness for not telling her the whole story, not for lying.

    4. I agree Mama Deeks could be a trial… from her hysteria at his being arrested, we can only imagine what her reaction would have been to his being shot, then tortured, then the whole Afghanistan thingy. He did not have her as his next of kin because he didn’t want to deal with her. She’s lovable, sweet, dedicated to Martin, but not a calm person. I loved the “hope to Blye?” line and am not sure if that was an improv or not, but it sure worked!

    5. Kensi already called in the marker… during Blye, K Pt 2. But I was glad to see her attack Hetty; she didn’t know Hetty was stage managing the case. She should have suspected it since Hetty is known for such, but she was blinded by concern for Deeks. While I find Hetty’s manipulations repulsive, I have to admit they are effective for meeting her goals: in this case, get Deeks out of jail, take down Steadman, and close the case against Deeks. Hetty knows Deeks did it, Kensi knows, and the others may have suspicions, but as Bates said, you can’t prove anything on suspicions. I find it interesting that this is the second time NCIS has interfered in internal LAPD situations (and once with the California Highway Patrol). Interesting mandate she appears to have.

    6.Kensi openly running to Deeks and hugging him removed any doubt anyone had about their status. But the scene that caught me totally by surprise was the last one… I did not expect that Deeks would explicitly admit killing Boyle and at the time I could not reach a conclusion on which of several interpretations of Hetty’s last lines were intended. Now, of course, we do see.


    • Great comments Norm. I do want to comment on a couple of things you suggest.

      Your idea that Callen may not connect with Deeks because of jealousy is possible, but I wonder if his lack of concern is the fact that he really doesn’t get close to anyone. He tightly manages all his relationships. Their painful childhood experiences should bring them closer, but for some reason that needs to be explored, it hasn’t happened. You mentioned that line “sullen loner”, and I think that might be closer to the truth. I’m not sure he trusts Deeks even after all this time. We sure haven’t gotten an episode that explores their feelings about one another, and it would be nice, because their is tension there. I do agree their seems to be a widening of the gap between the teams.

      Your comment on Mama Deeks and Tess’s about her being a “long day”, got me thinking. I’m going to assume she was a battered woman…a woman unable or too afraid to protect her young son. He shoots his own father to protect her. That makes him the strong one in their relationship. I don’t think it’s a matter of him not wanting to deal with her, because he obviously loves her. I think he doesn’t want her to know the danger he is in, or the things he suffers because he is still protecting her.


      • You could be correct in Callen’s motivation. The only person he fully trusts appears to be Sam. Personal jealousy might not be re Kensi… it could be that Deeks came out of an environment just as bad as his (we don’t know from the story line what happened to Deeks after shooting his father; just imaginings from fan fiction) but ended up with a BA and JD and is an affectionate person when he is not playing Max bugs Callen. I note his comment about Kensi liking flawed things in “Command and Control”. I hope the producers give us that Callen/Deeks talk eventually.

        I think we can more than assume that Mama Deeks was battered… she mentions not being able to protect her son from his father and that strongly implies her being battered, especially after his comments about how good their relationship was after Brandel went to prison. I’d really like some sunshine into what happened with them after the shooting.


        • Wouldn’t we all. Your mention of Callen saying Kensi liked flawed things seemed odd coming from him, but he does have a lot of confidence in himself, as does Deeks. Maybe they’re too much alike.


    • Great comments, Norm and Lindy. I agree with each of your comments and am now thinking about the Callen and jealousy. Very interesting take on Callen. I have had fleeting moments that Callen seems a bit off-kilter with Deeks and the label jealousy may fit. Throughout the series, Callen has been Hetty’s favorite, the bond unmistakeable until more has been revealed and Callen has at times felt “handled” by Hetty and questions her tactics and motivation. The evolution of the Deeks/Hetty relationship has been strengthening and there may be some big brother/little brother sibling rivalry for Hetty’s approval. This may also be the case with Sam. The tension between Deeks and Sam has disappeared, at least from my vantage point. At times, Sam has defended Deeks and most likely off-screen as well to Callen. When Sam is the one person that you go forth in battle and you trust him with your life, it’s human nature to feel that Sam would put his life on the line for Deeks, EVEN though they are a team and each would do the same for anyone of them. And Callen knows that’s what the team should be. That would account for the friction we’ve seen between Sam and Callen. Thought provoking…
      And great job picking up all the clues in the episode leading up to IA. That’s the icing on the cake for me, when all the clues and hints finally leas to the big reveal.


  3. Norm, you’ve pretty much said exactly what I was feeling. I think the point you make about Callen being jealous of Deeks is spot on. It’s like he’s unsettled in some way by how invested in Deeks Hetty seems to be. Callen had always been the focus of her attention – and not that he isn’t now, but maybe he’s thrown off by having to share her attention.


    • She does appear to be heavily invested in Deeks and in Kensi and that could affect Callen. In addition, however, Deeks and Kensi have developed a strong interpersonal bond that has grown over the past 6 years but Callen hasn’t developed any firm attachments besides Sam.


    • I agree with both of you. And “unsettled” was the word I was looking for.


  4. That is a great discussion but I have my doubts at some comments.

    Why should/would Callen be jealous??? And if, it would be because of Granger, not because of Deeks. But he is not jealous at all IMO. Why should he? His close relationship to Hetty has some cracks already.

    Sorry, but I really don’t know why you hate Callen. You were complaining that he and Sam had the banter (I would call it talking about Callen and Joelle’s relationship) in the office while Deeks was in prison. Do you know for sure what Kensi did that night or is it just you guess?
    While Sam was shot and fighting for his life in the last Thapa episode Kensi and Deeks asked the Thapa for couple advices, how is that for caring for a team member?
    Sam and Callen were both kept in the dark from Hetty, Granger and Deeks about the IA they couldn’t know what was going on and why. I think Hetty is the one to blame here maybe because she thought she could handle it all by herself or whatever.
    And yes, in ‘Omni’ Callen told Deeks that he didn’t want him here, but you have to finish it correctly. So here is the complete dialogue
    “Deeks, can I talk to you?
    Yeah, the back is fine, thanks for asking.
    I don’t want you here.
    Sorry. What? Okay, this is usually where you insert the punch line.
    I don’t want you here until you’re ready to be back.
    Okay. Did you, did you see me today? I mean, I was like Starsky and Hutch.
    I’m talking about your mindset.
    I can’t have you coming in here second-guessing yourself, trying to figure out if this job still makes sense for you. That’s not safe for you. It’s not safe for us.
    Yeah. Well, I want to be here and I’m ready to be back.

    By the way Hetty said something similar to Nate because of Deeks PTSD. In ‘Impact’ she said to Nate “…Now could you turn your attentions to Detective Deeks? Anything I should know? I don’t want him back if he’s not the man he was.”

    I don’t see the mentioned problem between Deeks and Callen. They are totally different characters both with big caring hearts and both are mocking each other from time to time e.g ‘smolder’. There is no serious dislike or dispute and NO jealousy between them and I would love to see them working together since I really like them both.

    Deeks mother was IMO a totally waste of time. She was annoying and so in the past (who thinks bringing a meal to a prisoner is allowed these days?) and totally overreacting. No wonder Deeks didn’t want Kensi to meet her earlier.


    • I see the Callen character as a sociopath…. NOT psychopath. He has never had the normal parent-child relationship. He saw his mother murdered in front of him, was torn from his home and brought to the US; had x number of foster homes; best one was a few months in duration and he never saw any of them again until his “little sister” was killed by his supposed CIA buddy (early in season 1). His workplace wife abandoned him in some awful place. He can not have a normal relationship; he has an obsession with two things: his name and family and the completion of whatever mission he is assigned. He is blind to his own failings; he let the Chameleon/Janvier character fool him over and over and he was willing to ruin an innocent life (Kristin Donnelly). He got a co-worker killed and two others captured and tortured. He can be funny, can crack jokes, can pretend to care. But I see his humanity as a veneer. He just doesn’t know how to relate to people in a close relationship. I can admire his tradecraft, but not him as a person.

      Which shows how good an actor COD is. In real life he is warm, loving, friendly… all the good things. Then, like Deeks and Arty or Max, he puts on his G. Callen suit on set. I’m seeing him in his role, not in his real life.


    • A reply to Beth about Deeks mother…We don’t get to pick our parents, but regardless of how annoying Mama Deeks might be, Deeks loves her and she offers us another chance to look into his past and to see what shaped him into the man he has become. As others have said, she is in stark contrast to the type of person Kensi is.


      • Lindy, so true, we do not get to pick our parents. And despite everything that’s come to pass, there’s no question that Deeks loves his Mom even when she annoys him. And all the characters that come through knowing Deeks before NCIS gives us more clues to his backstory.

        There better be an awesome 2 part episode of Deeks, Martin Brandel although I’d scratch Brandel out completely.


    • Beth, I don’t see Callen as ‘jealous’ but more on the side of “unsettled” or “off-kilter” and having to face these feelings. As Norm said, Callen has had a rough childhood with foster families in double digits and double on the double. Even with Hetty watching over him, he’s had to rely on himself and never get too close to anyone. As an adult, he connects with kids just like Deeks. It’s been fascinating to watch Callen grow and connect with his team and with Joelle. When Sam last asked him to hang out, I felt that Callen needed some alone time to figure out Joelle and his relationship with Sam.
      I agree with you about Callen questioning Deeks as to whether he was ready to rejoin the team. It was perfectly natural to question Deeks as did Hetty and Nate. I didn’t take Callen’s comment as not wanting him on the team.
      Although I was a bit peeved about Sam and Callen’s banter when Deeks was in jail, I thought that Sam and Callen knew Hetty would get him out. After all, has Hetty ever not come through for members of the team? I took Callen’s questioning of Hetty as a way to get information as to what, Hetty knows. Hetty is very tightlipped.


  5. I really enjoyed this discussion , so many good ideas about the show and our favorite detective.

    I originally thought that Kensi figured out that Deeks was the person who killed Boyle when she went to visit him in prison and he told her about Tiffany and she sort of ran away. However, in rewatching , I think she figured it out when she got home and put the pieces together. I think when she went to the prison, she was calm, professional, controlling her emotions, and feeling okay working on the case. I think when he explained that they were going to send him to county, it hit her what was going to happen to him there , he would be brutally tortured and killed and she knew they had to get him out and that is why she yelled at Hetty.

    As far as Callen and Deeks go, I would only add I think Callen is very protective of Kensi, I think his character never thought Kensi would fall for Deeks. I also think Callen thinks the workplace romance is inappropriate which is what he said to Deeks in Fighting Shadows. I do think his lone wolf personality makes it hard for him to understand that the feelings that Deeks and Kensi have are there no matter what their relationship status, so being together is admitting it and working with it, and that is the adult thing to do.

    I loved your description Tess of Deeks mother, a “long day” and he has been managing her for a long time. It is perfect and I hope we see her again.

    I have enjoyed season 7 so far other than the two Kalstein episodes which I personally thought were awful and were up there with the top five worse episodes of seven seasons for me. I hope when we switch gears from Deeks and Kensi to Sam and Callen that we do not end up as we did in season 6. I hope we do not have Sam , Callen episodes where Deeks and Kensi get their three minutes of air time and are not integral to the story. I do understand that air time is split and there has to be a balance between all the actors and storylines, however, this show is strongest when it features the team. It has seemed so far this season that no matter whether the focus was on Sallen or Densi, all were integral to the case and I like that, so I would like to see that continue through the rest of the season.


  6. I really enjoyed Internal Affairs and thought Eric Christian Olsen was brillant and should be given more stand alone episodes. I also was a bit peeved at Callen & Sam’s lack of concern about Deeks. Callen has gone off the rails more than once so he shouldnt judge others on their actions. I did like the way he looked at Deeks & Kensi when they were reunited at the end of the episode when she ran to hug him. He looked like he approved of their relationship. I still think they did not cover everything that happened with the death of Boyle. I was surprised when Deeks admitted to Hetty that he did commit the crime. I think Kensi figured it out just before Deek’s mother showed up and when she said that ‘ I have seen the way he looks at you, he trusts you’. That’s when I think Kensi realised that Deeks must have had a good reason to do what he did and she needed to do everything in her power to help the man she loves. I enjoyed seeing Deek’s mother and hope we see more of her. Would love to see Deek’s mum and Kensi’s mum together. That would be interesting. I agree with your sassyzazzi about the episodes that focus too much on Sam & Callen. When all the team work together is when the show is at its best. But then I am biased, the more Deeks & Densi the happier I am!!


  7. Lindy, your comment about all this underlying friction as the lead up to the big finale was so intriguing. Several times during the day, I thought about your hunch. I think you may be right. There may be a moment in time when Sam can save only 1 and the choice is between Callen and Deeks. If not, maybe a fan fic as Karen suggested?

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Great discussion, everyone!


    • Reader, I have been wrong so many times, so I’ll start thinking about a fic now. It would be quite a dilemma for Sam…not sure who he would choose to save. Could be a great cliffhanger for the end of the season.


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