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SpoilerTV previews NCISLA “Deep Trouble, Pt. II”

NCIS: Los Angeles – Deep Trouble II – Advance Preview: “10 Things to Expect from Season Premiere”

Time is winding down to the premiere of “NCIS: Los Angeles.” SpoilerTV was excited to receive an advance copy of the season six premiere. The follow-up to the cliffhanger of last season definitely delivers. It’s filled with action, excitement, great dialogue and fun scenes. Without giving away any major spoilers, we offer our preview of the premiere. Here’s a breakdown of 10 things you can expect to see.

1. The episode begins right where the finale left off. Kensi and Deeks are at the submarine site but the sub is not there. Meanwhile, Sam and Callen are stuck on the sub and their communication with NCIS isn’t working.

2. Hetty is still around. Hetty may be on her way to Washington DC – but she’s not going to let her precarious situation stop her from helping her team. Don’t think her troubles are over just yet, though. For now it appears they’re just on hold.

3. Deeks enjoys an interrogation. Deeks has some great scenes interrogating a suspect in a hospital. From funny lines to cheeky behavior, this is classic Deeks at his best.

4. The catfight continues. Talia is back and she and Kensi are still marking their territory with each other. But they also have to work together. This time I didn’t find their interaction as cheesy and cartoonish as the last. And the way things end up between Deeks, Kensi and Talia is kind of fun.

5. Sam and Callen work hard to stop the sub. The two partners aren’t waiting around to be saved – they are trying to save themselves and anyone else who could be in the sub’s path. As they work toward that goal, expect to see Sam’s impressive math and science skills come into play.

6. The dialogue is superb. I can’t tell you how many quotes had me laughing and smiling. The writers were in fine form and the characters were on top of their game when it came to funny and witty remarks. Callen even offers a funny imitation of Mr. T.

7. Kensi ends up with a bloody lip. I can’t say how it happened or who did it to her but the scene made me say, “Whoa!” (In a good way.)

8. Callen demonstrates a total lack of fear. While you can see the stress on Sam in the submarine, Callen is as cool as a cucumber. In fact he seems to be enjoying the challenge. Either he is not afraid to die or he just truly believes he won’t. Either way, it makes for some funny lines and great scenes with Sam.

9. Deeks and Kensi have a small undercover stint posing as a couple. I always love the partners’ undercover operations – especially when it puts them in close situations – and this one was short but enjoyable. Let’s just say Deeks likes to tease Kensi!

10. Sam and Callen are up against more than a make-shift bomb. These two partners have it rough. Not only are they locked in a submarine with a potential bomb on board, but the Navy has learned of the threat and given orders to locate and destroy the sub. On top of that, the bad guys on board have no problem killing the two men. And soon water floods their part of the sub.

See what happens to Sam and Callen when “NCIS: Los Angeles” debuts its sixth season during its new night and time on Monday, Sept. 29 at 10/9c.

How excited are you for the season premiere? What are you most looking forward to? What would you like to see happen this season? Let us know in the comments below.

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Tonya Papanikolas is a freelance journalist who loves covering entertainment and television. She spent more than 10 years as a broadcast news anchor/reporter and now does everything from hosting to writing. She is excited to cover NCIS: Los Angeles for SpoilerTV. (She loves Kensi and Deeks!) She also writes SpoilerTV articles on other great shows.
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  1. em contagem regressiva!!


  2. Thanks for the Spoiler Preview. Cannot wait for the premiere… I do not want Talia around ever again – unless it is to make Kensi just jealous enough to open up and actually sincerely and honestly discuss her true feelings for Deeks!


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