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Review: NCISLA “Sundown” (S13E06)

Hello everyone!

I cannot remember the last time I watched a fictional TV show, but it may have been “Into the Breach,” which was almost two years ago. I was on a much longer than expected hiatus from wikiDeeks as I was finishing my dissertation, which was then interrupted by the pandemic. I’ve now graduated with my PhD and am so excited to be back with you again doing an episode review! So with that context of all-work/no-play for too long – the TL;DR on this review is that I missed NCIS: Los Angeles, I missed all the characters, I missed the gorgeous city views of L.A., I missed the writers, producers, directors, etc., I missed writing for fun, I missed you all, and I’m a huge sap and loved everything about this episode. You may get diabetes from reading this review 😉

Lee A. Carlisle wrote this episode, which made me smile. I love his work and he was the writer on the last episode I reviewed (“Into the Breach”) before my long hiatus. It seemed fitting to step back into reviewing with another wonderful episode written by him.

I’m assuming you’re all aware but allow me a moment to note that they changed the opening credits and music while I was away. I normally don’t like change, but I loved it! (That was my first clue that I was about to get quite gushy about this).

Next, I’m assuming you’re also all in the know on the backstory of Katya’s safety deposit box that Callen was rifling through at the opening. I’ve obviously got some catching up to do, but feel free to discuss or enlighten me in the comments.

What hasn’t changed is Callen and Sam’s banter: “You never know when you need good leverage on a Russian,” with Sam’s grin and Callen’s smirk was exactly where the happy tears started, and I realized how much I had missed this!! (Yup! Time for your first blood sugar check). Seriously though, it has been rough at times for those of us working in ERs and seeing that my favorite characters are still out there and still the same in the ways that matter was something I didn’t know I needed. Their good-natured teasing coupled with the facial expressions that say as much as their words is one of my favorite things about this show.

Kensi and Deeks in the car is another thing I have loved throughout the series and yup, more tears seeing their banter and knowing they are still their usual selves, irrespective of what they’ve gone through in the past couple of years. I watched that “flat-earther” comment about the “trouble-makers” going into the adoption information session several times and I’m convinced both Eric Christian Olsen and Daniela Ruah were surprised he said that. That did not seem scripted. Or he did something else off camera that made her chuckle. She just seemed a little taken off guard there. I loved it!

I definitely need to catch up on the episodes I missed and see this journey to parenthood they’ve been on. It can be very stressful, sad, and hard on relationships. I was so glad to see in both the opening and closing scenes that Kensi and Deeks are focused on tackling this together, hard parts, fears, and all. Having Callen tell Deeks he would have killed for parents like him and Kensi when he was a foster kid – did I mention there were tears involved in watching this episode?!?! Seriously loved that heartfelt moment, especially since Callen has not always been Deeks’ biggest fan.

1306 Sundown Kensi DeeksDeeks’ comment about having a kid being like having your heart outside your body was so heartfelt. Both ECO and DR are quite clear on social media about how much they love being parents and you could feel that coming through in these scenes. Their final scene where they’re leaving to get food reminds me of so many similar scenes throughout the series. Back before they were together this was exactly the sort of thing I was hoping for. I just loved that scene: simple togetherness, facing the challenges of their work and their lives together.

I particularly appreciated that their family planning was so sensitively addressed, as this can be so immensely difficult for couples. One of the things I regularly do at work is inform people that they are experiencing a pregnancy loss; it’s such a common, and deep, pain that we often hide or ignore because we don’t know how to address it. I obviously missed Kensi and Deeks’ journey until now, so I don’t know how they got here. But, acknowledging that there are many paths to becoming parents and they are all good, though maybe some are harder than others, is a very important message.

Now, it turns out, amidst all the things that had me teary-eyed and oozing maple syrup from my pores (I’m Canadian, maple syrup really does ooze from our pores, it’s a thing!) about this episode, there was actually a case to discuss as well!

I don’t normally watch the previews and sneak peeks but I did this week because I’d been away for a while. So, I knew that instead of a terrorist or criminal organization, the case of the week focused on a parent who was at the point of desperation in a quest for justice for his daughter. Cases like this are always so hard because the parents obviously don’t want to believe their child did the terrible things that Corporal DeMayo was accused of, but people do change amidst the trying conditions they face while deployed, and sometimes just make bad decisions. The accusations of her being framed and murdered were a bit over the top, and her father was clearly not thinking totally logically in his desperation. Guest actor Charles Malik Whitfield (Gary DeMayo) walked that fine line of portraying impulsivity born of desperation without crossing into behavior that hinted at psychosis or intoxication. Gary was at his wit’s end and trying to change a reality he could not accept, but he was still in touch with reality. That nuance is what convinced me that maybe his allegations were plausible. His demands, on the other hand, were totally unreasonable. Six hours to solve a case like this?!

Jacqueline Obradors did a great job as LAPD Captain Maya Lopez. She was tough and no-nonsense in dealing with the very unreasonable demands. She was ready to act decisively and seemed willing to accept Gary’s death as collateral damage in neutralizing the threat. Between trying to effectively collaborate with her and trying to meet the very short timeline, both Sam and Rountree at the scene, Deeks and Callen in the boatshed, and Fatima in Ops had their work cut out for them. I was pretty pessimistic and figured that something was bound to go BOOM before they cleared Cpl. DeMayo’s name.

When we meet Mrs. DeMayo (Deidre Henry), we learn that Gary lost his business due to the pandemic, so this is a man who really had very little left to lose. She didn’t share all of Gary’s ideas about what happened, but she was clear that Cpl. DeMayo’s alleged actions were very out of character for her. The lack of effective and timely access to the therapy she needed added to the tragedy of the situation. I always feel like if we send people into combat or a conflict zone, part of the cost of that action is caring for whatever the physical or mental health needs are that result from that service. It just shouldn’t be hard to access support needs after serving; it’s not a surprise that people struggle. We knew about “shell-shock” after WWII. Deeks’ response to Mrs. DeMayo’s story was sad but so sensitive.

Sam’s decision to send Rountree into the bus undercover as a reporter seemed pretty risky. We knew that was going to end with a BOOM with that dead man switch. Not being up to date on the series, I don’t know how long Agent Rountree has been with the team, but I was getting a little “unknown crewperson with the red shirt” vibes (Star Trek reference for the non-nerds) there for a bit with the leaking liquid explosive and the sniper fire. They got out just in time and the BOOM I’d been expecting finally happened. Thankfully, everyone is safe and it looks like Rountree’s not expendable and we’re keeping him a little longer. (Add him to my list of things to catch up on).

By the time the bus blew up, Gary knew that his daughter’s death was a suicide, not a homicide. That scene where Sam told him he was right about her being framed was really heart-wrenching. He got some of the answers he wanted to hear, but it cost him greatly. And yet, he said he would have done it all again. It seems kind of extreme, but Sam couldn’t answer the question of what he would do if it were Aidan or Kam. This took us back to the underlying theme of the episode where your kids are such a piece of your heart that whether it’s the path to having them or the lengths you’ll go to for them once you do have them, the intensity of the love can push people to drastic actions that others might not understand.

The episode doesn’t answer the question, but it does ask us to consider what you would do for your kids: the ones you have and the ones you don’t have yet, or don’t have anymore. The artful weaving of that kind of a thread through an episode of a law enforcement procedural is part of what always sets the writing of this series apart from others for me. If you look closely, there is much depth and meaning in this episode beyond the case itself. The way it is presented challenges us to consider how narrow the gap sometimes is between villains and heroes. Though some make choices that go outside the bounds of what we accept in society, we have some common motivations – like love for family – that can be a weakness leading to life-altering decisions in the wrong circumstances.

The deck on the boatshed is an exceptional (new-to-me) addition. The beauty of the final scene between Sam, Callen and Kilbride is yet another example of the artistry inherent in this series. We got a satisfying resolution for Cpl. DeMayo against a background of a gorgeous night sky over the marina. I also love the original NCIS, but so often those scenes happen in their offices, and I just don’t feel like it has the same impact as this scene with the calm sky and calm waters that hint that she can now rest in peace.

There are several things I didn’t have space to touch on in this review, so I would love to hear your thoughts about things I might not have addressed or comments about what I did. No worries if you’re not on the same sugar rush I’m on!

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  1. Hey Brenda! Thanks for the review. Here’s my enlightening thoughts:

    Well, this didn’t end with anyone getting captured in a really awful twist, so that’s 1 plus from this episode, and 1 part of Season 9 that wasn’t totally repeated. (For now anyways.)

    Knowing that the boathouse has a deck now, gives me plenty of ideas for my writing.

    And as I predicted (again.), this latest round of Densi adoption woes went nowhere. (unless fostering is actually in the books and not just 1 thing from this episode that’ll never be brought up again). Other then once again confirming that they’re fighting a losing battle.

    Tot tell the truth, I’ve never been fully on board when this all started in Season 11 anyways, it was all too rushed and too soon after the wedding for me. And i have ended up being right in more ways then 1 with this stupidness since given how this has all gone since (etc, predicting that they wouldn’t have kids).

    And as for everything else, got nothing more to add. Other then Kilbride needs to go and #HettyDeservesBetter

    So, in 5 episodes since the premiere, nothing has really gone anywhere. No update on that rewritten disaster discovery of Callen’s, which makes that stupid fight he and Hetty had in the burn room even more useless! Densi adoption woes went nowhere, Kilbride was proven to be worse then Hetty, the newbies continue to outshine the rest of the team.

    Kind of makes 1 person wonder if it was even worth even trying to get through these last 4 episodes at all. (At least I didn’t try to actually watch them live.).

    Well, I’ll be around for the rest of the year, so be prepared for a lot of small talk attempts!


    • I am with you that Hetty deserves better, but what to do if Linda Hunt simply does not want to anymore….? I have been suggesting Zooms they can incorporate into the show so she can stay at home and the fans still get what they deserve. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be willing to do anything inventive or new anymore.

      Interesting point about the discovery of Callen’s past and the burn room talk with Hetty, because you are correct; a big to do was made of it and it went…..nowhere…..


      • I don’t know how to answer about Linda, other then I’ve seen or heard no evidence that anything that has happened in the last few years was her choice, because no one will talk about it! Instead, all we have are a bunch of assumptions about something that may or may not be true, and I just can’t allow myself to believe something this serious without solid proof from someone credible and official. Translation: I need solid proof before I say that I believe something related to this topic.

        They’ll have to bring Hetty back at some point, and one way or another, she and Callen will have to be back on good terms again, either with 1 heck of an emotional scene, or with the old ‘this was settled off screen and we’re just back on good terms with no explanation’ stunt.


  2. Congratulations on your PhD, Brenda! That is certainly something to be proud of!

    I am a bit confused though; what was the last episode you saw and have you seen any episodes regarding the baby journey, Deeks’ FLETC troubles, Callen’s endless backstory regarding his foster life, Katya, Joelle, and Anna, as well as Hetty’s departure, Kilbride’s arrival, Kam’s coming and going, and the disastrous incorporation of the newbies pushing the OGs to the background……?

    Though I did like the premise of this episode, it was once again 6 degrees removed from a direct Naval Investigation. The actors who portrayed Gary and his wife were excellent to the point they out-acted everybody else on this episode, including the OGs.

    However, it did not leave me on the edge of my seat as the focus shifted too much to too many people doing other things, as opposed to the hostage situation itself. An excellent example is Law&Order SVU: Townhouse Incident, in which Olivia Benson is held hostage with a father and two children. You are correct about the timeline and demands. It was unrealistic.

    And merely speaking from a having-watched-enough-hostage-crime-show-episodes POV, no hostage taker would let anybody into a hostage situation without verifying credentials; therefor Rountree walking into that bus without a press pass or at least a notepad and a pencil stuck behind his ear was not credible to me. As you said, not the best decision Sam made, as Rountree himself was hesitant. There were civilians and a bomb on the bus, Sam should have gone in himself (also, how did Gary get all the windows of the bus taped up with newspaper so fast?)

    I really wish TPTB would let Katya go. A text stating Katya was found dead could take care of that easily. Katya, Joelle, Anna; it has been too long, too much and too boring. Callen needs to move on, however, I guess at this point, nobody knows where to move him. The only other story line they have for him is his past and people have had enough of that as well.

    The team was all over the place once more and this, paired with who-knows-who-and-where-doing-what has been problematic since the start of season 12. They should have stuck with the formula of Callen and Sam/Deeks and Kensi; i.e. stop fixing what was never broken, and leave Rountree and Fatima in OPS, as they bring nothing to the team in the field itself.

    And who is in OPS nowadays? This can now be done part-time by Fatima….? I was watching some re-runs with Nell and Eric still in OPS and how heavily dependent the team was on what they did. This now can be done by somebody running up and down the stairs a few times a day? Again, I’d also like to know both Fatima’s and Rountree’s qualifications/credentials for doing what Nell and Eric did.

    With the subject of Kilbride’s son coming up during last week’s episode I found it interesting he remarked to Fatima that people who commit suicide often do so isolated so as to not bother others to clean up the mess, which made me wonder if his son has committed suicide.

    And that brings me to…….Densi. With this episode, for me, Densi was official put into a coma and I don’t think they’ll wake up. I cannot blame the writers or showrunners anymore at this point. It became clear that neither ECO nor DR have any interest nor capability in acting like a married couple still so in love. Keeping their RL family relations and on-screen relation separate has been interfering for years and at the start of Season 12 their physical relationship came to a complete halt.

    When people complain actors do not post enough RL family pictures and videos, my opinion is that actors do not owe their fans anything but a performance and it was proven with this episode, they feel they do not owe the fans even that much anymore.

    The initial scene of Kensi peering out the car scoping potential adoptive couple was hysterical for about 15 seconds before it spiraled downwards. Deeks’ comment about flat-earthers fell flat as did Kensi’s normally laugh-out-loud sparkling laughter, which was more of a forced chuckle.

    Finally, after 4 years (I started counting when Deeks called off the wedding in 9/23 – 9/24), they managed to get into an adoption orientation and Deeks (Deeks!) bails to go work a case? Kensi cannot leave her phone off for half an hour and then ends up running out anyway? That alone speaks volumes of how they are nowhere near ready to have a child, as again, the job takes precedence.

    When Deeks (again: Deeks!) decides to leave for the job, there is no tight hug, no hair stroke, no kiss, but a high five….? As if Kensi was his sister and was headed out to volleyball practice or a yoga session. The romance, the intimacy, but now also the chemistry has effectively ended, at least for me, with this episode. The high fives and I-love-you’s from 10 feet away have become cringeworthy and unwatchable.

    Callen could not have interviewed Gary’s wife on his own? Or with Kilbride? Or with Fatima? It was completely unnecessary for Deeks to be at the job at that time. It was completely unnecessary for either one of them to have their phones on at that time.

    Callen telling Deeks that he would have killed for parents like him and Kensi after years of thumbing his nose at Deeks was so disingenuous even ECO could not pull off an “I appreciate that” with any degree of sincerity.

    The writing of the end scene in the bull pit with the hug picture being out on social media as a teaser for weeks was obviously meant to give fans a false sense of what-would-be, but was – as has been the case with these teasers for almost 2 years now – lazy and beyond mis-guided writing. This is not about putting your heart and soul out there. This is about knowingly bringing a child into a world with parents living under an assumed name because they themselves are not safe.

    Deeks stated it was time to let go of their fears and accept there are certain things they cannot control. Except they can. They can control where they work, what they do for a living, where they live, and which world to bring a child into.

    Deeks also stated that none of those things outweigh the beautiful possibility of Kensi becoming a mother and him becoming a father. Except that they do. It is, in fact, the ultimate act of selfishness. Your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing should outweigh everything, not the other way around. Please do not give them a child before sending them for significant psycho-therapy sessions first if this has become their outlook on becoming parents.

    When you adopt via an adoption agency or via the foster route, your entire life will be scrutinized before approval. Their house has been purchased under an assumed name. What then have they filled out on all this adoption paperwork? Their real names (easily tracked by Kessler and anybody else) or assumed names? If the latter is the case and they will have to hand over their ID’s, passports, birth certificates, which will be in their real names, what would their explanation be to their case handler? Or to the judge who will have to approve and sign off on the adoption in court? No agency or judge will accept that level of liability, whether it is adoption or foster.

    My sad guess (and I could be 100% wrong, I am no expert!) is this will be the show’s last season. They dropped hugely in the ratings and have not had an original or credible plot line in years. It has just been rinse and repeat. Eric, Nell, and Hetty are gone; the romance that kept viewers glued – Densi – has been destroyed, and I have serious doubts that one can be revived. Hunt down Kessler and let Kensi find out she is pregnant in the series finale with Deeks handing in their transfers to different jobs.

    Sadly, I can say no more.

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    • OMG, M, I feel like you read my mind I think you pointed out everything I wanted to say. By the way, “I wrote my post before even reading yours I swear” Maybe if I waited I wouldn’t have to post mine and all was I have to do is to agree with every point you’ve clarified.
      You hit the nail right on the head for me, M.

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    • Frankly, the best way to wrap this all up would be to: Bring Hetty home in 1 piece, ditch Kilbride, and just have us assume that everyone lives happily ever after at work at the end of the Season.

      I didn’t buy the whole hug scene photo for a minute. (because I knew that there was no visible sign that Kensi was going to be ‘expecting’ in future episodes).

      I checked a site called TV Series Finale, which has a big chart of the ratings explained, and the ratings for this year are actually very close to being on par with last year’s. (which, in this ratings landscape, is very good) Having Equalizer as a lead in helps it, I guess. Personally, it looks like the only thing that could interfere in a Season 14 would be the budget costs instead of the ratings.

      Even though I go back and forth with myself on if this should be the last Season, it most likely won’t. Because I think that the only way that this show will call it quits is if CBS says so. (and as darkly funny as this sounds, I kind of enjoy bashing this show after each new Hetty less episode now.)


      • If you check Wikipedia, they have lost about 2.5 million viewers since season 10 and about 1.5 million since last season. The Kessler episode was an all time low with barely over 3M.

        They keep it on Sunday night because – with the exception of football – they basically have no competition and most people just leave it on after The Equalizer (which I don’t watch).

        That being said, The Walking Dead has lost more viewers and that is still on, lol (big fan myself!). However, they have lost demographic points, clearly there have been budget cuts, and the OG actors really do not seem eager to want to do it anymore. As Robbie C stated they have no personal stake in the show.

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        • True. Course, the only thing that has mattered in live ratings is the demo, and then there’s the DVR ratings for the first 3 days to the first week after the episode airs.

          Plus, a lot of shows that have quality wise gone down the toilet have lasted for years beyond their glory days, basically, we never really know for sure.

          Either way, I’m betting that Season 14 might still happen anyways, unless CBS says no.


  3. First thing first, and before I start my mumbling about this episode, congratulation Brenda on your Ph.D. This is a great success for you, So pleased to hear you accomplishing great things.

    Your review was superb, Brenda, I’m really happy you enjoyed it unlike me this episode was so disappointing, unfortunately. I can’t believe this is the episode they choose before going into hiatus the script was all over the place and even the acting was so lacking the affection and the performance wasn’t genuine (IMHO).

    First, off the plot, why does Gary have to kidnap a bus just to get justice, really shouldn’t they always choose to punish or avenge the guilty person or the one who is responsible for these actions? But to take a random bus with innocent people just to clear your daughter’s name was so extreme at least for me.

    I didn’t get why the sniper was even trying to take them down, what was the end game of this? as they had already opened the case even if they didn’t they would be more interested in the case if the sniper show up suddenly and start shooting at the bus so what was their aim here, it really confused me( it was redundant)

    What also confused me was if Kara’s dishonored discharges & her suicide and was due to the lack of support she had as VET, and fall through the cracks of the system like her mother said, or was is it a race thing like her father mentioned.

    The last scene with Sam,& Callen and they asked if they would do something like that, Really how they could even ask that Q? Don’t they remember how many times they went rouge and endangered other lives or went lone wolf just to get justices or answer or for sake of retaliation that was just MESSED UP & OOC.

    Also, it was unbelievable that with the entire SWAT, NCIS, LAPD were all in the scene and they couldn’t spot the sniper, but suddenly Kensi & Callen arrived and locate him with such ease, also the way they evacuated the bus with Sam holding the shields was so unreal as the sniper could shoot them in the legs.

    If Roundtree took a course in negotiations why did Sam do all the talk what was the purpose of that & he was so scared & shocked that he would go undercover as the reporter doesn’t know what he signed for? and shouldn’t he be fearless and experienced especially he is facing death every day in this job and he used to work for the FBI it’s not like he just graduated from the academy and was thrown in the street, all of that made me doubt him and his ability more and he didn’t earn my trust to have the back of the team he couldn’t even convince the father to get out of the bus.

    Second, of the newbies, I tried and still trying to get used to this Roundtree & Fatima character. STILL A NO for me I don’t know what it is but I’m just not feeling it. The writing and direction of Roundtree’s character, I just can’t seem to warm up to.

    The producers are trying too hard to get us to like them, if we haven’t, that should be a clue they should stop. But to give them their desks (WTH) they didn’t even earn it, even Nell was an agent with high-security clearance and didn’t have a desk so what’s make them so special to be treated differently they don’t have a high IQ, they’re not super agent, they aren’t convincing when they go undercover, they don’t even add something new to the team, so what gives, seriously at least they not sitting with cool kids. (LOL)

    Third, off the Densi Scenes, were really scattered and dull and lacked varieties (Believe me you didn’t miss much Brenda we’re stuck in the same loop since S11 )

    Why didn’t they just take the day off if the session was that important to them so they could both attend the session and be there for each other without interruptions? Or at least one of them like they did when they bought the bar, but clearly, the bar was more important than their adoption session. (Why writers)

    Although he has his own fears he was there for her and supported whatever she needs, and Despite his excitement to enter the session in the first place he chose to go to work and encourage her to attend the session since she’s the one who needs to be convinced to calm her down and maybe to change her mindset, but Kensi couldn’t be on the sideline and wanted to interfere in the action (always choose the mission first). I so wanted to hear Kensi express some change in her overall outlook on what her future should hold but looks like that will never happen.

    Kensi’s approach in this matter is so childish & immature she always sees anything as a competition and she needs to win & beat the other candidates. And when she fails at something she is too caught up in her own pity.

    In the meanwhile, Deeks had made up his mind to be a father and he will not give up the idea of being a father especially after what he had said in the last episode. and he made it clear in this episode too that they need to adjust their own life to be parents and have a family.

    The last conversation also didn’t sit well with it Remember that Deeks has wanted out of their jobs since season 9 specifically because of their job and called off the wedding, so now he doesn’t know what to do!!!! And they transitioned from having a baby to trying treatments to adoption in no time and now they moved to foster, would you please writers make up your minds about that plot because it’s getting frustrating and because you only make them seem so thoughtless and ill-judged and scatterbrained. The details of a plot have to make sense from point A to Z (It’s getting worse & worse)

    It hurts me to say that but I’m bored to death with this plot. It became tedious and repetitious and there is no use or any outcomes from their discussions and no one is willing to change their minds. Kensi is still short-sighted and leaving the job is out of the table and Deeks is longing to be a father and no one is ready to sacrifice or stand down for what the other wants.

    Put their job aside for a second I can’t believe they would think & try to adopt a child and go to the info session with psychopath stalking them, shouldn’t they solve that first since it was the reason they stopped the treatment and tried to conceive, and would the agency allow them to adopt under their aliases that means that even people with fake IDs could adopt now

    Callen’s words to Deeks were great but I didn’t get the affection from Callen I don’t know it felt flat and don’t think it made any impact on Deeks or maybe the talk was out of context as it was all business then he said that which is why I didn’t feel it. plus they rarely bond with each other and have some heart talks.

    To end this on a good note, Hopefully, the authors use this break and finally come up with something new. and again Congratulations on your well-deserved success Branda and best wishes for the future. and sorry if I bothered anyone with my take on the Episode.

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    • Exactly Jessie! My comment basically says the same!

      Great point about the sniper. How did he have a clear view of anything or anybody with the windows taped shut anyway?

      And yes indeed, with regards to the fake IDs and assumed names for a house: No adoption or foster agency would touch them with a 10-feet pole.

      I was also greatly disappointed (especially again with the lack of Densi affection) and I don’t think it will get any better.


  4. Congratulations BRENDA, I enjoyed reading your much as i could go on and on about densi, I still enjoy watching them, but I agree the romance seems to gone..they got us so involved in their lives for all those years, that’s what got me hooked and then bam, the wedding and nothing..I really miss that…to me enough with anything associated with Russia, who cares anymore, if it’s Anna you want , find her and marry her…enough enough😡and Marie, I hate to say this, but they don’t really bring up hetty’s like she faded away and we got kilbride..I can’t believe they gave roundtree a desk..GIVE ME A BREAK, are they trying to write the story around them now( Fatima) it certainly doesn’t seem like the fans want that at all..keep them up in opts and no they haven’t grown on me at all. I would just like to see callen, Sam, Deeks and kensi fighting the bad guys, blowing up stuff. , and. Bantering in the bullpen…


    • Yes, I’m well aware that this show is trying to let Hetty fade quietly and hope no one besides us notices (until someone remembers that she’s still in Syria), which is why that it’s up to fans like me to make sure she’s not forgotten in the fandom, because someone this legendary and iconic just can’t fade away like this in such a disrespectful manner!!

      Yeah, I just want the bantering in the bullpen as well, and Hetty sneaking in, spooking them. 🙂


  5. Thanks for your review and congrats!

    Honestly, I don’t know what some Deeks’ fans want from Callen, but the idea that he doesn’t “respect” Deeks enough makes no sense given his actual behavior. Callen was the first one to greet Deeks when he joined the team, he demanded that Mosley bring him back to the team, he told Deeks to stay and keep trying to reach Kensi in “The Silo.” I like Deeks, but he’s one member of the team and no more–or less–important than any of the other main team members. That’s true for ALL the core team members. (I don’t count any of the newbies as important as the core team, and I realize that might be considered blasphemy to some, but without the rest of the team, the show wouldn’t be what it is.)

    The episode was good and everyone had a role. It was good to keep the Katya story line going and that comment by Sam was classic. The Densi scene in the car was cute. Given all her anxiety, it was totally believable that Kensi would be spying on the other potential adopters, and the way Deeks calmed her down was pure Deeks (“flat-earhers”). I also liked the little scene between Fatima and Rountree. It was nice to see an episode that was related to the military and where the team put their skills to use.


    • So about Deeks and Callen, for me they’re portraying Callen’s character over the top honestly he doesn’t fit to be a team leader maybe Sam would do a much better job than Callen.

      As I see Callen is so self-absorbed, he loses his temper, lousy in tradecraft as his house is always compromised and he always goes rouge and lone wolf and he rarely was there for his team when they needed him or even takes responsibility for his action.

      Sorry, Bliss but I’d to disagree with you he is the least character out of the four that showed any development he wasn’t there for Sam when Mo died because he was occupied by his search for family and his endless Russian connection, he wasn’t there for Kensi when she was sent to Afghanistan or even asked about her before or after the rescue, and when she’s stuck under the plan he was making jokes and John Cusack references even when she got kidnapped by the CIA he didn’t care about his teammate as much as his only concern was he was got played by his girlfriend, in “Silo” he also didn’t care about her wellbeing under the circumstances and did nothing all he had to do when Deeks asked him they need to get her out he told she will not want to leave, and he didn’t even try to get to her.

      And don’t get me to start on how he treats Deeks he is always taking the offensive with him he never supports him or encourages him even with words when he was under investigation or when Kensi was in a coma, after Sidorov he allowed Sam to carry on the job but not Deeks he asked him to leave.

      when Deeks loses his job both times ( Despite the first time he was the one who asked Deeks&Kensi to follow Moseley & Deeks was the one who stand for him and defended him in front of Mosley) he never showed any empathy or support when Mosley fired him or through his FLTCE training, He asked him to leave OPS during the Kessler fuss and didn’t care about hoe emotionally devastated, and there was an episode in S12 where they the team was getting debriefing on a case and they stopped when they know Deeks was there because he wasn’t NCIS while Anaa was with Callen in the same room and he let her listen (Double Standards)
      he started to attack Deeks once he questioned Sam’s alibi in “Seal Hunter”, When Deeks tried to bond with him and try to get to know each other in “The Long Goodbye” he shut him down.

      Isn’t that the rule of the team leader to be there for his teammates and support them even only with words and assure their fairs and take responsibility for their actions not blaming it on someone else (I remember what happened to Hidoko) that’s why I appreciate how Deeks stays true to his values and isn’t afraid to stand up to those in authority when he’s given questionable orders and for me it’s a very admirable and appealing quality.

      And about his story, I can’t feel but they only redoing the redoing of Calen all over again. Bored to tears with a grown man acting like a spoiled and like is the only one with abused childhood he needs to grow up and the ongoing melodrama of Callen identity crisis and looking for Katya and they are supposed to believe that Katya the heartless Russian spy to leave or forget something important or lead to her to be found like that.

      Deeks for me the only one on the team with the most consistently realistic and human response to what they’re facing or experiencing in my opinion and this is maybe one of the reasons why he’s my favorite character, I’m a biased fan and a little defensive of my favorite character so Sorry Bliss I know we don’t see eye to eye here but I try to show you my take on the matter.

      And I said it before anything I say is just my opinion, so bear that in mind. That doesn’t mean that any other opinion isn’t valid. There’s room for all of us.


      • Sorry, Jessie, but a lot of what you say is inaccurate in my opinion. Callen has been there for his team countless times. He helped Sam avenge Mo’s death, he stayed with him in Africa when Hetty told them both to come home, in Afghanistan he was the one who insisted on following the group that he thought had Kensi–even disobeying Granger, he seldom loses his temper (unlike Deeks who throws furniture). Callen has more experience as a federal agent than any other member of the team. Some Deeks fans always bring up the episode when Callen tells Deeks he doesn’t want him back on the team if he’s not ready but they NEVER bring up that Hetty said the EXACT same thing. That’s their job: to look out for the team and each member on it. It would be super dangerous to have a team member in the field who isn’t ready, dangerous for the team and dangerous for that member. And when Deeks said he was ready, Callen didn’t tell him he couldn’t come back. Callen accepted that he was. As for the episode with Mosley, Deeks was WAY out of line and Callen didn’t NEED him “coming to his defense.” All Deeks did was add fuel to the fire and get himself fired because he was insubordinate which didn’t help the team any. And Callen has stood up to authority plenty of times. He was the one who was against letting Janvier go because he had killed “our people.” He’s stood up against Hetty and Granger and Mosley (when he demanded Deeks come back to “his team).

        As for Callen telling Deeks to leave OPS when he shouldn’t have been there listening to Kessler, he was right (and Sam physically threatened Deeks, but Deeks fans don’t get on Sam’s case). And Callen doesn’t “bond” with most people, but just because he doesn’t is no sign that he doesn’t like them. To be honest, I find Deeks way too nosy (Remember his questioning of Joelle in “Humbug”? While some found that cute or funny, I found his prying into Callen’s personal relationship annoying. I felt the same way when he read Kensi’s journal without her permission. Deeks has no sense of personal boundaries.) And Callen wasn’t the one who stopped the conversation in season 12 because Deeks was there; that was Kensi.

        I agree that Callen’s story about his past has been getting repetitious, but that’s not the fault of the character; that fault lies squarely with Gemmill and the writers who have devoted most of their effort to Densi and a little more to Sam (briningg back Kam) and now the newbies. The writers have done a horrible job with the Callen-Anna relationship in my opinion.

        I know lots of fans LOVE that Deeks is so emotional and think that makes him more “human,” but to me, it makes him a loose cannon. I like all the characters–including Deeks–but I think they all have weaknesses, and Deeks is no exception. He’s the only one on the team who’s never suffered any consequence for wrong things he’s done. He wasn’t even suspended from LAPD when he was under investigation. There are things about him I admire and things about him I don’t admire (the same as the other characters), but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him. He’s not my idea of the “perfect” guy he is to others.

        Sorry for the little essay, and I appreciate your views. I just don’t agree, but that’s what makes this fandom a good one–we don’t all have to agree on everything. Happy holidays!


        • I agree with most of what you’ve said about Callen and Deeks. I like Deeks as well, but he’s not perfect.

          The job they all do is dangerous, and it’s not for the weak. Sometimes, they need time off to rest up mentally, even if they don’t like it.


  6. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // November 23, 2021 at 8:20 PM //

    Fans need Densi kisses!!!


  7. I hate to say this, but all the negative comments are depressing me. Like Brenda, I liked the episode and came here to be with fellow fans. This constant negativity isn’t what I expected.

    To me, Kensi and Deeks are behaving like a typical couple who have been together for more than a few years. Kensi has always been intensely career focused. Remember how she left Deeks with Siderov and how she didn’t defend him from Mosley? That has always been Kensi. Deeks is the loyal nurturer who has usually been willing to follow her lead.

    They work as a couple because they understand each other. However, I am not sure how well a baby would fit in their family. Does Kensi want the baby for herself or to please Deeks? (Also, at this point, her competitive streak has kicked in.)

    None of the characters on the show are perfect, but I like them, except for the newbies, especially Fatima. I get enough of what I want to tolerate what I don’t like. They are still my team, and itbis still my show.


    • Sorry, but some of us just hate what this show has turned into the past few years. To some of us, Densi has turned into this old married couple that look more like collage roommates instead of a romantic couple! And the baby thing got tiresome forever ago.

      I don’t hate the newbies (I just think they’re ‘just okay’), but the fact that they’re taking more time away from the main cast, and the fact that we know more of them a lot faster then we got backstories on the rest of the cast, it’s pretty annoying.

      Not to mention, there’s the fact that a retired admiral who has no business running a team is apparently the ‘boss’ now instead of a perfectly fit ex spy and it’s supposed to look ‘normal’. (though, I think I’m the only one who’s seriously ticked off about that.). Not to mention, that ex spy keeps getting shipped off to foreign countries and no one will provide clear answers.

      It’s okay to still like the show, but some of us, are just really fed up! (and I mean no offense, just trying to say this in the nicest way that I can.


    • Elaine Conway // November 24, 2021 at 12:30 PM //

      I agree with you Betty. Wikideeks has become a little sad. The cesspool of negativity that is the internet is slowly seeping in. I agree that Kensi and Deeks are past the point of flirty behavior. It was fun, but time moves on and love gets deeper and past that point. The love they have for each other is shown through their ability to stick together and help each other get through some very heavy things which would have caused some couples to break up. I work with some young married couples and they are not kissing at work or walking out of the building embracing each other so I’m okay with their present behavior. And maybe it’s just that ECO and DR just don’t want to swap spit or put their salivia on someone’s cheek, etc. during a pandemic.

      On another note I noticed there are complaints about their cases not being related to the Navy. I thought that was because they are the office of special projects and also work on anything that could be considered terrorism. So someone with a bomb on a bus with hostages could fit that bill. I read an article not long ago where the reporter was interviewing an NCIS agent. They were talking about the original NCIS. He was asked what was real or not real on the show. I can’t remember everything but he said they wouldn’t have their own morgue or lab, Gibbs would get in a lot of trouble for the head slaps, and the alphabet soup of federal agencies actually get along and know their place. Then he continued with some comments and without even being asked about the LA version he volunteered that they do exactly what they do on NCIS LA. I found that both interesting and surprising, but I’ll take his word over people commenting on the internet.


      • I’m Sorry Elaine & Betty that you both feel that way, I really am, TBH it wasn’t my intention that I would spread negative feelings among fans especially we’re in the festive season. And trust me when I say it hurts me more when I write something bad or negative about my favorite show or character.

        A little personal side note just to understand where I’m coming from. My approach in life, in general, is to speak up & voice my concerns even if it will backfire on me. So it’s not my aim to be destructive or talk trash and insult anybody but I only see it as an area for improvement.

        Back to the show, I only write what I feel I’m not going to pretend that I’m an expert in how to run a show or write scripts( hell I can’t even write an entire post without errors) and don’t know much about the industry. But I only speak what I want to see as a hardcore fan, maybe it could make a difference and they could go with a new formula, as I know that you can’t underestimate the power of a fan base and how they could change the track of the show (remember Mosely, I think that’s our made not the TPTB).

        This lack of attention to detail and disregard of what’s gone before, & Whenever you have a minor recurring character getting more screentime than the main characters, that’s a problem and annoying.
        So the dilemma here is not with Killbride’s character or the newbie’s behaviors because I remember I liked the admiral when introduced but it is with the character’s development and the dissimilarity between how the character introduced and how they evolved and portrayed now and it goes for everyone.
        Another thing to say to add, that I’ll take a lot of heat on this. I know the TPTB has planned for all the seasons and the coming ones but it’s okay if you adjusted your planned stories just for the sake of the viewers and fans. I think we shipped Densi since day one but they didn’t give what we need till season 6 I think and they dragged the wedding story for 4 years and now we have the baby arch to be 3 seasons.
        I’d rather have 8 or 10 seasons of a TV show packed with enjoyable and satisfying stories and covered all the bases for all the characters and give justice to each character than having 20 seasons of a show with lame stories and filler episodes and shaky backgrounds.

        They don’t need to be laser-focused on one character and neglect the others or focus only on one aspect of the character leave other issues hanging. Since they decided to bring Deeks or any other characters they should give them an equal opportunity to shine and show their core. I’m not saying they need to turn their focus on him (I’d never mind if they do) but give us something really worthwhile and satisfy all the fans and viewers whether they are Callenna or Densi fans or Deeks fans they should at least try to adjust the formula to gain the satisfaction from all the viewer’s so no one would feel left out to dry.

        And Just for the argument sake if the writers truly run out of ideas it’s no shame to admit that and hire new ones or take a page out of the fanfictions writers and they could build a whole story from scratch outta thin air and it’s reliable and believable and enjoyable (Respect for their hard work).

        Many times I have the impression that the writers drag out some stories indefinitely while they could explore, develop or invent more interesting ones, instead. I know we can’t do anything about it, It’s a show on TV.

        As For Densi I love Their connection and ability to calm and comfort each other in stressful and sad situations is one of the things I enjoy about the couple as well as their ability to poke fun at each other, I want to see them smile a little more. Don’t get me wrong, I also want to see some serious discussion about the problems they are facing but with an outcome not just looping around the subject and repeated again with no end results.

        Sorry for the wordiness, I’m getting chatty again just wanted to clear the air, & spread positive vibes, and Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


  8. I’m trying to do an all-in-one responding to the latest comments:

    I don’t think WikiDeeks is a cesspool of negativity at all. It is just an expression of frustration due to the lack of original storylines, convenient and selective memory loss on the part of the writers regarding things that happened in earlier shows, no elaboration on major backstories (Kensi living on the street at age 15, Deeks shooting his father at age 11, Hetty recruiting 8 year old orphans for mind-games), timelines that do not add up, the lack of character growth, writing off a favorite character (Hetty), and adding newbies very few people like or want.

    Yes, Kensi and Deeks are who they are as persons; however, they should not be who they were 12.5 years ago when they fell in love and started dating. You grow as a couple. You mature as a couple. You live life and make decisions as a couple, especially when wanting to have a child/children. That growth and development has not only lacked but has regressed.

    The problem with Deeks and the LAPD is a great example of the lack of research that should go into plot-lines. He was recruited by Hetty after being forced into UC work because he turned in his partner for abusing young prostituted girls. Whiting kept picking him up and putting him behind bars, but was there ever an actual arrest warrant to do so? He never retained an attorney, he never appeared in court before a judge, he never appeared in front of a grand jury, and he was never indicted. On what grounds was she actually allowed to continue to do this?

    Out of all the team members, Deeks is the most level-headed, whereas Sam and Callen are the loose cannons. How many times have they gone rogue? Namely Callen with the endlessness of his father, Anna, Joelle, Katya…..on and on and on. It was Deeks pointing out to Callen several times he would be committing treason trying to interfere with the Russians regarding his father, to which Callen replied “I don’t care, this is family”.

    The whole team had to go after Sam went Michelle was kidnapped because he lost his mind and went running around like a crazy person all over town. And it was Deeks and Kensi who brought Michelle back to Sam for a proper burial. But Deeks was threatened by Sam and Callen, and not allowed to go with his wife to a serial killer in prison?

    BTW, it was not Callen who told Deeks to keep calling Kensi in “The Silo”, it was Mosely. And everybody on this forum was on Sam’s case about him threatening Deeks at the start of the Kessler episode, especially after what Deeks went through for Sam in not giving up Michelle but enduring torture instead. Callen was absolutely in the wrong telling Deeks to leave as well, willing to commit treason and/or go rogue when it comes to someone he himself cares about.

    With regards to Elaine’s comment about the person saying they do exactly what they do on NCIS-LA, I find that a little hard to believe considering the countless amounts of violations they have committed on the show; some of which are picking locks, entering people’s homes without a search warrant, holding people in a boatshed without any grounds or warrant or representation, running wild and loose abroad on covert missions (i.e. interference in a custody case in the Mexico episodes), I could go on. I think that all falls under “entertainment factor”, not real life.

    Much has been said about Mosley firing Deeks and I will stick to what was said; Deeks did the right thing and his team should have backed him up, including his then fiancée. It was Mosely who was out of line. She had been abusive to him since day 1, letting him live with the fear that every day could be his last, for no reason at all. And in the end, it was Deeks who got her and her son on the helicopter, did not take the one spot left, but went back to get the rest of the team and almost died in the process. Over a custody case, which Callen manipulated them getting involved in. Kensi is a follower and Deeks will go where she goes to protect her.

    I think people are tiring of the lack of actual Naval Investigations, which is what the show is about, not military or hate crimes or whichever they decided to throw in the mix with a far removed story that somehow ties into a “Naval” aspect. I know they are the office of Special Projects, but this last episode could have been resolved by the LAPD, SWAT, HNT and a Bomb Squad without any involvement of NCIS.

    There is so much material to pull from with all that is going on in the world today, yet the show’s default seems to be Russia and whatever Season 12 was and Season 13 has been thus far. With the huge selection that is currently out there, viewers are rightfully so simply holding the show to a higher, or at least decent, standard after being loyal for more than 12 years.

    I know the show was started as a spin-off for Chris O’Donnell and Sam was added as a partner. However, when ECO was brought in Densi took over very very fast and became the center of the show. I know there are many Callen, Sam and Hetty fans out there, but the heart of the show became Densi.

    For me personally, it is the destruction of the romance that once was Densi that pains me the most. Covid really has nothing to do with it. I work for industry people. Intimacy scenes are still plentiful on other shows and are done safely.

    That was my 2 cents. Nobody has to agree with me. Everybody has their own POV, their own opinion, and their own reasons for watching the shows, and I – for one – am glad we have WikiDeeks, no matter which direction the comments go. 😊

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    • I couldn’t agree more

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    • I get that the heart of the show for you and others is Densi, but they’re not for me and nor are they for a lot of viewers. Since Gemmill took over in season 8, it’s become less of an ensemble show than it was in earlier seasons. A lot of other shows are better at ensemble stories than NCIS:LA: NCIS, The Rookie, SWAT, all the Chicago shows, and more. IMO the show’s losing viewers because of the quality of the writing and because there are a lot of viewers who are interested in seeing Callen and Sam moving forward in their own lives (not revisiting Callen’s past again), and seeing Kensi and Deeks stories outside of their relationship (they’re still individuals).

      Just to clarify a few things: Deeks didn’t turn in his partner, he killed Boyle with Boyle’s own gun and then covered it up, lied about it, and never faced any serious consequences. Deeks confessed this at least once to Kensi and once to Whiting. And while Mosley was the first one to tell Deeks to keep calling Kensi in “The Silo,” Callen was the one who told Deeks to stay behind and keep trying to reach her while the rest of the team went to arrest the professor. As for Callen and Sam going rogue, I don’t remember either involving the team or asking others to join them except when Hetty’s approved it (like in “Honor” or “Talion”). And Callen didn’t “manipulate” anyone into going to Mexico. He didn’t want anyone from the team going to Mexico, and told Mosley not to involve NCIS, but they’re all adults and each made the decision on their own. Callen’s not responsible for what they choose to do. And while Deeks drove Mosley & her son to the helicopter, it was Callen who came up with the plan to rescue Kensi & Kensi who actually got her son out. Plus the plan Callen came up with to gain his father’s freedom wouldn’t have been treason (and Deeks didn’t say it was) because his plan was to get Volkoff to change his request and demand that the U.S. hand over Kirkin instead of Nikita. When Deeks pointed out that Kirkin would be tortured, Callen asked him what him what he thought Volkoff was going to do to his father, and when Deeks was still hesitant, Callen told him that he wasn’t going to force him to take part in the plan. He wasn’t going to force anyone to help him, but he had to do something to try and save his father.

      As for Deeks and Mosley, I agree she treated him badly and was a pain in the ass when she sent him back to LAPD, but it was Callen who got him back to the team. Deeks spoke his mind when he confronted Mosley, but I doubt Callen cared about what Mosley said about him. If he had, he would have said something to her himself.

      The point is that they’re a team and no member is any more or less important than any other. I also appreciate that everyone sees things differently and that people who like the show, the characters, and the actors can agree to disagree.

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      • For me, the heart IS Hetty. Densi is nice, but they didn’t come around until Season 2. Hetty has been around since the first episode, and has more of an impact on the team. (plus, a tiny lady who knows how to kick butt and make a bunch of big guys be afraid of her? Yes please!!)

        I definitely agree that this show has been becoming less of a team show. If anything, it looks more like a soap opera with Densi’s woes and Callen’s seemingly endless girl issues. The rest of the stuff? I agree with. Let Callen be with Anna! Let Densi focus on something that doesn’t involve a child! Give us more Hetty material!

        They’re a team, and this is a team show.


      • Clarifications:

        1) Deeks turned Boyle in on their first day together after he confronted Boyle of abusing a suspect. It was then Deeks who had to face The Blue Wall, which forced him into UC work as nobody wanted to work with him as a partner anymore. He did eventually end up killing Boyle to prevent him from killing teenager Tiffany. He did confess this to Kensi, as well as Whiting. However, when he made his confessing to Whiting he was putting pressure on her gunshot wound that would have otherwise killed her.

        There were no witnesses, no video nor sound recording, no DNA evidence, etc of the incident nor the confessions, so for Whiting to continue to hold The Boyle Situation over Deeks’ (who has a law degree and should know this, btw) head lacks complete credibility.

        2) Deeks mentions treason quite a few times to Callen, specifically during the scene in the boatshed (my apologies; the episode’s name escapes me at the moment) where Callen and Kensi are discussing the mission and Deeks is lying on the couch behind them, warning them all that Callen’s plans constitute treason and Callen responding with a “I don’t care, this is family”.

        3) Callen is a master mind manipulator, as he was taught by the high queen of mind manipulation: Hetty. He very well knows that by merely saying he will go alone, Sam will follow him – walking with a cane at the time (!) – , Kensi will follow Sam, and Deeks will follow Kensi.

        I 100% admit that I am Densi focused, but my intention is not to take anything away from Callen, Sam and Hetty fans. That’s why I always read all the comments because it gives me perspective from another POV besides Densi.

        A point everybody on here has been making is the point you are making as well; the ensemble stories have not had quality writing and the background/personal/moving forward stories of the core OG team have also not been well written (i.e. Chicago PD – Law & Order SVU, etc who do a great job in that department).

        I agree they are a team but there just has not been a lot of team spirit the past 2.5 years and adding Rountree and Fatima has not helped.

        Just my opinion, not trying to be negative, lol!

        Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


        • The reason Whiting can hold Deeks’ confession over his head is because Deeks killed Boyle and knew that the killing wasn’t justified. It’s the only thing that makes sense, especially since Deeks told Kensi that he’d killed Boyle–with Boyle’s gun–and why he did it. There was no reason for Deeks to lie to Kensi about doing that.

          The episode with the plans was “Warrior of Peace” and if you watch the scene again, you’ll see that Deeks says the plans Kensi, Sam, and Beale come up with are treason. He doesn’t say Callen’s plan is treason because it’s not. Callen’s plan is to get Volkoff to change who he wants in the trade from Nikita to Kirkin, so Russia would be making the change and the U.S. captives would still be returned and no action would be taken against Russia.

          The idea that Callen “manipulated” the team because he said he would go alone is really a stretch imo. That would mean he manipulated Sam into going to Russia to rescue Arkady in the earlier episode when he told Sam that he [Callen] had to do it but Sam didn’t and Sam manipulated the team when he went off on his own in “Unleashed” and what he was doing wasn’t about them. Wanting to help a teammate or do what’s right isn’t “manipulation” to me, but we all have different ideas.


  9. Happy Thanksgiving, folks!

    I submitted my ‘what I’m thankful for’ submission for TV Line’s ‘What our readers are thankful for this year’ list that’ll get posted tomorrow a while back, and it’s NCIS LA related.

    Fingers crossed that it’ll get included!


  10. I might be late to the party but here goes. Congratulations on gaining your PhD Brenda, a great achievement. Thank you for your upbeat review and thank you for not proving me wrong. I said “wikiDeeks reviews are always good, never disappoint”. Yours was and it didn’t. I found your take on the show after a season or two away particularly interesting. It wasn’t the only review I read, but it was the best. Looking forward to actually watching ‘Sundown’.

    Perhaps we should all take a break. I also said it’s going to be a long grumble fest. I tend to agree with Betty and Elaine about the negativity. That does make me a hypocrite, I will own up to my share of grumbling. It is so easy to get sucked into it and wikiDeeks it a wonderful platform for our views. We all have our likes and dislikes about the show. Things we wish they would do, and things we would rather they didn’t. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. I do actually agree with many of the opinions, but I also find so much negativity depressing. It is okay to say what we dislike about the show. Equally, it’s okay to say all the things we like. We do like it, don’t we?

    I’ve never been a fan of Callen, but I realise he has plenty. Not going to argue with Bliss, we all have our own ideas but this is wikiDeeks, dedicated to Deeks and I am 100% a Deeks fan so I’m not going to agree either.

    Perhaps everybody is too busy doing whatever it is you do on Thanksgiving Day to read this, but I can still wish you all a Happy Holiday.


  11. I agree with Betty and Elaine. I think the last few episodes have been uplifting and emotional. I’m really pleased to see some excellent storylines finally. I understand your thoughts and feelings but on this day of gratitude and thanksgiving maybe we can just be thankful for this community and this show that has brought us all together.

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  12. I got a special treat for everyone: There is a fan on here who gave a submission to TV Line who was very thankful for 1 special thing that NCIS LA did last spring, and that ‘thank you’ submission, was included in their ‘What our readers are thankful for this year’ list!!! 🙂

    Can you guess what it is? 🙂 It’s on TV Line if you want to see it.


    • Congratulations Maria!!!


      • Thanks! Here’s what I submitted:

        “I’m very thankful for NCIS: Los Angeles bringing Hetty back to say goodbye to Nell at the end of Season 12. Seeing Hetty again wasn’t just amazing, but the hug that she and Nell shared was perfect!”

        (I know that joy only lasted for that episode, but it was a very special moment at the time! And, I think we all need a Hetty hug these days.)


  13. Thank you everyone for your kind words and congratulations!

    Your comments have definitely highlighted some more things I need to catch up on. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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  14. I know this is a bit early, but we’ve got a long wait ahead, plus it’s the weekend.

    Here’s my 2 main wishes for the very long 2nd half:

    Get Hetty back from Syria in 1 piece (wouldn’t hurt to make it a Hetty centric masterpiece episode either!!) (and it can go anyway! Intense rescue mission? She saves herself? Or even if she just shows up at work 1 night and someone finds her? Go for it! Just bring her home.)

    Have her and Callen reconcile, either on or off screen. (they’re too precious for this useless fight!)

    And a few smaller and more then likely unrealistic wishes:

    Densi obsesses over something that doesn’t involve the losing battle that is trying to start a family

    Hetty talks with Fatima and Roundtree ( she’s never had an alone scene with any of them, and I think it’d be interesting if she got to talk to the 2 agents that she didn’t choose to be on her team)


    • I’m not Hetty’s greatest fan, that would be you Maria, but I tend to agree she is the most important member of the team. It is a shame she has been reduced to a recurring character, it would be nice if she recurred sometimes. We really don’t know what’s going on behind the scenes, but it is time we saw her again. I think it does you great credit Maria, to keep fighting Hetty’s corner, come what may. You must get terribly downhearted at times. If Deeks just disappeared I’m not sure I would keep watching. Of course I would, and I would keep hoping the next episode was ‘the one’.

      As a Deeks fan, I guess I would like to see Deeks outsmart Kessler using his intelligence and lawyer skills. We have seen a fair bit of emotional Deeks, not complaining about that but I’d love to see some Competent Deeks. A little Lawyer Deeks would make me a happy bunny. The ‘Deeks M’ episode is a forlorn hope but I would be happy with a Deeks centric episode, now and again. Oh yes I would like Season 14 too. I could ask for more but Santa says I haven’t been good enough.

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      • It can get a little lonely at times. There ARE a few Hetty loving fans on Tumblr that I PM from time to time, though, that’s kind of it. Fics? Gif sets? I’m mostly the one making the stuff now, with a few kind notes here and there. Trying not to get downhearted from time to time is the tricky part. I know I’m not completely alone, but sometimes it feels like I am.

        It’s definitely high time to see Hetty again. Course, with my bad luck with speculation and theories, who the heck knows when that’ll be.

        I keep on fighting in her corner (even when I get called ‘terribly annoying’ to some outside of here), because it’s all I can think of to do now. Plus, someone’s got to do it, otherwise there wouldn’t be any Hetty content.


        • Until we hear that Linda Hunt has definitely retired, there is always hope, but it doesn’t stop it being frustrating. Even if it’s the next episode, it’s a long way off. My money is on ‘Murmuration’, well it would be if I bet.

          I read your story this morning, didn’t review it as I was logged on as guest, then I got distracted. I’ve put that right now.

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          • I’m hoping it’s Murmuration, and Pandora’s Box. (or even sooner) This arc can’t go forever.

            Yeah, I keep holding on to that 1 sliver of hope, because I know I can. 🙂

            And thanks for the review!


            • I have been hoping for the Densi arc to change for almost 3 years (since the wedding episode) and it has only gotten worse, so yeah, sadly, they have shown us that an arc can go on foreeeeeever. I mean, look at Callen and his stable of women woes: Anna, Joelle, Katya… just goes on and on and on….. 😦

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  15. Well folks, I’ve written THE fic that I said I was going to write! I wrote a long single chapter fic to resemble the Christmas episode that we deserved to get this year.

    It’s called ‘All ye Nations rise’, and it’s on both FF.Net and A03.

    Not giving away too much, but it has: Friendly banter, mentions of former team members, Christmas music, and more!

    Hope you check it out.


  16. Pandora’s Box started filming today. Here’s hoping that there’s some kind of hint that they’re using one of their foreign country sets.


  17. Well, still no signs of a foreign country set being used, so it looks like I’m gonna get duped again. 😦 (or who really know anymore).

    Oh, and happy birthday, Dani!


  18. Expect the worst, but hope for the best Maria. One day you will get your wish, well I hope so.

    In the spirit of making small talk, I have been watching my Season 12 DVDs, but I have had to stop. No, not for the reason you think. It wasn’t that bad. No, it was NCIS:LA overload. Yes I know it’s the Winter hiatus. What happened was, I noticed a channel on my TV was showing Season 9. It’s the channel I used to watch Criminal Minds on until it disappeared a few years ago. The show not the channel. It just stopped, never got near the final season. Anyway I don’t know how I missed it, but I watched the last few episodes. I would watch an episode from Season 12 then Season 9, but my head exploded. I didn’t even think about watching Season 1 being shown on another channel. Seasons1 to 4 are shown on a loop, sometimes they show Season 5 but I’ve only ever seen Season 6 onwards on DVD. It was weird seeing these ‘new’ episodes with adverts.

    With the bush well and truly beaten about, I’ll get to the the thing that threw me. I watched ‘A Line in the Sand’ one night and ‘Ninguna Salida’ the next. It never crossed my mind they could do that. I suppose NCIS:LA is shown on lots of channels in lots of countries so it happens a lot. It just seemed odd watching the double episode I’d watched so many times split in two, with adverts. No, it didn’t seem right. For the time being I will carry on watching Season 10, with adverts.

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  19. Well, the press release for ‘Lost Sailor Down’ is up (very surprisingly early!), and, I’m not really sure what to think of it right now.

    Part of me wants to actually watch it live to support Dani, and another part of me doesn’t because it’ll more then likely be terrible and will ignore Hetty.

    Course, Russia x3 ended up having Hetty info, which I never expected, so. ‘shrugs’.

    At least I have some time to think this over


    • I saw that too. It doesn’t look like there will be much Densi either, as it states “while Kensi is away, Deeks plans to redo the backyard”. Lot of questions: Where is Kensi going? Why is Deeks not part of the investigation? Will Kensi be paired up with Fatima again (ugh), with Deeks now being relegated to lawn mowing……? SMH already…..And whoever does these promos needs to be fired, btw.

      The show dropped out of the top 20 ratings wise and was actually beaten by NCIS-Hawaii (which I don’t even watch).

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  20. Now that I think of it more, 1 big reason as to why Russia x3 interested me so much is because there was a small teaser before hand that suggested that what Callen was going to do had to do with Hetty.

    Who knows, maybe there’ll be an interesting teaser or teasers in the weeks to come that’ll help me make my decision. (because I doubt pics or video sneak peaks will do much for me)


  21. I saw the spoiler, on the surface ‘Lost Sailor Down’ seems a bit ordinary. That might not be a bad thing, spoilers always mislead me. Deeks seems to be paired with Rowntree, looking forward to that, it didn’t end too well first time they worked together. Rowntree is almost respectful towards Deeks, it could be interesting.

    Usually when a cast member directs an episode, their character is written ‘light’. With Dani directing I’m guessing that is why Kensi is ‘away’. I’m not too bothered about Densi, but I hope we don’t see too much Control Freak Kensi. Equally I hope we don’t see Dopey Deeks. It seems when Chris directs, Deeks has to get his kit off, not that I’m complaining. In the first episode Dani directed Deeks had the humiliation of the photo shoot. I hope that it’s not going to become a pattern.

    No I don’t think sneaky peeks do much for anyone.

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  22. Latest BTS video from Pandora’s Box:

    Callen’s in a suit in a rug factory. And nope, zero idea of what it’ll be used for.

    In other words, my interest in the episode has seriously dropped because it looks like another ‘ordinary’ episode that I’ll have almost no interest in watching. (Watch, if there’s no ‘foreign country set’ clues before Episode 20, then I’ll start speculating that Episode 20 will end up being ‘the 1’. It’s almost bound to happen!)


  23. Bizarre question: To anyone who actually watched the last 5 episodes, has there been any ‘previously’s, and if so, who’s been saying them? (Just curious), Also, whose been saying the ‘Stay tuned for scenes’ stuff at the end graphics, is anyone can remember?


  24. Small talk on this quiet Sunday:

    Any other Christmas episodes of this show that you all love? I know everyone loves Humbug (for very good reasons!), but any other additional episodes?

    Me personally, up until Season 8, I loved them all.

    Top 3-ish after or before Humbug:

    Cancel Christmas
    Higher Power
    Free Ride (along with Disorder)


  25. Pics from Lost Soldier Down are up on CBS’s site and NCISLA Daily on Tumblr if anyone is curious.
    I’m not saying anything, other then I seem to notice the familiar looking bullpen scenes.

    So, they’ll gradually bring back the bullpen banter, but will treat a cast member who has been with the show since it’s very 1st episode like she never really mattered? No info on her mission? Take her name off the Series Regular credits in the episodes?

    Gotta say, these blatent double standards are quite daunting!


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