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We ARE better than this… Deeks’ Surf Log 3/28/21

I try not think about Kessler, but he’s in my head too. I worry about Kensi’s safety and mental health. He’s been messing with her mind for months now. Is she right, are we always going to have to keep looking over our shoulders worried about this lunatic? She thinks I was kidding about going on our own private ‘search and kill’ mission. It may be our only choice. I know I joked about throwing him into a far away prison but I won’t be stilled until I know he’s dead. Period.

Now we lost Anna and with no leads to go on, we’re dead in the water. I’ve been pacing the back porch trying to think of any thing we missed. Nothing. I know this never should have happened but it did and Arkady is going to kill us! We don’t let things like this happen. I promised the man his daughter was safe. I feel so impotent and frustrated. We couldn’t keep Anna safe and I don’t know how to keep Kensi safe either. Talk about being between a rock and a hard place. Something’s got to break before I do, that’s all I know, brother.

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3 Comments on We ARE better than this… Deeks’ Surf Log 3/28/21

  1. Great surf log Diane. Typical Deeks, blaming himself. Beating himself up as usual whether it is under his control or not. Love this site and the contributors.

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  2. Thanks Bobbie! We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for fans like you!

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  3. Ditto all what Bobbiej says. He takes other peoples problems as his own, and the last line shows his mettle. Loved it!

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