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Simply Magic: Kensi’s Journal 2/27/22


Today’s case made me appreciate even more that Deeks turned out to be the wonderful and honorable man he did given his start in life.  I know Deeks and I will teach any children we may have to protect themselves from physical and virtual threats.  I’d like to think we’ll also teach them to respect themselves and others.  But does that guarantee they’ll grow up to be good people?  I just hope one day we get to find out.

On the topic of that wonderful man, did Deeks step aside today so I could take down two guys in a hand-to-hand fight?  He sure did.  Did he toss me a dumbbell with perfect precision and timing so I could use it to end said fight?  Yes, he did.  Did it prove yet again that what we do, have, and are together as partners is simply magic at times?  Damn straight it did!  (See, this is why I just can’t make the decision to leave the field so easily.)  Obviously there’s no way I would let Angela post her video of my kick-ass skills, but is it bad that I want a copy for myself?  I bet Deeks would watch it over and over with me.  Speaking of watching, I need to remind Deeks he has to save his dance moves for my eyes only.  In fact, maybe I’ll see if he’ll put on a show for me tonight!

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