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wikiDeeks Exclusive! An Interview with Eric Christian Olsen

Welcome to an exclusive wikiDeeks podcast!  We had the honor and pleasure to sit down with Eric Christian Olsen to discuss our favorite detective Marty Deeks, which turned into a fun and fascinating look at this wonderful character from the man who brings him to life.  Our editor, Karen P was able to talk to Eric about the Season 10 premiere, planning a Densi wedding and how he is able to create the perfect chemistry on set with his NCIS:LA co-stars. We can’t thank Eric enough for taking the time out to answer our questions. We had a great time! We hope you enjoy it…

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

30 Comments on wikiDeeks Exclusive! An Interview with Eric Christian Olsen

  1. Great interview, Karen and Eric! Some thoughts as I listen:

    Interesting parallel between Densi and Frank Military and his wonderful wife/children/life. So are we to assume FM is the driving force behind wanting that for Kensi and Deeks?

    “The format [of the show] doesn’t lend itself to long recoveries emotionally,” but they come back in interesting ways….hopefully that means they will continue with the thread throughout part of season 10.

    “If it’s 5 minutes or if it’s 50 years, the answer is still you.” You’re right Eric, that is really good! And yes, Karen, it should go in Deeks’ vows!

    Happy to hear “Deeks, M.” seems to still be on the table! (For this season or next–please remember that when it comes time to re-up for S11, Eric!)

    Really enjoyed Eric’s take on the inconsistencies of law-and-order Deeks and the man who covered up the fact the he killed (“in self-defense”) his cop partner.

    Fantastic question and answer about Eric’s chemistry with other actors/characters–so interesting.

    Hey Eric, you want to maybe write a little fanfic about Deeks (and Kensi and their kids) 15-20 years down the line? Or maybe just tell me some of the highlights of his future and I’ll write it for you! 😉

    Congratulations, Karen and everyone else at wikiDeeks who helped to make this a reality! And thank you Eric, for doing this!

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  2. Great job a lot of good info. Maybe a season 11?
    Thanks so much for doing this

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  3. As Deeks would say…Awesome! Excellent questions, Karen. He seemed quite comfortable talking with you. He realized how familiar you are with the entire arc of the show, even asking you to answer that question about the evolution of Deeks. It was so kind of him to agree to talk with wikiDeeks, and he was so very open about his process as an actor that I was the one who felt blessed just listening.

    I especially liked what he had to say about shooting Boyle. I know some fans had trouble with that reveal, so I hope those who became sour on the character after that discovery will listen to what ECO has to say about it. I also hope that in the upcoming episode with Whiting that we get some clarification as to what actually did happen to cause Deeks to have to shoot Boyle.

    One of my favorite moments was him describing what it was like to work opposite Linda Hunt. She was the reason I began watching this show in the first place, and it was such a pleasure to hear him describe her abilities as an incredible actor. The F word he used for emphasis made me laugh. She is that good and so is he. I wish for many more scenes between Hetty and Deeks.

    This was incredibly special. Thank you Eric Christian Olsen for creating such an indelible character, one so human…a survivor in a sometimes harsh world. Your show and especially your character helps give me a moment’s respite from a chaotic world I cannot control.

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  4. Elżbieta Kozik // October 6, 2018 at 8:24 AM // Reply

    Thanks so much for this interview. Super !

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  5. Karen, thanks for a wonderful interview. It was great to hear someone interview him who knew so much about the show and so much about Deeks.

    I was happy ECO acknowledged they were supposed to do a Deeks, M episode and we may still get one. He also answered the question many Deeks fans had about Deeks shooting Boyle, and I love his answer, that it was during a fight, there was an element of self-defense, because there is no version of that shooting where the Deeks character would hunt someone down in cold blood.

    Great interview!

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  6. Congrats on the interview. Great questions too!

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  7. Thank you for the interview. I liked the questions and thought it helpful to hear about the process. Thanks so much.

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  8. wow, wow Karen and Eric Christian Olsen!! Great interview with excellent questions (from the true hardcore fan and person that wrote so many superb articles about Marty Deeks? that provoked excellent answers.
    This was indeed long time overdue interview.
    Thank you very much both Karen and Eric Christian Olsen.

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  9. I only heard half of it before I had to work. Once I got home I went back to go listen and it says video unavailable. Will it come back up at all?

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  10. This interview was great and I thank you all very much for making it possible. Many thanks from the bottom of my heart.
    The first thing I would like to say is how I’m always struck by how genuine, generous and down to earth Eric is in all his interviews. His enthusiasm is really contagious and I’m so glad he’s back, together with his character for, I hope, a strong season 10. Hearing directly from ECO that at the end of season 9 the showrunners didn’t really know who was coming back for season 10 or not, made me realize even more the risk we all ran of not having our beloved team together again this season, especially Densi. Now after the amazing premiere we just saw, I think and hope we can breathe a great sigh of relief!
    My favorite part of the interview was when Eric spoke about Deeks’ evolution and authenticity: “The evolution has been authentic and human and flawed and loving and compassionate and fearful”. Eric is the only one who can always beautifully explain the complexity of Deeks’ character and the many layers of his personality.

    Thanks again, WikiDeeks staff, Karen, Diane, and all the others for this dream come true: this was not A surprise but THE surprise. And many thanks to Eric for his time and generosity. To many more amazing NCIS:LA episodes.

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  11. Thank you so much for this interview. Hearing ECO talking about Deeks is always amazing.
    If there was any awards for dedication to a character, he should win it, every damn year, for 10 years.
    So many questions left unanswered though. Out of curiosity, did you have to stick with a set of CBS approved questions? There were so many follow-ups that left me with more questions than before listening to the interview. Like did he really consider leaving at the end of season 9? Did he sign for 1 or 2 more seasons? (he did mention season 11!) Was the line “you looked fat” in 10×01 really scripted (hard to believe seeing how they both seemed enable to stop laughing)? Aren’t we supposed to learn more about the Boyle story in 10×05 (with Whiting and Tiffany back)?
    Just putting these out there, on the off chance Eric actually read these comments.

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  12. Such a great listen. I liked the insights into his character and his personal story. Loved how he put into perspective how blessed he feels. Great job guys!!

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  13. maria luisa illarnizzi // October 7, 2018 at 2:31 AM // Reply

    Thank you so much Karen and Eric Christian Olsen for this fantastic and long interview.
    Glad to hear Eric said that we will have the “Deeks M” this season or the next !!!
    Can’t wait for Densi wedding.
    Thank you Karen for all your good questions and Eric for being so generous.

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  14. Zelim da pitam Erika da li će u novom projektu igrati ulogu lekara ili Ce samo biti producent i da li je razmišljao o reziji voljela bih da vidim kako bi rezirao epizodu ncis la?

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    • Sonja welcome from Bosnia! Here’s Sonja’s google translated comment: I want to ask Erik whether he will play the role of a doctor in the new project, or if only to be a producer, and if he thought about the drama I would like to see how to cut an episode of ncis la?


  15. So, I have a question for Eric: ‘How do you feel when you see your fans’ edits? 💕


    • Commenting again because I forgot the hashatg, sorry!
      So, I have a question for Eric… ‘what do you feel when you see your fans’ edits?’ #AskECO 💕

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  16. #AskECO l have questions for Erik wath he think about directing any episode ncisla and l wish him lack with new projec

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  17. #askECO
    I would like to know more about the way he reads an NCIS:LA script when he gets a new one: does he read it from start to finish just like the episode will air, or does he read his scenes and dialogs first, impatient and excited as a kid on Christmas morning? and did he ever happen to get very emotional over some particular Deeks or Densi scenes in advance, just from the moment he read the script?

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  18. #askECO!
    Every time someone tries to disband the team, Deeks is always the first to go, and he’s sent back to LAPD. Will Deeks ever decide to leave LAPD and join NCIS?

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  19. #askECO

    As Drive is the “worst” Kensi/Deeks episode what did he and Daniela thought about it when shooting it? did they get any additional explanation from the director or script writer(s) about the reasons for such Kensi behaviour towards Deeks?

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  20. #askECO

    Has he ever been given a scene to do as part of the show that he felt was really out of character for Deeks and if so was he able to get it changed ? How was it written and how did he change it?

    Thank you for doing this and a big thank you to ECO.

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  21. #AskECO So, Eric, What was the hardest scene you ever had to do on #ncisla? And what was the funniest one? 🤔❤️

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  22. #AskEco Hi Eric! How old were you when decided you wanted to take acting as your future career? And who was your biggest inspiration at that time? ✨


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