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Becoming an Adult: Deeks’ Surf Log 11/27/22

I think Kilbride and I are starting to click these days. Our friendship is blossoming as I said. I mean we did have all those heart-to-heart parenting talks and now he wants to send me to the NCIS Western Conference. Pretty cool.

It means a lot to be recommended to go to these conferences not to mention it will be a week in Costa ‘freakin’ Rica!  Where the surfing is outstanding and it’s a paradise location I’ve always wanted to visit.  But…no. I thought about it all day and I’m not a kid anymore. I love that Kensi would encourage me to go. But I can’t just take off and drop everything on my ladybird. I’ve got a major responsibility being a dad and supportive spouse.  

Actually, I feel good about my decision. I love being a dad and right now I feel my place is home. I know it’s the right thing to do. So, yeah, this is what it feels like to be an adult.  Ha! I really miss my beautiful wife and Rosa. I’d give up all the paradises in the world to be with my family. I’m smiling as I write this. 

Besides I better keep my mind on my job anyway or I won’t be going anywhere!  Boom! I know Sam doesn’t always think I know what I’m doing but who found that footprint?  Huh, Hanna? And he calls it luck. I think not. 

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