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She Wants a Raincheck! Kensi’s Journal 1/15/23

I was so bummed to be called into work this weekend because it meant Rosa and I had to cancel our plans.  I’ll admit here (any maybe to Deeks one day) to feeling like I was crushing parenthood when Rosa asked for a raincheck, and even more so later when she told me she couldn’t wait to tell me about her day at the beach and her time with Steven.  As happy as I am to hear whatever she wants to tell me about this boy, I’m a little worried about where this will lead to, both for her and for me and Deeks as her parents.  I’m going to have to have The Talk with her soon, aren’t I?  Maybe I’ll luck out and someone from her family of origin already taught her everything she needs to know and all she’ll want from me is some clarification here and there.  As for Deeks, it’s going to be very difficult for him to keep from running a full background check and several days of surveillance on Steven, and any other boy Rosa likes.

It’s a shame this case didn’t come up while Deeks was in town.  Lance Hamilton is a nice guy and a good agent, but my partner would have caught all my Darren McCall references and had a ton of his own as well.  And he certainly would have understood my signal to choke out that merc.  Sure, he would have teased me relentlessly about being a Tom Olsen fangirl, but the fact is Deeks is a bigger fan than I am and he’s not going to be happy he missed seeing his favorite author.

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