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Review: NCISLA “Allegiance” (S5E13)


It seems like forever since the NCIS team was in action and it’s with great relief that the show returns this week to its legion of devoted fans. The storyline takes place in two different countries as Granger and Kensi in Afghanistan join their colleagues back home to assist in the investigation of a murdered federal agent in Los Angeles. Veteran script writer, Frank Military is joined by newbie Andrew Bartels in this enjoyable buddy episode that was sure to please everyone so starved for new material from the best crew in television.

A frisky rodent?

I’ve been looking forward to this episode since the promo pictures were posted. It looks like the Hardy Boys plus one are the new action heroes in town, and it’s amusing to watch Callen and Sam incorporate Deeks into their partnership. Before they get called away on the case, the boys have a little fun at Deeks’ expense in showing off their language skills. Deeks should know he’ll never be able to catch up with his colleagues but at least he will be able to carry on with his liaising skills! Is that a word, really?

The team finds that the murdered Treasury agent (Green) was investigating a hawala network in Kabul which practices the ancient Islamic system of money transfer which is a way of transferring money without really moving it. Transactions are all based on the honor system. They need a way to get to Green’s team in Kabul. Conveniently, Kensi and Granger are still working undercover over there and are able to track down his associates who are already trying to find the hawala broker in Los Angeles who is funding the terrorist activity. Granger orders them to plug the leak.

It’s time for Sven!

With Eric’s tech skills, the team discovers a rug dealership may be involved from the pictures that were found in the dead agent’s car. Could this lead to the hawala broker or Kate Upton in a bikini? I’m sure Deeks would pick the latter but Sam and Callen are not letting him off so quickly on his assessment of the pixelated photos. (Callen:  I think you’re hearing voices, Deeks.)  It’s off to the dealership but they need to get inside and poke around first to confirm their suspicions. Deeks decides it’s time for an undercover op with the boys! Who can resist Sven, the fabulous interior decorator to the stars?! Maybe not Sam after having to endure Deeks’ terrible accent but this was a great over the top performance by Olsen, who uses all of his comedic skills to bring Sven to life. The look on Sam’s face is always priceless but I think he was actually enjoying Deeks’ little act… well maybe just a little.

Although the rug dealership does run a hawala business, the owner’s son (Ehsan) is unaware that his partners back in Kabul may be sending money to the Taliban. He agrees to lend his support to NCIS by turning over his transaction records which leads them to a domestic charity who may be funding a clinic in Afghanistan. (Callen:  You have an app for an ancient money transfer system?)

You got the best looking after you.

Deeks finds a new partner in Ehsan as they go undercover to a fund raiser that evening sponsored by the charity. I had to smile at Hetty admonishing Deeks about his selfies. Deeks has a chance to get back at his boss later when Ehsan asks about Kensi. This time Deeks is not amused by Hetty’s answer but the old gal manages to redeem herself in the end. (Deeks:  Best looking!) While Deeks and Ehsan are having fun at the fund raiser and identifying the terrorist (Deeks:  Just the faces, Romeo, just the faces!), Kensi and Granger are four thousand miles away ready to make an assault on the clinic which actually turns out to be a Taliban stronghold. Kensi finds evidence of the hawala exchange which leads to more clues of an imminent attack on US soil. It’s Ehsan to the rescue again as he helps the team bring down the suicide bombers and save the day. I’d like to point out that Wesam Keesh’s portrayal as Ehsan was a joy to watch and was one of the most enjoyable guest stars the show has ever had. I hope he finds a way back in a recurring role one day.

This was an emotional episode on so many different levels. Densi is still struggling with their separation and trying to find more good days than bad but it was nice to see the show highlight the upstanding immigrants who come to this country, fall in love with our way of life and truly want to uphold the constitution of our nation. It was satisfying to watch Middle Eastern American citizens portrayed on television in a positive light for a change. The final scene was moving and greatly satisfying. Nice work all around and kudos to a wonderful collaboration between Military and Bartels! Here’s to many more!

Memorable Moments

  • I enjoyed the beginnings of a possible new threesome-bromance going on between Deeks, Callen and Sam and I think Callen and Sam are enjoying it too! The Three Musketeers? The pact over hiding the missing suit from Hetty was a classic bromance moment. (Deeks: Come on G man.  It’s for love!)
  • Wow, look at all that blue on Deeks and we thought Callen was the only one who could wear that color? Huh!
  • Did you ever think you would be laughing hysterically at a scene between Sam and Deeks? I’m sure the Sven undercover scene will go down in NCISLA folklore! (Check out our great analysis under features of Sam and Deeks’ relationship through out the years: NCISLA’s Odd Couple)
  • I love the way Ehsan calls Deeks, Marteen. It just struck me as endearing.

Classic Densi

Where’s Kensi? Where’s Deeks?  Awhh! How cute was Deeks as he anxiously waited for Kensi to report in? Fiddling with his new blue shirt, eyes darting back and forth searching for the first glimpse of a partner he hasn’t seen since Christmas was really so, so sweet. The letdown was heart breaking. On the other side, Kensi trying to get rid of her helmet hair before seeing Deeks at their next check in is very amusing as well! Of course the second letdown on her end as the lovers are denied another chance to connect was frustrating and sad! I’m afraid an occasional selfie does not a relationship make.

Classic Deeks

Sam: Is Deeks talking backwards?
Callen: I’m going to go with demonic possession.
Deeks: You know what? Screw this….
Callen: Deeks? What are you doing?
Deeks: Well I was trying to learn Danish and now I’m no longer trying to learn Danish.
Sam: What you were trying to say was (all you Danish folks can fill in the blank)
Deeks: Wow! Thank you for that… anyone know how to say show off in Hebrew?
Sam/Callen: להתפאר!
Deeks: You know what! Forget it! Just remind me to tell Nate about my inferiority complex the next time I see him.


Deeks: The problem is the club is 10,000 square feet. What we need to do is cover the entire lounge area with the rug. What do you think? Is this fantastique?
Sam: I think it’s a little big… a little over the top?
Deeks: Oh yeah, but I’ve always told you, you can’t be afraid of the color. I’ve always said this to him, you can’t be scared of the color.
Sam: Color is the last thing I’m scared of.

Classic Deeks and Hetty

Don’t you love when Hetty messes with Deeks’ head?

Hetty: More than four sexual references in a ten card Rorschach test is a strong indicator for schizophrenia…
Deeks:  That’s funny… ok, not funny.


One good turn deserves another:

Deeks: Does her head have to zoom so big?
Hetty: I’ll have Granger and Ms. Blye look into it. And yes, Mr. Deeks, my head does need to zoom in this big. It gives me power!


Deeks: You follow my Instagram?
Hetty: Yes, and if I have to look at one more picture of Monty in his sun glasses I’m going to have Eric crash the account.

So the second part of season five begins with a bang or lack of thereof! With all the Densi spoilers from JPK, I’m almost afraid to find out where the second half of the season will take us.  Remember to check out Deeks’ Surf Log and Kensi’s Journal to find out what they thought of tonight’s mission. And don’t forget Destination Deeks! Where in the world will we find Densi this week? See you right back here next time for my review of “War Cries”.


Title: “Allegiance”
Writers: Frank Military, Andrew Bartels
Director: Eric Laneuville
Original Air Date: January 14, 2014


Diane Volpe is Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

About Diane (416 Articles)
Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

9 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Allegiance” (S5E13)

  1. Oh, Diane we’ve missed you reviews.

    I have to admit I quite enjoyed this episode and Ehsan was the best quest star so far. Very interesting character and got along with Deeks just fine. I was scared for a moment that he wouldn’t survive the episode but thankfully I was wrong.

    Oh, Sven! Even though I knew it was coming, I was laughing so hard I nearly fell off my chair. They have to make him a regular.

    It was so sad that things didn’t work on their favor this time, and weren’t granted with a skype meeting. The way they were all nervous about it was just adorable and heartbreaking at the same time. It was nice to see Kensi put down her hardcore attitude and turn into a little girl in love…in front of Granger.

    I hope Kensi’s phones won’t fall in the hands of the wrong people. Anyway, the photos thing was a nice touch and the smile on each other face just priceless.

    The way Ehsan kept asking Deeks wether Kensi is dead left me a nasty bad feeling. She is not going to die, that’s for sure, but I sense serious danger coming ahead.

    I can’t get enough of the three Musketeers. It’ s nice to see Callen and Sam tease him, but not in the way they used to. More like the little brother. I think Deeks mentioned Nate and I was excited. Maybe that means that he still visits him. Maybe the inferiority complex wasn’t a joke at all.


  2. Another great episode and a great review Diane! I really enjoyed it, the guest star was great and of course I loved Sven! How funny was he? ECO did great with that character for sure. Seems like alls well between him and Sam which is nice. It was fun to see the 3 boys together! Finally, of course I loved the Densi scenes! They were too cute!

    I put my full review at ShowRatings and hope everyone will join me in rating the ep:


  3. By the way did anyone notice how Granger called Kensi by her first name and not Agent Blye for once?


  4. Hello,please why we will not see new epeisode for the next two weeks anyone know?


  5. I really don’t know why there is such a break since we just had one unless it has to do with Dani’s leave or they are trying out a new show in that time slot.


  6. Another wonderful review for a wonderful, rather lighthearted episode considering it concerned a terrorist attack. Being written by two different people gave it almost a split personality and it was obvious that the light tone was set by Andrew Bartels and that lightness was welcome. The three team mates seemed to get along quite well, with no innuendos or sharp looks, just good natured ribbing and even some laughter. But then, who wouldn’t laugh when Ehsan was so hard to resist. What a cutie. He really lit up the screen and it seemed as if the real actors found it hard not to smile when he was in a scene with them.

    I absolutely loved Sven. ECO went over the top, but wow was he funny and that accent made it even funnier. I felt like I was watching Saturday Night Live. Sam’s reaction was almost as hilarious, especially the line about going over the top and telling Sven color was not what he was afraid of. Deeks is so good at this that he even scared Sam!

    I know you probably all liked the blue sweater Deeks was wearing, but I thought it was awful…not the color, but it was sloppy looking and the sleeves were too long. He was funny though, when he was getting ready to see Kensi for the first time since she left and told Callen his new shirt was itchy and that was why he was a bundle of nerves and energy. It made me laugh out loud at how cute he was. They all know something happened and the looks between Callen and Sam are getting longer and longer. Kensi at the end, when she fussed with her helmet hair was almost as sweet. Granger’s response was hilarious when he told her he wouldn’t know about helmet hair…funny answer considering he’s bald. I thought Granger actually was rather likable in this one and I don’t really like him at all.

    All in all, it was nice to not only have a happy ending, but a feeling of warmth between the team members. Deeks seems like he is finally one of the boys, even though they still tease him, Callen and Sam showed a tolerance for him that was wonderful to see, as if he was a big puppy they couldn’t help but like. The all hands in scene was unusual for this show. There was real happiness that we don’t usually get to see with these characters and I think we can thank Andrew Bartels for that.


  7. Thanks for another outstanding review Di. I really enjoyed this episode- it made me laugh a lot and it touched me too. It won’t surprise anyone to know that I got a lot out of all the Sam-Deeks interactions. The opening scene was great, really funny, but the teasing of Deeks seemed gentler than usual. And I’m sure I’m reading too much into things, but the fact that Sam emphasized the word “liaising” with a big smile seemed like a total throwback to their first official case together, when he questioned whether “liaise” was even a word as he glared at Deeks in annoyance. I like to think of that contrast as symbolic of how far Sam has come in his attitude towards Deeks.

    Like Evi, Deeks’ comment about Nate jumped out at me big time. Could he be seeing Nate on a regular basis??? And if he is, I guess the whole team knows about it because he said it so matter of factly. Of course, it could have been just part of the joke. I really want to believe that he’s been getting some regular help- he has had too much to handle on his own this season.

    The scene in the bullpen where Sam explained hawalas to Deeks warmed my heart. Sam could have delivered that information in such a different way, and I think before this season he would have- condescending and happy to make Deeks feel stupid. Instead, he practically whispers it in his ear, ever so gently. This season Hetty has felt all over the map for me, but Sam has been consistently improved in his behavior towards Deeks, and I am very happy for Deeks because of it. He deserves that level of respect from Sam and it’s wonderful to see it delivered. Oh, and Deeks’ lines about koalas ,(and all marsupials) were really funny.

    Densi was adorable throughout. And I love that light blue on Deeks.

    OK, I have to say that I didn’t love Sven so much. I don’t like to see stereotypes relied on for humor, but Sam’s straightfaced reactions were hilarious and really made the scene work. It was an excellent use of their natural personality differences.

    My favorite part of the scene where Ehsan refuses to give back the suit is seeing the big smile lighting up Deeks’ face while he watches Sam smiling and joking. He really does enjoy getting people to loosen up, and I think having a little bonding opportunity with Sam means a lot to him. I love seeing him this happy, even if it’s only for a moment. I also loved Sam joining up with Deeks to convince Callen to let him keep the suit. All four of them seemed to be having a lot of fun in that scene and it’s so nice to see. I liked Sweet Lu’s description of the “warmth” between them all.

    The boys also worked so well together to take care of the bombers. I have really enjoyed the loosening of the show’s partner structure since Kensi left. I like seeing Deeks get a chance to interact more with the other characters. Hopefully when she returns they’ll continue to switch things up from time to time.

    Di, I couldn’t agree more with your words about about Wesam Keesh and the final scene. Even in the scene at the auditorium, I was moved by the way Ehsan looked at that big flag, like he was thinking about what this country meant to him, what it should represent.


  8. Densi couldn’t meet each other. Heartbreaking but it doesn’t surprise me, I just wonder how would Kensi react if she saw Deeks with that two-hot girls.


  9. I loved this episode. They really packed it in. Drama, comedy, romance, it had it all! The Ehsan character/actor was adorable. I hope they bring him back.


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