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Will you write or direct this season?

Eric is back this week answering another one of our questions regarding the new season. Eric is excited to talk about writing another script for the show and so are we! After his first effort last season, Mother we can’t wait for this episode to air! Let’s find out all the details. . .

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11 Comments on Will you write or direct this season?

  1. Eric didn’t give much away, but I think it’s going to be good. Anything is possible with Eric Christian Olsen. I mean anything.


  2. I’m really looking forward to this episode, No one is more hard-working or competent when it comes to the job as You combine intelligence and drive with a strong work ethic. I have complete faith in you to give us something remarkable this season.
    Thank you Wikideeks for sharing this with us.

    P.S hope you don’t consider me out-of-line, but ECO’s baby blues are very beautiful in this lighting.


    • I don’t consider you out of line, just making an accurate observation.


      • You know what,Patricia, you are absolutely right, I shouldn’t apologize or be ashamed for stating a fact (LOL).

        By the way, I missed your comments and your splendid intakes.


        • That’s right Jessie, can’t argue with the truth. Just say what you see.

          I thought I should take a break from commenting on episodes I haven’t watched, I think it annoys some people. Not what I want. On the other hand it wouldn’t hurt to comment on other peoples’ comments sometimes, would it? You have a knack of putting my points across very well, but it’s nice to be missed, thank you.

          Envious of Karen, lucky enough to see Eric and LL CoolJ filming in her neighbourhood. Some of the most encouraging bts shots I’ve seen. Looking forward to episode 10.

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          • I said it before Patricia you’re entitled to express your own opinion whether it will reconcile with the others or not.
            You can’t get it wrong when you say what you feel or believe, “Even the broken clock is right twice (LOL) (I don’t mean any disrespect by that)”.
            Plus, I think most of the discussions here are about the general feelings and wishes for the show and the characters and we only get into specifics of the episode a little time. So don’t get discouraged by criticisms or dislikes from others, and speak up, who knows maybe it could make the change.

            I have to agree with ‘Patricia, Karen. You are very fortunate to have the chance to see and meet ECO & LL in real life, but to be honest, my reaction would be the same as you, would be afraid to interrupt their work or invade their privacy.

            And ECO’s comments on the post was pure gold he is really such a great person and down to earth and shows how much humility and modesty he treats people and that’s one of many reasons I respect and admire him for.

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  3. He didn’t say rather hewould like to direct or not?Curious minds would like to know.I think he would be a great direct.


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