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Review: NCISLA “Fallout” (S5E8)


The dynamic duo of Wilson and Valentine are back again this season and you can be sure we’re always in for a bumpy and interesting ride! Last week’s episode was light and fun but it was obvious from the trailer we were going to be in for an intense and emotional rollercoaster ride this week. This time more than one member of the team is affected by the fallout of a missing nuclear detection device and only one may wind up taking the blame. Hetty suspects an old colleague (Kelvin Griffin) is the one responsible for stealing the device and his covert actions may now be coming back to haunt her. Granger accuses Hetty of destroying the man’s career at one time which could definitely be the motive behind setting up the possible nuclear destruction of Los Angeles. Hetty’s former actions could mean the grand dame is in a lot of trouble and the team sets out stop the destruction and save Hetty’s career. Tall order!

When the team finds Griffin’s work shop they discover he wasn’t planning a nuclear fallout after all, but an event of mass disruption that would include, panic, economic damage and terror across LA county. Griffin was testing the federal agencies and their response times, protocol and sensitivity of the device. How long would it take to bring down an area of this magnitude? It was all an experiment by Griffin and his partners who turn out to be the Russians still operating on Cold War time.

Hetty’s interrogation of Griffin was illuminating. We rarely see her in this role and she is not amused! (Granger: She let him go once.  Sam: Something tells me she’s not going to make that mistake again.)  You don’t sell information to the Russians on Hetty’s time! But it may be too late for her, as Granger tells the team someone will have to take the blame. But this gang is not going to let Hetty go down without a fight as they set out to secretly storm the Russian consulate to get the intel back. (Eric: I hear the gulags are lovely this time of year.) After the successful mission, Granger isn’t amused by the team’s antics either (Granger: You all deserve each other.) I’m not sure if he’s upset because they did something illegal or because they saved Hetty’s butt? Looks like Granger still has it out for Hetty and he is, perhaps, also jealous that she has such a loyal team that would go to such extremes to help her. (Hetty: I’d certainly like to think so.) Yes, she is one lucky lady.

Although there was a lot of talk about bombs, there was no boom as we have come to expect from a Joe Wilson script. It was a very low-key, almost solemn episode to highlight the fear of what could really happen if terrorists decided to take down a large city like Los Angeles one day. It’s an alarming scenario but the team is able to systematically figure out the motive and the workings of the people involved but unfortunately there wasn’t much tension or excitement in this episode until we get to the subway scene. Wow! That was a very close call on the train tracks and Sam knew it. (Sam is starting to make a habit of this jumping from train tracks at the last moment thing, isn’t he?) He almost lost his partner when they rescued Griffin and the episode came alive after that. Watching the team trying to recover the information Griffin sold to the Russians was exciting and fun and the camera angle used with Callen and Sam falling out of the window, guns blazing (!), was brilliant. Nice job, Ms. Valentine! It was an entertaining group/buddy episode and Joe Wilson pulls it off with his usual panache.

Show’s Synopsis:  A nuclear detection device has been stolen and Los Angeles is threaten by a full blown nuclear attack. An energy research facility has been compromised when the detection systems used for finding nuclear bomb signatures are stolen after a break-in. The robbers downloaded the detection’s data base for one area only… Los Angeles. When the robbers are killed by a lone assassin the team has to find where the new threat is coming from and fast!

Moments to Remember

  • Every time I think they will run out of new ways of calling the gang up to Ops, Eric surprises me. I had to giggle when he got excited by Deeks’ recommendation to use smoke signals next. Oh, Beale, you are such a geek! But I think Callen is right… time for an intervention. 
  • I love Eric’s backup! That gun was bigger than Hetty! It was great to see Eric and Hetty working together as a team for a change. For once, Eric set aside his fear of Hetty and asks her to be forthcoming with him. It was a real moment between the two which I’d like to see more of in the future.
  • Sam’s emotional response to Callen’s close call with a commuter train was heartwarming.  You know the man would be devastated if he ever lost his partner.
  • Yeah! Fern it back! Was that a bit of annoyance we see on Kensi’s face? Ha!

Densi Face to Face

Deeks: Ok, honestly… who still uses a payphone? I’d rather kiss the Outbreak monkey than use a payphone.
Kensi: How are you a germaphobe? I’ve seen your apartment.
Deeks: Hey, I’m fine with my own germs and you of all people should not be giving housekeeping notes. I’ve seen cleaner litter boxes.
Kensi: Oh, meow!


Kensi: What are you doing?
Deeks: It’s like a gentle message to my glutes.
Kensi: Eew.

Classic Deeks

Kensi: No, I totally agree with Sam, a woman likes a guy that builds things, it’s sexy. It stems from a primal attraction for shelter.
Deeks: I built a tree house, how’s that for sexy?
Sam: I guarantee that’s still not standing.
Deeks: Maybe not but it’s where I lost my–
Kensi: TMI!
Deeks: –grip. I was going to say that’s where I lost my grip, fell down and broke my coccyx. I got a scar. You want to see it?

Classic Deeks & Hetty

Deeks: Oh, this isn’t weird at all.
Hetty: I heard that Mr. Deeks.
Deeks: I’m pretty sure that look just pierced my soul.


Deeks: You good Hetty?
Hetty: Just dandy!

What did you think about this week’s episode? Leave your comments below! Hope to see you back next week… How excited are Densi fans after that trailer?? Whoa!


Title: “Fallout”
Writer: Joseph C. Wilson
Director: Diana C. Valentine
Original Air Date: November 12, 2013


Diane Volpe is Contributing Editor at Follow her on Twitter: @phillydi

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

11 Comments on Review: NCISLA “Fallout” (S5E8)

  1. Was nice to see Callen and Deeks find some common ground, albeit about their DIY philosophy. Also was glad to see no one acted surprised when Deeks made intelligent remarks during the case.


  2. I thought of all of you guys when Sam hugged Callen after the subway. What’s with those two and almost getting hit by trains lmao…

    Deeks was great! he had great input and no one teased him about it.

    Did anyone notice they are starting to call Eric “Beale” all the time? I didn’t love when Deeks teased Eric about speaking aloud… for some reason I expect those two to stick together… but I think that is just me that wants that.

    And Callen’s “Wonder Twin” comment made me smile 🙂

    Eric totally stole the show with the glance at Nell after Deeks mentioned smoke signals LOL… I hope the writers actually have him attempt a smoke signal in a future episode! Maybe even include Deeks on the shenanigan!!

    Overall I thought it was a great episode! can’t wait for next weeks.


  3. This was a great episode for the team as a whole. Working together and also working with their partners. Each episode just makes me wonder more and more about Granger’s motivations. He really seems to have it out for Hetty, but why? It’s a mystery still to be solved I suppose. And the image of Deeks and Callen with their feet up, sipping mojitos had me laughing. It was nice to see all of them finding some common ground. The preview has me more apprehensive than anything. Without context it’s hard to know how they get to that point. And Kensi was clearly surprised and unprepared to hear what he was saying.


    • I honestly think that “dinner” promo part isn’t at the end of the episode. They always manage to fool us in those promos into thinking something is more than it is. I think that is actually the beginning part of the case. The part where Deeks confesses he wants her sexually and has a meltdown or something that gets him placed in rehab etc…


  4. This seemed to be another filer-type episode, but we’ll see if anything comes of some planted seeds in the future. Character-wise, I felt Eric was actually a shining start last night between the new “call”, the screensaver with Nell, and his genuine conversation with Hetty. Quite nice indeed.

    The case (which I barely noticed) was on the backburner and Granger again gives me more questions than answers.

    There were some golden nuggets of Densi banter. ECO’s delivery remains locked on point. It’s interesting to note how Kensi no longer admonishes Deeks’ cheeky comments. She either accepts and ignores then, or (finally!) hits back with her own.

    The promo…. After giving it some notable thought, I actually have a hypothesis for what plays out next week, even if I’m terrible at guessing plot! Yet, I’ll hold those thoughts until we move a bit closer to it…. 😀


  5. I was okay with this episode, but wondered if Deeks is completely healed mentally from the torture he went through? He seemed quite chipper in this ep, not that there’s anything wrong with that. It was good to seem them operate as a team, especially when they had no problem putting their careers on the line to save Hetty. I liked Deeks line “if Kensi goes, I go.” So, they all went with a little help from the “Wonder Twins” as Callen called them. At least I think that’s what he called them. Nell as a TV reporter was a nice touch and Eric’s concern for Hetty was very special to see. I was surprised though that he didn’t immediately pick up on the map projection system that Hetty found. That was a little hard to believe, since that’s what immediately came to mind and I kept waiting for Eric to show up Callen and Sam by pointing out the obvious. But, if he had we would not have had that lovely moment between Eric and Hetty.

    I wanted to hear more about Deeks’ tree house, but it wasn’t to be, but I loved the Kensi and Deeks little undercover gig at the the Russian house. He does so love to call her Fern.

    I must say that the scene in the subway was heart stopping and Sam’s relief when it was over that led to that wonderful hug was the highlight of the episode. I just wish they had given them a little more time. It was over so quickly and it took a minute for my heart to slow down. I wish I could question the special effects guys about that scene, cause it really looked as if Callen was going to be hit by that train. Too many close calls in the last couple of episodes and enough with the trains and nuclear devices. I would rather have explosions.

    I agree with PhillyDi that the “falling out the window firing weapons” scene was cool…so very, very cool. Almost as cool as Hetty with that big gun. I hope they let her fire it one of these days. The boys can’t have all the fun.

    As for the promo for next week…I think we are being teased again, especially when you hear the voice over say that it takes place in the last minute of the episode. “What?” My sentiments exactly Kens.


  6. Linda Wigington // November 13, 2013 at 12:37 PM // Reply

    Teamwork is the key here. “Fallout” showed how well they all work as a team. They do what they have to to keep the team together. There were many examples throughout the show. The DYI scene, the Sam/Callen hug , Hetty finding the key to the map for Eric, the scene at the Russian Consulate etc. It didn’t matter who they worked with. They were still part of the team.
    I don’t know what to think about Granger’s attitude. He always seems to set himself apart from the others. “You all deserve each other”. Perhaps that is why he is still viewed with suspicion at least by me. I just don’t trust him. He plays the part of the politian worrying about relations with the Russians instead of just doing what had to be done..
    It was a fun episode up until the end. The subway scene and the scene in the consulate were very tense and I was on the edge of my seat. Another great show!
    As for Kensi and Deeks, I don’t think that the promo for next week is going to be exactly what people expect. I guess we are going to have to wait and see.


  7. Excellent Review! I loved the way Kensi jumped right in and said, “This is Hetty, we’re in!” She didn’t need to ask Deeks if he would help, she already knew. His response, “If Kensi goes, I go. That’s how we roll,” was great.

    As for next week, I do think his comment is something he says to maintain his cover but I also think there is a bit of truth in what he is saying as well. We will just have to wait and see what the next ep brings. Shane Brennan is a big tease as we all know so I wouldn’t get our hopes up too much. I’m sure something happens but I doubt it will be what everyone thinks!



  8. It’s a very funny ep. Deeks reacted like he made sure he would be hit.


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