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15 Comments on What would you name Deeks’ Pub?

  1. This name was put forth in an Instagram post and I liked it. “Blye’s”


  2. I’ve change my mind from Monty’s or Fern’s … I’m thinking it should be called Going Rogue.

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  3. I’ve seen some posts online…and one I like is Granger’s.

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  4. I’d name it Fern, I’ve always liked this name for Kensi, since the very first time Deeks used it, so I think it would be nice, more than the others they mentioned in this week’s episode.

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  5. deuces = Stands for 2 (Deeks and Kensi) and a phrase he says ofen

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  6. Also like Granger…as many have responded, this being in honor

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  7. Kensilena’s or Owen’s gets my vote.

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  8. The Boat Shed

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  9. I like Ferns, Kenzalinas or Special K. Another could be Lady MacGyver or Shaggy’s.

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  10. Hammerhead….although I like Granger’s, too.

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  11. Thomas J Thomas // December 30, 2018 at 6:00 PM // Reply

    The Golden Shark Saloon

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  12. Grangers Shangri-LA

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  13. Deeks and kensi’s pub


  14. I like Sunshine and Gunpowder

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