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10 Comments on Deeks’ Surf Log – 10/02/16

  1. Kensi pushing Deeks away once woken up is one of my worst NCIS LA nightmares that I hope won’t happen in the show. We know she’s stubborn and she may be broken after the accident and the coma when she realizes the long recovery she needs, but I hope in her future she still sees Deeks as she saw before. I don’t care how much time it may take, I want and need them together.


  2. It wouldn’t surprise me if Deeks was thinking that. I think he was in a bad place throughout the whole episode. He didn’t appear to be himself at all during this episode especially when away from Kensi. I think it was a way of putting himself down too and not so much regretting the partnership.


    • I’ve personally always tagged Deeks as a martyr. (And while they say Shane picked Marty out of the blue, I inherently believe this is where his name stems from!) While the entire team has this trait at times, we’ve been shown that putting himself in harm’s way/putting others first at his own expense is pretty SOP for the guy. Yet, maybe I write him that way too much/too often.

      I didn’t expect for Kensi to be unconscious for this long. I highly anticipated seeing how she deals with this situation, but before that we’re being treated to some delightfully “Deep Deeks” that I feel like I need to re-watch to thoroughly appreciate.


  3. Wonderfully written. I really hope they dont mess with Densi!! I couldn’t handle any more of seeing Deeks so sad


  4. Another great entry Gayle. I particularly liked the part where he began to blame himself. (OK, “like” is a poor choice of words- let’s say I thought it was a very thoughtful choice on your part.) I think that’s why he opened with the mention of female partners, because it’s just too much, too painful, when you come to care about someone like he cares about Kensi, and then be unable to protect them from harm. I also really liked the part where he wanted to take her away someplace safe. That was so understandable, and so sad, and I would never have imagined it on my own. My favorite part was the end. Whereas I had thought maybe he proposed so that if Kensi didn’t make it, he’d always be able to think of her as his fiancée, your interpretation is so much more positive, and I think much more likely. I love that he sees it as a show of loyalty (and of course he would, he’s an incredibly loyal person) to Kensi. Great job!


    • Thank, Karen. I love hearing all the different interpretations of why he put the ring on. Just as you didn’t imagine him wanting to take her away, I never imagined him placing the ring out of feat he might truly lose her. (Guess that’s my rationale TV-DR isn’t leaving-mentality! LOL!) I’m surprised I didn’t go to such a dark place, as I’m typically not know for the sunny side of things! That last scene was a significant “onion” with so many unknown layers to be peeled back! Fear, loyalty, possessiveness, sheer force of will… and who knows what else could/does reside within the minds of the writer & actor!


      • You’re so right about that final scene. Every time I watch it (I can’t seem to stop- help me!), I pick up something new or different.


  5. maybe it is just me…. however the writers have a habit of tearing at the Densi relationship whenever things are going good and this arc has me terrified. the combination of leg injury, spinal damage and coma is just too much to allow for a reasonable recovey. first a compound { or open) fracture is a dificult thing to recover from and the scaring can be horrible as the wound is jagged. her ability to work undercover in shorts, a dress or a skirt would be limited for some time. Second the neck injury would make being in the field and subject to a punch or wrestling grab to the head potentially paralizing if not fatal. then there is the coma as well as potential spinal damage already and the rehab required. Could this be the end? I truely hope not. for some reason I have a horrible feeling around kensi coming out of her coma and seeing her situation. My dark thoughts are all over the place, but here are a few .1 Kensi’s coma causes amnesia and she does not remember Deeks or who she is. 2 She has lost years of memory and thinks she is still engaged to Jack…. oh crap, I said it. 3 she refuses to mary deeks because she does not want him to ” be stuck with a cripple” for the rest of his life, and even drives him away by saying she does not care anymore. 4 Then again internal affairs could come after Deeks with information about Hetty’s coverup of the situation ( obtained from the mole of course) and haul Deeks away just when Kensi needs him most causing resentment. 5 in an episode titled “Deeks, M” one of deeks old girlfriends shows up with his kid and he is forced to choose between them and Kensi. Wow, didnt realize just how much I dont trust the writers to let them actually be happy together. Yikes.
    somebody throw me a life raft…..


    • Ed – Glad to have another week to respond to your extensive comment! You bring up possibilities most left behind as soon as the words, “All In” were uttered. It seemed like we were all constantly on edge before Densi became “official”!

      This recent turn of events does bring some new (terrible) thoughts to mind, of which you mention a number that I personally hadn’t yet even started to fathom! “The End?” Again, my opinion is no, just another significant challenge for them to face and work through. I think the magic is not in the “what” happens, but rather the “how” they handle it (most likely quite differently). If I have to vote for one of your scenarios, I’m going with #3. (But I’m usually quite wrong when it comes to plot!)

      While the journey might be traumatic (for them and us), I do have faith in a blissful eventual destination!


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