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Review: NCISLA “A Line in the Sand” (S9E23) and “Ninguna Salida” (S9E24)

As Sunday night’s two-part season finale crept closer and closer, I found myself dreading it. While I continued to hope for a happy ending (AKA wedding) for Densi, the whole thing felt very much tied up with Eric Christian Olsen’s real-life potential plans. I feared what the Prince of Darkness writer/director Frank Military might bring to the first hour, and dreaded a possible good-bye for Deeks from showrunner and second hour writer R. Scott Gemmill and Joe Sachs, and director John P. Kousakis. In short, I was kind of an emotional mess before I even brought myself to begin watching.

Well, I got some of what I expected (thank you Mr. Military) and some of what I didn’t, with a violent cliffhanger instead of fluffy nuptials. Although the ending was definitely not what I hoped for, I can’t complain about a two-hour finale that absolutely flew by, filled with emotion, drama, action and suspense. I desperately need to know what happens next and I can’t believe we have to wait until September to find out. To that I can only say… Well played, NCIS: Los Angeles. Well played.

Oh, and I guess I got a little carried away since this is my last time to write such a review, so apologies for the epic length. My excuse is that there were two hours to cover! (Also apologies for any errors as I lacked enough time for a second viewing.)

I’m hit

Let’s start with the start. You always know we’re in for a special episode when the pre-credits opening scene features the team. That opening shootout might be the best the show’s ever done. It’s always exciting when they’re outnumbered, and splitting them up increases the suspense. The point of view shots taken from each character’s perspective, as if we were standing right behind them needing to duck out of the way of the bullets, added to the sense of immediacy. I’m beginning to think that Frank Military isn’t just my favorite NCIS:LA writer, he could also be my favorite director. Plus am I the only sucker for shots of Deeks switching from his automatic weapon to his sidearm?

On the other hand, intestines, really? Did we need the shot of the poor dead man with his insides hanging out of his body? Only Military could come up with that special touch. I thought maybe it was done to add to Deeks’ continuing workplace traumas, but it was never addressed, so it felt gratuitous.

Surprisingly, Sam being hit added relatively little to the drama. Since it was the first scene (and because it’s LL Cool J), we knew he wasn’t dying. Sam still participated in the case, even if his inability to chase a suspect meant they lost a lead. He was just grumpier more serious than usual. I’d have appreciated hearing a little more about his motivation to leave the hospital to go to Mexico, especially about how he reconciled taking on such a dangerous mission while being the only parent his kids have left. I’m assuming it was something along the lines of what FBI Agent Rand said to him in the face of a kid with a bomb in “The Seventh Child”: “If I can’t save this child, then why am I doing this job?”

While we’re discussing the action, I’d say that it was interesting how little action there was in hour #1, but I never missed it because the drama was so compelling. The only other chase scene had a touch too much of the hand-held camera work, which I found it distracting; it might have even made me a touch queasy.

Hour #2 brought us excitement in the desert, capably handled except for a few questionable edits that made it seem like Sam and Callen got caught on their ATV a little too easily. I enjoyed the character of Arlo, played by Max Martini. He brought a level of charisma and gravitas that would fit in well on the team, should they – heaven forbid! – need to find a replacement for Deeks. Just a suggestion.

We learned one interesting fact that I didn’t remember knowing, which is that apparently Deeks can ride a horse. I ask, why have we not seen this happen? I’m sure that ECO could pull it off well what with all his time in the Tetons. What a lost opportunity! (If you need some of Deeks on a horse, I highly recommend Lindy/Sweet Lu’s amazing AU Western Yesterday’s Fire.)

One big happy family

I don’t remember an episode of this show where I found myself swearing at the TV so frequently (Mosley I’m looking at you), or felt my jaw literally drop open in surprise multiple times. Military in particular in the first hour really poured on the drama. So much of what he addressed had been building for such a long time that it felt realistic and in character, except for Mosley, who truly behaved like a crazy woman.

I get wanting to make Mosley the character everyone loves to hate, but that technique is much more effective if the person you’re hating seems real, like early Granger. Sadly Nia Long has never convinced me she was this character, and she’s always seemed to struggle to keep up with the rest of the cast. Her character’s behavior in the finale was outrageous- as in, provoking outrage. But perhaps more importantly, it was often shortsighted and counterproductive. That gave it all a bit of a manufactured feel, unlike the Densi drama which felt very organic.

Still, Mosley did provoke plenty of outrage. Sadly she’s one of those people who tries to lead through fear and intimidation rather than loyalty and support. In my experience it’s way more effective to inspire people to want to help and protect you rather than to intimidate them into doing so. Or in Mosley’s case, rather than threatening them if they don’t break the law for you, inspire them to want to. With a team of frequently rogue agents, it didn’t have to be this hard. Hetty could sure teach her more than a thing or two.

Right from the start, Mosley was out of control. When poor Deeks was ordered to follow her without knowing why, only to find her in that warehouse beating up their suspect, I found myself encouraging him to quit. It’s hard enough when the bad guys are shooting at him, he doesn’t also need this from his boss. (By the way, he should have cheekily taken the opportunity to criticize her tradecraft since she never noticed the tail.)

If that wasn’t horrific enough, then she threatened to fire Beale and asked him and Jones to tap the phone without a warrant. It was at this point that I was completely done with her. As in, no way will I ever be able to forgive this behavior, and no way do I want to see her continue to lead this group. I do not see how she can be rehabilitated in my eyes, let alone her teams’. She really was willing to sacrifice every single person in order to get to her son. I’m desperately hoping she’ll find herself fired at the end of the premiere. Surely Hetty can make that happen, right?

And we haven’t even talked about the fantastic scenes between her and Deeks. Oh I love me some Direct Deeks, a Deeks we don’t get nearly enough of. Military always writes a strong and capable Deeks, but this Deeks reminded me of the one who took on Hetty when Kensi had been kidnapped.

Deeks: Fellas, this is the Come to Jesus moment where you need to tell us what’s goin’ on.
Callen: This is on a need to know basis.
Deeks: My partner and I have become party to assaulting a prisoner, I think I would classify that as need to know.
Kensi: Deeks.
Deeks: What?
Kensi: If you guys need us to trust you then we will do that.
Deeks: What about them trusting us?
Sam: G, tell ‘em…
Mosley: Agent Callen, you and I had a private conversation and I expected you to keep it that way. Hetty told me that I could trust you, all of you. But apparently that isn’t the case.
Kensi: As far as I can see he’s just trying to explain why you did what you did, he’s trying to help us understand you.
Deeks: Yeah, maybe if you woulda asked for help instead of just throwing us under a bus-
Sam: Deeks!
Deeks: What’s she gonna do, is she gonna fire us? She beat a restrained prisoner and then made us a part of it.
Hidoko: Excuse me?
Deeks: What, you didn’t know that? Look behind you. Look at his face! She did that to expedite an interrogation. You know what, I didn’t even need you to trust us, but it sure as hell woulda been nice if you’d stop threatening us.
Mosley: Detective Deeks this is between me and Agent Callen.
Sam: Apparently it’s between all of us now.
Mosley: I asked him to keep this in confidence and he didn’t do that. This is about his character.
Deeks: Oh my god you’ve got to be kidding me! See, that’s the difference right there, isn’t it? He’s trying to help you and what do you do, you question his integrity. You’ve questioned all of our integrity since you got here and what has it gotten you? It hasn’t made us a better team, it sure as hell hasn’t made us more loyal, so what is it, is it the power?
Mosley: I am sorry, Detective Deeks, but I don’t have time-
Deeks: You need that power, you just desperately need that power-
Mosley: You are fired Detective Deeks. Go back to LAPD. You’re done at NCIS.
Deeks: You sure about that?
Mosley: Oh I’m positive.
Deeks: You wanna fire the person that can testify against you for what you did to Miguel Reyes-
Mosley: You better get outta my face.

What a riveting discussion/argument. Deeks is fantastic, never backing down from Mosley, even threatening her. My jaw dropped when she fired him. She completely fails to understand how to lead, and what makes this team so special. How does she think the remaining team members will react to this kind of aggression?

And that’s just what I think Deeks is responding to. First he expresses frustration with Callen for keeping secrets. Notably Kensi, who’s always more likely to follow orders, is willing to go along without knowing why. But Deeks has never been afraid to question authority and he’s losing patience with Callen before Mosley even walks in the door.

Then we have an echo of his and Sam’s chess conversation in “Descent.” Here it’s Mosley questioning Callen’s character, only Callen doesn’t need to defend himself because Deeks jumps right in to do it. If I were Callen I’d be delighted and grateful to have such a loyal team member willing to defend me like that. (I’d pay money to see a scene where Sam defends Deeks’ integrity this way.) I sure loved hearing Deeks’ words about Mosley’s management skills, words that could have been said at any point in this long season. Deeks identifies what makes Mosley tick, and how it’s counterproductive to engendering loyalty in her subordinates. Then, (like other such people I’ve worked with), because she doesn’t like hearing the truth, she makes a grand show of that power by firing Deeks.

I think what’s also at play to a smaller extent is Deeks’ history of torturing a suspect for information. Military never makes specific reference to “Spoils of War” here, but we can’t help but think about the cleric when Deeks walks into that warehouse and sees what Mosley’s been doing. It puts his concerns over her behavior in a different light, for he did the exact same thing to find the person he cared about most in this world. And yet, he reacts strongly to Mosley’s actions. With the cleric, he quickly realized his behavior was wrong; he stopped and immediately took measures to show kindness towards that horrible man. Here, Mosley shows no remorse, not a hint that she’s troubled by having to do this. I think in that moment, Deeks makes a judgment about the quality of her character – her integrity – and it’s not a positive one.

Deeks’ history at the LAPD may also affect his reaction. He worked with a terrible partner who poured hot coffee on a suspect, and he reported it. It’s not in his nature to let this kind of behavior go.

What I really see happening here with Deeks is that he’s standing up for himself and his teammates against a bully, against someone who uses the power she has over them to hurt and threaten them. He reacts so viscerally because it’s not altogether different from his father’s behavior towards him and his mom. Only now he doesn’t have to let it happen. He can stop it, or try anyway. He is so hardwired to stop this kind of behavior that he literally couldn’t have stayed quiet here. Just as Mosley’s making poorly thought out snap decisions, so here is Deeks. It might be the right thing to do, but it’s not necessarily the smartest move.

He tries to make up for it later when he apologizes, but Mosley is so livid at being called out in front of the others that she can only exercise her power further by having him physically removed from the building.

Could this scene have been any more intense? It reminded me a little of the scene in “Familia” when they all turn in their resignations. Only this was so much rawer, the emotions were so much higher. Military writes the most intense episodes and I think this hour is right up there with “Descent,” “The Seventh Child,” and “The Silo” among his best.

Enjoy the view

It certainly brought much needed satisfaction throughout the episodes to watch Hetty continue to get under Mosley’s skin. One of my favorite moments was when she got Mosley to finally lose patience over her office chair, telling Hetty, “Please don’t sit in my chair anymore.” What was great about Hetty here was that she wasn’t simply messing with Mosley’s head, she was actually trying to steer this crazy woman in the right direction.

Their conversation about sons was outstanding as well: “Then you understand this, Shay. Agent Callen is as close to a son as I’ve ever had.” Hetty’s use of Mosley’s first name showed exactly how serious she was. It certainly seemed to get Mosley’s attention.

The intensity might have dropped a notch in the second hour, but I enjoyed having a moment to laugh out loud with this conversation:

Mosley: When were you gonna tell me that Deeks is in Mexico with the others?
Hetty: He is? He’s such a rascal.

Hetty deliberately projecting an air of calmness because she knows Mosley won’t react well was highly entertaining, and I very much appreciated her being there to do this and to provide actual help to the team. Please Linda Hunt, come back next year!

We have joy

OK, let’s get to the part we were all simultaneously looking forward to and dreading, the big Densi conversations. Their two big talks really played as one extended discussion, interrupted only by Mosley and her hatefulness. We started in the bullpen…

Deeks: I don’t know. Maybe getting fired isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You know? I mean, we keep talking about trying to find a time to get out.
Kensi: Yeah, I know. But I like working with you. It’s part of who we are.
Deeks: Yes, it is a part of who we are.
Kensi: A part that I happen to love.
Deeks: Kensi, you heard Callen, he’s not wrong. This kid is flying around in Lear jets with nannies. This is a custody case.
Kensi: He was kidnapped by his dad, a violent felon who ordered the murder of a federal agent. Let’s not forget that.
Deeks: Sam almost died today. And anything can happen down there.
Kensi: OK, so what are you saying, that we shouldn’t go?
Deeks: I’m just saying, we’re about to be married, I think we can have this conversation, don’t you? I mean the truth is, this kid could stay down there. He could go to private schools and college and have an amazing life. Or, my soon-to-be-wife could be killed while trying to get him on a helicopter, and for what? For a woman who I’m pretty sure doesn’t even like us, why, I have absolutely no idea because everybody loves us because we’re kind and we’re generous-
Kensi: Because we’re happy. Because we’re living our lives, because we have joy, because we have a future. That woman has nothing but anger and pain. Can you imag-
Deeks: If you’ve come to apologize I accept.
Mosley: That’s the last thing I would do, Deeks.
Deeks: Fair enough, OK, I’ll do it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry because you are in an extraordinary situation that I cannot begin to imagine, and I wouldn’t- ‘Sup fellas?

There’s a lot to unpack even in this short conversation. Deeks wants to use his firing as a reason to launch them both to safety and into his happily ever after plans, but Kensi decisively shoots that idea down. His quick pivot to this idea makes me think that, while he wasn’t directly plotting for Mosley to fire him, he felt free to be so assertive because he had nothing to lose, being OK with his future even without a job.

But here, Kensi isn’t engaging in the idea that they both would leave, she’s focused on the fact that he would be leaving her. She likes working with him, implying that she’ll still be working at NCIS and she’d like it if he stayed to continue their partnership. Deeks takes another tack, bringing up what happened to Sam and how he worries about her going to Mexico. It reminded me a bit of their armory conversation at the beginning of “Descent” where he doesn’t want anyone else watching her ass/back.

Kensi’s moment of empathy for Mosley was telling. Deeks only sees Mosley’s bullying (and illegal) behavior and reacts against it, but Kensi understands her pain. I suppose she once felt that way, when Jack abandoned her (or they broke up if you prefer the “Come Back” version of events). At that time, she probably saw other happy couples and felt her own “anger and pain.” She understands how lucky she is to have found what she has with Deeks, which makes their subsequent conversation a whole other level of heartbreaking. Knowing that Kensi is about to lose her joy and her future about three minutes later makes rewatching this conversation even worse the second time around.

Mosley then jumps down Kensi’s throat when she’s trying her best to relate to the woman. Again, not a smart choice from Mosley, given that Kensi is one of three able-bodied agents willing to help her out. Other than Mosley’s sheer obnoxiousness, the most striking part of this conversation is her telling Kensi that she hoped Kensi would never know what she’s going through. (“I pray to god you never do. Ever.”) She’s standing in practically the same spot as Kensi was when she heard Deeks utter nearly the exact same words in “Ascension.” Kensi couldn’t help but to think back to that moment.

I can’t give that to you

The Densi conversation continues in the Mission’s parking garage. (Sorry for quoting so much of this episode’s dialog but it was all so darn good!)

Deeks: Alright, listen, if this is really happening, like if we’re really doing this, then let’s do it. Let’s go down there, let’s save this kid, and then let’s be done. One last mission and we’re out.
Kensi: I’m not ready to do that.
Deeks: OK, that’s OK, then talk to me. What, how much time do you need? D’you need a year? That’s OK, then like t-two years?
Kensi: Probably longer.
Deeks: The longer that we stay in, the better chance this ends really poorly for us. I mean, you know that, right? But if we get out- Baby, look at me – if we walk away right now I swear to god we can have the most amazing life together. I promise you… Just me and you and all the things that we should be doing with our lives… Are we talking about five years?… What about when we’re having kids? What about when we have kids?
Kensi: I wouldn’t do this if we had kids.
Deeks: OK, great! That’s it then, I just knock you up, I can do that!
Kensi: What if we don’t have kids?
Deeks: What do you, what do you mean “What if we don’t have kids?” As in like, we can’t have them, or you don’t want them, what are you saying to me?
Kensi: Well I don’t know, but there’s a million reasons why it doesn’t happen for people sometimes, Deeks. And if we don’t have kids then I’m gonna want to stay in this job.
Deeks: OK, but I asked you Baby, we talked about this, we talked about this, and I said, can you please just think about it?
Kensi: I know that you asked me to think about it, and you know exactly what you want… I can’t give that to you.
Deeks: Then what are we doing-
Kensi: Without lying to you. Or compromising who I am. And I will not do that. To either one of us. Ever… Say something, please.
Deeks: I don’t think we should be getting married.
Kensi: [Takes a step back.] You’re choosing to do this now, to call off the wedding.
Deeks: I mean, these are big questions, don’tcha think? I mean don’t you? Whether or not we’re gonna have kids? Some sort of agreement of what our future looks like?
Kensi: What you’re saying to me, is if I don’t leave my job, you are leaving me.
Deeks: That’s not fair and that’s not what I said, that’s not fair-
Kensi: That is exactly what you said to me!
Deeks: Baby that’s not what I said, Baby that’s not what I said!
Kensi: Are you kidding?
Deeks: (To the fella) Hold on a second.
Kensi: I am gonna go get that kid, and I am gonna bring him back to his mom. ‘Cause that’s what I do Deeks! That’s what I do!

This is the continuation of their conversation in the bullpen, but it’s actually the continuation of a conversation that dates back to at least “High Value Target” if not “Neighborhood Watch.” Over a long period of time, Deeks has consistently brought up the idea of children, with the notable exception of “The Seventh Child” when Kensi was the one reading a parenting magazine and Deeks doubted his ability to be a good dad. Each time, one or the other of them, usually Kensi, has expressed some degree of ambivalence about becoming a parent. Think about “Resurrection” to name yet another example.

Along with the idea of children, they’ve had a running discussion about their career choices. Since “High Value Target” at the beginning of Season 8, Deeks has been the one pressing Kensi to think about leaving their dangerous jobs. Here’s how it went in that episode:

Deeks: In all seriousness though, how much longer are you gonna do this?
Kensi: Well in case you haven’t noticed, this isn’t just what I do, this is who I am. I grew up on Marine bases. Protecting people is all I know, and if I wasn’t doing this, I don’t know what I would be doing.
Deeks: I understand everything you’re saying. I’m just saying that you’d also be an amazing mom.
Kensi: Whoa.

In “The Silo” we heard Kensi express a brief moment of doubt about continuing to do what she does, but really, through the whole episode, we see her doing what she feels called to do, to protect people: “I can stop this from happening, I can stop people from getting hurt, I’ve got to do it, OK?” All along through many episodes, Kensi has consistently entertained Deeks’ ideas while deferring any actual decisions or concrete plans. I don’t think she was being purposely misleading, I think she simply didn’t allow herself to think about it more deeply, to be truly honest with herself about what she wants. In fact, I don’t think Kensi really knew that “…if we don’t have kids then I’m gonna want to stay in this job” until she uttered the words out loud. In this conversation, Kensi finally realizes what her priorities are and shares them with Deeks. Protecting people is what she does.

At the same time, Deeks has never been totally direct about what he wants. His desire to leave his job, I think his inability to continue to cope with the stress of it, has been building and building, and it seemed to reach a crescendo here. Being a police officer is how Deeks has defined himself. He’s always wanted to have Kensi’s back, to keep her safe. He’s always wanted to protect people; heck, he’s driven to do so.

Unfortunately I don’t think he’s able to do it anymore, to cope with that stress. What’s sad here is that Deeks has always been 100% supportive of Kensi in all things, but especially in her role as a kick-ass federal agent. In the end, I think he’ll continue to be just that, but it was painful to see him push her towards “compromising who she is,” even if it was in an effort to try to understand what she wants. It’s like he was so frantic to know that she’d be safe, and so panicked that he couldn’t watch her back- either on this particular mission or going forward- that he wasn’t thinking clearly.

Deeks does clearly see the dangers and understand the huge risks they take in this job. He knows that continuing is likely to end “really poorly.” Kensi seems to be a bit in denial about that. She’s the one who reassures him at the episode’s start that Sam will be fine, seemingly unwilling to entertain the alternative. We’ll see if getting blown up by an RPG changes her perspective at all.

Sadly, it would seem that Densi’s much-improved communication skills still have a ways to go. Yet dancing around this particular issue seems very natural, very human, avoiding the big questions when you have a sense that maybe you don’t share a common vision for your future. Unfortunately in the heat of this moment, misunderstandings occurred, making matters worse.

I think Deeks inadvertently pushed some of Kensi’s buttons, leading her to jump to the wrong conclusion. For example, when he says, “Just me and you and all the things that we should be doing with our lives,” there’s an implied judgment that what she is currently doing with her life isn’t valid. Since she defines herself by her current job, she takes that (rightfully so) extremely personally. In addition, Kensi’s biggest fear is being abandoned by people she loves, and Deeks’ seeming peace with being fired and leaving her alone on the job obviously didn’t sit well. Then when he says “I don’t think we should be getting married” when he means “I don’t think we should be getting married until we talk all of this through,” she assumes he’s not just abandoning her at work, but in life. How awful for her in that moment.

I don’t think a scene of this show has ever made me cry quite so hard. It was incredibly painful to see them struggling, and failing, to find common ground. But we know they’ll work it out in the end. Deeks would never ever abandon Kensi, and she would never walk away from him. True love will conquer all. I insist! But seeing them at odds, with equally valid but pointedly different priorities that seem to be taking them on diverging paths, is unsettling and very sad after all they’ve fought through to be together.

This scene was beautifully written. It might be the saddest conversation they’ve ever had, maybe even sadder than the end of “Ascension.” It worked so well because the conflict at its heart had been established years ago. Unlike the ridiculous wedding planning discussions, which haven’t been at all in character, their discussions about their future always have felt real (even if they sometimes switched sides). To me, this conversation rang utterly true to both of them. It was a naturally occurring obstacle, not something that felt manufactured (like “Three Hearts”).

And how amazing were ECO and Daniela Ruah? If it weren’t so painful to watch, I think I’d have seen it a million times by now. The hurt that Dani projects as she misinterprets Deeks’ intentions felt so real. And ECO showed us one of the most vulnerable versions of Deeks, maybe the most vulnerable, we’ve ever seen. When his face drops after he tries to joke about knocking her up and she doesn’t take the bait, it’s heartbreaking. The rawness of Deeks’ emotions throughout the scene is simply stunning.

I’m still your partner

It wasn’t a surprise to see Deeks arrive at the airport if only because we’d seen the promo pics, but I still cheered when he got out of that car. You know Hetty called him (or vice versa) to arrange that. That whole scene was again, amazing. Military captured the awkwardness between them all, and all their misgivings about the mission. The short scene of Kensi fighting back tears in the car, the background music, which normally distracts but here added so much, and even the rain, all combined to make us understand how out of kilter they were collectively. Plus all those glances on the plane between Deeks and Kensi were wonderful, conveying many emotions without a single word.

Callen: We good?
Deeks: Awesome.
Sam: Yeah, one big happy family. [To the pilot] Let’s go!
Kensi: Deeks-
Deeks: I’m still your partner. At least one last time.

Partners is how they started. It’s always been a special word between them, used before they were bold enough to put any larger label on their relationship. It carries a lot of meaning between them, including here.

Military always seems to give every character a chance to shine. Everyone is capable, and even adult. This is what Kensi does, she saves people. Deeks sticks up for the bullied and would die to protect Kensi. Sam protects his partner and wants to keep another parent or child from feeling pain. Callen protects his team and has snarky fun doing it. Hetty is the master of her domain and manipulates better than anyone. If only Mosley could have been salvaged into a coherent character, but that unfortunately has been beyond the ability of any of the show’s writers.

Light ’em up

I knew they shouldn’t have let Kensi drive! We’re left with quite the cliffhanger. We’ve got four lives in danger, one agent who may be dead, one Executive Assistant Director who could be (fingers crossed) fired, and one relationship that’s not in the best place (I refuse to say it’s in trouble). It would appear that the showrunners were quite confident of their Season 10 pick-up, for how could they have possibly ended the series this way?

It’s going to be a long summer waiting for the resolution to all of this. What makes it more painful than it would otherwise be is the uncertainty over ECO’s continuing role on the show. Normally we’d assume all four of them would be just fine. They’ll wake up and fend off the bad guys, or maybe Hidoko will show up out of nowhere to do it (or Arlo?). But we don’t know for sure that Deeks will survive, or survive without permanent injury. It would be a fine way to write him out to that bar of his. Alternately, perhaps seeing Deeks seriously injured could impact how Kensi sees their future, and her priorities.

What I’d like to see is an exciting rescue, a banged up Deeks, and a Kensi who at least starts to understand what Deeks’ last few years worrying about her has been like. Then I’d like them sit down and work out a plan. A plan that involves Deeks being as honest with Kensi about his needs as she was with him. And a plan that includes a quick beach wedding in Los Mochis. It is on the coast, after all, and I have to believe they chose it as the location for a reason!

I also hope that in the meantime, all our wonderful fan fiction writers get inspired to give us lots of satisfying versions of this, stories that will keep us entertained until September.

This was the NCIS:LA that we only had a few glimpses of this season. I hope it’s the NCIS:LA that we get a huge dose of in Season 10.

So Long… For Now?

It’s with a fair amount of sadness that I sign off on my final review. In fact, it’s hard to imagine not wanting to review the Season 10 premiere, so you never know- wikiDeeks might come to life for one week only in the fall.

It’s been so fun working on this site with such fantastic teammates, and I’ve loved hearing from everyone who ever commented on my work. wikiDeeks is winding down, but we’re not quite finished. Come back later this week for final (sniff sniff) installments of Deeks’ Surf Log, Kensi’s Journal, and the Drabble of the Week. I also wanted to thank Tess for her fantastic weekly episode previews, which I never got to mention since they came before the review. Next week we’ll announce the winners of our final Pets of the Homeless drawing, and after that, join us for one final discussion as wikiDeeks contributors all come together for a close-out roundtable podcast.

In the meantime, what did you think of “A Line in the Sand” and “Ninguna Salida”? I can’t wait to hear everything, so let those comments fly!

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  1. Thank you so much for your amazing review Karen, I will really miss these great reviews here on WikiDeeks.

    I am disappointed that they decided to once again to use Densi to create drama, it has become a bit boring and kind of a easy way for writers (a too easy way), Frank Military is an amazing writer and has written many of my favorite episodes, but I was hoping for something different and something new (for me the cliffhanger too felt like something we have seen before, maybe partly because I just recently saw the Criminal Minds S12 cliffhanger). Densi in this episode reminded me of Densi in season 5 and especially Densi in “Frozen lake”, for me it was because of the way they communicated and how they weren’t really on the same page and then boss sends one of them away / kicks out (Hetty sending Kensi away and now Mosley kicking Deeks out) which makes talking about things more difficult Densi at a time when they needed to talk the most. What I am most worried about is that I believe that this Densi drama will last for a really long time (I hope I am wrong) and that would be way too much for me. I really wish there had been a wedding this season, in my opinion their marriage would give the writers a lot potential for some great scenes and storylines and even more depth to the characters. I agree with Karen that the acting from Eric and Daniela in the season finale was once again amazing, Hetty was great, Turk was great and very interesting guest star and the episode was beautifully filmed. I really wanted to see a scene where Hetty is calling Deeks. The balance between angst, hope, humor, action and romance is one of the main things I have loved on NCIS LA and I just wish there had been a bit more balance in this episode.

    I really wish that Mosley would be gone, but I believe that she will stay, I think it is easier for the writers and producers to keep Mosley than to bring in a new character. I agree with Karen that Mosley just doesn’t feel real and in my opinion she doesn’t have personality even good villains need. I really wish they could bring in someone like Harris Keane to take Mosley’s place, but I am not sure if that would be against NCIS rules/protocol. I don’t believe that Hidoko is dead, my guess is that since Hidoko has been the hero quite often this season she will be the hero this time too and that she will play a big part in saving the team.

    I really hope that when the show ends they give the show and characters a good and complete closure, if this had been the very final episode of the show I would had been so freaking disappointed that I probably would need a new tv right now 😊 . I don’t know what to think about season 10, I have to admit that this is the first time I am not excited about a new season, it kind of feels like that in addition to saying goodbye to the amazing WikiDeeks I am kind of saying goodbye to NCIS LA too.

    Thank you everyone here on WikiDeeks for everything, your comments, reviews, top 10 features, fics etc. have been so important to me, Thank you for letting me rant and get my thoughts off my chest 😊 ! ❤

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    • If ECO comes back and the garage scene is just another stalling tact I’m going to quit its just so stupid to waste a good story line


  2. Karen! Wow just Wow. Your last review is just the best and make me sad that you won’t write one for the season 10 starter. Just reading the garage scene brings tears to my eyes and visions of a broken Densi that I can’t see how they can fix. Without those two I just can’t continue to watch and that really sucks. I’m starting to get pissed so I’ll write more later!!

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  3. Thank you Karen for a great review. I agree with every you say. I loved this episode. The acting was so amazing. It was not what anyone hoped for Densi but it made great entertainment, and as long as they will come out stronger from it (and I am sure they will) then it is good for the characters. I personally love to see them both angry and troubled, they become so much more interesting than when they are quibbling about table clothes.

    Now we can be certain that ECO will be back next year (maybe not 100% but definitely back). If they wanted him off, killed or badly injured, they would have left him in a happy Densi state, with Kensi crying her newly-wed body. Otherwise it is just useless and cruel to build this Densi drama, very unlike this show. (The only show who ever did kill a good character in such a terrible position was 6 feet under, which is a very different kind of show, but otherwise this never happens)

    As for Mosley there is no way that she will keep her position after that. She sent 3 agents on an unsanctioned mission, got them injured/in need to rescue/god knows what else. Even by S9 standards of (lack of) realism, she can not keep her job. Looking back at S9 we were made to hate her all along I think. Now that she selfishly sacrificed the whole team for her son, she’s gonna have to disappear, maybe after saving the team is she has an ounce of moral left.

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  4. Nina Andric // May 22, 2018 at 6:52 AM // Reply

    Thank you for this post, Karen. I don,t remember last time I swore so much like I did watching finale. And definitely didn’t expect that ending.
    I really, really hate Mosley. She did what Hetty feared the most…destroyed the team. Well hopefully not. Hetty will have her head on the stick…hopefully, too.
    Deeks will be injured and Kensi will realize what she almost lost and will come to her senses. And they will elope. Hopefully.
    And my favorite scene is Deeks getting out of tHe car and getting on the plane!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!
    Just hope they don’t let Military write first episode of season 10.

    Nina, full of hope😊

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  5. This is the first time one of your reviews has made me cry. Just reading the dialogue between Deeks and Kensi in that heart ripping scene in the garage, brought back to mind one of the most powerful scenes this show has ever produced. That’s where I lost it. I forgot they were acting, because their emotions were so raw and so real. As ECO quoted before the show aired “we will not go quietly into the night” our hearts were shredded and our greatest fear was realized. There was no wedding and might never be one, but the most painful cut of all is that there may be no future for those of us who love Deeks, if he doesn’t survive that RPG attack in the final scene.

    Your last review was your best review, and that is saying a lot. You touched on every thought I had about this finale and did it well. There is nothing left to add except a thank you for your insightful reviews and for being my muse. It will be a long, long summer.

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  6. Gosh, I’m going to miss your fun reviews and thoughtful analysis! What I really appreciated about these episodes was that I understood each character’s point of view, even as their views clashed. As you pointed out, the drama was organic rather than forced. (Not counting Mosely here.) I did think it was interesting that Sam and Kensi were both in “Save the child!” mode, whereas Deeks and Callen pointed out that they didn’t know if the child was in imminent danger – because both of them know what it means to be a child in imminent danger – and that the situation might be more complicated than it appeared to be. Also, another reason Deeks responded to viscerally to Mosely tying the suspect to a chair and beating him – besides having done so himself to the cleric – was that a few short cliffhangers ago, he was the one tied to a chair and tortured. Deeks has never had the ability to compartmentalize his emotions the way G, Sam, and Kensi do, which is one of the things I love about him, so being reminded of that was bound to upset him. Finally, as painful as the Densi scenes were, they very realistic – because if a couple can’t agree on some basic stuff like having kids, they probably shouldn’t be getting married, even if they love each other to pieces. As Lindy said, it’s going to be a long summer. Thanks for this amazing blog!

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    • You made a good and very interesting point about the contrast between Sam and Kensi’s response to the child in imminent danger, versus Callen and Deeks’ response that the situation might be more complicated than it appears to be. Both Sam and Kensi had stronger home lives than Deeks and Callen. Thanks for sharing your keen observation.

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  7. This is genuinely great review of the great NCIS:LA movie. It showed all the strengths of this show that you have already mentioned in your review. I also watched it almost reluctantly dreading from the worst and hoping for the best at the same time. If that movie was rollercoaster of emotions for them it was for me as well. How much I missed such smart and dramatic and honest episodes!
    There is really not much to add after your (I must say again) great, great review. To see such a lack of true leadership from Mosely was indeed in the best case painful and in the worst annoying as hell, her willingness to let them all be killed just for her to get her son back was truly her worst single moment (honestly though her behaviour throughout the whole season was leading to that) and I strongly hope that the next season will find her to be at home as single mother (Hetty of course will advise team about that) and not part of the cast anymore.
    I also must admit that I will not miss Hidoko either as her character left me pretty much uninterested in her fate.
    Densi, Densi, Densi – Karen, you really said it all and I can only add that Kensi’s very decisive answer to Deeks, when he pushes her to go with Mosely and her son, “we stay together” brings optimism that there is still Densi and that it is just one other obstacle they have to figure out. And they will, like they always do. Otherwise losing such Densi that was brewing and building over the years would just be a waste and you do not waste good.
    The best part of the movie for me was the end of the part one, from the moment we see Kensi’s weeping face in the car on the way to the airport until the airplane took off. Everything we saw was perfect; acting, dialogs, cinematography, editing, music. Even rain added sadness to the feel of gloomy inevitability.
    But, in my heart I am hopeful and I am counting days until season 10 will begin with ECO back full time.
    By the way, what happened that all of the sudden rumours about ECO leaving started? I haven’t seen anywhere that ECO had said it.
    Thank you once again Karen and all Wikideeks contributors for this amazing site. It has been for years my favourite site that I kept visiting almost everyday. I do not remember single article, review or fanfic that I haven’t enjoyed. I wish all of you all the best in your lives and future endeavours.

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  8. Jess (bluenet13) // May 22, 2018 at 8:25 AM // Reply

    The same week I discovered NCIS LA, I came across WikiDeeks, so for me, they have always been linked together. I will miss not having this part anymore, and I thank you, Karen, and all other contributors, for the many, amazing pieces I got to enjoy. Reading your comments and everyone’s responses has become part of my LA experience, as much as watching the show every Sunday. Come fall, and if we’re lucky enough to still have Deeks, I hope you will consider sharing your thoughts in another platform. No pressure here, just a fan sharing her thoughts.

    Now onto the finale, I enjoyed it a lot, and the two hours flew by. It had action, drama, compelling conversations and a lot of the team I fell in love with. Even if the eps weren’t perfect, the acting and writing was magnificent and I wonder where this LA has been all season? I’m trying to find general things to say about this episode, but I’m failing big time, cause all I can think of is Deeks. Keeping it short, I enjoyed the drama and tension, seeing our usually loyal and united team struggling to stand on common ground and ultimately, ignoring that fact and still fighting as one. Every character was great and had their time to shine and that only reminded me why I’m so attached to them all, also why I love Hetty and can’t stand a certain AD.

    Now in regards to Deeks… Oh Deeks (and ECO), you sure can break my heart with your scenes. I found myself cheering for him during the Mosley conversation, happy that someone was finally standing up to her, and loving the way he defended Callen and how it instantly transported my mind to an old conversation in which Deeks’ character was the one called into question. Then, my heart was broken… over and over again. I still can’t rewatch some of those scenes, even when I know what’s coming, but Deeks’ face as he was fired, escorted out of the mission and then during the talks with Kensi, is still ingrained in my mind. Eric and Dani’s acting and chemistry were perfect through it all, and I hope we get more of that in season 10 (along with a reconciliation and wedding).

    Now, about that ending, can it be September yet? This is gonna be a long summer…

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  9. Great review! Thank you! I have some thoughts.

    Where has *this* show been this season? THIS is NCISLA. You know it’s a good episode when they begin with a shootout — usually held as the exciting finish. That they had so much more to play out that they could start with it. Yay!

    I audibly said “wow” and knew it was a Military script when Callen suggested the guy being interrogated could end up being the equivalent to a blow up doll in prison.

    Speaking of Military, I vote that he oversee all scripts of season 10. I won’t ask him to write them all though that would be the ideal, but I’ll give him a little break and have him in charge of the story. I guess that would make him the showrunner, hunh.

    I’ve had my issues with Hetty but I loved the way she ran verbal circles around Mosley throughout both hours. And, yes, the “rascal” line was the best. I would have loved to see the scene as you mentioned of the communications going on between Deeks and Hetty on getting him there.

    Mosley. Sorry, she’s gone. Get her the hell out. I don’t give a flying leap if she justifies her behavior as being a crazed mom worried about her child — who wasn’t really in any direct danger. I’m completely with Deeks on this from the get go and find Kensi making excuses or “understanding” her pain is just wrong or telling Callen they didn’t need to know. No one will turn out to be killed we’ll find in the season opener, but as far as we know at this point, five agents gave their lives for her illegal actions and two others will at least be under investigation for participating in illegal wiretaps, etc. And side point, using the same line on Kensi “I hope you never do…” was just not right. Deeks did it out of care for her; Mosley did it to shut her up.

    I loved Deeks showing up at the airport. We knew he would but it was excellent. So here’s what I think they are leading up to and what will happen in the first eps of season 10. The huge clash between Deeks and Mosley and he being so instrumental to her son’s rescue, Mosley will finally see his value to the team. The only two really in danger with the crash is Deeks and Sam. Sam because he was already bleeding badly and if help doesn’t come soon … And with Deeks. Yes, I think he will be the one that is most hurt. A) because it will make Mosley feel more guilty and have a come to Jesus moment and B) the emotional showdown with Kensi. BTW, Kensi I think may be not communicating something she has learned — possibly that she because of the past traumas to her body, she can’t have kids. I think she’s been afraid to tell him because of what she thinks it will do to their relationship (wrong, Deeks will love her no matter what). So, what do I think will be Deeks’ injury? They can’t do coma, already done. I don’t think they’ll do amnesia, too soap opera-ish. I’ll put my bets down on being temporarily blind or burned (the vehicle did have a lot of flames) (and ECO has played a burned victim before on ER).

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  10. J.nicholls // May 22, 2018 at 8:52 AM // Reply

    After this episode i am not optimistic for the new season with Deeks, he has made it clear he doesn’t want to be shot at anymore so even if he survives I don’t think he will return to NCIS, i think he will be in it even less maybe like Nate or when Kensi was recovering or we will have another rescue mission as he is captured in mexico. What I also worry about is that most of the beginning of season 10 will be enquiries into why the mission took place like season 6. I will miss coming on here to hear your views you will be missed

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  11. My thanks go out to Karen who has written such great reviews over the course of the past few years and this was no exception. I jokingly refer to this as the ‘War & Peace’ of reviews but when people look back and want to remember specifics regarding this episode, it’s all here in spades. When you want to know why this was one of the best season cliffhangers in the history of the show, this review will tell you why. The show will be a sadder place without a wikiDeeks review.

    I wonder now what the show will look like after all this carnage has taken place. I hope the showrunners realized towards the end that Mosely and Sodoku were just not compelling or effective characters….Kind of like Dom in season one. I hope they are just distant memories when season 10 begins again in the fall.

    Also, if this was real life, there would be no more Densi either in my opinion at least one which could lead to a happy ending. Deeks was serious about what he wants and he’s been dropping signs of his unrest the whole season long. But Kensi was in denial or just figured she could change his mind if he truly loved her. But that’s not real life. In real life this relationship would be doomed. But it’s television and if the showrunners want a happy ending they will create one….but for me it won’t be very fulfilling. I’d like to see Deeks stand up for what will make him happy and if she just can’t give this to him and it means losing Kensi…so be it. If she can’t fulfill his dreams of the life he is creating inside his head, he needs to move on despite still loving this woman. I can see Deeks doing this but I can never see Kensi leaving her life at NCIS. She would be like a fish out of water. She will never fulfill his dreams unless he decides he wants to be miserable and continue to partner/protect her as she continues to try and save the world every week. I guess it all depends on where ECO is headed in his career. If he wants to be a recurring character so he has more time off, then anything could happen between the two characters. But if Deeks comes back full time, I just don’t know how they are going to justify keeping him on as a fulltime member of NCIS especially feeling the way he does now. What a conundrum! It will be interesting to see where the new season takes these two people.

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  12. sassyzazzi // May 22, 2018 at 10:12 AM // Reply

    Karen, thanks for a wonderful review. I found this episode heartbreaking and your review gave me a chance to see a different perspective on Densi. This was an exciting, emotional, really incredible episode, which left me with a very unsettled /disturbing feeling. I thought Eric Christian Olsen and Linda Hunt were absolutely magnificent. It is interesting that you posted the wonderful article about the “10 Ten Ways Marty Deeks saved NCIS LA” last week. You pointed out so aptly it is about his character. In watching this , I just kept thinking about that quality of his which came through so strongly.

    I have never liked Mosley , but I truly thought where the writers took her this episode was too dark, at least for me. It is one thing to decide to use your power to go around the rule for your own personal benefit, it is another to threaten to fire people if they will not break the law for you. It is not only against the law to do what Mosley did, it makes Mosley a person who is truly lacking character , a truly unethical/criminal character .Mosley said early on she was going to break up the team and she did that in this episode. I really cannot see how they can return this character other than to fire her.

    The rest of my review is very emotional, so I apologize. I am a Densi fan who was disappointed with how Kensi was written. I enjoyed reading your review because it gave me a different perspective on Kensi but I just cannot get back to where I was with the character , hopefully I will be able to by the end of the summer. I unfortunately have been in the position where I had to be the escort who watched an employee pack and I had to take their security badge and walk them off site. It is probably the most humiliating thing to do to someone, in Deeks case to an employee who was just speaking the truth. I was crying during the entire scene. Deeks was being totally emotional but he was still acting like a man in love . Did Kensi expect he would go home and sit for a week while she was out of touch in Mexico, not knowing anything. I was also confused by Kensi when she basically tells him she does want what he wants, and then is surprised he says we should not be getting married. I mean what did she think he would say. She turns her back and walks away while he is begging her to stay with his tears in his eyes, and being taken away by security. He broke my heart. I guess for me, maybe I had too much royal wedding this wedding, but I really expected her to stand by him, threaten to resign and leave the building with him. I do not expect her to leave her career, but in this specific incidence I think she made a very wrong decision . Kensi chose to go on a mission over supporting Deeks,the mission is for a unethical/criminal boss, without really knowing anything about her real relationship with Spencer or the true the story of the child. Mosley has no ethics, she proved that, so choosing the Mosley’s story over Deeks whom she trusts with her life, who stood by her when she was injured, really was more than I could accept from her character.

    For season 10, I hope they return this show to the show I started watching for . I want to see an elite team that supports their own. I hope they return Kensi to the character we saw in season 7. I am not really sure I can go back to my Densi ship, I do hope I can.The only thing I am absolutely positive of at this point is if ECO leaves the show, I am truly done.

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    • Jess (bluenet13) // May 22, 2018 at 10:24 AM // Reply

      Thank you for putting into words what I couldn’t. And I’m referring to Kensi. Good to know I’m not the only one feeling very conflicted about Kensi individually, and Densi as a couple. I can understand what NCIS means to her, but her actions disappointed me incredibly, and I was left waiting for Kensi, even Callen or Sam, anyone, to defend Deeks and go against Mosley as she fired him and then had him escorted out of the building. Now more than ever I want Mosley gone, and to get back the show I fell in love with.

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      • sassyzazzi // May 22, 2018 at 10:36 AM // Reply

        I was totally disappointed that the team did not resign when she fired Deeks. If they had all resigned she ( the unethical bully) would have been forced to back down . Kensi , however, needed to resign no matter what the rest of the team did. She needed to back the man she loves.

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        • Jess (bluenet13) // May 22, 2018 at 10:40 AM // Reply

          Maybe I’m too used to reading fanfiction, but I was really left waiting for the team to back up Deeks, and threaten to leave too. Not only disappointed in Kensi for the obvious reasons, but come on, Callen, Deeks had just defended you when no one else did, not even his own partner.

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          • I think none of them took the firing very seriously and expected it to as temporary as the Mosley going crazy situation. Even Deeks kept working on the case after being fired until he got escorted, and even then he still popped on the plane, and the team is going on like if he had not been fired.

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            • I agree,
              I was upset to a point that the team didn’t all quit to support him…
              but he was acting overly emotionally and confrontationally.
              yes they should have their teammates back.
              But, there was no reason to follow him… like a bunch of lemmings over a cliff.
              the Mosley thing could have been diffused later.
              even he didn’t take it that seriously.

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          • sassyzazzi // May 22, 2018 at 12:29 PM // Reply

            Jess, a large part of the problem for me was that it was Mosley. If it had been Hetty, the team would have had an ethical dilemma as to whether to support Deeks or Hetty, but in this case it was an out of control, dangerous Mosley. Mosley has treated all of them other than Sam and Harley badly . She has treated Deeks the worst and shown him no respect. The idea that Callen and Kensi would not back him was unacceptable to me. Sam was a total disappointment to me , he acted like he did not even notice she fired Deeks.

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            • Jess (bluenet13) // May 22, 2018 at 1:35 PM // Reply

              Sassy, I totally agree. I’ve disliked Mosley since the beginning, but she crossed the line in this episode. Before it was just her questionable “leadership skills”, and focusing on the wrong things (like Deeks’ appearance over his law enforcement career), but now she took it too far. Not only with Deeks, but threatening to fire Beale as well. As soon as the conversation went in the direction of her questioning Callen’s character, I expected Sam to jump in, given his story with that topic, and I was disappointed when he didn’t. He felt the most out of character to me, with that and his obsession to go to Mexico to locate the kid, not even thinking what would it mean for his own children if something happened to him. I just wish someone had supported Deeks, like he was standing up to her for all of them.

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      • They have been together for 3&1/2 years I’m sure they must have discussed everything before. I thought I heard Kensi say that where you go I go in a earlier episode. I’m so broken hearted on Kensi’s attitude toward Deeks This just seems out of character for her?

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    • Amen Sassy!


  13. I’m so conflicted about the Densi relationship. I have always wanted the happy ending for them no matter what, but now I’m not so sure. Kensi not sticking up for Deeks when he was fired and then later basically choosing the mission/ her career over him was so disappointing. Then she tells him she might not ever have kids for whatever reason. I mean come on….she has known forever that he wants children, in fact, I think he even joked one time that not wanting kids was a deal breaker. As much as I hate to say this, it’s time for Deeks to move on. He deserves so much better and he shouldn’t have to beg her to want a better life with him. Him begging her broke my heart. He has been so patient waiting for her to come around, but when the line was drawn in the sand, Kensi didn’t choose him. The man that would go to the ends of the earth for her, that would fight any battle for her, didn’t choose him. Who could blame him if he moved on and never, ever looked back. When push came to shove Kensi (nor the team!) had his back. How devastated he must be. He has every right to be angry with them and it gives him another reason to want to move on from NCIS.

    Like someone said in a previous post, I don’t think there’s anyway Deeks can continue to work at NCIS after all this. He has plainly stated how he feels about the dangers of the job and how he wants out. He wants a lifestyle more conducive to raising a family. He may pop in now & then (maybe at the bar), but my guess is we have a new NCIS agent at his desk next year and Season 10 will be the last for NCIS LA. This will also give ECO more free time away from the show to pursue his other personal endeavors.

    It’s so infuriating that the writers chose to to take their love story in this direction. I know things can change and they can write a new storyline with a happy ending, but if they do they will probably make us wait until the last show of the final season. We all know how they like to drag things out.

    On a side note, it is interesting to note that the ratings for the finale did not go up. They are still pretty good but definitely trending down.
    The last four episodes stayed the same at .80.
    Season 8 averaged a 1.31 rating for the season with 10.124 million viewers.
    Season 9 averaged a .91 with 7.901 viewers. This is a viewer change rating of -21.93%


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  14. I get the showrunners can’t do something this epic every week, but can I say just WOW? These two episodes were fabulous and I hadn’t felt this way about a season finale since the breathtaking Season 4 cliffhanger.
    I honestly refuse to think this is the end. We all know NCIS:LA will have a brand new Season 10 in September, so it can’t be over, can it? (BTW, I would never have forgiven TPTB if the show had been cancelled and we had been left in the dark forever about who survives that terrible rocket…).

    About Densi, this week we realized that this is so much more than tablecloths and wedding venues. Their scenes have been my favorite, even if heartbreaking. I think I was prepared after the spoilers and scary promo, but the way Dani and Eric were able to portray their conflicted feelings and emotions went beyond my expectations and I was so grateful and insanely happy they can still make the viewers feel what their characters feel, they can still give life to two beautiful and very flawed people who struggle to find balance in life, love and their job. I confess they made me fall in love with their story all over again and this is thrilling because this season most Densi scenes (except the Silo ending) and especially the wedding planning storyline had been mostly subdued and sometimes boring. I was only very sad when I saw Kensi has regressed to an older version of her I thought no longer existed. They have never seemed on the same page about anything lately and this is worrying me a lot for the health of their relationship. That’s why I do hope the authors are preparing something that can parallel this finale with a memorable Season 10 premiere and following episodes.

    I’m both scared and excited to see what they have in store for us, for all the team, for Deeks and Kensi as individuals, as partners and as a couple in love (I hope so!), for Hidoko, for Mosley (don’t get me started here…). I hope with all my heart ECO isn’t totally leaving the show, but at this point I think it’s quite unlikely he may leave for good, I see more plausible a “recovering” scenario, like the one Kensi had last year during her maternity leave (allowing ECO more time off for other projects he may have) and then a “running a bar” scenario if his days with NCIS are done. But I think Deeks and Kensi NEED to talk about their future, this conversation is long overdue now, I only hope the writers can think of something in character but at the same time not too devastating for Deeks fans, Kensi fans and Densi too. I still want the fairytale happy ending but I’m afraid Densi’s is a no-win situation.
    I guess it will be a long summer!

    Once again let me thank you everybody here for the awesome job you have done with this site over the years, I wouldn’t have written so much about NCIS:LA anywhere else but here, you are all amazing and I can’t think WikiDeeks is closing down. Can I still be in denial some more time? Could you please reconsider? I know, I know, it’s being selfish of me to ask you to stay and go on with the reviews and beautiful posts, but I do hope you will at least review Season 10 premiere as a final gift to all the commenters and fans of WikiDeeks. All the best to each of you.

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  15. maria luisa illarnizzi // May 22, 2018 at 1:43 PM // Reply

    Deeks is right to call off the wedding because Kensi told him that she can’t give him what he wants (kids)and before she didn’t support her fiancée when Mosley fired him! Shame on you Kensi!!!she has taken Deeks for granted for so long and now she choose her job over him and don’t even want to give him a child that he has been dreaming to have with the love of his life!!! No wonder why Deeks has no idea what he going to do after that mission when she asked him at the hotel. Deeks is lost, heartbroken. Poor Deeks! I just hope that Kensi changes her mind ! Let’s hope they all go home safe, but I fear for Deeks, maybe he will be badly injured and then Kensi understands what Deeks has gone through when she was in the hospital for months and review her priorities.

    I will miss your fantastic reviews and all the good work from all the wikideeks contributors dearly. Your site has been my happy place after each episode. I hope you will come back in september for the premiere and more …..
    Maria Luisa

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  16. OhBuddy66 // May 22, 2018 at 2:47 PM // Reply

    Great review, Karen. I’ve always enjoyed reading your reviews, and those of others in your absence. I’m really going to miss this site.

    To me the finale was amazing on several levels, and disappointing on others – much like what’s already been mentioned. I really can’t add anything else to what’s already been said, so I will simply leave it at that.

    Thanks again for all the hard work all of you here have put in. It was a hell of a ride!

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  17. That was a fantastic review (as usual) and no, it was not too long.

    I will keep my thoughts rather short because you pretty much said it all and said it very well. At the very least I want Moseley brought up on criminal charges. There was no reason to sacrifice her agents like she did. Her son was not in any danger and now that they had a location they had the time to prepare for a relatively safe rescue attempt. Her going off half-cocked like that was so out-of-line it’s not even funny. Firing is too good and easy for that witch (you can substitute another letter if you wish). I know it’s just a show and the drama was necessary but i’m Going to need the drama of her possibly going to prison come September. The character has never ever acted like a leader and I‘d love to know the back story of how she was able to move up the chain of NCIS because she’s never shown any capability other than flouncing in or out a door.

    My other issue is what will happen if, God forbid, Deeks dies. Kensi has been through enough and this would totally break her. There is no way she could continue; with everything else that has happened she would just flat be broken. Not to mention what it would do to the loyal viewers of this series. We have invested nine years in these characters and in the Densi relationship and it would be totally unfair not to give us our “happily ever after.” I don’t know if I could watch it any longer and that would be a shame for me since I have a lot of money invested in downloading all seasons to my electronic equipment not to mention the season DVDs my family gives me for my birthday every year. Injure him, relegate him to the bar for awhile; just keep him alive and at the very least a semi-regular or if he quits the show have Kensi mention their relationship now and then. Of course, I’d rather have him riding shotgun for every episode of the 10th season.

    I apologize for the rambling. Thank you again, Karen, for all the work you have done. I will miss Wiki-Deeks and stay hopeful you all might have a change of heart for season ten.

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  18. Hey guys. Deeks isn’t dying and Eric is staying. I know this because he said in an interview that a wedding will happen eventually they have to go through things first. Also his latest Instagram post he gushed about his he loved his job. I think next Deeks will be injured and this will give Kensi what he has seeing a loved one hurt thus the relationship will strenthen

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    • Hi Mark, I don’t want to be disrespectful or rude, but can I virtually hug you? You are my ray of light in the darkness! I want to totally believe you and until TPTB prove us wrong (let’s cross our fingers they won’t…), I have decided not to stop hoping for a better NCIS:LA tomorrow which includes Eric staying and Densi getting married after reconsidering Kensi’s priorities and after some needed long overdue talk.
      Thanks for cheering me up!

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      • Your welcome. Also during the 200 episode osomething Dani asked Gemmal if they were getting married this year and he said probably not. So there was no wedding this year unless the show was cancelled

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    • Mark,
      I truly hope you are right.
      and he did say that…
      but here is the other side of the coin, and why it has come up so often.

      As far as if ECO is leaving or not…
      You are absolutely correct.
      He has not said anything directly about doing so.
      The rumors and theory come from some observations, behaviors and comments made recently and noticed by some fans.

      There has been a reduced amount of screen time for Deeks this year.
      At times he has appeared tired
      ECO has been taking quite a bit more time off than usual.
      He has commented on his new projects as well as the fact that he wants to get into directing and producing.
      In fact he has already started.
      Outward appearances are that he is focused on his new projects and not is old job.
      His NCIS related postings have dropped off dramatically. Both behind the scenes as well as per airing promoting.
      In fact, after it was announced he never congratulated the show or crew, thanks the fans, or expressed his happiness it was renewed.
      Never said he was glad to continue.
      It seemed odd.
      Once comments about his absences started to circulate, the production calendars we have been seeing for years stopped getting posted. As the requested time off was evident.
      When he did post he posted pics of the wrong episode off by 2 weeks.
      When it was caught by fans right away, he neither acknowledged it, or corrected it…just nothing.
      I am sure this is all explainable, and it is mostly circumstantial…but there is quite a bit of it.
      He has been asked directly and has not commented or given any indication that he plans to return.
      It does give a possibly unfair impression that he has lost interest and is somewhat disconnected from things.
      No proven facts, it is just about how it looks… which isn’t great.

      By contrast, Dani was obviously excited and expressed her thanks and the amazing feelings she had about the show being back for season 10.

      He made the wedding comments well before the show was even renewed, yet we sure didn’t get one this year…
      So, the statement carries very little weight.
      What else would he say???

      This is all just a casual observation from the uninformed fans.
      I have been wrong before…and hope I am now.

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      • Chris O’Donnel, Rene, and LL didn’t say anything about the season 10 renewal either. I follow their twitter and instagrams. Barret didn’t say anything either. Yet no one is freaking out about them leaving. Also he was still in the show just not as much. There was also the bts video of the finale of him asking Chris and LL will they miss us during the break, if he wasn’t coming back would he ask. Also the production schedule could have lead to stalking incidents we don’t know about.

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        • all very true.
          I don’t follow any of them and don’t pay that close of attention.
          Continuing the discussion, I would say that comparing ECO to the others is not the relevant issue.
          Comparing ECOs’ behavior this year to what he has done for the last 8 years is what matters.
          it is not if he does more or less than LL or Chris, it is that he has dramatically reduced his own communication about the show. A change in his behavior.

          That said, I do think he will be back as well.

          I was just listing the things that have come up to make the conspiracy theorists ask questions
          (right or wrong)
          usually wrong.
          it does make for good conversation,

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  19. I watched the episodes again. I compiled a list of the number of times Mosley was a bitch or threw them under a bus or directly threatened them:

    1. Kensi and Deeks find Mosely has beaten the prisoner: Telling them to say minor scrapes in their report and that he was now in their custody, implicating them in the chain of custody.
    2. To Callen: “If you ever have agents following me again I will have you arrested for interfering and impeding a federal investigation.”
    3. Tells Nell and Beale no warrant for phone tap. “Mr. Beale, let me be clear. If you don’t tap the phone you’re fired.”
    4. “Hetty tells me I can trust you. All of you. But apparently that’s not the case.”
    5. About Callen. “I asked him to keep this in confidence and he didn’t. This is about his character.”
    6. Fires Deeks.
    7. Nell and Beale — tells them to send the illegal recordings to FBI.
    8. “Detective! You are taking too long to pack. If I see you in this building again you will be escorted out.”
    9. Has Deeks escorted out. “Confiscate his security badge and escort him to his car. LAPD will be waiting for you outside the parking structure to accompany you home.” Wants to be notified when he’s off site. “I don’t want to hear his name, Agent Blye.”
    10. Hetty to Mosely: “You would send them to their graves if it would get your son back.” Mosley: “You tell me what is my option.” (not deny it)
    11. To Hetty: “I have learned much about the history and the operations of this office since I’ve been here. I know where the bodies are buried and I will call the FBI. That means their careers are over. For some of them, prison time. Don’t you dare stop that plane.”
    12. Agent Hidoko killed (as far as we know)
    13. To Nell and Beale: “I want an update in 20 minutes and it’d better be good.”
    14. “Agent Callen, unless you have real evidence I would appreciate you saving the speculation and focus on finding agent Hidoko and extricating my son. Cut the call.” To Nell and Beale: “And you let me know the minute you find her.”
    15. To Hetty: “Does that mean you’re done thinking?” “I’ve given the team someone who may be able to help them.” “And you waited until now to do that?”

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  20. Thanks for your last review. Very thoughtful.
    Mosley is awful. She only thanked them (Deeks) when she got what she wanted. Deeks should have said, I did it for your son and my team, not you. If I had written the episode I would have made it that the son didn’t want to go with her. Now that would have been a twist.
    I think Deeks should move on from Kensi. He wants a family and she now doesn’t (which is totally not in line with the recent past). Marriages usually don’t survive that. Two friends of mine got a divorce for the kids issue because one changed their mind about the topic. At least he knows before the marriage.
    It’s sad that Deeks is second choice and that he shows more respect and loyalty to others than they show him.
    At least this episode was a good season finale because some past finales have been stinkers.

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  21. After reading most of the above comments, and noting how disappointed some were about Kensi siding with Mosley and wanting to go on the mission instead of following Deeks out the door…I had this thought. Kensi had an incredibly painful experince with her mother, and didn’t speak with her for years, so angry that her mother never fought for her, or came back for her when her dad died. Now as awful as Mosley is, she was a mother fighting for her son at all costs, doing whatever it took to get to her child, and I think Kensi responded to that. I’m not excusing Kensi’s actions, but I can understand the psychological impact her own childhood had on her. She wanted to get that child back to his mother for reasons she may not have realized herself.

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    • Well said Lindy. And I have to add there is not much to be excused that Kensi did. The situation was beyond tensed. Deeks and Mosley had issues from the day one and it is the second time that Mosley fired Deeks. It is like in the story about the village, the boy and the wolf, nobody thought that Mosley would go thru it and Kensi tried to interfere and stop Deeks’ argument with Mosley wanting to protect him in a way. She also wanted Deeks to move from Mosley and to calm down little bit in order to be ready to go with them to Mexico if necessary.
      Also Kensi never said that she doesn’t want kids or that she cannot have kids, but that there is million reasons why somebody cannot have them. As we know neither Deeks nor Kensi had children from previous relationships and they do not know if there was/is a problem or not. Both my husband and myself wanted at least one kid but we could not have it despite all medical help and it was not our choice and we were not aware of the problem before we started “working” on having kid.
      I don’t t think that Kensi chose her job over Deeks. It is more complicated than that. She was aware that he wanted out or at least some kind of timeframe from Kensi and she was not able to give it to him. She does not know anything else but protecting people and that is what she does the best and that is what motivated her to go to Mexico to bring this child to his mother. But she loves Deeks and she wants to marry him and spend her life with him and I guess she just hoped they would come to that question and figure it out. Or she hoped Deeks would finally decide to change his mind and continue to work as her partner.
      Both the time and the place (in the garage) when Deeks pushed her were wrong. Yes, this is the issue that must be addressed seriously, discussed together and decided first one of its own and then together how to continue. Although, as Ed nicely said below the scene in the garage was truly wonderful and by just watching it you felt like you have been punched in the chest afterwards, the same scene was one big misunderstanding where Deeks understood that she didn’t want or could not have kids and Kensi just heard that he was leaving her if she would not leave her job.
      There are few things in life that are black or white, most of them are in all the shades of grey.
      Many questions remained unanswered and that’s hy I think ECO is back and DR is back and they will work it out.

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  22. Thank you for another wonderful review. I hope the season premiere matches this finale and I do hope you will considering reviewing that episode (it’s a continuation of this episode, please??)
    Thank you Karen for providing a different Densi perspective. I felt similarly to sassyzazzi and was just as frustrated that the whole team (especially Kensi) didn’t threatened to quit with him. Deeks has done it for them! I also find myself having an ever increasing appreciation for Hetty. I’ve always known she was vital to the NCIS LA team and that Linda Hunt provides a tremendous level of gravitas in every scene she is in; but Mosely’s presence has highlighted this importance even more. Mosely’s actions in this were completely unreasonable and unforgivable on many occasions, and in almost every instance, they were also counter productive. If she knows as much as she claims to about what this team has done, then she should know that they are her absolute best option for ‘rescuing’ her son, and they work best together. However all of her actions were directed to splitting the team up, and consequently regularly placed her son (not to mention the agents she is supposed to be responsible for) in more danger. Hetty mentioned she’d never lost an agent, to me that says she must have extremely limited leadership experience before now.
    It’s been a long time since we’ve had a season finale with this level of intensity (the end of season 4 & 5 come to mind), but in those episodes it always felt certain that the team would continue on (emotional/physical trauma notwithstanding). But like others, I’m not convinced we will get ECO back full time, so I have no certainty about my favourite detective…
    Anyway… Thank you to the whole WikiDeeks team for all you have provided over the years; the hours invested, the insights and fanfics provided, etc. Your time and energy have been greatly appreciated!!

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  23. Thank you Karen for writing a wonderful final review. I cried more reading it than watching the show. Not that it was bad; it was a great review. All completely valid points especially with the hope that Mosley gets fired. To be honest, I didn’t get to see where he got on the plane and told Kensi about being her partner for at least one last time. (OK so Brooklyn 99 had their finale and I had to watch as Jake and Amy got married. I still have hour 1 saved in my DVR even though I did see the majority of it. I’ve been contemplating watching it but not sure I will now thanks to reading this thorough review).
    I had tears in my eyes when I was listening to the Densi conversation in the garage. (I promise, I don’t normally cry even if I’m making this reply sound like I do). What’s interesting is I was talking to my cousin about the show and she never watches it but I pulled the clip of the scene from You Tube and I had her watch it. She said, “Huh wow I guess I can see his point.” I told her I could too. I would never expect her to give up her job, though. And I think it was wrong he’s expecting her to given it is her whole life…well the majority of it. I know he’s scared though given what happened with Michelle and Sam. Kensi and Deeks have been back and forth so much on the family thing that it did surprise me in the Seventh Child when they switched positions on the topic and now hearing that they’ve returned to their original assessments is frustrating.

    I was beyond mad to see the lengths Mosley was going through to make people get her son back. What’s irritating is the fact that she only told Callen about her son and is mad when he ended up telling the rest of the team but they’re still supposed to go save him without knowing what was really going on. I really hope they fire her. My fanfiction is going to have it. I’ll have to see if I get it done and released though.

    That last scene though…I knew it was coming. I mean it was in the preview. I wasn’t thinking it was from an RPG though. I thought they were hitting a roadside bomb. Should’ve figured. Hopefully everyone turns out OK. I’m not sure if it’s Hidoko that was tortured and burned or not. They’re certainly leading us to believe it is though. She was an OK character between she and Mosley but I still don’t think she really added anything to the show this season. Praying this isn’t the end of Densi. I really had doubts about this wedding thanks to their conversations discussing the details and I hate saying that cause I really wanted to see it. Here’s hoping that their issues can eventually be solved and that they both return. I read on a different board that it’s probably because it’s contract renegotiation time for everyone. Glad there’s a season 10 but hopefully it’s a Mosley free one. Now that she has her son, maybe we’ll get lucky and she’ll resign on her own.
    Now it’s time to go write what I think/hope might happen.

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  24. I might as well make everybody mad one last time…

    The perfect storm

    If you had to make up a season finale when you weren’t sure just who would return, and needed to keep your options open…
    It would look like this.
    They managed to present an exit or allow for a return of almost the entire cast.
    Eric and or Nell could decide to leave because of Mosley ‘s threats to break the law or get fired.
    This could allow for Renee to leave or take some extra time off for Baby leave next season if she chose.
    I don’t think Eric is going anywhere, but the threats would be a good reason to leave if he did.

    she could be dead, and play a part in Mosely’s decision not to stay. And get rid of her character.
    Or, she could be alive and be used to replace one of the main cast that does leave.
    Her fate may depend on the other actors’ decisions, actually.

    could stay and become more human, but that may depend on what Lynda Hunt is doing.
    Or, Mosley could leave to spend time with her kid , get arrested or forced to retire…or Hetty could run her out with threats.

    I do not see how they can coexist or even how the team could accept Mosely as a boss after the threats and lack of support for her team.
    She HAS to leave.

    could go either way.
    Will she stay and work with Mosley, doubtful.
    However, she could resign again due to the stress of almost losing the team,
    Risk and maybe even lose her life getting them back, maybe with some of her old team.
    Or stand her ground and assert her control over OSP. Giving Mosley a choice to retire or go to jail…
    It depends on what Linda wants to do.

    Either Sam or Callen
    could die a hero or come back.
    I think COD is returning.
    If LL wants out , then Sam could take the hit by being unable to keep up while trying to escape due to his injury to his leg.
    Or if he wants some time off, he could get captured while slowing down the pursuit.
    Lots of hero options there for them depending on what they want to do

    I don’t think that Dani wants to leave, so I think Kensi will survive.
    But, imagine the torture Deeks will go through if he survives and she doesn’t…
    Then again, they could both die together, reaching for each other’s hands…
    If she survives, she could have a change of heart, have a reminder from Hetty about knowing when to leave, find out with a blood test during her recovery treatment that she is actually already pregnant.
    I mean, she does get hurt a lot and certain meds do affect birth control, right???
    If she does survive and Deeks dies, she will likely retreat back to her former behaviors…all closed off and strictly job focused.
    It would be tough to watch.

    Now for Deeks…
    Because of recent rumors, hints and behaviors, it appears that ECO is the most likely to leave the show…thus, the most likely to die.
    He could live and he and Kensi stay partners.
    He could make it and leave the team to run the bar.
    They could work this all out and actually get married.
    Kensi could die and we would watch him self-destruct or drift off.
    Deeks could just be injured and allow for ECO to take part of the season off…
    Or, just a reduced time commitment in any event.
    This could be a catalyst for Kensi to change her mind about the job as well.

    Then we could actually get a Densi wedding in the second half of next season…hmmm.

    If ECO wants to leave, they gave the character a hero’s way out. Standing with Kensi to have her back until the end.
    This takes away from the idea that he would leave her. To avoid tarnishing the legacy further after the whole murder thing and all.

    I would like to see Mosley leave and Hetty take back her place in control of the team’s day to day operations.
    Hetty should stay.
    Harley should be gone and have that hang over Mosley’s head giving her turmoil to live with.

    If another character is needed it should be someone like Agent DeChamps.

    Now for Densi…
    How do you find a positive romantic way out of this situation???
    Out of all the possible outcomes, very few are good for the couple.
    Deeks gets hurt and Kensi changes her mind.
    Kensi admits that either she doesn’t think she can have kids, or knows she can’t, or maybe the doctors have advised against it because of possible health issues from her injuries…pressure on her spine or some such thing.
    Maybe she decides to leave it up to chance and to stop trying to not have kids (go off the pill and see what happens) if it happens then its fate, if not, then they keep working together. Deeks may stay on for that.
    Then maybe, she is already off the pill and it is just not happening and just cant bring herself to tell him?
    I hope they make it.

    That said, I have this odd feeling that if ECO had actually said he was done, and this was the end of Deeks, that there would have been another part of the final scene.
    Maybe they actually shot it and didn’t use it?
    I think the final moment would have been Kensi reaching for his hand and saying “I love you, pleased don’t leave me”…or something like that.
    If ECO was gone for good, I think there would have been some closure.


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    • Is Renee definitely pregnant? I thought I saw on her insta that she wasn’t, she ‘just likes food’ (her words, not mine).


      • sassyzazzi // May 23, 2018 at 7:45 AM // Reply

        I thought as you that both she and her significant other ( not sure if they are married but certainly have been together a long time) denied she was pregnant.


        • I have seen they denied, too, and Renee’s sister replied to a rude IG comment asking if she was pregnant “definitely stop asking that.Thank you.” I think either it’s true she’s not, or she would like to keep it for herself a little longer. In the second case she may be on maternity leave once the new season starts, making Nell unavailable for some time. We will see. I think the best thing for now is to respect her privacy on such a delicate matter.


          • sassyzazzi // May 23, 2018 at 8:24 AM // Reply

            I definitely agree with you, we should respect her privacy. It is extremely rude to speculate a woman is pregnant . I really feel badly for the actress that she and her significant other even had to respond to such a question.


            • I have no idea if Renee is pregnant or not.
              and I certainly would never ask.
              ECO got rather upset when fans constantly asked Sarah about it

              I think it was more observations
              She has had reduced field time, then none at all.

              They have changed her wardrobe to longer and bulkier.

              They shoot her from the chest up a lot more and have her standing behind or by something quite a bit.

              Some unusual camera angles recently,

              She appears to have gained some weight.

              The weight gain is perfectly fine, that is not what I am implying….but the fact that they seem to be making an attempt to hide or disguise it is interesting.

              I mean, both Callen and Sam have much rounder faces than earlier in the show, right?

              and I am not the same aerodynamic shape I was earlier i life.
              I have a much higher wind resistance than I used to…

              And several people have said that she appears to have Pregnancy face ( whatever that is)..I get it…

              I think the thought it that If it was just normal weight changes, there would not be the attempt to cover it up quite so much

              This seems to be the same way they handled Dani’s pregnancies in the past…

              And public figures often wait until they are sure things are going well. ..past the first trimester to make an announcement.

              So, that is why the thoughts.

              A touchy subject. I get it.

              I do not think anyone is being critical, just curious.
              people nitice a change and automatically want to know why.




  25. The parking garage scene was heartbreaking, but what the heck???

    They have been talking about all the wedding details but not about the important stuff?
    Especially after the Silo, I expected a conversation or just some sort of progress.
    This just doesn’t make sense at all.
    The quitting the job thing I get,
    But, the having kids issue has had another flip-flop.
    I recall getting married and having kids being on Kensi’s bucket list.
    Kensi seeming disappointed in the 7th Child about Deeks seeming to not want them when he found her magazine.
    He backed away and suggested she be a big sister or something. Instead.
    She was talking about kids the entire episode, including the support she would want during birth and how she would have them.
    Deeks said he wasn’t sure he wanted to bring a kid into this world.
    Kensi was visibly hurt when Deeks said he wasn’t sure he wanted to have kids…just before he pre-proposed.
    She obviously wanted to have children.
    …so, now the flip flop again.
    It is getting old, really.
    It just provides another reason to justify Deeks leaving if ECO choses to do so.
    …but it was hard to watch.
    The issue is, that you don’t want to portray Deeks as a quitter, so you set this all up…
    But if he is gone, then he is gone… and Kensi remains, so you need to have her be somewhat of a sympathetic and likeable person and not have the fans blame her for Deeks leaving.
    As a show, you can’t lose Deeks, and have Kensi be hated as well.
    Talk about a fan exodus.

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  26. As hard as the parking garage scene was to watch, it was beautiful.
    The chemistry, and emotion between Kensi and Deeks is just fantastic.
    The looks, the words, the voices breaking, the gestures and body language… the facial expressions, …and those eyes.
    Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen are simply perfect.
    They are two of the best.
    When you can watch 2 made up characters on television have a 3-minute discussion and feel like you have been punched in the chest afterwards….
    You know they are something special.
    I truly hope that isn’t the last time we get to witness their greatness together.
    They really are the best couple on TV

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  27. At some level, it does bother me that Deeks has refused to become an agent for 8 years because being a cop is not just what he does, but who he is…
    Then is applying all this pressure to Kensi.
    I understand his fears and dream, but it just isn’t fair.


  28. When he got on the plane, why couldn’t he just say “I’m here…and I love you, but when this is over, we ARE going to talk, I mean really talk”

    Instead of the stupid comment he made.
    …good way to diffuse the situation so they could focus on the mission…not.

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    • I had the same feeling. I thought that Kensi was about to even apologize for what she said in the garage but he cut her off rather coldly saying that they were still partners at least that last time. You saw on her face that he hurt her. But you also saw that he was hurting too.
      Kensi tried to get him talking about the plans again in Mexico but he answered again rather annoyingly and that is why I find her refusal to go with Mosley and her son answering him “WE STAY TOGETHER” very important for the future. I also do not think that R. Scott Gemmill would leave us without any hope for Densi.

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      • I get the fact that he is hurt and upset.
        but you can either make it better, or make it worse.
        and at times, he is his own worst enemy.

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  29. It is one thing to be emotional,
    It is another to say stupid stuff,
    And, he pushed every button he could reach in his conversation.

    That’s it, I’ll just knock you up…how romantic.
    Gets the girl every time.
    Much better than reminding her that kids were on her bucket list and what a fantastic mom she would be. That she is great at her job protecting other people and their families, but also deserves to have her own family someday as well.

    Could have probably phrased that one better dude

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  30. High stress, no time , emotions on edge, everybody already in fight mode from all the aggression and arguments.
    …so let’s talk??? Really?
    Martin Deeks…Winner of the good timing award.
    Step right up and collect you prize, an epic bucket of fail.
    As a lawyer and an interrogator, he should know how emotion can affect rational thought and conversation.
    For such a smart guy, that wasn’t really a smart decision.

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    • Funny how I think about Densi when I should be focused on my job ( I have a ton of it to complete today!). So thinking of them again I remembered the podcast talk between Matthew del Negro and ECO called “Choose Hope over Fear” and how ECO always chooses hope over fear when making life decisions. Sadly Deeks’ judgment in that moment is so much overcasted with fear that he is not able to rationally think about the whole situation.

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  31. Fantastic review Karen.
    I cannot express how much I appreciate all you have done for us.
    I will miss all of this beyond words.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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  32. not that I am impatient or anything…
    but I just checked, and nothing yet…sigh.
    what would be an acceptable time to wait before whining?
    I am hoping and (not so) patiently waiting for all you wonderful writers of fanfiction to fix this Densi mess we are in.
    I am sure there will be some wonderful stories to help me make it through the summer.
    thank you all in advance.
    I just cant wait.

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    • Hi Ed
      I don’t think that R.Scott Reset really cares about the Densi fans want or that that they even exist. He had these episodes in the can way before he knew there would be a season 10. So if the show got canceled we’d be left with a broken Densi and a Schrodinger’s cat dilemma on who’s dead or alive. What a Dick Move by RSR!

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      • I think he cares a lot. Most networks will tell the producers, especially on a long running show to wrap up the series of there is a chance of cancellation. This wasn’t the case here. The ratings were consistent through our the season. He probably knew in advance the show was coming back and that the cast would be back. Also the fan community has been very vocal about their hate for Mosley, this way they can right them off and have Deeks and Kensi worked through their problems and the wedding will be sweeter. Also Densi is a huge part of the show and their wedding will be advertised to the extreme

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        • Thanks, once again, Mark, for being so positive! Both your messages have really helped me to see things in perspective, relax, enjoy my summer and patiently wait for Season 10 (I hope a great one, at least more satisfying than 9).

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        • Mark,
          I think there is a chance that he had more confidence it the show returning than he may of had in all the actors.
          the show being back for season 10 doesn’t mean that ECO and Linda are…
          that may have been the question.
          then again, we have no idea just how many endings they may have shot.
          there may very well actually be 2 or 3 different final scenes that were shot to allow them some options based on how contract talks go and who will return.
          they used the one that fit best with the real life outcome
          just my thought,

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  33. I`ll write a comment later, but for now, I just realy need to say, if Deeks is not on the show for the next season, I`m gone. I`ve seen the ep just once and that`s enough for me. I`m not able to wath it again.


  34. Brenda (@bpnp) // May 23, 2018 at 9:52 AM // Reply

    I waited to write because my initial perspective on the ep was undoubtedly colored by some upstarts from Vegas knocking my team out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. But slow clap where it well-earned. Karen, you master of words and expert analyst of all things NCIS:LA, have persuaded me that there were some redeeming qualities to the season finale. Good work! I’m going to be slightly less ranty than I was on Sunday 😉

    I despised every single scene with Mosley and I heartily applaud your detailed description of everything that is wrong with that character! It takes a considerable amount of talent to write and portray a mother (who is a law enforcement officer) searching for her child (who was kidnapped by her criminal ex-husband) as unsympathetically as was done in this episode. You’d think the subject matter would be a “gimme” for sympathy/empathy (and I am about as bleeding heart as they come) and I could not find a morsel of either for her. I hope she’s gone for good.

    I’m also glad you’ve come around to enjoying Hetty again! I loved her in this episode. That annoying smirk, her nonstop passive-aggressive behavior, getting in Mosley’s face constantly! Go Hetty!!

    Your analysis of the Densi scenes is also very insightful and appreciated.

    That being said, of all the NCIS shows, this was the season finale I liked the least. The mothership NCIS finale tonight was so much better in terms of character development, backstory reveal, the past coming back to haunt people, a truly evil villain – all of it so subtly written that the final scene was surprising, suspenseful and set the stage for a really great fall episode. NCIS:NOLA ended with the main character shot, which I’ve tired of, but the rest of it was really good.

    With apologies in advance to all those who loved the episode, my major beefs with the NCIS:LA finale were:
    1) The cliffhanger stacked upon cliffhanger. Is Hidoko dead? Will Densi break up? Is Deeks fired for good? How many loose ends needing resolution in Season 10, Ep 1 are really necessary? At some point it’s just like Tammy Faye Baker make-up – overdone.
    2) The extent to which we are expected to suspend disbelief in order to have any real suspense after that final scene. In reality, no one survives a close range direct hit from an RPG. Period. A car rolling like that = major trauma. Period. And yet their faces are only slightly smudged, barely scratched and totally recognizable. Add flames, smoke inhalation and carbon monoxide and they’re dead three times over. But I’m supposed to be in suspense regarding whether they live or die? Only extreme dramatic license and a series renewal for next season allows any of them to survive with all limbs, organs and cognitive function intact. I get that it’s a drama and they’re going for suspense, but I like it to be somewhat believable. Like just a kernel of plausibility. NCIS (the mothership) knocked it out of the park in this regard. My response to the final scene was an eye roll and a sigh. However, I am nothing if not loyal – I cheer for a team that has never won a Stanley Cup, don’t I? 🙂 So I will be back in the fall watching the season premiere – and really missing the awesome episode reviews on this site!!

    Thank you to all involved for this amazing forum, for the opportunity to contribute as a writer, and to all the commenters for the insights that always make it so much more fun and interesting to watch the show!!

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    • It was so much fun writing summer hiatus stories with you, Brenda. I will miss working with you. You always brought a unique perspective to your chapters. Wishing you all the best and hoping your hockey team triumphs next year.

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  35. I want Shane Brennan to come back and write and direct the finale season what ever season it is going to be !

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  36. About the finale scene, I could of wanted to see something else happen, BUT RPG it is. Reality is they all would be dead, ambush would be from all 4 angles and the cartels usually go and kill. Would of been good if it ended on a note of Deeks making a final mark or leaving a note to Kensi , something, driving out of city. Ending credits. I love how Military directed plane takeoff scene or any scene with them. There is credit due.

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  37. Other shows like NCIS came up with suprising death of Mike Franks, I loved this guy. He died in the middle of the episode. or how in CSI Miami Speedle dies was pretty suspensful and real, in the premiere but also pretty dumb , he was one of the main characters but he didnt find he had a future because he didn’t see it what got written.


  38. NCISLA bucket list : at least when they don’t kill any of them just to be sure to fool us with a lucid dream scene of every characters aspect of their dead body autopsy. I know it works very well . I also love when this could lead back to flashbacks to earlier times.


  39. Terrific review, Karen. You and wikiDeeks will certainly be missed! I absolutely loved your connection between Deeks’ response to torturing the cleric and Mosley’s response to beating her prisoner. Their true characters were certainly revealed, weren’t they? I really appreciate your take on the Densi scene/argument.

    There was something about Kensi’s response during their argument that didn’t sit well with/confused me, and it took me a while to figure out what it was. I was conflicted because I couldn’t really understand what they were arguing about. I mean, they’d both previously said they wanted kids, and they’d both said they wouldn’t ever ask the other to leave their job. A couple of things occurred to me, thanks in part to this review and several comments. First (and this is an obvious one that I realized off the bat), emotions were running extremely high. Deeks had just been fired (again), threatening not only what brought Densi together, but what Kensi said is something she loves about them (that they work together). Second, Kensi was clearly not expecting Deeks to propose (heh) that they leave their jobs as soon as they get Derek back from Mexico. She’s been consistent in her reluctance to leave NCIS and now Deeks is bringing it up again, at a time when he’s most likely to move on it, having just been fired from his liaison position. (I’m curious to know what Kensi had intended to say to Deeks when she followed him out to the garage—because I really don’t think it was to continue that discussion.) And finally, when she once again tells Deeks she’s not ready to leave, he does something I’m willing to bet he’s never done before: he asks her to put a date certain on when she will be ready to leave. A year? Two? Five? And despite the fact that Kensi has to know he’s right that the longer they stay on the job the better the chance of one of them not making it out alive, she can’t do it.

    I really think this has less to do with having kids (and I do think she was grasping at straws there—not saying she doesn’t want them, but asking what happens if they don’t manage to get pregnant) or supporting each other, and everything to do with the notion that Kensi Blye really has no freaking idea who she is if she’s not an NCIS agent. She said it in the beginning of S8: if she wasn’t with NCIS, she’d be with some other agency that protects people because that is what she knows from having grown up the proud daughter of a Marine. She chose NCIS because her father was murdered and no one believed it, so she decided that was how to find the truth. Which she did. And she said it again as she was walking away from Deeks in the parking garage—this is what she does. She doesn’t know anything else and she can’t identify herself as anything else.

    I think Deeks doesn’t know/understand exactly how entrenched Kensi’s identity is in being an NCIS agent and that Kensi doesn’t know/understand exactly how terrified Deeks is of losing her and the future they’ve planned. They’ve both said as much to the other in recent years, but I think neither one really understands how deeply the other feels. Or they do for a short while (like during the rooftop secen in The Silo), but then things go back to normal and assumptions are made that it was just a blip or an emotional reaction based on an extreme situation at the time. Those feelings came to a head and clashed during their argument in the garage, though, and it’s going to force them to really talk and reexamine their priorities. I agree they should “postpone” the wedding, or at least put a pause on “planning” it (c’mon, are we really supposed to believe they have a date—they don’t even have a location yet) until they settle this. But I believe that they will have that talk (and I really hope we get to see it), with Kensi probably feeling a little differently now that the shoe’s been on the other foot in terms of nearly having your partner die (I’ve got some fic plans for that, btw). I believe they will come to an agreement, with no one compromising themselves, and will probably decide to give NCIS and LAPD another year while they work on the bar and figure out how else Kensi can protect people without risking her life every other day (another fic idea brewing there).

    In the end, I was very happy with this finale. I loved that Mosley went ape-sh!t crazy and in real life that would certainly cost her her job, but I’m resigned to the probability that she’ll be back. I think TPTB really really wanted us to believe Hidoko is dead, which is why I’m reluctant to believe it. I loved the tension between both pairs of partners–look at how well your managment style works, EAD Mosley–because it’s something we don’t see often and because it really was very true to all the characters. I found it interesting that Callen was willing to keep Mosley’s secret from Deeks and Kensi (notice that Sam already knew) but it was Sam that thought they should know. And I absolutley loved that it was Deeks’ idea that ultimately led to them recovering Derek. I really hope (and I may have to write this myself) that Kensi does what we would have loved to have seen earlier (but realistically and dramatically that just couldn’t have happened) and lets Mosely know exactly how her childish attempts to keep Deeks out of the mission would have resulted in a much worse outcome for her son since it was his idea that got them access to the compound and Derek.

    Once again, Karen, thanks so much for all of your hard work and insights. I hope you are inspired to at least review the premiere!

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    • That is what I see happening. One thing that Kensi doesn’t have over Deeks is that she has never had to face the possibilty of him dieing. The closest was IA and he was going to Gen pop, not life endangered.

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      • Exactly, Mark. Deeks has had to genuinely fear for Kensi’s life three times in the course of about year (Syria, Sullivan/Ferris, and The Silo). It’s got to be harder to fear for the life of the one you love than for yourself, so I’d say Kensi had it easier (for lack of a better word) in all those experiences. And each of those events has taken its toll on Deeks in a way that Kensi really hasn’t realized, I think. The closest she came was during the rooftop convo at the end of The Silo, and they (as far as we know) were fine the next week, so Kensi probably believed Deeks “got over it.”

        So I hope Kensi has to struggle to get Deeks out of that SUV (a la Belly of the Beast) and worry that he might not survive while he’s in surgery (that would be a lovely time for a convo with Mosley, IMO). I think that will help make her decision about leaving NCIS (one day) easier.

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    • Psyched, where do you post your fanfiction


      • Mark, I post under the same name at Thanks for asking, but don’t expect any fics on these episodes for a while! Work’s too busy to have any spare time to write just now. But I’ve been jotting down notes when I can.

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    • I was so frustrated with the Densi discussion, that i went back to re-watch the previous discussions.
      if you watch the 7th child, and this…you just shake you head at the lack of consistency and flip flopping.

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  40. Karen, thank you for the wonderful review. I will miss them next season. You have great insight into all the characters. I agree with many of the comments. I loved the intensity and pace. I grew that none would survive the car being blown up. All the actors did a great job. I agree with many of the comments about Deeks and Kensi’s communication problem. When Deeks becomes that emotional he does not listen. Both have hurt each other. I do think Kensi needs to feel his fear of losing her and he is in a way stuck. He is not an agent so no job security. Both do not want to change their identity.

    I will miss reading all the comments and reviews. You are all passionate, creative fans.

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    • Jan,
      I would like to disagree.with you comment about job security.
      he has by far the most job security of anyone on the entire team.
      he is just on loan.
      he doesn’t actually work for NCIS.
      Mosley cant fore him…just send him back like last time.
      Mosley can cancel the position or ask for another person to fill the spot, but that is about it.
      not to mention they have one of the strongest unions in the country. he wouldnt miss one hour of pay. period.
      he might be working in a bad part of town, but come Monday, he still has a job.
      the rest of the team wouldn’t.
      they were risking everything if they quit.
      I mentioned this in another comment, but I wanted to chime in.


  41. this is what I think happens in the premier.
    The action picks up right after the explosion, Kensi, Sam, and Callen start to stir. Everyone asks if they are ok, All answer in the affirmative except Deeks, who is not responding. kensi starts to freak out. Keep in mind that the evac team was told they were coming in hot, so I think Turk will show up, get the out and drive them to the evac spot, They get in and get away just in time with Deeks being medivacked to the hospital. we cut to the team finding out that they are alive but Deeks is not sure. They rush to the hospital and its touch and go but Deeks pulls through, but he is unconscious. I don’t know what injury he could have but something serious enough to cause concern. Kensi never leaves his side and has dialoge with other characters that she knows what Deeks is finally talking about. The second half of the episode is the team trying to get themselves out of the illegal situation, (Spoiler)

    Since Vance is kidnapped on NCIS season finale, Sec Nav comes to LA to figure out what is going on. Hetty unloads everything on her as well as Nell, Eric, Kensi, Sam and Callen about Mosley. Keep in mind that Sec Nav was already investigating Mosley for Vietnam. The second last scene of the premire is Mosley with her son, smirking as they return home, thinking as she accomplished her mission, broke up the team and got her sun back. Suddenly FBI cars pull up and Sec Nav and Hetty step out, arrest her for her crimes and fire her, Also her son is taking away. The show ends with Deeks in his hospital bed his whole family surrounding him and he wakes up and Kensi starts saying I love you, im sorry, the whole thing, and Deeks, just looks at her and signs I love you and we will be ok. Sec Nav comes in and says that LAPD dosent’ want to have a liason but they do have room for an agent, and Deeks takes it.

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    • perfect.
      now you just have stretch this out to about 10,000 words in a 4 chapter story and post it on fanfiction.
      thank you in advance…

      and by the way, the framework of this is pretty close to what I think could happen as well

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    • Mark,
      I agree with what you wrote above.
      It is likely, plausible
      And would make me happy.
      Everybody in the vehicle lives.
      Deeks is hurt seriously.
      Mosley leaves.
      Hetty takes back her place in charge of things at OSP.
      …and she lets the team help her tear down the ridiculous glass office.
      Maybe mailing a scrap or two of the debris to Mosley.
      Harley with the misplaced loyalty, who supported Mosley blindly, pays the price and is collateral damage from Mosley’s out of control behavior.
      That gets rid of them both.
      Good riddance.
      I don’t see any other reason to have DeChamps reappear as a recurring character so close to the end of the season unless she might be used to fill in during Deeks recovery.
      Kensi can’t just change her mind and quit for Deeks, or that would pull them both off the show.
      But a compromise would work nicely.
      I expect for them to agree to an actual timeline, or to let nature take it course. If it happens, when it happens, they would leave together.
      Maybe they still get married and agree to stop taking the pill at next Christmas and see what happens.
      They would remain partners until then.
      Together Forever…

      A hard timeline puts an end date to them as field agents, and thus paints the show into a corner limiting options on how to play them in the future if the show continues on for a while.


  42. Harley said she was loyal to Mosley over the team and would go down with her if necessary.
    She already picked her side, let her go down with her.

    Bye Bye to both of you…

    If the team happens to need another agent, then Marsha Thomason as Agent DeChamps would fit the bill nicely.

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    • sassyzazzi // May 23, 2018 at 7:57 PM // Reply

      Totally agree! Additionally since Mosley has demonstrated she is not ethical, being loyal to an unethical person, calls Harley’s character into question.

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  43. I have been waiting for someone to bring this up buy I guess I will…
    something to ponder…
    Why would anyone expect the other team members to actually quit for Deeks.
    He was confrontational and keep pushing things.
    He was right, but sometimes restraint is the better part of valor.

    You can’t help anyone when you are not allowed in the building.

    As someone who tends to speak their mind, It has been my experience that challenging your boss in public, or with a crowd is never a good idea.
    If you get them in private, you may be able you question them openly.
    But not in a group…
    It almost never works.

    Right or wrong, if you back them into a corner in front of witnesses, they will stand their ground and remind everyone who is in charge.
    You will never win
    Angry, emotional and challenging their decisions and authority is a recipe for disaster
    At least that has been my experience.

    Don’t lose sight of the fact that Deeks is not really one of their teammates.
    For 8 years, he has refused to become an agent…to actually become one of them.
    So why would they get fired for him?
    Notice I said for him, and not along with him, hmmm

    Oh yeah, news flash…
    Mosley cant actually fire Deeks.
    She can either terminate the liaison position or request a replacement.
    Either way, tomorrow morning he can show up at LAPD with his job, a career, and his pension still intact.
    …she can certainly send him back, but she can’t fire him.
    He is employed by LAPD, not Mosley or NCIS.
    Since the rest of the team are actually real NCIS agents, if they quit they are out of a job for real.
    First she said fired, then to go home to cool off? Maybe an overreaction.
    LAPD would have to fire Deeks, not Mosley, and the Police officer’s union would never let that happen anyway.
    So, why would the team follow him over a cliff because he is emotionally compromised at the moment?
    They would be risking their entire career and all he is risking is what building he shows up at tomorrow morning to go to work again.

    Not even close to fair.

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  44. Since I have been a grumbling mood…
    In the garage, Deeks was desperately trying to get Kensi to calm down and listen to what he was trying to say
    His comments about not getting married taped in to fears of abandonment and she became irrational, emotional and angry.
    He wanted to tell her that he was not leaving her, but she wasn’t listening at the time.

    So, on the plane she has calmed down a bit and is no longer yelling at him.
    She has a tenuous control over her emotions and wants to reconnect.
    She makes an attempt to initiate a conversation and engage him.
    We don’t know what she planned to say. Was it that she loved him, wanted to get married, couldn’t have kids after her injuries???
    We will never know…why? Because he wouldn’t let her speak.
    For a guy that was so desperate to talk to her a few minutes ago, why would he just shut her down like that?
    And, having his wording actually reconfirm her suspicions was horrible.
    …one last time…
    She thinks he is leaving her.
    He said that’s not what he was saying…
    If that wasn’t what he actually meant in the garage…this would have been a really good time to clear it all up don’t you think?
    You have a 5 hour flight.
    Air it out, move to the other end of the plane, hell, go into the bathroom and talk it out.
    …but he just shut her down, and we got nothing.
    Just so very sad.

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    • hoopsdiva // May 25, 2018 at 3:05 PM // Reply

      Ed, you sound like this is all about Kensi’s feelings and Deeks’ don’t matter at all. I’m so sick of the world revolving around Kensi. He has emotional needs as well, not the least of which is to prove that he can be a better dad than his own father. But yeah, let’s insist that he be the one to pick his words ever so carefully despite the fact that he just got fired for having some intent. Mustn’t hurt Princess’s little feelings.

      This will probably get me a ton of negative feedback, but I’m sick of Kensi always being portrayed as flawless and Deeks always in the wrong. I hope he dumps her in season 10.

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      • I don’t know why you would get bad feedback for expressing your thoughts.
        you have always been very consistent in expressing how you feel about their relationship and Kensi herself.

        I will stay away from emotions and who hurt who’s feelings.

        since this is pure speculation, I just think that the show wouldn’t break them up and leave them on the same team.
        Dani seems pretty secure in her desire to remain on the show.
        With Deeks being LAPD and ECO working on some new projects…
        if they break up it will probably be the end of Marty Deeks on the show, unless he is a bartender or something.
        if he gets his way and they leave NCIS in a year to have kids…then they are both off the show by the end of next year.
        So, If you want to see ECO and Marty around for a while…then he needs to give in.
        so…he will have to bend, Right?

        the constant comments about him being fired are just not realistic.
        as I have said previously, Mosley can’t fire Deeks.
        he is LAPD.
        all she can do is send him back….

        And, DEEKS as a union member and a lawyer knows that…
        So, his discussion was manipulative to s point. trying to get her to quit with him.

        Mosely can call it whatever she wants…
        or vanquished….
        it doesn’t matter


        he was perfectly safe and he knew it.

        and If I was to comment about how they are portrayed….

        I do not think Kensi is perfect…not by a long shot.
        but, she isn’t a murderer and torturer either.
        …like Deeks, for example.
        let’s all care about how the lying felon feels…
        just sayin’


        see, now it is my turn for the hate mail…
        I will take some of the pressure of ya.

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      • I am s Densi fan at heart, but I am also surprised that they haven’t broken up.
        would I be surprised if they broke up in season 10?
        I mean what woman, any woman…would want to be with a Murderer that lied to her face.
        And then subjected her to what amounted to emotional blackmail.

        what woman wants to be with a guy like that??/
        no matter how funny he is or how floppy his hair happens to be.
        There is darkness and violence behind that smile. it is a mask…not the truth.

        please refer all negative comments to my agent.

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        • hoopsdiva // May 26, 2018 at 5:52 AM // Reply

          Ed, have you ever been in the position of having to physically intervene in an altercation to save someone’s life? I have. I did not kill the abuser, and 2 years later he killed the person I was defending. Since that person was a relative of mine, I was called on to identify the body. If I had killed the abuser, she would still be alive.

          But I guess in your book I’m not a murderer so it must be okay. Since this site will surely block what I’d like to say to you, let me just say that only when you’ve lived it will you have the right to criticize those who already have.


          • Wow.
            I am so sorry for your loss.

            Just to answer your first question, I would respond, unfortunately yes.
            As a family full of law enforcement and military (mostly Marines) will make that inevitable. The law often fails us. Right and legal don’t always mean the same thing. It is the worst part of it.
            Domestic disputes are horrible. Having to walk away, get talked out of it by the victim themselves taking some of the blame, have someone refuse to give an accurate statement or press charges, two dozen neighbors with cell phones videoing the whole thing that didn’t see shit… when in your heart you feel it will happen again makes you physically nauseous.
            it is stunning how many people will protect a criminal rather than help the cops.
            Enforcing the law and ensuring justice are very different. And it sucks.
            I come here to do this because it is an escape from reality.
            it is pure fiction. it is supposed to be fun.
            I am sorry you do not think you can speak without being blocked.
            I would certainly never lash out at you or dimish what you have been through.
            I am sorry what I said triggered such a visceral reaction for you.
            I am sorry you are projecting personal experiences into a fictional character and I am the cause of it. It is a human reaction.
            After my father died, for some time, I was unable to watch movies that had those similar elements in the story. If it was too close to my personal life experience, it triggered emotions.
            I am also do not watch much of CSI due to the graphic and autopsy scenes. It is hard to just fast forward past them. So, I stopped.
            It is a good show, but I just do not enjoy the content while watching TV.
            I choose not to get into details here.

            I have loved posting here and enjoyed the conversations.
            That said, it is obvious that this is very real for you and I have triggered something.
            So, although I hate to end on an unfortunate note, I will stop posting.
            Again, I am very sorry for your loss.
            Best wishes and take care,

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  45. I fear that if we do get a wedding it will be at the end of next year.
    Assuming ECO stays, the writers will never miss an opportunity to drag out some drama between Kensi and Deeks.
    It is the easiest thing they can come up with.

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    • i think we will have a wedding next year. I think it will be a sweeps episode probably February sweeps. That way they can tease and promote the hell out of it or it could be a Christmas episode


      • I would vote for that.
        if we got them back together before mid season it would be nice.
        not sure i would be happy with a season finale wedding too much.
        I would like to see them actually happy together again for a while during the season


      • sounds like more great ideas for Fanfic stories…
        hint hint.

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      • YES! Christmas wedding! Anniversary of their ‘thing’ becoming official!


    • I am really worried about them dragging out the drama for way too long. Maybe the main reason why this drama feels so long already is that during seasons 8 and 9 we haven’t had that many happy Densi-moments where there haven’t been any angst, it kind of feels like it has constant drama for them. (We have had happy moments like that great proposal but even many of those happy moments have been in the middle of some Densi/team-related drama). A couple more happy Densi-scenes without angst would had been great and made a huge difference.
      I am hope that the producers and writers will prove me wrong and things progress more quickly in s10 and they have a great (happy) conclusion thought out, both for Densi-drama and for Deeks staying with the team.

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  46. Ok I’ve looked at Eric’s twitter, he is very apt at pushing the show on twitter. In near every post, he states he loves his job. I think that it is a just a job, right he is on break with his family, he probably doesn’t read all his messages and he wants to be a family man right now. Also if he doesn’t say he’s coming back, the people won’t tune in, makes his viewers and fans tune into the show

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    • I would buy that,
      I seem to recall that the fan questions frenzy came from IG anyway. earlier this year.
      I do look occasionally, but I don’t follow any of them, so i would not be a good gauge to go buy.


  47. WHAT’S IN THE BOX…???

    couldn’t resist.

    any last guesses?


    • A big ole box of hugs and kisses maybe, ha, ha!! We don’t get near enough of that. We got zip in Season 9 unless you count the Silo. One of my favorites was the domestic breakfast scene in Season 7.


      • I have been re-watching season 7…and the comparison makes this season look even worse than it did before.


  48. Karen – Standing O! I’ve anxiously been awaiting your post. And as your own grand finale you (& this episode) have every right to “run long”! You both deserve the time & attention.

    In seeing who was writing & directing these, I was excited! Then I thought, “Oh no, Military! What is he going to do to them this time?!” Like others said, where has THIS pair of episodes been all season! THIS is the quality you get from people who have “institutional memory”, who have been there from the start and can pull from the mountain of backstory. What an epic reminder of what this show has been and still can be.

    As I wrote the rest of my comments here I realized they were too long to appropriately fit here. I felt myself wanting to write – & write more – for the first time in a very long time. This finale & your thought-provoking review brought back my joy for writing about these characters & this show. So for the first time in 4.5 seasons I put up a “DensiLand Analysis”, fitting since that started it all for me. Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  49. Karen, I completely forgot to mention yesterday that I too am a sucker for Deeks switching between his automatic weapon and his sidearm. Every time he does it, I’m reminded of ECO saying how many tries it took him in The Frozen Lake. I’m guessing he’s much improved by now!

    Liked by 1 person

  50. I watched the finale again last night. I still don’t have anything to add to what’s already been said other than an observation I made right at the end before “to be continued” flashes on the screen. I’m sure it was just her body’s position after tumbling in the SUV and hanging from her seat belt, but it looks as if Kensi is reaching for Deeks, even in unconsciousness. Anyone else catch that?

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