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Drabble of the Week: Quite the Story

April 13, 2017


“Deeks!” His name left her bright red lips on the wave of the hiss, scold paired with the thunk of her body hitting the dance floor, head mercifully spared thanks to his grip around her shoulders.

“Oh God,” his own grunt fell out, both knees dropping to the wooden floor and one hand wrapping around her upper arm, the other reaching back to caress that treacherous leg, the only part of him, it seemed, that wasn’t desperate to impress his gracious ladybird.

“Baby, I’m sorry, I swear-“

“Never again,” she cut in quickly, one finger raised and eyes clamped shut, a cross between amusement and irritation and maybe just a tiny part of pain covering her features. “You don’t- we don’t dance again.”

Squeezing shut his own eyes and forgoing the tight pain still lancing through his leg, Deeks smirked, easing downward and lowering himself to the floor, laying shoulder to shoulder beside her despite the few CSU technicians and cops still scattered through the club.

Never? I thought I was pretty convincing tonight, wooing you-”

“Don’t start,” nudging her toe against his leg in a light kick, she shook, rather rolled, her head softly, grimacing. “You have terrible timing.”

Pushing out a huff of a laugh, he rocked his shoulder against hers, just for a moment taking in the familiarity of the situation, the comfort he felt beside her, how easily she relaxed into his arms when he held her, however briefly, and God, how content he’d be with a lifetime of moments just like this.

“I’m just saying, Kensalina. A wedding without a bride and groom’s dance might be a little awkward.”

“Please,” she murmured, eye roll heavy in her tone. “We can save you dropping me again for when you carry me over the threshold.”


“And speaking of,” lifting one arm, she groaned, pushing herself up onto her side, hair cascading over her shoulder. “’Will you?’ Really?”

“What?” A smile as innocent and pure as an angel took over his features, too bad she knew better. “You thought I would? In front of Sam and Callen?”

“Your mind forever remains a mystery, Deeks.”

“Obviously keeps you on your toes,” he cocked his head, whisper paired with a hand curling around the back of her head to pull her in, lips meeting briefly, just enough for a slight blush to capture her skin.

“Don’t worry, if the prologue surprised you, the novel won’t bore you.”

“And the epilogue?”

“Will have a damn dance.”

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3 Comments on Drabble of the Week: Quite the Story

  1. I loved this! They sound so real, like this is exactly the discussion they would have had after the show ended. Delightful banter, and sweet and romantic.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Haha, I loved it! I too imagined Kensi thinking for a split second that he was going to use the ‘Will You?’ to propose. Very cute!


  3. LOL!! ❤ I loved the ending to that episode!


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