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NCISLA Post Ep Fan Fic: Here Comes Santa Claus

NCISLA Cancel Christmas DensiHere Comes Santa Claus

A Christmas story by Sweet Lu

Kensi’s eyes kept straying to the kitchen where Deeks’ mother once again was hovering next to Michelle, anxious to have a hand in the preparation of Christmas dinner whether the tough CIA agent wanted her to or not. Deeks had been nervous all afternoon, apologizing in whispers to Michelle more than once whenever his mother went a little over the top on how she would do a certain side dish. Michelle had patted him on the cheek the last time and called to Sam to come get his annoying teammate, causing a quick retort from Mrs. Deeks, whose blue eyes flashed with the same look of irritation Kensi had often seen from her son. Michelle had simply stared her down as only she could, until her mother put an arm around the woman and asked for her help with the pies she was preparing. Michelle’s mother had taken to Mrs. Deeks for some reason and had been quick to tell embarrassing stories about Sam and Michelle’s early Christmas dinners. Kensi had been surprised at how quickly her own mother had agreed to spend Christmas Day at the Hanna house, telling her she was looking forward to getting to know Marty’s mother, although she wondered if she might not be having second thoughts right about now. Deeks had warned her his mother was a bit high-strung.


“You worry too much,” Sam said as he came up and handed her a glass of fortified eggnog. “Michelle’s a highly trained operative. If she can handle a Russian arms dealer, she can handle Deeks’ mother.”


“Right,” she replied quietly. “I really have no experience whatsoever juggling moms during the holidays,”


“You’ll learn,” he laughed. “Deeks on the other hand looks like he’s working on an ulcer.”


“He just wants you all to like her,” she responded. “This is a first for him too.”


Sam laughed loudly as he guided her back into the living room. “I’ll give him a few tips after dinner.”


“Tips about what?” Callen asked. “How to be this year’s Christmas Grinch?”


“I am not a grinch, G. That would be Granger,” Sam defended himself.


“You threw one of Rudolph’s antlers in the street,” Callen laughed. “He wouldn’t even let me decorate the Charger, Kens.”


“You’re lucky I even let you ride in my car,” Sam huffed. “Even Deeks shows more respect than you.”


“Where is he anyway?” Callen asked, scanning the room.


“He said he and the Wonder Twins were working on a surprise,” Sam reported as he sat down on the couch next to his two kids who were engaged in a heated game on their phones.


A bugle blast from Eric deafened all conversation and Michelle and the two moms popped out of the kitchen just as he finished with a very satisfied grin. He was dressed as a toy soldier, his cheeks painted with circles of rosy red, and he bowed low as he introduced Nell, who’s outfit matched her partner’s, tall red hat and all. They sang and did a little dance routine with candy canes and then parted, sweeping their arms back to introduce Santa Claus, who bounded enthusiastically into the room.


“Ho, ho, ho,” Deeks shouted out, swinging a large overstuffed bag off his shoulder, his wide smile obvious even under the white fluffy beard that almost obscured his face. “Who’s been good? More importantly…who’s been naughty? Come tell Santa.”


“I’m not sittin’ on your lap, Santa,” Sam said pointedly.


“Told you he was a grinch,” Callen crowed.


“Look who’s talking. Your only decoration is a Christmas card from a man who wants to kill you.” Sam reminded him.


“It was a cute card though,” Callen smirked.


“I’ve been good, Uncle Marty,” Kam shouted, hopping excitedly as he rummaged through his bag of presents.


He handed her a big box tied up in a red and green plaid bow and she scrambled over by the tree to open it. Aiden received his gift with a tight salute and then a quick hug and Kensi smiled softly as she watched her partner hand out presents. He really was like a little boy when it came to Christmas and gifts of any kind, and his enthusiasm was catching. He was having so much fun, wrapping his arms around Michelle, whispering what she suspected was grateful thanks for having him and his mom over. When he hugged his mom gently and handed her a tiny red box tied with a silver bow, she found it hard to keep the tears from her eyes. He never really talked about his childhood Christmases, and his mom had sent her a warning look and a slight shake of the head when she’d pressed him for stories the night before. Holidays were difficult for both of them, but she wanted him to know it would be safe to share even the hard times with her. She just hoped he would believe her.


“Really Deeks? A one month membership at an MMA gym?” Sam boomed out.


“Not just any gym, big guy,” Deeks smiled as he pulled down his beard. “It’s the gym where we first met. Don’t you remember? I saved your butt?”


“You mean where I kicked yours?” Sam laughed and put him in a friendly headlock.


“Now this is the perfect gift,” Callen said. “A gift card to the best food truck in LA. Thanks, Deeks.”


“Now he’s trying to kill you too, with mystery meat tacos,” Sam chided.


Eric practically came unglued when he got an X-File poster featuring Deep Throat, and Deeks got nothing but smiles from Nell for what Kensi thought was the world’s ugliest Christmas sweater. Where he found all the stuff or when he had time to buy it, she had no idea, but she did notice one thing. Everyone got a gift except her.


Then she caught him looking at her, his eyes shimmering with tears as they had been yesterday in the car, and she knew he was thinking about his confession. She had been surprised he had shared the truth in the middle of an op, but she supposed he had been wanting to for some time and simply couldn’t hold it inside any longer. Asking her for forgiveness had touched her deeply, and she had sensed his fear that she might not give it. It was another reason she thought he had chosen that moment to ask for it. He would have been able to hide behind the op if she had rebuked him, to run from her and lose himself in the case so he wouldn’t have to face the emotional turmoil it would cause him. She knew him too well now. Well, better anyway, and it made her wonder. She thought he would have accepted her rejection as if he expected nothing less, as if he deserved her condemnation. They would have to talk about that. She had to make him understand that she loved him in spite of his secrets. She figured there were others. She hadn’t told him everything either, and she didn’t want to see that hurt look on his face, or be waiting for her to leave because of them. That had always been her fear, but now she realized it was his as well.


She ignored the noisy chatter around her and walked to him, taking his hand in hers and pulling him close.


“There better be a huge present at home with my name on it,” she threatened lightly as she nuzzled his ear.


“Aren’t I enough?” He breathed out with a soft smile. “I’m the gift that keeps on giving all year long.”


“Then you better bring that red suit home with you, Mr. Claus,” she teased, pushing away from him and walking off into the kitchen.


They both became caught up in the conversations of their friends until Christmas dinner was served. Michelle thanked both their mothers for their help, praising them expansively, seeming to know just what to say. Deeks took her hand and squeezed it as he watched his mother and her’s talking quietly with one another as they ate. He didn’t say much during dinner, but he laughed a lot and that made her happy. He insisted that the men do the dishes, ushering all the women out of the kitchen and razzing Callen about not having a clue on how to load a dishwasher. When the kitchen was clean and nightcaps were finished, Mrs. Deeks and her mother found them as they gathered up their coats.


“Julia has invited me to spend the night at her house, if that’s okay with you, Marty,” she announced.


“Seriously? You would do that, Mrs. Feldman?” Deeks stammered.


“Of course, Marty. Unless you two don’t want time alone on Christmas,” she teased.


“Yeah, no, we do…it’s just…”


“Shut up and thank the woman, Martin,” his mother scolded.


He kissed the top of her head and rolled his eyes when she whispered to Julia. “He’s usually not this dense.”


“Have fun, Mama.”


“You too, Honey,” winking as she passed Kensi.


Once they were in the truck, he held her hand all the way home and as soon as they got in the door, Kensi excused herself, closing and locking the bathroom door behind her. She had been planning her own surprise for him, and thanked her mother under her breath as she quickly discarded her clothes. She started laughing when he began to sing “Here Comes Santa Claus” and began rattling the doorknob.


“You want your present or not?” Warning him with a semi-serious tone and the rattling stopped, but his singing didn’t.


When she was finished, she opened the door slowly and poked her head out to see where he was, her breath catching, and her blood running hot when she saw him. He was leaning sensuously in the doorway with his left hand on one hip, which was tantalizingly cocked, his right arm braced high on the opposite doorjamb, his flexed muscles mesmerizing in the soft light. He was wearing the red Santa pants pushed down low on his hips, the suspenders hanging loosely over his bare chest and a Santa hat cocked jauntily over one eye. She wanted him so badly at that moment she almost forgot what she was wearing.


“Sexy Mr. Claus at your service, Miss Blye,” he said in that low, sensual voice she loved. “Wanna sit on my knee?”


She stepped out into the room and laughed as his eyes flashed wide open and he choked on the lyrics to the song he’d started singing again. She had wrapped a wide red ribbon tightly around her nude body, barely covering her ass, crisscrossing her taut stomach and had tied it in a big bow across her breasts, which he couldn’t seem to take his eyes off of.


“Best Christmas present ever,” he said, his grin widening as he walked slowly toward her.


“And I’ll never think of Santa Claus the same way ever again,” slipping one of the suspenders off his shoulder and trailing her hand down his arm.


“And here I thought I was only gonna get milk and cookies,” he laughed, reaching for the end of the big red bow.


He pulled slowly, intently focused on his efforts as she slid the other suspender off. His tongue slipped between his lips as the bow came undone and he bent to cover her now firm nipple with his warm mouth, humming as if it were the sweetest thing he had ever tasted. She closed her eyes, her body trembling as he suckled her, his hands moving down her back until they found their way beneath the loosening ribbon covering her bare ass. He pulled her closer and began to nuzzle her neck, his warm breath tickling as he laughed.


“I don’t intend to be the only one naked, Mr. Claus,” she said as she pushed his red pants lower on his hips.


The Santa pants dropped to the floor and he stepped out of them, holding his arms wide as she stood admiring his lithe body, before frowning.




“Please tell me you were wearing boxers when you handed out presents at Sam’s house.”


“I won’t tell if you won’t,” he laughed as her eyes widened in disbelief.




“You said no more secrets,” he grinned cockily.


“That’s not what I meant.”


“I know what you meant, Kens,” he replied, suddenly serious as he reached for her. “You know I only tease you because I love you so much.”


That wounded look was back on his face, his eyes searching hers, so she slowly pulled the Santa hat off his head and put it on. His lips twitched with a hint of a smile before she kissed him, trying to silence any remaining doubts before he could voice them. Her hands corded through his hair as she pressed against him, feeling his heart as it raced with hers. When they parted he was smiling and she jauntily laughed and continued the tease.


“So you were wearing boxers?”


“Santa can be naughty too,” he said as he drew her to the bed.


“Santa is being very naughty,” she said quietly as he began to wrap the red ribbon around himself. “And very, very sexy.”


“Here comes Santa Claus,” he warned with a laugh as he tackled her onto the bed.




Lindy D. (Sweet Lu) is a contributor and assistant editor for wikiDeeks.
Check out her other wikiDeeks works HERE.
You can also find more of her great stories on

About Lindy D. (62 Articles)
I write Fan Fiction under the name Sweet Lu. I am a former graphic designer and live in Northern California with my husband and a Cocker Spaniel named Gracie. I love the character Marty Deeks, love writing about him and love watching ECO bring him to life.

7 Comments on NCISLA Post Ep Fan Fic: Here Comes Santa Claus

  1. I really liked your story. The first part at Sam’s has a very festive and warm atmosphere and I think you described all the characters as very in character.
    This is my favorite bit from the first part: “Your only decoration is a Christmas card from a man who wants to kill you” (Sam to Callen) because that’s what we all thought when we first watched the scene in “Cancel Christmas”.
    The second part is very, very sexy, with a very hot Mr Claus (that, I’m sure, everybody’s been thinking about at least once after watching the episode…). The thing is that, like Kensi in your story, “I’ll never think of Santa Claus the same way ever again”.
    Thanks and Happy Holidays.


  2. This was just wonderful, it had all the scenes we wished were in the show. I liked the team interactions at Sam and Michelle’s house, and of course loved the naughty Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I especially liked your explanation of why Deeks confessed to Kensi on the stake out in the car, it was a perfect explanation, and I liked Kensi’s introspection on that confession.

    Thanks for writing a happy holiday story.


  3. hermionesmydawg // December 23, 2015 at 2:20 PM // Reply

    Awesome. I really needed this story, and it was perfect.


  4. This is all kinds of perfect 🙂


  5. Perfect, that was plenty awesome. Loved the dinner party and the after party was better than anything I can imagine.😄 My favorite part is Kensi understanding Deeks. So sweet that Kensi gets Deeks and she’s determined to help him see that! Thank you, Lindy!
    Merry Christmas to everyone!


  6. Thanks to all for the support this past year and for all the amazing comments, opinions and reviews. You make all of us at wikiDeeks happy. Have a wonderful and very merry Christmas and may all your wishes for Marty Deeks come true in the New Year.


  7. Natalie Ryan // January 10, 2016 at 4:07 PM // Reply

    I LOVE IT! You never cease to amaze me with your stories.


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