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Location #6: Lake Tahoe

by DensiLand |

Map - Lake TahoeThe ever-memorable open to the 2012 Christmas episode “Free Ride” (4×10) outlined the clear – and clearly preconceived – plan Deeks had formed for a holiday getaway. Little was left to viewers’ imaginations as Deeks illustrated the well-thought details of the winter escape.

While Lake Tahoe is a year-round tourist destination, the winter is when it shines brightest. Yet how might he convince his hesitant partner? The detective does what he does best in detecting. First, he ensures she has no other plans, but always on her toes around her scheming sidekick, Kensi realizes where the conversation is headed and works to stop him in his tracks.

Then he paints an almost undeniable picture for her “ski-in, ski-out cabin. Six feet of fresh powder. Snowboarding during day, roaring fire at night.” Somehow she still turns him down! Never being dissuaded Deeks takes a different tact with the set-up and plays the trump card Kensi can never reject: a challenge. He has the audacity to question her abilities on the snow. Aware that Kensi is accomplished in countless outdoor pursuits, having seen her as a youngster in a ski suit in “The Job” (2×20), and knowing she is driven to be the best at virtually everything, she immediately and emphatically asserts her competence on the slopes with the trail rating reference of being “double black diamond rated.” Deeks can’t stop his mind from turning her factual statement into an alternative innuendo.

Kensi attempts to distract Deeks with the topic of her mom, but being a master undercover operative, he effortlessly rolls with it. Deeks displays his true desire here; he’ll do anything to spend time with her, even if it has to include her mom. This is one determined detective! The conversation takes some awkward turns, but it seems Deeks’ persistence is about to payoff. His charms and tenacity finally break through a crack in Kensi’s protective emotional wall.

Deeks continues to describe their potential retreat when his mouth once again races ahead of his brain and he runs the entire concept off a mountain-peeked cliff with the mention of the hot tub! That’s our Deeks!

His plan is sound. Deeks will start by engaging Kensi’s competitive nature with some likely dares and bets down the slopes. At their secluded cabin he’ll feed the famished special agent and top it off with fireside s’mores. Lacking all cell service, totally unplugged from work and the outside world combined with a now tired, full, and warm Kensi, she will be completely powerless against Deeks’ repetitive suggestions for an “innocent” dip in the hot tub! And honestly, not that she’ll admit it, it sounds like a pretty good idea to her too. Well played Mr. Deeks!

In our upcoming installments of Destination Deeks, wikiDeeks staff members will propose their own ideas for a Densi getaway. 

Up first is Anonkp’s pick…

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3 Comments on Location #6: Lake Tahoe

  1. As always, love the combination of pictures, text, and other graphics. So much thought was put into this and what an amazing job you guys did!


  2. This just gets better and better! 😊 I am still smiling. Well played, Mr. Deeks.


  3. Fantastic once again. I’m sorry this series is going to be over so soon!

    I can never think of Densi and Lake Tahoe without thinking of two stories from our very own Maxie Kay. First there’s Stormy Weather (, where Deeks and Kensi get together in Lake Tahoe complete with hot tub. Then there’s a one-shot follow-up of sorts called There’s No Such Thing as a Free Ride ( It’s hard to describe but it references Stormy Weather while serving as a crazy mix of Free Ride scenes and more. Two of my all-time favorites.


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