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New year, new… – Deeks’ Surf Log – 1/6/19

January 6, 2019

Happy New Year! And here’s to a New You! And by “you”, I mean me. I survived and recovered (I think?) from a traumatic brain injury, bought and opened a bar, hired Mama(?!), and am FINALLY planning a wedding with Kensi. Wow. Just writing “wedding with Kensi” still stuns me.

But first we had to save the world again from… a microwave?! I thought Kensi’s cooking might be the thing to kill me. (Dear Lord PLEASE do not let her see this, or else I will be dead – or at least significantly harmed.) But now I see the appliances are in cahoots with her?! Is a man not even safe in his own kitchen?! I think my eardrums are still a bit well done from that adventure.

Speaking of adventure… the honeymoon! Who knew such an awesome experience could be such a challenge. Yeh, we were really targeting the traditional Hawaii, but the hurdles brought perspective in that we’ve both been there a number of times. Plus, being in SoCal makes heading there fairly easy. And easy? That’s never really been us anyway.

So we’re off to… Peru?! Okkkk. It was a good idea to build in some altruistic activities (like our regular soup kitchen Christmas). Exploring new things together will keep us on a level playing field (i.e. hopefully keeping Kensi’s competitive nature calm) and be among the first of our many official “firsts” together. She can take us hiking and I can lead us to the beach. Luckily the entire western border of Peru is ocean coastline! So it’s pretty much just like… California?! Except no one can find us! (Except Hetty, of course. And the Wonder Twins. Oh never mind.)

WOO HOO 2019 is gonna be awesome!

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  1. You always capture his voice so well.


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