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NCISLA Classified Preview: “Exchange Rate” (S7E18)


Title: “Exchange Rate”

Airing: March 14th

Filming:   January 13th to January 21st

What CBS is telling us
: When a convicted Cuban spy escapes U.S. custody just before he is set to return to his country in a prisoner exchange, the team is shocked to learn that Anna (Bar Paly) helped him break out. Also, Deeks admits to Kensi that he thinks she is too messy, on NCIS: LOS ANGELES.

What we think is happening: The Kolchecks are back and seem to be making trouble once again. Domestic bliss may need a housekeeper (and a better hot water tank) for Kensi and Deeks.


Be on the lookout: GUEST CAST:

Vyto Rugins as Arkady Kolcheck
Bar Paly as Anastasia “Anna” Kolcheck

Both are back from “Matryoshka, Part 2″.

Juan Javier Cardenas as Ricardo Pena/Roman Nulishkin

Appeared as Agent Ryan in a couple of episodes of Scandal and was in episodes of Blue Bloods, The Good Wife and Law & Order: SVU.

Alexis Carra as DOJ Attorney Heidi Reardon

Plays Cynthia McDermott in Recovery Road, was Jessica in Mixology and was in episodes of Young & Hungry, Anger Management, Major Crimes, Bones, The Mentalist, Grey’s Anatomy, Castle and Hawthorne.

Carra made friends on the set:

Phil Abrams as Ben Walker

Plays Dr. Kramer in the DirecTV series Kingdom, was Principal Goldenrod on About a Boy, Phil Lessing on Parenthood, Ed Calston on Switched at Birth, Mr. Piper on Good Luck Charlie, Mr. Klemish on iCarly and Dr. Nelson on Grey’s Anatomy.

Appeared as a hotel manager in the “Left for Dead” episode of NCIS and appeared in episodes of dramas like Criminal Minds, ER, Gilmore Girls and The X-Files (old school) and comedies like Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Big Bang Theory, Malcolm in the Middle and Everybody Loves Raymond. Also appears regularly in sketches on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Chris Gann as U.S. Marshal Anthony Howard

Gann works as both an actor and as a stunt professional. Many of his credits are “Driver” or “Van Driver”.

Appeared in episodes of Teen Wolf, Agent X, The Walking Dead, Sleepy Hollow, Revenge, Star-Crossed, Banshee, Californication, Grimm, CSI, Leverage, Castle, CSI: Miami, Hawaii Five-0, General Hospital, Fallen, 24, Dollhouse, Numbe3rs, Crossing Jordan, My Name is Earl, the Young and the Restless, Charmed, Las Vegas, Port Charles, the Practice, Malcolm in the Middle, Nash Bridges and Payne.


WRITTEN BY: Jordana Lewis Jaffe

Jordana Lewis Jaffe wrote or co-wrote “Honor”, “Patriot Acts”, “Dead Body Politic”, “Paper Soldiers”, “Unwritten Rule”, “Big Brother”, “Iron Curtain Rising”, “Exposure”, “Savior Faire”, “Beacon” and “Defectors”.

DIRECTED BY: Tawnia McKiernan

Tawnia McKeirnan is a longtime television director. She has directed episodes of Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, The Librarians, Grimm, Devious Maids, The Mentalist, Royal Pains, Burn Notice, Mistresses, Bones, Leverage, Covert Affairs, Perception, Fairly Legal, Warehouse 13, In Plain Sight, Monk, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Army Wives, ER, The Women’s Murder Club, Eyes, Windfall, Las Vegas, The Closer, Jonny Zero, NYPD Blue, 10-8 Officers on Duty, Hunter, VIP, Silk Stalkings and Renegade.

McKiernan is the daughter of legendary television producer Stephen J. Cannell.


Insider Intel: Nothing for this episode.

Official Photographic Evidence:

I believe Hetty’s leather jacket deserves its own episode.

Unofficial Surveillance:

The rain in the last episode was the rain keeping JPK under an umbrella during a scouting location trip:


More rainy day blues from Tawnia McKiernan:


Daniela Ruah and Eric Christian Olsen out for a drive:


Eric Christian Olsen offered without comment:


Guest actor Phil Abrams’s chair with Kensi’s and Deeks’s:


Daniela Ruah with director Tawnia McKiernan and cookies!


Video Surveillance:


You would think Hetty’s “missing” status is temporary since it didn’t warrant a mention in the press release.

Sneak Peek #1:

A wise person on Tumblr thought there could be a drinking game based on the number of times Eric said “Mercedes” in the episode just from that clip.  Joking aside, wondering why (a) Sam is wondering if Eric can walk him through something we’ve seen the team do dozens of times and (b) if things are a bit tense between either Kensi and Deeks or Eric and Deeks with that “barely” comment.

Sneak Peek #2:

I’d pay cash to see Sam sitting in a beanbag chair.

It looks like there are new episodes for the next three Mondays as Season 7 builds to its end.



Tess DiCorsi is a wikiDeeks contributor. You can read more by Tess HERE.



9 Comments on NCISLA Classified Preview: “Exchange Rate” (S7E18)

  1. Thanks for your preview.
    Of the behind the scenes photos of this episode I only remembered the one posted by DR with ECO working out – who knows why 😉
    Knowing who the writer is, I admit my first concern about this episode is how many OOC scenes/behaviors we will get by the end.
    I hope the shower scene will be a nice Densi interaction and not only fanservice, I hope Callen and Anna together will grow on me more than last time and I hope Deeks “admitting to Kensi that he thinks she’s too messy” (quoting from the press release) will make some sense in the story without being thrown into the plot as a bump in the road for our favorite couple.


    • My only concern with the writer – who I think does good case of the week material – is sometimes she has a sledge hammer feel to her humor (oh, let’s get a girl in a private school uniform to kick Deeks where it hurts – that’s funny! Except its not). Hopefully there is a good case and some good character interactions.


      • I agree with you: recently I have liked her writing more and I think her week cases have gotten better. In Season 6 I liked “Beacon” Densi and this Season Deeks’ arrest in “Defectors”, but there’s still something in the characterization of some characters’ traits that I can’t quite completely grasp because I find them unnatural and forced, for example Eric making fun of Deeks and his hair in “Beacon”. That is what I meant when I said OOC scenes/behaviors (often only for the sole purpose of making the viewers laugh).


  2. sassyzazzi // March 13, 2016 at 2:40 PM // Reply

    Thanks for another great preview. There were several behind the scenes pictures, I had not seen , of course, I had seen the work out picture, but you cannot see that picture too much. I am hoping for a good episode. I do think we are seeing too much of Anna . I do hope that we get a JLJ episode where she portrays our favorite detective and his agent girlfriend as adults who care about each other.


    • I think her take on Kensi and Deeks was really solid in the last few episodes she wrote – “Beacon” and “Defectors” especially. I’m just hoping if the “messy” stuff is played for laughs, it is light-hearted fun and not the broad humor in episodes like “Big Brother”.


  3. A big shout out to the wonderful people who work so hard to put all this together for us fans — wikiDeeks ROCKS!!!!


  4. Awesome! Great work, Tess! Many Thanks!!!!


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