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Review: NCISLA “New Beginnings Part 2” (S14E21)

I’ve written over 150 reviews in 14 years with three different web sites and I can’t believe this is my final review for NCIS Los Angeles.  This is the hardest review I have had to write. I wanted so much for these characters to get the ending they deserved, and I think the show runners have accomplished that in many ways.  Was it perfect? Well, no.  But I am pleased, for the most part that their legacy has been handled well and it will continue to be treasured by their many fans well into the future.

I’ve never been one to concentrate on the plot or story line because for me this show has always been about the characters and their story.  This review will be no different but it’s my final analysis of these characters and I don’t know how to say goodbye after 14 years.  I’ll try not to be too sappy or emotional, but it will be hard.  This show has meant a lot to me, and I don’t want to see it come to an end.  Unfortunately, all good things do.  So, let’s talk about the things that made this show great and all the feels it has brought to the surface as we say goodbye.  

The Bromance Continues

The series initially began with the bromance between Callen and Sam and their devotion, loyalty and love that has always been strong.  The cliff hanger last week ended with the two agents fighting it out with the gun runners in the garage.  They have always worked together in perfect unison, and this time was no different.  The twosome take down the dirty federal agents in typical Callen/Sam fashion and move on to find Newsome.  Even on his wedding day, Callen knows he couldn’t have come this far without Sam.  It was a unique and precious friendship which will never be duplicated.

The Romance Continues

While Deeks and Kensi keep watch on the suspects location, Deeks searches for snacks and wishes he was at a picnic instead of overwatch with Kensi.  This couple has managed to keep their love alive through banter and communication.  After all these years, they are still great at being able to talk their way through any situations. And whether it’s through sarcasm or loving repartee, these two have grown stronger over the years because they know how to really talk to one another.

Deeks:  I’m all out of snacks.  Did you bring any?

Kensi:  No because we are on overwatch not a picnic.

Deeks:  Well, an army travels on its stomach.

Kensi:  You are not in the Army.

Deeks:  I was in the KISS Army.

Kensi:  Can we just focus, please?

I’m going to miss their future teasing and chin wagging. They are definitely a master class on how to keep your romance alive while trying to work together and survive the rigors of the job. 

Undercover Deeks

I’m glad we were able to watch one of Deeks best skills as a cop/agent one more time as he goes searching for his pet python to get into the gun runner’s location hideaway.  No one does it better than Deeks when playing it straight.  How much of this is Deeks or ECO, we don’t care…. we just go with the word salad and smile:

Deeks:  Hi sir, my Burmese python, he slithered under the gate, and I need your help, if you could open this that would be very helpful……  You want me to get down on my knees and beg?  I’ll get down on my knees……  If you got a cat or a dog or some sort of platypus in there, they’re going to be toast…. I have umbrella insurance, but it’s not going to cover a platypus.  Bubblegum!  You sir are unkind, and you are rude and I bid you good day!  Bubblegum!  Daddy’s coming….

Callen Takes a Bride

The original lone wolf finally finds a woman he can share his life with, who understands his role in life and accepts all his quirks and idiosyncrasies.  Anna is truly a brave woman. But Callen will have his father-in-law, Arkady to help him make life interesting and if nothing else, amusing.  Vyto Ruginis’ addition to the cast always brought a smile to my face.  I will miss their well-intentioned teasing:

Arkady:  Where do you think I should sit?

Callen:  Parking lot?   

Arkady:  Oh, so funny.     

Always thinking outside the box, Callen decides love is more important than caterers. DJs and seating charts. He does a very characteristically Callen thing and convinces Anna to get married immediately. As in today! Never one to follow the crowd, Callen calls on his inner wolf to make this a wedding to remember.

Mommy and Daddy Deeks

We’re having a baby!  We have suffered through all the ups and downs and heartbreak with this couple in their quest to become parents.  To see the tears in Deeks’ eyes was worth all the pain.  I can’t believe we won’t get to see them through the pregnancy (I can hear Deeks now!) and watch as they become the best parents to a little one who is going to be so loved.  Will this be the end of Kensi’s career as an NCIS agent?  Most likely.  I think she would make a great trainer to new recruits. But I can’t see her pushing paper at a desk job either.  It could make for some interesting fireworks going forward. But Kensi has given 14+ years to the agency and it’s time for her to enjoy being a mother.  Although Deeks may stay with the agency, it wouldn’t surprise me to see him turning to a new career.  He’s got a new baby to think about and I have a feeling he may look for something a bit less dangerous and safer.  OPS won’t be the same without these two. 

Deeks:  God, I love you.

Kensi:  What’s not to love?


Hail, Hail the Gangs All Here!

When I saw Nell’s face peak out from under her scarf, my heart soared!  But seeing Nate and Sabatino all working together on a plan to save Hetty was more than my heart could take.  Even knowing Eric was giving a Ted Talk made me all warm and fuzzy inside.  It was great to bring all these characters together again to rescue Hetty.  It feels good to know the team carries on doing what they do best even if we don’t know how it will all turn out.  But who am I kidding?  We know there will always be a happy ending for these guys.  And I’m counting on it.

New Beginnings for the Rest of the Team

  • Roundtree and his sister are presented with a big decision on taking a settlement on their lawsuit against the LAPD or standing up to their principles and taking it to court. Not an easy decision to make.  I’m not sure what decision I would make either.
  • I’ve always loved Gerald McRaney as an actor, and it didn’t take long to accept him as Admiral Kilbride and Hetty’s replacement. He has been a much-needed anchor, keeping the senior members of the team from going rogue and teaching the newbies a thing or two about the business.  As Deeks tells Newsome, at some point every member of the team has gone lone wolf but they will always be stronger as a team.  Kilbride kept that team together and as much as I will always miss Hetty, Kilbride was an important addition to that team. Will retirement be in his future, or will he decide his new family needs him more?
  • I wish we could have seen more interaction with Nina our wise-cracking informant. She would have made a great addition to the Bromance.
  • I’m glad we got to see Mama Deeks at the wedding. Wait until she hears she’s going to be a grandmother!  Oh boy.  Could there be a new romance waiting in the wings?  If that happens, Deeks is going to have his hands full with a new baby and Arkady.
  • Fatima may have a wedding in her future, but I don’t think that will happen for a long time. This girl has places to go and people to see.  Good luck Fatima.

So how do I end this review?  I’m glad that we don’t get to see all these characters walk off into the sunset.  It’s comforting to know that Sam and Callen will keep doing what they do so well and go in search of Hetty with their NCIS family.  Deeks and Kensi will welcome a new member into their expanded family and hopefully stay with the agency in a much safer capacity. Rountree and Fatima will continue to hone their craft and become the seasoned senior agents they are destined to become, and Kilbride will remain behind waiting for Hetty to relieve him of duty.  But until that time NCIS Los Angeles carries on even if it’s not every Sunday night on CBS.  We can be content that these characters are still out there somewhere fighting the good fight and keeping our world safe from all those bad guys out there.  I will truly miss them all.

Like the show’s characters, wikiDeeks will also carry on for a while longer.  Looking back, it’s been a great ride and for the most part I’ve enjoyed working with some fabulously creative people and partnering with Eric Christian Olsen to bring you this amazing site (if I do say so myself!) that featured everything Marty Deeks and company. I can’t believe it has all ended in one final episode before we all go our merry ways. But wait! Don’t stray too far…..because we have decided to keep this website open and continue to report on all of ECO’s future endeavors so you can continue to have access to all the content that we have posted over the last 10 years. And who knows….. maybe some future Deeks activity as well? We’ll wait and see….  Thank you to all the members of this team, including Karen, Colleen, and Lindy who have worked side-by-side with me for over 10 years to bring wikiDeeks to the fans and all the current members of our team, Lyssa, Em, Gayle, Randy, Brenda, Pat, Donna, Tess….  I couldn’t have done it without you. 

Thank you all for the great memories.  Signing off….for now.

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Founder, Writer and Contributing Editor of wikiDeeks. Always wanted to put together a talented team of writers and graphic designers who loved NCISLA and Marty Deeks in particular! My dream came true! Hope you enjoy what we have created!

9 Comments on Review: NCISLA “New Beginnings Part 2” (S14E21)

  1. candyman1973 // May 22, 2023 at 10:29 AM // Reply

    Thank you Diane and all of your members for all of your reviews and all the fanfics, I think I have read them all ( some more than a few times) you are all awesome, it’s been a hell of a ride with Deeks and I glad we were all along for the ride I wouldn’t have missed it for the world. I’ll say it again Thank you all of you I would love to read some more fanfics about our beloved Densi, love ya’ll, take care.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m crying…no…you’re crying. What a ride. Happy times and sad times through all of the cliffhangers, the waiting through the summer for the premieres, and for a deeper look inside the character that was Marty Deeks. It was the best, made better by combining our talents and passion for this wonderful site you started, Di. I’m left feeling empty, but thankful for the journey. Wish there was more…if only wishes came true. Thanks, Di…for your dedication, leadership and especially your friendship.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. amusement345 // May 22, 2023 at 4:16 PM // Reply

    Loved the review, and the episode. Really, I think the writers hit all of the right notes. We saw the relationship between Sam and Callen actually defined, in words, in a setting that made sense. We saw the banter that made us fall in love with Densi, and as you said, a reminder of Deeks’ ability to bring humor to some of the most dangerous aspects of his job. I loved the scene of Deeks and Kensi shooting in different directions. (I’m usually a ‘Little House on the Prairie’ kind of girl, so this, and the fact that I love a show that leaves bodies and explosions in its wake every week is odd, but kudos to them for making it happen.) ECO and DR played the pregnancy news scene to perfection, with strong emotion, but also with restraint. I’m not surprised it came in the final episode, because I agree that Kensi probably wouldn’t have remained an active agent, and it would have been hard to write the aftermath. Loved that we got to see everyone but Eric in the final scenes, and I think it was appropriate to intimate that the team, and the team’s work, would carry on.

    Just want to also congratulate the writers and the actors for having kept a romance alive for 13 seasons without missing a beat. So many other shows play at relationships, but ultimately avoid them, because they are supposed to be ‘death’ to the show. NCIS LA proved that the premise of the show can continue while adding in the pathos of relationship. Not pregnancy, maybe, but relationship. Kudos to them.

    Lastly, a question. Does everyone think that was definitely Linda Hunt’s voice, or was there another voice actor involved? I can’t decide.

    I lied. Here’s actually the ‘last’: Thank you to all who have reviewed episodes. You’ve always been honest, celebrated when appropriate, and offered constructive criticism that was obviously informed by your love of the show, also when appropriate. Thanks for your hard, and timely, work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This episode was so very poignant and I salute Mr Gemmill for writing such a tenderhearted ending – leaving us with an expectation that these characters will live on. It could not have been any better than what was given. Kudos to him and the entire cast and staff of the show. He knew he had a very special family of actors and he was right on point to end this show the way he did. He has always been, in my mind, a very caring person towards them and realized what a family all of them were to each other and to everyone involved in the productions.
    I am sad to see this series end but his ending gave me hope that this might not be the last of them! I can only dream!🤞🙏

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ivelina Plamena Georgievi // May 23, 2023 at 4:45 AM // Reply


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Sorry if you all feel sad and empty, there are a few shows I reccommend , The Shield on FX, my long time favorite of Shakespearian tragedies and Banshee.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you for another great review Diane, sad it is the last one. I think wikiDeeks reviews are a cut above the rest. So much more than just telling us the story. I’ll certainly look forward to watching this episode, but with mixed feelings.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. NCISLA was always like a good meal.
    Starters was the bullpen, quips and banter. Followed by the case with a side dish of romance, bromance and more banter. Then the afters, the reflection and the pathos, a job well done. Then the coffee and biscuits, when WikiDeeks reviewed with eyes wide open, informative and constructive. Whether the review is from insider knowledge, a love for the show, or both, I couldn’t care less. All I know is, whoever does the review, like me, all they want is to digest tasty fayre.
    Thank you WikiDeeks for your dedication to providing us with an episodic menu of what we can expect. And here’s to the next reviews: the mini-series to tie-up every lose end, the original team returning for one last case. We have to remain optimistic.


  9. Thank you for the review and wikideeks. The episode was well done and wrapped things up in a good way. My wish tho’, would have been if the powers that be would have given NCISLA a final season. Whether that season be the 14th or a 15th, I would have liked to have the writers and producers to have known they had a full season to wrap stories up. Knowing the series was ending could have allowed Kensi to get pregnant early in the season and just maybe give us a Deeks, M episode with Kessler and a pregnant Kensi. A final year could have allowed time to get Hetty and Eric Beale on camera. The show deserved a 21 episode bow.
    I will miss the show and thank everyone involved for their dedication to making it special.

    Liked by 1 person

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