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Deeks and Kensi…Are they really Soul Mates? A Decade of Deeks Re-Post

This year, as we celebrate a decade of following the best character on TV, we’re revisiting some of our favorite posts. Come along as we look back at early features, fan fics and fan art. Today we’re bringing back Gayle’s (Densiland’s) piece from 2013, an exploration of the partnership- no, the relationship- that is Densi.




What’s a soulmate?

It’s uh… Well, it’s like a best friend, but more. It’s the one person in the world that knows you better than anyone else. It’s someone who makes you a better person. Actually, they don’t make you a better person, you do that yourself because they inspire you. A soulmate is someone who you carry with you forever. It’s the one person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did or when no one else would. And no matter what happens, you’ll always love her. Nothing can ever change that. – Dawson’s Creek (2003)

We can easily hear these very words stemming from Deeks today rather than from another show from a decade past. How Deeks and Kensi have gotten to where they are now can be interpreted endlessly with near-infinite opinions. In fact, it’s more than likely these two would argue the point themselves. After all, it’s who they are.

Opposites attract?
Kensi could not be more opposite of Deeks in so many obvious ways:
• She’s serious; he’s the jokester.
• She’s messy; he’s a neat freak.
• She’s addicted to junk food; he’s a bit healthier.
• She’s controlling; he’s go-with-the-flow.
• She’s stoic; he’s expressive.
• She’s secretive; he’s (mostly) an open book.
While these differences may initially seem insurmountable, they actually (as cliché as it may sound) provide characteristics that are needed or wanted by the other.

The beginning (of the chase)
Deeks’ attraction, or at least interest, in Kensi seemed to be evident in their initial encounter. Whether as Jason/Deeks or Tracy/Kensi, some might say they set off each other’s “Spidey senses”. For Deeks, Kensi intrigues him with her integrated blend of femininity and bad-ass federal agent. It’s probable she is unlike any woman he has ever encountered. Where else might he find a woman who could just as easily be a model, fails to hide an unexpectedly odd yet endearing sense of humor all the while besting the guys with her sniper rifle? Layered on top of this is her reaction (or lack thereof) to him. She doesn’t fall victim to his blatant attempts at charm and flirtation. This only raises the stakes of the challenge and piques his curiosity, which results in fanning the flames of Deeks’ apparent pursuit of her. He involuntarily engages in the chase, possibly never thinking he has a real chance to capture this prize. Like polarized magnets, the more she pulls away, the more he’s attracted to her.

Two sides of the same coin
An undeniable spark quickly formed between these two. Yet when each actually realized and acknowledged it is anyone’s guess. (A debate for the ages….) These two attractive people, spending countless hours together, putting their lives in the other’s hands… it could almost be predicted. The myriad of nicknames alone reveal (and sometimes veil) their varied feelings for the other. Yet these two go deeper, because at their core, they are more alike than different. While quite distinctive, each has dealt with hurtful issues connected to loss, challenging upbringings, splintered parental relationships, and distrust. Similarly, they share the deep-seeded value of justice that brought them both into the same high-stakes profession.

The reasons why
At the root of their continued game of “cat and mouse”, Kensi is Deeks’ personification of goodness; she exemplifies the ability to overcome many of the damaging issues he’s faced in his own life. While he can’t see it in himself, he sees it in her. She provides a stability that his turbulent life has often lacked, while he provides a safe haven for her to express her feelings. He’s continually bewildered how she always has his back, even when he’s driven her to the edge of insanity with his relentless jokes and mockery. Yet, it’s taken time. Initially Kensi was nearly aghast at his laid-back attitude and atypical approach to an operation. Similarly, Deeks had to endure the more strict, by-the-book style of “military brat” Kensi. Following their offerings to each other at the end of “Empty Quiver” (2×16) about “taking things more seriously/trying to lighten up”, they have moved seamlessly toward each other in being more accepting of the other’s personality quirks.

The slow simmer
In spending so much time together, they have discovered the other’s wants and weak spots. The more feeling of the duo, Deeks, just wants to be accepted. While this continues to be a struggle for Kensi to openly express, she’s always there for him. It might take her a little longer, such as in reaching out post-torture, but clearly she wants to have that connection with him. And that’s it; even when she questions his statements or actions, the bottom line is she (now) accepts him for who he is. Kensi doesn’t seem to have yet learned Deeks doesn’t need a lot; a little goes a long way with this guy who hasn’t had much in his life. Along that same line, while Deeks clearly wants Kensi’s entire heart, he settles for prompting a simple smile from his partner. His detective skills have been put to good use; he’s discovered a slow, persistent approach to Kensi reaps rewards by skillfully dismantling her “wall” brick by brick, often without her awareness. As much as Kensi might faux outrage against Deeks’ advances (which is a less frequent occurrence these days), she actually longs for his efforts. Every time he focuses on her, it revives her ability and desire to trust. He continues to undeniably demonstrate his loyalty to her, permanence in her life, and encourages her to have faith in him. It’s as if he’s taking those bricks from around her heart and constructing a new solid foundation for them to stand on together.

The Frozen Lake and beyond
Deeks and Kensi finally reached a turning point that neither likely ever imagined actually becoming reality: they each honestly, albeit quite differently, expressed their personal feelings for each other. As always, even this moment of celebration was muddled with their continuing communication struggles, lack of control over their own emotions, and working to keep their personal and professional personas separate.

In record speed each of their fears came charging to the forefront. Kensi’s prediction of being unable to maintain their professional partnership became apparent on their very first op and Deeks’ apprehension that Kensi would “run” was fast-becoming an indisputable fact. For Kensi to break protocol on an Op and commit to “talking” more demonstrated she truly is in this as much as Deeks. It could not be denied the shy blush of Kensi in uttering the term “boyfriend” or the overflowing joy radiating from Deeks’ explosive smile in finally being able to refer to Kensi as his “girlfriend”. Luckily, in the end both were willing to compromise in working toward an amicable plan to move forward together. Yet moving with caution is paramount; each still needs to move slowly so as to not crack the fragile lake on which they now both stand. Their shared admissions provide hope and faith these two can (eventually) overcome whatever obstacles lie ahead.

The bottom line
So the question remains: Are Deeks and Kensi soulmates? They might be; they could be. Their similarities and differences have certainly formed an undeniable connection. Likewise, they fulfill wants and needs in each other and themselves. They are each flawed. As the song says, “We aren’t broken, just bent” is a fitting descriptor for these two, who would unquestionably agree with the sentiment. While they still have countless challenges to overcome, not the least of which are their warring communication (or lack thereof) styles, these fictional characters seem to have a long and winding road still ahead. Where it takes them (and us) remain to be seen, but in their own strange way, they’ve developed an irrefutable ‘ship, be that partnership, friendship, relationship, or some unique combination that can only be “Densi.”

What do you think?  Are Kensi and Deeks soulmates?  Leave your comments below….

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